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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From THIS to...

THIS!!!!! How 'bout that???? We have a new flowerbed !!!! My Sweetie has been working on this for several months ---bit by bit, block by block , and bag of dirt by bag of dirt. I'm so proud of him. Didn't he do a great job?????

Here's another view. George had been complaining about having to mow that ditch --which was steep in places. SO---I suggested that he build a flowerbed in that area. At first, he said NO---but after thinking about it, he decided to go for it. It has been a pretty big undertaking --compared to other flowerbeds in our yard. We do have a larger flowerbed along the side of the house --but it was more level than this one. (Sometime I'll show you the before's and after's of all of the things we have done in our yard since moving here in 2003.)

We took this picture from the garage --looking toward the street. George has already decided what we will put in that new flowerbed. Of course, we will have roses---but we'll also have some irises, daylilies and lilies. As I've said many times, we don't have much sun in our yard---so we've had to be creative when it comes to adding flowers which do well in full sun. That's why we have so many roses in pots along our driveway. They need SUN. So---we are excited to have another sunny flowerbed.

Here's one more view of the new flowerbed. Just think---next spring, we'll be showing you some pretty flowers from this bed!!!!

This is a picture of one of the beautiful dogwood trees in our yard. Autumn is REALLY coming now--since their colors are so pretty.

After a few months of almost no hummingbirds here, we now have quite a few. Most of them are the Ruby-throated ones. George took this picture through the glass door this week.

We have four feeders in our yard ----two in the back and two in the front. These hummers still fight over them!!!!! Too Cute!

Here's two of our September rose blossoms. This one is BRIGADOON. See the little critter on this one????

This beauty is called SWEETNESS.

Thanks to all for your wonderful comments on my "Asylum" blog yesterday. I'm glad to find out that I'm not the ONLY one who does dumb things... Maybe we all will end up in the asylum TOGETHER. ha ha


P.S. Thanks to JUDY for helping me learn how to make my pictures larger!!!! Yeah Rah! Check out Judy's gorgeous blog!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Confederate Jasmine

See that gorgeous flowering bush above? It is a Confederate Jasmine bush which is in our front yard. And yesterday, when I was trimming that bush, a Brown Thrasher started screaming at me... Aha, I thought!!!!! SO--I quit trimming and started peeking inside the bush.. Lo and behold-- you can guess what what I saw, can't you??????? It was a nest with 3 cute babies... Mom and Dad Thrasher weren't too happy with my presence ---so I left them alone. Later in the evening, George and I walked out there to try to get a picture of the little ones. We saw those sweet little mouths wide open--but we couldn't get a picture. Besides, Mom and Dad were still around --fussing at us!!!!!

While taking a picture of the Jasmine, I walked around and took a few more pictures to share. By the way, the cold front did come through on Sunday night ---and yesterday was a beautiful day with a high of about 81 degrees. And better than that, the humidity is LOW!!!!! Yeah-Diddley!!! The only problem was the fact that we got NO rain although it was ALL around us on Sunday. We needed the rain!!! Oh Well---always have to have something to complain about, don't we???? ha

Here's another view of the Jasmine. You can see the daylilies at the corner of the garage. Don't forget to click on the pictures to enlarge them for better views.

A close-up of all of the blooms on the Jasmine

As I've said before, we have three round flowerbeds in the front yard. Two are in shady areas and this one (at the lamppost) is in a sunny area. This week George and I planted some bright pink Vinca in this bed. They bring color throughout the hot summer, after the Pansies and Lilies (above) die out. In the shady beds, we have planted some Impatiens.

One of the little Vinca blooms ---up close and personal

Another photo of our Clematis; It's been growing like crazy ---but so far, we haven't had nearly as many blooms as we usually do. Maybe it will 'show off' more later on in the summer.

The sun is peeking through ---so this picture is not too good. But--I wanted to show you some of our Hosta we have scattered around the yard. The other ground cover there is Periwinkle.

George has started a new project along the front ditch... He is in the beginning stages of making a new flowerbed ---along the ditch area. He is doing this for two reasons: to add more Roses, Iris, Periwinkle and Semps out front in the sun, AND to keep from having to mow that treacherous ditch. Which of those two do you think is the most important reason??????????? ha ha

This is the small area along the ditch on the OTHER side of the driveway. As you can tell, this area contains semps (chicks and hens) mostly --but also some pansies and some periwinkle.


Finally, I want you to see the birdfeeder that I enjoy watching when I'm sitting at my computer. See that pretty little goldfinch at the feeder???? (Enlarge)

Hope you are having a good week so far.