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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Own Swimming Pool

Welcome to MARCH, Friends!!!!  WELL---I've been telling my friends that we NEEDED rain....   Mother Nature heard me I guess... She sent a little too much to us yesterday...  As you probably know, we live on a hill.. Soooooooooo---all of the water above us flows down to us (and to the ones below us)....

We had so much rain at one time that we had a swimming pool in our back yard.   I have been jealous of my friend SANDRA --who lives in 80 degree sunny Florida and enjoys a gorgeous pool in her backyard.    WELL,  Sandra,  we NOW have our own pool... Wanna come up here and take a swim??????? ha ha

Here are some pictures for you of our flood.  All of these first bunch of pictures were taken from our back deck.  This shows all of the water coming down the hill on the golf course..  Below are more.

This is looking at the "Betsy and George Waterfall" in our backyard.... There are rocks back there ---and when we have heavy rains,  it does make a gorgeous cascade!!!!!  (Pretty neat to have our own waterfall, isn't it???)

This is another view from our deck --looking into the backyard.

And,  here's another one --from a different angle.

This is the lower side of the front yard. Don't think I am ready to sit on the bench today!!!!!! ha ha....  You can see the bare part of the telephone pole wires--which we try to cover up with our beautiful Clematis  in the Summer....  We inherited that telephone pole when we bought our home.. Guess it gives it character!!!!!  Ya think????? ha ha

This picture shows our front yard... Note all of the water coming down the ditch in the front...

Finally,  here another picture of our swimming pool.  Wanna come and take a dip????????

Seriously,  there were tornadoes and wind damage in several states due to this storm...  We were one of the lucky ones.. I'll take a little water in lieu of a tornado... Yipes!!!!

Hope you are safe and okay!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Deadly Flooding in Arkansas Campground

As you probably remember, George and I went to Arkansas in March. The first place we visited was the beautiful Ouachita Mountains in southwestern Arkansas. We were searching for waterfalls (which we found). We totally fell in love with that beautiful rustic area of Arkansas. Before going any farther with today's post, please click HERE and glance through our pictures from that trip.

We passed by the neatest campground (Albert Pike Recreation Area) on our way up the mountain. I remarked at the time what a neat campground that was. There are various creeks plus two rivers in that area (the Caddo River and the Little Missouri River). WELL--this past Friday, heavy rains caused the normally quiet rivers to climb out of their banks during the night. Around dawn, floodwaters barreled through the Albert Pike Recreation Area, a 54-unit campground that was packed with vacationing families who were probably still asleep when their tents began to fill with water.

The rivers rose from 3.5 feet to over 23.5 feet between midnight and 6 a.m. The toll from this horrible flash flood rose on Sunday to NINETEEN as a grim search through remote woodland turned up another body. Police would not give the sex or age of the latest victim, but six young children and twelve adults were already known to have perished, swept from their beds in the dead of night by a lethal torrent of water.

They don't know exactly how many others are missing --but bodies have been recovered as much as 8 miles downstream from the campground. This has been so sad for me I guess because we were just there ---and I have a special love for people who enjoy camping and hiking. All but two of the victims came from out-of-state to camp and hike and fish in the rugged beauty of the national forest, located near the Ozark Mountains.

I pulled a few pictures of the flood from the internet and will share them with you below. Please pray for the families of all of the victims. This freak flood is just horrible to think about.

You can tell how powerful that water was. Those vehicles were batted around like toys. One time when my first husband and our boys and I were camping in the Smokies, we had some extremely heavy rain ---and had to move our camp sight away from the creek. But-- other than getting wet, we didn't have any problems like they had in Arkansas. Mother Nature can do some unbelievable things, can't she?????
Again, I ask you to remember those victims and their families.

Bet it will be a long time before those gravel roads which George and I traveled on in that area will be accessible again. I'm sure the roads have been washed out... What a shame---the whole tragedy!


P.S. Be sure and read George's Senior Moments blog today. It is excellent I think. Click HERE.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Proud to be a TENNESSEAN

Please take a few minutes to watch this video (at the bottom of my post). Since I live near Nashville and recognize most of the places on the video, it made me cry. However, it also made me feel very proud to be a TENNESSEAN.

We are a hard-working, proud people in our state. This flood got almost no national coverage --but that was okay! Our people just rolled up their sleeves and went to work, taking care of things themselves. You never heard of any looting or robberies... It was (and is) just a 'people-helping-people' event. I guess we're not called the Volunteer State for nothin'!!!

Things happen to all of us --at one time or another. I guess it was just Nashville's turn. I'm just happy to say that I am proud of how Nashville chose to handle its problems. If you read the statement at the top of my blog, you will read that life is all about how we choose to handle the things which happen to us. Hopefully, people in Tennessee do a great job keeping that 'positive' attitude ---even through tragedy.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All Fixed!!

If you saw my blog a few days ago, you know that our recent flood washed out part of our new wall... BUT---thanks to my HERO (my hubby), this Flowerbed Wall out front is all fixed (well, almost)... He started at the bottom and found some big flat rocks to fill in where the dirt had washed out under the wall in that one area. Then he realized that he had to take down the top part of the wall in order to get it all back in properly and evenly.... Above is a picture of the new WALL --right after it was completed, in September, 2009. Below are more pictures taken on a cold, snowy day in Fairfield Glade yesterday!!!!

George is working on the bottom part--to make the wall sturdy, AND he is taking off the blocks from the top--to fit them back in properly.

It's all taken apart now!!!! Hope the wind doesn't blow too hard today---or the entire wall could come down!!!!!! Yipes!

There it is----all ready to rebuild!!!!!

Well---Lookie there!!!! He did it!!!! The wall is FIXED!!! IF you look carefully at this picture (you may have to enlarge it more), you can see some white streaks.. Those are the snow flurries we had coming down ALL day!

Except for the shovel sitting there and a few rocks, the Flowerbed Wall is finished. HOWEVER, alot of dirt washed out all along the side of the entire wall--so George is going to work on that soon, by rocking and concreting all along the bottom. AND--he'll move the water flow farther away from the wall... Hopefully, we won't have THAT much water coming down the hill for a long time. BUT--if so, we'll be ready.

Isn't it amazing the difference in this picture (taken today-during Winter) and the first picture at the top (taken in late Summer)?????? WOW---looks like a different place entirely!! As much as I enjoy Winter, it is not a pretty time of year here!

Here's one last picture for you today... While George was out front working on the wall, I was busy taking pictures. When I went back inside, some of our Bluebirds were busy on the deck having some lunch. Here are three of them.. Two are enjoy suet and the other one is on the plate above-- very patiently waiting for a turn!!!! (That little thing on the top left is a seed bell covered with peanut butter.)

Hope you have a wonderful day. We are headed to Hendersonville today (instead of Friday) to check on George's parents. Our weather is supposed to get 'rough' (rain/ice/snow) on Thursday and Friday--so we will make this trip today!!!!


Monday, January 25, 2010

And the Wall Came Tumbling Down

We need an ARK!!!! On Sunday, it rained and rained and rained .... We had flood warnings all over the area. And during the night Saturday night, we had very HIGH winds. I thought the house was coming down once or twice. SCARY... Our windchimes were not singing... They were HOLLERING for dear life!!!!

We live on the downside of a hill---so everything from above comes our way--and then continues to go ON down the hill, between our house and the golf course fairway. Here are a few pictures of our 'flooding'. The worst thing for us is that our new flowerbed wall beside the ditch out front fell in one place. Note picture above. The water was so strong that it washed the dirt out from UNDER the blocks.. We have never had THIS much water coming down the hill. We'll definitely have some work to do to rebuild the wall in several places!!!! Below are more pictures.

George is working hard to widen the ditch area --so that the water won't wash out more of the wall... Hopefully his hard work helped!!!!

This a picture taken from our deck showing the lower side of our backyard.

This is the middle of our backyard--looking toward the golf course fairway. There were four deer out on the fairway earlier in the day, but we didn't take any pictures.

This is the cascade in our back yard (near the golf course). This is the one which I showed totally FROZEN recently. I kept wondering while watching it continue to rain and rain just how much snow we 'could' have had IF the temperatures had been 15 degrees colder!!!! Darn!

This is the ditch in our front yard (lower side of yard)... You can see the puddling on the driveway and also on the road.

A closer view of the water going down the hill --in our ditch; This is the lower side of the house in the front yard. LOTS of water!

Flooding in the side-yard flowerbed

This is the lower side of the yard--looking from the driveway toward the golf course fairway. Note the wood pile to the right. Don't think that that wood will burn for awhile!!! ha (Glad we have some stored in the garage!!)

The good news is that we are FINE.... Flooding always scares me --but except for the wall, we had no other damage.... Weather-related problems are not fun though anytime or anywhere.

Hope you had a good weekend!


P.S. Both of 'my' teams won their football games yesterday... Now my dilemma is who to 'root' for in the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning is my favorite QB---BUT I love the Saints. I lived in New Orleans for about 5 yrs. in the '80's when they were NOT a good team... Then Katrina happened. The city of New Orleans 'deserves' this more than anyone else. SO--I'll probably be for the Saints--but won't be unhappy if the Colts win!!