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Monday, January 16, 2017

Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee 01/03/17

Mark,  Debbie,  Mom --at the Cane Creek Falls Overlook 
George and I were SO privileged to have son, Mark, and his fiancee, Debbie come to our home to visit us from Jan. 2-4, 2017..  What a fabulous visit we had with these two lovers.  This is Mark's 2nd marriage --and I truly have never seen him so happy  (with the exception of the times his two gorgeous daughters were born).  You must know how happy that makes  this Mama feel!!!!!  He truly found his 'soulmate' when he met Debbie.  These two adults LOVE to laugh and have fun---and they  love life to its fullest ---constantly.  They are the type of people everyone loves to be around.  They certainly make me feel YOUNGER.   Their wedding will be in June...

After Mark and Debbie visited  us (with lots of other family members) for just a few hours a year ago,  I requested that he and Debbie come back and spend more time with us... Mark remembered my request --and honored it...  Even though I have known Debbie for over a year ---she and I had LOTS of time to really get to know each other.   All of us sat and talked/talked/talked for 2 days.... It was fantastic!!!

We stayed home and just chatted on their first day here .  BUT--on January 3rd,  we got out and had some fun.  First of all,  during the morning,  Debbie and I went shopping.. That was neat for me to do with this new 'daughter-to-be'....   We had a fun morning.   Then during the afternoon,  Mark,  Debbie and I went to Fall Creek Falls State Park,  about an hour south of our home here in Tennessee..   George volunteered to stay home so that he could make a great dinner for us (Chicken Cordon Bleu)...   We missed him that afternoon --but the dinner was definitely delicious and nice for us to enjoy when we got home!  Thanks,  Honey!!!

All of my pictures today are from our afternoon at Fall Creek Falls.  We got lucky since there was rain all around us --yet,  we didn't have any at all where we were!!!!!  YEAH!     We did some hiking,  saw SIX waterfalls,  and I LOVED taking tons of pictures of these 'kids'.... Hope you enjoy our pictures!!!

Cane Creek Falls --from an overlook;  Too bad the sun wasn't shining --since we love seeing rainbows at that waterfall.

The CREEK below us at the Cane Creek Falls overlook

Rock House Falls;   I was glad to see LOTS of water here (due to recent rains) --since this waterfall sometimes doesn't have much water... On this day,  it was beautiful.

Standing at the brink of the Cane Creek Cascades  (Mark always makes me LAUGH.)

Tons of water coming over Cane Creek Cascades  (We climbed down the rocks in order to get up close and personal with the waterfall!)

This DANGER sign  down the rocks to the bottom of the cascades kinda 'worried' these two kids.... NOT really.... Just being SILLY...  ha ha.

I took a lot of pictures of these two while we were at the cascades... Even though it didn't rain --we all did wet from the mist! ha

This is really UP CLOSE and PERSONAL for sure... My camera lens even got wet.. BUT--I love this shot...

" I made it!"   Debbie was happy to make is back up the rocks when we were leaving the Cascades...  (I think that the Cascades area was our favorite part of the day.  Amazing how powerful that water was!!!!)

Mark and Debbie on the 'not-so-safe'  wiggly SWINGING BRIDGE  which goes across the creek above the cascades.    Since I don't 'do' that bridge,  I volunteered to take photos!!!!  Wish you could see Mark wiggling the bridge  and scaring Debbie!!!!  He was having so much fun --but she made it!!!!!  BRAVE GIRL.

Mark being BRAVE on that  wiggly bridge.... Love this picture of my fun-loving son.

After we left the Cascades,  we visited the George Hole area  (which is very special to George and me --since I got my first kiss there)..  This picture was taken at the little dam in the George Hole area.

Next,  we visited Fall Creek Falls and Coon Creek Falls. 

Mark and Debbie at Fall Creek Falls  (probably the most photographed area in the park)

We then traveled along the GORGE area --and took this picture at Buzzard's Roost.  Can you see the RAIN in the background?

While Mark and Debbie hiked down to the edge of the gorge,  I took this picture of the rains around...

Here's another picture I love.  We (even I) crossed the not-so-wiggly Swinging Bridge in the Piney Falls area.   This is one of my favorite areas in the park.  There's a little hike down to the creek on the other side of the bridge.  What a great place to visit --especially on a hot summer day!   It would be a great place for a picnic lunch!!!

Debbie and I stood on the bridge while mark hiked down below to the water...  (I did not get a picture of Piney Falls on this trip.  We could hear it --and it is a huge waterfall.  BUT--we just couldn't get a good view from here.)

Mark and Debbie left for home (Texas) the next day... I miss them so much --and all of the energy they gave to us... Thanks for coming,  Sweethearts... We love you!

Mark Edgar Wilhite  1/15/70
Finally,   I am including this picture of my adorable son-- since yesterday was his 47th birthday!!!!  Mercy Me---how time flies!!!!  I know that Debbie had big plans for them to have a fantastic weekend together...   I'm sure I will hear about all about that celebration soon.

Happy Birthday,  Mark, and thanks for your visit.   We will see you two in JUNE for another happy celebration.....

Hope all of you Blog Friends and Facebook Friends enjoyed this visit as much as we did.

Have a wonderful week..


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wonderful Family Visit -- 12/31/16

Jeff-youngest son;  Mom-OLD WOMAN;  Bert-eldest son;  Mark-middle son
On December 31st  (New Year's Eve),  George and I drove to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to a beautiful mountain cabin,  to meet with family for a day of JOY and HAPPINESS and lots of LAUGHTER...As I have told my Facebook friends,  this is the first time in a LONG time that I have been with ALL three of my SONS together.   As you can imagine,  I was a very happy Mama who felt as if I was in 7th Heaven!!!!   Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

Granddaughter,  Brooke, and her Navy Husband,  Tristan

Bert (who goes by Tre now to all but the family);  The great news for me is that Bert is now a Tennessee Resident residing in Chattanooga... YEAH!

Mark and his fiancee,  Debbie

Jeff and his beautiful wife,  Dawn;   They are holding a gift that Talented Jeff painted for George and me.  That painting is proudly hanging in our living room now.

My son's father,  Mel,  and his wonderful wife,  Sally

My Hero---husband George,  holding a gift (Champion Chicago Cubs glass)

A happy Mama with new Daughter-in-law-to-be  (wedding in June)

Mark, Mom and Debbie:  (The good news is that these two came to our home in Fairfield Glade and spent a couple of days with us from Jan 2-4... Their visit was TREMENDOUS--and I'll share pictures of this visit in another blog.)

A SILLY picture of my three sons  (HA HA ---wonder where they got their craziness?????)

A Fun-Loving Family for sure!!!!!   We played some crazy, silly games-- including this one!!!!  ha ha  (Try to talk with that thing in your mouth!!! ha)

Finally,   here is a good picture of ALL of us.   From left to right:  Row 1--Debbie, Brooke, Tristan, Betsy;  Back row-- Mel, Sally, Bert,  Mark, Jeff, Dawn,  and George   (We missed grandchildren Bay Lee,  Landon,  Christopher,  and Avery on this day.)

To say that this wonderful day 'made' Christmas for me is definitely TRUE...  Thanks be to God for FAMILY.

Happy 2017 to all of you!


Monday, July 25, 2016

Visit to Georgia to see Jeff and Dawn 7/23/16

Jeff and Dawn --in front of their Crepe Myrtle and Hydrangea 
George and I  had a wonderful time this weekend visiting son Jeff and his very beautiful and talented wife, Dawn,  at their home in Georgia...   We don't see these busy young adults as much as I wish --but when we see them,  it's such a JOY for us....

We are SO proud of the life these two young people are leading... Their home if beautiful --since they are both SO talented....Dawn is creative and there's not one place in their home which is not neatly and creatively decorated...  Since that kind of creativity is NOT my talent,  I'm always amazed at what others can  do....

Jeff is just as talented ---and is always working on some kind of new project for their home/yard... One of his next projects is building a new table top and completely re-making their dining room table.... Recently Jeff built a wonderful fire-pit for them...   I told them that we'd come back in the Fall when we can sit around the fire,  tell ghost stories and eat Smores..... YUM.

They both also have the talent of growing beautiful flowers/shrubs/plants...  Their yard is a blaze of beauty.   We also enjoy just TALKING to them since they both are so smart and so much fun just to sit and talk to.... We could stay for hours and hours just chatting.   AND--as if that is not enough,  they also served us a fantastic dinner,  much of which was from their garden.   I could go on and on and on --but instead,  I'll just share a few pictures today...

This is just a small portion of a part of their yard... In these beds,  they have Zinnias  and a Butterfly Bush  (and more) on the left;  Squash,  Zucchini and Cucumbers on the right; ---and Irises,  Canna Lilies and Sunflowers in the middle.....

A close-up of some of their Sunflowers... Sunflowers are Dawn's favorite flower ---so of course,  they started planting Sunflowers a year or two ago....

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Crepe Myrtles ---and seldom see them in our area....

I was standing in the drive-way looking across the front of their home...  Everything was SO pretty. You can see the Hydrangea bush in the picture.

Dawn made me a Hydrangea Bouquet to bring home with me.... It's SO pretty!!!!!  Thanks, Dawn.

Here is one more picture of the Crepe Myrtles from a different angle...

Here was a picture of the beginnings of a fabulous dinner:  grilled chicken breasts --seasoned with basil from their garden;  spaghetti squash;  grilled squash, zucchini, and onions -with the squash and zucchini coming from their yard;  grilled white mushrooms and onions;  Italian Bread with an olive oil/spices dipping sauce..... SO SO SO SO delicious!!!!

Finally --and the BEST was a gift they gave me for my upcoming birthday (we won't see them on my birthday this year since we will be out-of-town).   Dawn made this gorgeous wreath JUST for us... She is so so so talented!  I told her that she could go into business making these....  The beautiful wreath fits perfectly on our front door.  It is totally made out of burlap --with a big "A"  on the right for ADAMS....  Thank You so much,  Dawn...  I am still extremely excited!

Well Friends.... I know how many of you feel when you visit your adult children who are doing so well --and you just can't be anymore proud of them!!!!!  That is how I always feel when we visit Jeff and Dawn... Thanks to both of them for being SO good to us.... We LOVE them so much!!!

Hope all of you are having a great Summer so far... We are having a terribly hot spell here --and DRY.....  As many of you know,  I'm not a 'summer-lover' ---so I'm one who is definitely ready for Fall...

Have a wonderful week.