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Friday, May 4, 2012

More from Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee

On April 21st,   George and I visited FALL CREEK FALLS STATE PARK here in Tennessee.   IF you missed seeing the blog post as to WHY we chose that particular day to go down there,   click HERE to find out!!!!!

Today I'll share with you more pictures from that cold, drizzly, foggy day!!!!  Above is the main waterfall in the park, Fall Creek Falls.  (There are 6 waterfalls there altogether.)   Fall Creek Falls is 256 feet high.  IF you want to read more information about this waterfall,  click HERE.

Here's a picture taken from the Fall Creek Falls overlook of the gorge.. You can see the fog around that day.

I took this picture of George at the overlook at Fall Creek Falls.  You can see part of the waterfall ---and also the fog.

Another waterfall at the park is named CANE CREEK FALLS.  The best place to get a picture of this one is after a hike on the other side of the gorge.  I took this picture from the overlook during our hike.

I got excited seeing some beautiful wildflowers blooming at the park.  Aren't these little guys just gorgeous?

Seeing the Mountain Laurels begin to bloom was also exciting to me.  I should go back next week  and see these beauties in full bloom...

After a delicious dinner at the lodge restaurant that afternoon,  we walked outside to check out the lake...  I thought of my youngest son and his son, my awesome grandson.  They would love to be here fishing on the pier nearby!  BUT--it was a little chilly out there ---or at least, the wind was cold!!!!

Finally,  this picture of us was taken at the CANE CREEK CASCADES when we first got to the park... After checking out this area and taking pictures,  we quickly put on our jackets... Did I mention that it was quite cold down there that day????? ha ha

This past Wednesday,  we drove to McMinnville, Tennessee  to meet George's brother, Ken, and wife, Bonnie, along with  Dad Adams for lunch at Applebee's.   Ken and Bonnie have been visiting Dad this week in Tullahoma.   They live in Indiana --so we don't get to see them as often as we'd like.

This is a hard week for Dad (who will be 100 yrs. old in August).   Wednesday (when we met) would have been Mom's 92nd birthday. (She died last June--and he misses her terribly.)  Then Saturday, the 5th, would have been their 72nd wedding anniversary. BUT--Dad is still doing well,  and he definitely ate a good lunch!!!

George and I did something we NEVER do.... Can you believe that we both left our cameras at home????????   GADS!!!!   SO---the picture above of Dad,  Bonnie and Ken was taken last August at Cracker Barrel.    BUT--despite the fact that we didn't have our cameras,  we did have a great lunch and fellowship with all of them.  Ken is George's little brother ---being 2 yrs. younger.  Their sister, Janet, couldn't join us since she was at work.  She is 10 yrs. younger than George.

George and I are going to take a BLOG BREAK.  We are SO SO busy --and there's SO much to do.. We just need to take a break for a short time.  We should be back to blogging between May 14 and 16...  Hope all of you have a great week!!!! 

Have a wonderful weekend  and week ahead.

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 21st---SPECIAL DAY for US

Read  this post first (click HERE)  ---unless you have been reading my blog faithfully for several years...  OR--you may just want to read it again in order to see some OLD pictures of us!!!!  AND--- Click HERE  to see last year's post about this same day.  Amazing how the park and waterfalls can be so different from one year to the next. 

April 21, 2001 is when I got my first KISS from George.  We started dating on March 29, and our love grew very fast... On April 21 that year,  he took me to FALL CREEK FALLS STATE PARK.  This is where that first kiss happened, and it is also where our mutual love of waterfalls began.  Fall Creek Falls has several waterfalls --and we like to visit them all several times a year.  This is also the place where we told each other that we loved each other on that same day...

SO--we revisited Fall Creek Falls this past Saturday ---and relived those wonderful memories once again.  The weather didn't cooperate much --since it was misty, very cloudy,  foggy and quite cold.   This may have been the coldest April 21 we have experienced since 2001...  In most of the old pictures,  we were wearing shorts... WELL--not this year!!!!  In fact,  after our first little hike to the Cascades,  we even put our jackets on since it felt so cold!!!!

Needless to say,  the pictures are not as good as some we have taken in past at Fall Creek Falls (due to the dreariness and lack of alot of water in the waterfalls)... BUT--today,  I'll share with you some pictures from our day this past Saturday.  Above is a picture of the gorge.  You can see the fog in this photo...  Please click on the photos to see larger pictures.

This area of the park,  appropriately named after my Sweetheart (ha ha),  is where I got that first kiss..... Of course,  I got another one in that spot on Saturday!!!!!   WOW!

There is a grassy area at George Hole which leads to the creek.   The rocks on the other side are so interesting ---and full of holes,  where many birds make their homes!!!  Isn't the reflection in this photo great???

Of course,  we take our tripod wherever we go so that we can get pictures together.  Here is a picture of George ---trying out a new filter which he bought.....

Before we went to the George Hole area,  we stopped and walked down to the Cane Creek Cascades... At that time,  we didn't have our jackets on --but immediately put them on when we got back to the car... Did I mention that it was COLD?????   Why does colder air feel MUCH colder in the spring?????  Do I look cold in this picture?  I WAS!!!!!! ha

We took a nice hike and here is a picture of George on the trail...  It was a nice walk,  and in another blog,  I'll show you a picture of some Mountain Laurel beginning to bloom.

Our hike took us to an overlook across from two other waterfalls,  Cane Creek and Rockhouse.  This is a picture of me with Cane Creek Falls in the background.

Finally,  here is a picture of us --taken near the little dam in the George Hole area.  I don't know what one of us said--but we are both really laughing when that picture was taken.

After taking the hike and checking out the waterfalls,  George took me to the Lodge Restaurant for dinner....   Glad I had hiked that 3.19 miles (9657 steps) ---since I splurged and had some delicious Banana Pudding for dessert.... YUM...

Hope you all had a good weekend--like we did!  We're going to the Smokies today --so don't know when I'll catch up with blog reading...  I always try to do what I can --but life sometimes gets in the way!!!!