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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Last Views of our Autumn 2011

When we took a ride a couple of weeks ago,  we got some great Autumn photos right here in Fairfield Glade...  Today all of those colors are gone ---and the leaves are ALL on the ground.  We had rain yesterday all day ---and expect more today... But---as George would say,  "At least it's not SNOW!!!"

I showed some Autumn photos on November 7 (click HERE if you missed  that post)...  Since I had a few more to show,  I decided to give you one last look at our Fall 2011 pictures.  You can enlarge the photos to 16x10 by clicking on them.  

A similar photo (to the one shown above)  was a favorite in the Nov. 7th post ---so I decided to show you another similar one today... We are looking across Canterbury Lake ---and the sun is setting behind us.  The sun is providing a fabulous look to the trees ahead of us,  making it look like everything (including the lake) is on FIRE.... Hope you enjoy this one and the ones below.

The Burning Bush is a favorite here in Fairfield Glade...  It also shows off its RED color in late Fall.

These gorgeous trees were beside the lake.   Aren't they pretty --against that beautiful blue sky????

Finally,  here is another photo showing Autumn in Fairfield Glade --along with more of the Cumberland Plateau.    Fall turned out GREAT here this year ---especially late Fall --when all of the trees were turning.

Hope you enjoyed my last set of Autumn photos from 2011....  Now--we'll look forward to a long winter followed by a gorgeous spring..... Life goes on!!!!

Since many of you have asked about my health,  I am here to tell you that I am doing much better.  I even went with George on Monday to Tullahoma (2.5 hours from here) to see his 99 yr. old father.  I did well---although I was tired when I got home.  My energy level is still zilch---but with each passing day,  there's improvement... Yeah Rah!!!!

Dad Adams seems to be doing okay other than the fact that his memory is getting worse.  He 'wolfed down' an entire fish sandwich for lunch and loved the RIDE we took him on. Bless his heart!!!!

Have a great Wednesday.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Late Fall in Fairfield Glade

There's something uniquely special about LATE Fall...  I love all of the REDS and RUSTS this time of year... All of the Fall colors are special---but right now, ALL of the leaves left on the trees are showing off their end-of-the-year color!!!!!

George took me for a short ride on Saturday afternoon late. The sun was going down ---so the colors were magnificent... I want to share some pictures today that we took during this little ride... The picture above was taken at an over look near Fairway 14 of the Druid Hills Golf Course.  You get a great view of the Cumberland Plateau in this picture.  You can enlarge all of my pictures to 16x10.

I love the REDS of Fall ---and this particular Maple is showing off for us...  Pretty, huh,  against that blue sky????

AND---I don't want to forget the YELLOWS of Fall... Here's a pretty one for you!

Finally,   here's a picture we took across one of our many lakes (Canterbury) in the Glade.  The sun was really going down ---but I loved the way that sun portrayed its colors across and on the lake... Looks like the trees are on fire,  doesn't it??????

I have more Late Autumn pictures to share ----so will show you another set on Wednesday.   Thanks again for the MANY get-well wishes.  I am gradually getting my strength back---but am trying to take it easy ---as much as possible.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More from the Smokies 10/11

Hope you saw my photos from our latest trip to the Smokies... If you missed it,  scroll down to the labels on my sidebar and click on Fall 2011.  We went to the Smokies on Friday,  Oct. 14,  and the colors were marvelous once you got up to the mid and upper levels of the mountains...  There are just some times in our lives when we go some place at the correct time... WELL---that was it for us that day.... The colors truly would just take one's breath away.

Here are more pictures taken that day from the Smokies... Above is another photo showing the sun as it pops through the clouds on that early morning.... I love seeing the rays as they shine down in the valley and mountains...  The largest mountain in the photo is Mt. LeConte... The picture was taken from the bypass around Gatlinburg. You can see a little bit of Gatlinburg below in the photo.   (Click for larger photos.)

This is another shot of the beautiful waters found in the Smokies.... Actually,  George found this new little waterfall that day ---as he hiked down to the creek on the Chimneys Hiking Trail...  Isn't this a gorgeous little area?   They built a bridge across the creek here for the hikers...

This shows more of the gorgeous colors along the road that day..  They were truly breath-taking!!!!!

Here is George at one of the overlooks between Newfound Gap and Cherokee.   Except for the cold and HIGH winds,  we could have stayed there for hours --admiring this beauty.

This shows you what a gorgeous day we had...  Aren't the colors ---both up close and at a distance---just beautiful?

There is nothing like being in the mountains on on gorgeous day---especially in Fall when the trees are showing off their Fall colors!!!!

George took this picture of me ---with the sticking-up hair on a very windy day!!!!!  Can you tell how much I loved being there????  It was too windy to get the tripod out --but that would have been a wonderful background for our picture together.

Finally,  here's one more... All of our pictures were taken from different overlooks ---so this will give you another picture showing the beauty in the Smokies...

Hope you live somewhere where the colors are marvelous in Fall....  I read that our winter this year may be very wet and very MILD.   Obviously,  that thrills George since he hates snow...   I myself like snow (as I'm sure you know!!! ha)---so am still hoping for a little bit!!!!!   I 'figured' that the winter may be mild here since our mast crop (nuts) is quite small this year,  compared to recent years..  That is a 'sign' they say!!!!!!  Well---good comes out of bad you know... George perked up and said: "We'll be able to hike more in the winter this year and see more WATERFALLS".... ha ha

Have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall in the Smokies --2011

This past Friday,  George and I went to the Smokies to check out the Fall colors there.... WOW---is what we found!!!!!!  We left home VERY early ---to see some good sky/sun/fog pictures in addition to the gorgeous Fall colors... AND--we weren't disappointed AT ALL.

The day before had brought rain to our area... But --this day was supposed to clear up and be a gorgeous, clear day.   As you'll be able to see from the photos,  the day started out cloudy--but it didn't take that sun very long to pop through!!!!

Here are just a few of the photos we took on that beautiful day in the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina.   Above was a great picture I captured along the bypass around Gatlinburg.   I think God was smiling down on us ---and that sun was saying "Good Morning, World!"    (That is fog glistening below the rays.)  Click on pictures to enlarge!

We stopped at an overlook as we headed up the mountain on Highway 441 (between Gatlinburg and Cherokee) and captured this photo of the fog below us in the shadows.

About halfway up the mountain (north of the Chimneys hiking area),  the colors got more and more vivid... Here is an example of some of the beauty we saw along the road on that ride up the mountain.

And since George and I love waterfalls/cascades/creeks,  we stopped along the way to check out this great Smoky Mountain creek.

When we got further up the mountain (on either side of Newfound Gap),   the colors just got more and more beautiful... I'm going to show you ONLY three of the many photos I took... Fall is always pretty---but this particular Fall day just seemed to be extra special!!!  I think we got there at the EXACT right time...

Oh the gorgeous Smoky Mountains!!!  We are so lucky to live close enough to enjoy them---all times of year, but especially in Autumn!

Finally,  here is one more for you today..   We are so blessed to live in such a magnificent world that God created for us...  I hope we all learn to take better care of it!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our photos from the Smokies.  I'll share more at another time because we managed to take a big bunch!!!! ha


Monday, October 10, 2011

Colors in our Yard in Early October, 2011

There's not too much Fall Color in our area yet --but we do have color right here in our yard!!!!  I took these photos the end of Sept/first of Oct ---so today,  I'll share some of our 'color' to you.  Above is one of our Reblooming Irises.  This one's name is Blatant --and we love seeing Irises blooming in the FALL of the year!!!!!  Isn't this one pretty?

This 'color' is one of our gorgeous Roses, named Veteran's Honor.  This has always been one of my favorite roses.  It's been blooming like crazy lately.  Roses are at their prettiest here in the Spring AND Fall.  They love sunshine but don't necessarily love the heat of Summer.  Fall is a great time for Roses!!!

Here is a close-up of Veteran's Honor... this rose is absolutely PERFECT!!!  Looks like Velvet,  doesn't it?

This photo shows some of our favorite Fall blooms ---our Autumn Joy Sedum.  We have this little beauty in several places around the yard.  This one starts out sorta blue in color, then turns to a light pink,  then darkens,  and by the end of Fall,  the color is a burnt orange.  PERFECT colors for Fall!

Here is a close-up of one of the Autumn Joy Sedum blooms.

Our Pink Dogwood tree in our front yard is beginning to turn to its gorgeous reds.  I love this photo since you can still see some of the green in some of the leaves..

Finally, here's a picture of our yard..  I was standing out in the street --so that I could get a picture of the Veteran's Honor Rose blooms.  In this picture, you can also see the Pink Dogwood as it turns --and also some yellow color on the trees behind and around our home...

I'll post some new yard photos --as we get more and more Fall color.  Now that we have had some much cooler weather,  that usually helps the trees to turn!!!

Have a wonderful day. 


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cumberland Mountain State Park

Our Fall weather has been awesome recently (even though a cold front came thought this past weekend).   Last Wednesday,  George and I headed to one of the state parks near us,  Cumberland Mountain,  to do some walking and take some photos.  We went late in the afternoon --and were able to get some great Fall pictures.   The temperatures were in the 70's and the sky was a deep blue...  Just perfect Fall weather for sure!!!

Today,  I'll share some pictures we took last Wednesday.  The photo above shows the beautiful bridge at the state park.  See the Canada Geese out there swimming around?  I love the reflections in the water!  Below are more.  (Click on them for larger pictures.)

This is an interesting picture since you can see a great shot of the BLUE sky in the water.

Here is another picture showing some of our Fall colors ---and the reflections in the water.

Here's another photo showing the bridge --from a distance.  The shadows were taking over --since the sun was setting.  BUT--we seemed to get there at the right time,  don't you think?

I was thrilled at the way the water looked this time of day..  Other than some Geese swimming around in the water,  it was very still on this day!

And of course,  I couldn't do a blog post from Cumberland Mountain State Park without showing a picture of some of the many Canada Geese which live there!  They are almost tame!!!

Finally,  here's one last picture of some of the Fall colors in our area.   This will only get better ---so hopefully,  we'll go back for more photos before Fall ends!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day.