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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Comparing the Colors--Year by Year

I have been taking Autumn pictures here in Fairfield Glade since we moved here in 2003. What has been interesting to me is to compare and contrast the different Autumns we have experienced here. One thing I do know from looking at my photos is that one of the prettiest years (as far as leaf colors) we have had RIGHT here in Fairfield Glade was 2007 (which was the year we went through a horrible drought). Then it was fairly dry again in 2008--and we had beautiful colors that year also. This year, however, we have had LOTS and LOTS of rain. And guess what???? Our tree colors here were not nearly as pretty (vivid) as the past two years. (We did see some pretty color ---but we had to drive on the Cherohala Skyway in order to get it this year!)

NOW---am I saying that "Dry Weather = Beautiful Fall Colors, and Wet Weather = Duller Fall Colors" ???? WELL---I have never read that anywhere, but for us here in Tennessee, it has happened for the past three years. We'll just have to wait and see what happens NEXT Fall.

As I went through all of my Fall pictures, I chose one or two from each year beginning in 2003 and ending last year in 2008. I didn't include any of this year's Autumn pictures since, other than showing our pretty dogwood tree, I don't really have many that are THAT pretty. We also were gone off and on for two weeks during October --so that didn't help either. The picture above was taken in 2003. This is one of the gorgeous Sugar Maples which are so pretty in Fall in our area.

This picture was taken in Fall of 2004 --looking from the golf course fairway to our back yard.

This is not really a Fall-color picture---but it was taken in Fall of 2004 when George and I were taking an early morning walk on the golf course. Pretty sunrise, isn't it???

This was in 2005---and was also taken along the golf course near our home.

This was taken in 2006--while we were taking a Fall hike.

Here is another picture of our back yard---taken in Fall of 2006.

This was our Redbud tree in 2007. The leaves turned bright yellow--and were so beautiful. (This year, the leaves on that tree just turned brown and fell off!)

These were some of the colors in our neighborhood in 2007...

In 2007, our Vinca was fabulous in the Lamppost flowerbed (as opposed to this year when it didn't do nearly as well). You can also see a few Pansies coming through.. Once the Vinca was gone, we added more Pansies.

2008 (also a dry year for us) was another beautiful year for Fall colors. This is one of the lakes in Fairfield Glade surrounded by Fall colors.

Finally, here was one of my favorite pictures taken in Fall of 2008. I love this one because of the reflections in the water.

Hope you enjoyed all of my Fall pictures. Each year presents its own unique beauty. Now we'll just have to wait until next year to see what kind of pretty colors we get here.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Part II---Our Yard (minus the leaves)

Be sure and read yesterday's blog if you missed it. This is Part II of the pictures I took on Monday afternoon ---after George and I finished blowing and raking the leaves in the yard. Guess what that picture above is?????? That's one of several squirrel's nests we have around us... Now that the trees are bare, the squirrels lose their privacy!!!!

I took this picture from the driveway --looking across the front yard. You can see some roses, the new flowerbed in front --and the 'lamppost' flowerbed.

Here is a close-up of the Lamppost Flowerbed . We have three round flowerbeds in our front yard. This past week--besides blowing and raking leaves, we also planted 48 Pansies in these three round beds. That will give us some color through the winter. Pansies do well here --unless the temperatures dip extremely low for a long period of time.

This is a close-up of our Confederate Jasmine bush. You can see this bush in the first photo of yesterday's blog. IF you remember from my Summer posts, this beautiful and fragrant bush has fabulous white blossoms all summer. This time of year, the blooms start disappearing leaving a deep pinkish color on the bush. So pretty!!!

Here's one more picture of our front yard ---absent of leaves!!!!! Look across the street into the empty lot. Can you see that big pile of leaves????? Most of those came from our front yard!!!!!

Now you can see the 'lower' side of our home. As you can tell, the English Ivy and our Periwinkle are great ground-covers for this area. In the background, you can see our large woodpiles. The wood to the left is THIS year's wood (which has been aging for a year) and the pile on the right is our new wood for next year.

Well---that's our yard in LATE Fall... I love all four seasons with Fall being one of my favorite times. YES---even with all of the work , I still love Fall. Now I'm getting ready for Winter---a time when hopefully, I can stay inside more and work on my Family History. And of course, that will include enjoying roaring fires in the fireplace most every single day.


P.S. Two Prayer Requests today please:
1. Let's remember ALL of our VETERANS today on Veterans Day. These men and women fought and died for US---and for our FREEDOM. Remember them and their families.
2. Please remember my blog friend, BETTY, upon hearing about the death of her sister.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Leaves Gone, if Only for Today!!

For the past week, George and I have worked VERY hard raking and blowing leaves out of our yard. In fact, almost everyone in Fairfield Glade has been doing this... WELL---yesterday afternoon, we completed the ENTIRE yard. AND--it looks so pretty. Since there are some leaves which haven't fallen yet (not too many), and since rain (from Ida) and winds are ON the way----WELL--we aren't sure the yard will look this good tomorrow or the next day... SO---we took some pictures around the yard to share with you today. Above is a picture taken from the driveway looking across the front yard. You can see that some of our Roses are still blooming. Note also all of the BARE trees. Below are more pictures.

Here is a close-up picture of what is left of our Autumn Joy Sedum.. As you may remember from previous posts, the Sedum changes colors throughout the Fall. Now--it's a dark purple and in some lights, a rusty brown color. The leaves turn yellow this time of year.

You can see that the Begonia (on the stump) is still blooming. The small rock bed (where the Autumn Joy Sedum are) still has a few Hosta alive. AND--the English Ivy and Periwinkle are doing GREAT there.

Here is a picture of the other side of the front yard. This is the 'lower' side with an empty lot next door. Note those few leaves still left on the Redbud tree.

This is our front porch --still decorated for Autumn. (I always leave our Autumn decorations up until Thanksgiving---since we are still celebrating HARVEST.)

Can you believe this little beauty????? This is our CHRISTMAS Cactus. I've had this plant since 2000---and it has bloomed every year for Christmas--until last year (when it bloomed for Thanksgiving). WELL--this year, it is blooming NOW.... What's up with that???? My Christmas Cactus needs a new name!!!!!! Goodness Gracious!!!!

I'll post six more yard pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October Flowers in our Yard

While Fall begins to wrap up its color, and the leaves are falling from the trees, we STILL have some beauty in our yard. Since we have not had a frost yet here on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, the roses are still blooming ---and it seems that these last blooms of Fall are as pretty as the first ones in the Spring. Our roses are really showing off now. Also, some of our Reblooming Irises have bloomed recently. Today, I'll show you six of our 'pretties' which have been in our yard during October.

Above is one of our new roses, TOUCH OF CLASS. Since it is fairly new, this is the first time it has bloomed for us. Below are others, plus a couple of our Irises. Hope you enjoy the October Flowers.



VETERAN'S HONOR (my personal fav)



Last night, as we came home from Cookeville, we saw two pretty sights in the sky:

Sunset ---toward the west, and...

...a full moon ---toward the east.. How's that for a great evening????


Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Colors on the Cherohala Skyway - Part III

If you missed seeing Part I and Part II of our pictures taken on Sunday, Oct. 25, when we came home from Maggie Valley across the Cherohala Skyway, please go to the right sidebar on this blog and go to the label marked Cherohala Skyway. Click on that and you can see all 21 pictures that I have posted showing the gorgeous Fall colors. As I have said several times, we were truly in the right place at the right time (with near perfect conditions)---to see the best Fall colors either of us have probably ever seen or captured.

Today is my last seven pictures taken by George and me that day. Five from this set were taken by me--with my 'point and shoot' camera. SO--that proves that you don't always have to have a million dollar camera in order to get great pictures!!!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed posting them for you to see.

Here at home, the rains and winds came over the weekend and about 80% of our leaves are now on the ground... I guess that means that Fall is almost over and now I can look forward to Winter ---and hopefully a little (not too much) SNOW.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Welcome"???? Visitors

A few mornings ago, three deer visited our back yard. It looked like a Mama and two juveniles. We watched them for awhile--and George took some pictures. It was barely light --so he was having trouble getting the pictures to come out. When the deer finally saw us, they decided to leave!!!! Luckily, they didn't 'munch' on any of our plants or flowers... Here are three pictures of them, plus one more!!!

Did you notice all of those leaves in our backyard in these pictures????? The leaves are coming down quicker than we can get them up now... Fall is almost over here in the Glade. SO---Friday, I got my trusty ole' leaf blower out and blew leaves out of the backyard and also part of the front.

BUT--guess what????? We had rains and high winds Friday night ----- SOOOOOOOOOOOOO???? The leaves are BACK!!!! I can barely see my progress. Oh Well---that's the 'breaks' for people like me who love big shade trees --and who live in the woods. I couldn't get back out there yesterday since everything was so wet---but I'll try again this coming week. Believe it or not, I enjoy raking and blowing leaves. The picture below is the "lefty" at work with her blower.....

See that orange cord????? Our blower is electric so we have a very long cord that I drag around all over the yard when I do my 'blowing'.... Anyhow---being a lefty can play havoc on cords.. I can make the biggest mess out of that extension cord one can ever imagine. My hubby just rolls his eyes in amazement. (Same thing with telephone cords--although our phones are mostly cordless now thank goodness.) I don't know what I do---but it takes forever straightening that cord out AFTER I've blown leaves. Oh Well----what can I say???? I'm just a LEFTY and proud of it!!!!! ha


P.S. My Tennessee Vols --all dressed in black and orange for Halloween, WON last night... They had many tricks in their bag --and gave us alot of treats!!! They won 31-13 over South Carolina!!!! Yeah Rah for 'my' young team!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Colors on the Cherohala Skyway - Part II

Be sure and read yesterday's post (Part I) to see information on the Cherohala Skyway. Here are more pictures taken on Sunday about 3 p.m. when George and I were on our way home from Maggie Valley. As I said in yesterday's post, we were in the perfect place at the perfect time to see some of the most gorgeous Fall colors we have EVER seen. All of the 'conditions' for great pictures ---plus a husband who is a great photographer-- were there on that 'picture-perfect' afternoon. I took 3 of these pictures with my 'point and shoot' (believe it or not)--and George took 4 of them. Hope you enjoy more of our Autumn pictures from Tennessee and North Carolina.

George got this picture of the moon---which was also part of our fabulous day!!!! Great picture--isn't it????

How 'bout a picnic here?????? Neat, eh????

I have one more set of pictures to show you tomorrow. Hope you aren't getting 'too' tired of these Autumn pictures.. We just love them--and want to share!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Halloween weekend.