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Friday, February 21, 2014

Our Walk After the Snow (2/13/14)

On my last blog post (Wed, Feb. 19),   I showed you photos of our 5+ inch snowfall here in Fairfield Glade, Tennessee, on Feb. 12-13, 2014.   I shared photos as the snow began on the 12th,  again that evening,  and the next morning early...

That same morning,  after the snow quit and after the sun came out,  George and I took a long walk in our area around the Druid Hills Golf Course.  Of couse,  we took SCADS of photos also that morning...

Hope you enjoy seeing these pictures of our 'one and only' pretty snow of this winter (so far)....  I was SO excited at seeing the snow since it was beautiful as it clung to everything.

Sit back and enjoy the photos.  Above is a picture George took of me knee-deep in snow, as we walked.  Below are more --so be sure to click on the photos for enlargements. 

Love the blue sky in this photo

That is the back of our home,  from the golf course fairway

Amazing how the wind blew the snow on the sides of the trees

From the middle of the fairway,  everything looked so pretty.

I love seeing the snow cling to the evergreens.

I loved the shape of this tree,  especially with snow on it.

Oh how this girl LOVES snow!!!

The snow was clinging to everything. Isn't it pretty?

Even the Indiana Boy (who doesn't like snow)  seemed to enjoy this walk!

There's nothing prettier than water and snow!!!! Druid Hills is a beautiful golf course--but the hills can be brutal (but good for us) when walking!

I love this close-up of the hemlock and snow!

That would be a pretty Christmas Tree --for a HUGE home

The snow was falling off of the pine tree ON me...  Brrrrrrrr...

I love it when the snow makes FINGERS..... ha

Here's one more photo showing the back of our pretty little home.  I love seeing the shadows.

Back to 6:30 am that morning,  here's the front of our home...
I'll close with one more photo taken about 6:30 a.m. that morning of the front of our home.  This was such a gorgeous snow --and just the perfect amount for us!!!

Hope you enjoyed my 'snow' photos this week.. That may be the only nice snow we get this winter ---but many of you would say,  that is a GOOD THING... ha

Well Friends!!!!  It's time for another "BLOG BREAK".....  My blogging will be very sporadic between now and the end of March due to our busy schedule.  SO---I'll try to keep you posted as to our schedule this next month or so...  Right now,  I'll try to blog the week of March 3/5/7....  But--I'll keep you posted.  IF you are on Facebook,  you can keep up with me there...  OR--you can email me at any time.

Have a terrific week/month ahead!!!


Monday, November 18, 2013

DEER: Love 'em-Hate 'em!!!

Beautiful Mama Deer in the lot across the street
Living here in Fairfield Glade (where all critters are protected),  needless to say,  we have MANY critters around --including squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, skunks, raccoons, opossums,  turkeys,  DEER,  etc.... We were even told that a black bear had been spotted in the Glade last spring... We are also on the boundary of the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area ---so I'm sure there are MORE critters which we haven't seen, or don't want to KNOW that they are in the area!!!

Because we share the land with these critters,  life can get interesting sometimes for those of us who have gardens.  Many people don't realize that squirrels and chipmunks do more damage than other critters who 'nibble' on our plants/flowers.  Chipmunks dig tunnels in the flowerbeds and dig up/eat the bulbs...  Squirrels also dig holes while they bury or search for nuts... They also dig up bulbs...  I don't have a love/hate relationship with these two little critters..  To me,  it's ALL hate (no matter how 'cute' they are).  I have never taken a photo (and never will ) of either squirrels nor chipmunks...

BUT--another critter I do have a Love/Hate Relationship with for sure is the  DEER.   I love DEER.  They are SO gorgeous.  I always get excited when we see one (or more).  There are many deer in Fairfield Glade.   I LOVE seeing them as long as they 'Stay Out of our Yard'.....

Because of the large deer population here,  George and I use a spray called "Liquid Fence" (spraying it on our roses and plants).  We had tried many other options --and have found that the Liquid Fence works the best (even though we use it ALOT during the summer --and it is expensive).  It's worth all of the extra work and money to us to protect/save our roses/flowers/plants!  The Liquid Fence works about 90+% of the time --so right now,  it works for us!!!  The spray stinks for awhile --but does not hurt any critter.   The deer just don't like the smell/taste---so they won't eat the flowers/plants.

I went back in my archives searching for some of my favorite deer photos... I didn't realize that I had so many... SO--I picked out some of these fav's and am sharing them with you today.  The photos were taken during all seasons and over several years. Hope you enjoy seeing the "Deer of Fairfield Glade".    Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them.

A very young doe ---resting near the golf course fairway in back

As Little Bambi grows---her little legs get very long!!!

Most Mama Deer have 2 little ones at a time;  This Mama has THREE little ones!!!  They are near the golf course fairway in the back.

We caught this little one (along with 3-4 others) in our yard one afternoon.  They took off once they saw us!!!  I captured a couple of good photos of this one.  Here he/she is taking off from one of our flowerbeds near the mailbox..

After leaving the flowerbed,  this pretty little doe took off prancing quickly up the street toward Mama and her brothers and sisters.  Isn't she gorgeous (or it is a he)?

We see the deer in the daytime more during the winter when they are searching for ANYTHING to eat!!!!  I do worry about them (and all critters including our birds) when it's bitter cold and snowy!

This was taken one snowy day in our front yard.  I always loved that photo.
Speaking of snow,  I am hoping that we will get a little snow this year.  We didn't get much at all last year.  BUT--I'm sure the deer and other critters would prefer the weather to stay warmer JUST for them!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my Deer Photos.   I do love these beautiful creatures!!!!

Hope you had a good weekend.  We had storms with tons of wind yesterday --but luckily,  nothing severe here.  Today it's cold again!!!!  Have a great day.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More Autumn Photos from our Yard

The lower side of our home
My apologies to anyone who is tired of seeing Autumn photos... BUT--since I love Fall,  I just can't help myself!!!!!!  I went back outside on Sunday late afternoon,  Nov. 3, 2013,  and took another big set ---just for you!!!!  Aren't you excited?????  Don't answer that... ha ha

We had a strange Fall here with the trees hanging on to their leaves longer than usual.  AND--they stayed green for a long time this year.  BUT--once they changed,  it was almost as if it happened overnight!  Crazy!

Anyhow,  since our leaves are coming down very fast now,  this may be the last good set showing the colors in and around our yard.   We are so fortunate in several ways to live where we do.. We have about 50 big shade trees in our yard... That is great most of the year including when the colors change in Fall.  BUT--our work of blowing and raking up all of the leaves which come down is a HUGE job for us, which goes on for several weeks.  But--I keep saying that it's good exercise for me!!!!

Hope you enjoy more of the Autumn photos from beautiful Fairfield Glade, Tennessee taken on November 3, 2013.   Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.

The upper side of our yard

From the road looking at the front yard ---and surrounding trees
The photos were taken late in the afternoon when the front yard was getting shady.  We had gotten the leaves up (for that day) in the front yard ---but had not yet touched the sides nor back....  But--doesn't the front look pretty????

Beautiful colors of the trees in the lower side yard
As much as I love the REDS of Fall,  there's something fantastic about the browns and golds of LATE Fall,  don't you think?

Some of our Pansies
We have alot of Pansies planted around the front yard to give us some color in Winter.  So far,  they are happy with our weather!!!! (They will do fine as long as it doesn't get too cold and STAY that way for a long time.)

Roses still blooming on November 3
The Rose season is almost over ---but some of them are still blooming and are SO pretty.  I will miss them until they come back in Spring.

Burning Bush
Speaking of the REDS of Fall,  there are lots of Burning Bushes in our area --and they are gorgeous.

All the colors of Maples!!!
I love Maples --and there are many varieties around here.  They all turn different colors ---and this one is showing off SEVERAL colors all at the same time!!!

Looking at our front yard from the upper side

Peeking through the Maples on the upper side--looking toward our front yard/house

Our Deck ---after its staining,  a few weeks ago
I am now in the side yard looking toward the deck.  I love the stain they put on our deck a few weeks ago.  But most of the deck furniture and umbrellas are put away until spring.  The swing is still there when I want to enjoy being outside!

More pretty Fall color ---taken in our backyard

From the backyard---looking toward the golf course fairway

The sun adds so much color to these trees (backyard)

Our Backyard in Autumn!
Even though we haven't gotten the leaves up in the backyard,  there was just something I liked about this photo.  Maybe it is because I love walking through the leaves --and hearing them crunch under my feet!!!!!

Looking toward the golf course fairway from our backyard
Well---that's it around our yard!!!!!  Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our Autumn photos.  I certainly enjoyed sharing them with you!!!

UPDATE:  I'm so glad that I took these photos on Nov. 3 (and wrote this post that week) --because as of Nov. 12,  almost all of our trees are BARE.... Amazing how quickly the leaves came down this year!!!!  

Now---hop over to my Photo Blog (click HERE)  for one more beautiful photo from our yard taken the week of November 3rd...

Stay WARM.... An Arctic Cold Front came through here on Nov. 12 ---and  brought us some WINTER....