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Monday, June 6, 2016

Early Morning Walks on the Golf Course Cart Path

SUNRISE:  4/13/16  (Not many leaves on the trees yet!!)
What would it take to get you UP out of bed  about 4:45 a.m. each morning?  WELL---a few years ago,  I would have said that NOTHING could make me get up that early.  (I had always been a night owl --and enjoyed sleeping a 'little' later in the mornings.)  BUT-- once George and I decided to put a priority on exercise (walking is OUR choice),  everything changed!!!!

We got our FITBITS last May (2015) ---and have been faithful to that program (along with My Fitness Pal) since...  We have walked the streets in our area and also on some of the provided trails.  BUT--since we live on a golf course (Druid Hills),  it became our favorite place to walk.  We could walk nine holes which is about 2 miles on the golf course.  But we are limited as to when we can walk there.  The rules state that there can be no walkers anytime there are golfers on the course. SO--that basically limited our walking  to late in the evenings (almost dark) OR very early in the mornings (first light).

Last Summer---we chose to walk in the evenings...  When winter came, the golf course was closed sometimes (depending upon the weather).  SO---we walked at various times during the day.  THEN---when March came,  we decided to get up early and take our walks in the early morning... I'll admit that it was hard (still is, when we are tired) to get up that early ---but since we do it most every day now,  it is becoming more routine for us.  AND--any older person trying to stay healthy will tell you that ROUTINE is good and keeping the same schedule is good for us.

I never thought I'd say this but it's true:  "When I get up and take my morning walk early,  it makes the entire day go much much better"..... When I miss walking one morning,  I find myself much more sluggish all day long!  Crazy, huh????  BUT--for me morning works.

I carry my iPhone each morning on our walks ---and we try to get pictures when possible.  We try to time our walks so that we can see the sunrise.  SO---I went through my pictures from April and May ---and have chosen 16 to share with you today.   I'll put the date with them so that you can compare one day to the next.  Amazing how different things can look depending upon the clouds,  the weather,  etc...

SUNRISE:  4/14/16--  (Every morning is different!!!)

Pink Sky in the Morning:  4/15/16

SUNRISE:  4/20/16  (compare this picture to the one below taken on 5/28/16; sun is moving toward the left and rising EARLIER each morning)

Early Morning:  4/20/16   (Love the puffy clouds)

SUNRISE:  4/24/16--- (See the fog/mist in the distance?)

SUNRISE:  4/25/16  (more leaves on the trees!!!)

EARLY morning SKY:  5/4/16   (back to walking after a trip)

MIST on the Pond:  5/4/16   (There's always more beauty besides the sky!)

Early morning SUN hitting the Trees along the golf course fairway:  5/4/16

SUNRISE:  5/24/16  (Back from another trip;   Love seeing the sunbeams!!)

SUNRISE:  5/27/16 

SUNRISE:  5/28/16  (Compare this picture to one taken on 4/20 above.  Sun keeps on moving to the left..  It will start moving back about June 20.)

SUNRISE:  5/30/16---  (We get some great pictures when there are clouds in the sky!!!)

SUNRISE:  5/31/16   (Oh What a Beautiful Morning!!!)

Two Crazy-in-love, TALL people enjoying LIFE!! ha ha
Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them and sharing them.. Does this make you want to get up early???????

Hope you are enjoying JUNE so far!!!  We certainly are!


Monday, October 12, 2015

October Autumn Colors in our Neighborhood

I took all of these pictures with the iPhone on several of our walks in the neighborhood between October 4-8, 2015.    Amazing how much more color I see when I'm out WALKING and LOOKING.   Now that George and I aren't walking the golf course at nights (since it is getting dark SO early),  we are taking two daytime walks,  one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Our area had been extremely dry here until the week of September 28th- October 4th---when we had a very dreary/cloudy/foggy/rainy/drizzly week.   And until October 4th,  we didn't have too many Autumn Colors here yet...

BUT---after the 4th,  we saw more and more colors popping out on our trees.... We are still not nearly to 'peak' here yet ---but I did manage to find some great colors to share with you today.   I'll post another group at the end of the month --for comparison...

Hope you enjoy the Fall Colors today.  Be sure to click on the pictures for enlargements.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our colors here in Fairfield Glade,  Tennessee... It has amazed me how much the leaves have changed as we progressed through the week....

Do you love Autumn????  It's definitely one of my favorite seasons --although Spring is almost a TIE.... I really enjoy all of the seasons --but Summer is my least favorite time of the year.

Have a great week.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Pictures from our Nightly Walks along the Golf Course Cart Path

Thanks to my son and his wife's encouragement and information,  George and I bought FITBITS the middle of May --and have been working hard at our exercise and overall health since then.  We've always tried to be 'fairly' active --but not on a consistent basis.  NOW---we both try to get over 10,000 steps each day six days a week (taking one day off--usually Saturdays).

We now follow a fairly regular routine ---walking about 30 minutes each morning,  then working in the yard or in the house during the afternoons,  and then taking a 2.5 mile walk each evening just before dark.  In fact,  it is usually dark by the time we get back home,  but we take our little headlights with us for the last part of the walk if needed. 

Because we live on a Golf course (NO--we do not play golf---ha),   we have a perfect place to walk AFTER the golfers finish for the day.  We walk the back nine holes along the cart path --and it is a gorgeous place to walk.  It is very hilly---but even our morning walks are up and down steep hills.  We live in the mountains --so there's not many 'flat' places around!

One thing we love to do is to take pictures along the way when we walk.  We've taken a bunch since we began about 2.5 months ago ---so tonight I will share some of them with you.  Hope you enjoy our walks as much as we do!   Don't you love the sky in the picture above,  with the reflection in the water?

This blue line shows you the path that we follow along the golf course.  Where you see the words,  "recorded track"--that is our home,  where we begin.  Sometimes we walk to the right and around and sometimes,  to the left....  The area looks flat,  but believe me --it is NOT... ha

This is a beautifully landscaped golf course!

Sometimes we stop and pick some wild blackberries to put on our breakfast yogurt/cereal.

This PINK cloud reminded me of my two great friends,  Susan and Reida.  Both of them are gone from this world now --but they told me that they'd be watching from a pink cloud.  Oh how I miss them both, but I smiled when we saw this cloud knowing that they were up there watching down.

This little area is called Sneads Canyon --and a little creek flows through this area --especially after a big rain!

We see gorgeous sunsets ---and every night is DIFFERENT.

This was taken one of the FEW times we got up at the crack of dawn and walked in the morning.. It is pretty that time of day also --but since we stay up late at nights,  we prefer walking in the evening. 

We have watched two little fawns grow QUICKLY the past couple of months.  I love the deer --as long as they don't feast on our flowers!!! ha

We even walk in the rain and FOG ---as long as it is not storming!!!

Another beautiful sunset picture

Sunbeams behind the clouds;  I love skies like this!

Then on July 30,  we had the gorgeous "NOT-BLUE" but Beautiful FULL MOON to follow us all along our path.... How awesome is that!!!!!

This is how dark is was that night (July 30)--as we made our way home.  See the moon glistening in the water????   Made me think of the song: "By the Light of the Silvery Moon"!!!!!

Then on Friday,  August 1st,  we enjoyed that full moon for one more night... Sorry the picture (with my iPhone) is a little grainy/noisy ---but I wanted you to see how beautiful it was that evening.
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things we see when we walk each night.  As I said,  we are both working hard on staying healthy.  I am maintaining my weight (since I don't need to lose much more) ---but I am 'firming' up some of this crazy old-lady-flab.... ha... George wanted to lose some weight --and he has lost over 25 pounds just by eating healthier and exercising... Thanks be to God.

Hope you are all well and staying healthy also!