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Monday, January 30, 2012

Old Man's Cave Gorge, Ohio

On our September 2011 trip east,  one place we visited and thoroughly enjoyed was the Hocking Hills State Park in Logan, Ohio.   Since I was in the hospital in October,  I didn't finish sharing pictures from this trip.  In fact,  even though we spent two days at Hocking Hills,  I had only shared one blog post from there so far.   That post was about Conkles Hollow.  If you didn't see that post,  you can see it by clicking HERE.

Besides Conkles Hollow,  other areas we visited in the state park were Ash Cave,  Cedar Falls,  and Old Man's Cave Gorge.   Today I am sharing some pictures from Old Man's Cave Gorge.   This is the most popular area of the park and it is easy to understand why.

You can hike deep into the gorge where the temperatures are cooler and the trails are fabulous...  There is lush greenery, ferns and moss everywhere.  IF you love hiking (and seeing waterfalls), we highly recommend Hocking Hills State Park.  There are MANY great hiking trails throughout the park. We hope to go back sometime.

Today I will share some pictures of that gorgeous area ---and you can take the loop hike with us in the gorge...   There are several cascades along the way --and I will show you the two major waterfalls.   Sit back and enjoy the hike!!!  (Please enlarge the photos so that you can enjoy the details.)

Lower Falls

Upper Falls

Did you enjoy that hike????  You did get some exercise---so that is good...  The loop trail is only about a mile --so it's really not a hard hike at all.   But---it is a gorgeous hike with so much beauty all around!!!!   I hope you took time to enlarge the photos.  As I said,  we recommend this state park!!!

Hope you have a great Monday.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Grandview is GRAND (West Virginia)

One place we visited on our West VA trip in April of 2010 was to the southern end of the New River Gorge National River area.  That is when we saw Sandstone Falls (click HERE).   SO, because of that beauty, we knew we wanted to go back and see more of the New River Gorge area.

On our trip last month,  we did go back and visit two other areas of that scenic river...  Today I will feature my very favorite viewing area along that river...  This area is called Grandview ---and we were thrilled at the views we had there...  IF this particular area had a lodge or cabins,  I'd come back here in a heartbeat and stay for a week!!!!!  There are amazing trails to hike and they even built a huge platform at the very end where we could almost see 360 degrees!!!!  Yes---there were lots of steps to climb --but being up there made us feel like we were just a little closer to heaven. It was awesome.

I cannot tell you in words how beautiful this area is... There are miles and miles of pure forestland  and mountains---with very few towns in that entire area..  IF you enjoy being out in nature without all of the other life distractions,  you will love this place... Put it on your bucket list!!!!! I'm not sure I've ever been anywhere any prettier than Grandview.

The pictures are good---but this is just one place you have to experience in person to get the real effect...   The picture above shows how well-maintained the paths were to all of the different overlooks..  The morning started out cool--but it didn't take long for us to shed our jackets.

This is from one of the overlooks ---looking north at the river and surrounding areas.  See the rapids on the river below.  In some areas,  people enjoy kayaking and rafting on that river.

Railroading is still very important in West VA ---and we saw at least two, maybe three, trains traveling down there, paralleling the river.

This is George standing at one of the overlooks.   We were there on a very clear and beautiful day.

This photo shows our view while looking straight ahead.  I love how the river winds around the mountains with the railroad beside it.   That is just SO West Virginia.  (Can you imagine how gorgeous that area would be at the peak of the Fall colors????  WOW!)

And this is George standing at the end of one of the overlooks...  Now can you understand why we thought we were on the top of the world?  I don't know for sure --but think our elevation here was about 4500 feet.   I loved seeing these mountains --without cabins and homes and other distractions (even though I'd love to stay here)...  This is 'virgin' land ---and it is awesome.   I'm so glad that West Virginia has claimed this land for preservation.

We met a couple on one of the overlooks who had come back after a few years...  They had been to that exact overlook several years ago to drop his father's ashes over the edge.  The father had lived in West VA all of this life and worked for the railroad... His wish was that he be scattered somewhere over the New River Gorge area...  How awesome would that be!

This is looking south from one of our overlooks.  The views everywhere were great ---but looking into the sun didn't make for good pictures.  Here you can see more rapids below. You may wonder how they keep this area so pure... WELL---it's a national park and it's also so mountainous that there are almost NO roads going into the area, and very few people living around here for miles and miles...

Finally,   a blog post wouldn't be special unless I showed a picture of the two of us together at one of the overlooks... ha ha ha ......

I have more pictures to share from Grandview ----but in a word,  all I can add today is that it is marvelous!!!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful  day.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Whirlpool State Park, New York

When we were visiting George's daughter and hubby in the Buffalo area recently,  they took us to Whirlpool State Park so that we could see the gorgeous Niagara River.  We have visited Niagara Falls twice before --so didn't go there on this trip... But we certainly did enjoy seeing the whirlpool and the Niagara River.

The picture above shows you this wild and raging river from our overlook above.  Don't you love the color of this river?   Below are more!

The Spanish Aero Car (called the Whirlpool Aero Car now) takes people across the river where they can see the whirlpool from above.  George and I rode this car in 2002 --and enjoyed the ride so much!!!!  We were on the Canadian side.  Our ride took us across to the American side and then back to the Canadian side. 

Here's a close-up of the whirlpool...  NOBODY can live if they venture into that whirlpool... It is very strong and dangerous.  It will suck you into that water --never to appear again!  Yipes!

Here are some statistics about the whirlpool.  The depth is 35 feet;  water speed is 22 mph;  descent is 52 feet in 1.2 miles...  There is just so much water here --as the river narrows and is moving so fast, that it doesn't have anywhere to go... Hence---the whirlpool!!!

This picture is looking the other direction toward Niagara Falls. 

While we were visiting the Whirlpool State Park,  a boat (with tourists) came into view.

Here's that boat ---getting close to the whirlpool.. However,  they are smart enough NOT to enter into the whirlpool...  BUT--they do get close.   We did NOT ride on this boat when we came to Niagara Falls in 2002---but we'd love to ride it sometime... See all of the people sitting there (with their life jackets on)?????   That would be so much fun!  BUT--I wouldn't want to get too close to that whirlpool for sure!!!!

Finally,  Kelly took a picture of us at the Whirlpool State Park....

Hope you enjoyed our photos.   IF you ever get to Niagara Falls,  be sure and drive down to see the Whirlpool... AND--be sure to ride the Aero Car and that other boat --if you dare!!!!!

Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Deer on Bald Knob, West VA

This is our guide.. The deer obviously know him.  He is taking them a 'goodie'!
On September 16, 2011,  George and I were in Cass, West Virginia riding an old steam engine train up to Bald Knob (elevation 4700+ feet).  IF you missed my post on this ride,  click HERE to read about it.   As I mentioned in that post,  when we got to Bald Knob,  we enjoyed watching some deer coming for some snacks...  Apparently,  they come every afternoon when the train gets there--because they know that someone will bring them some treats!  Here are my photos of the deer at Bald Knob!!!!

Mama Deer will come right up to our guide... The baby is not quite sure!!!!!

The guide walks closer to the train... Mama follows.. Baby stays behind!!!

Now --there are THREE interested deer around!!!

Looking up at us (on the train),  the deer is saying: "Anyone got any food for me?????"

Mom and Baby are leaving.. Guess they got enough to eat!!!!!

We are leaving ---but the deer is still standing there hoping for more food..  (The guide had told us to throw crackers/bread/popcorn out for them.  They got alot of snacks!!!)
This was just so neat ---watching the deer 'begging' for food...  Our guide was just marvelous.  He talked to us on a microphone the entire trip---giving us history of the area all along the way...  He'd tell us when to look a certain direction for great views... It was awesome!!!!!

IF you ever get to West Virginia,  be sure to go to Cass --and ride the train... SO much FUN!!!!!

Have a great day.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brandywine Falls, Cuyahoga National Park, Ohio

After we left Buffalo (visiting George's daughter and hubby),  we stopped  south of Cleveland on Sept. 12,  to see a waterfall which we had read about previously but had never seen.   BRANDYWINE FALLS is in the Cuyahoga National Park.  What a gorgeous waterfall.  Even the hike to the falls was nice.  Hope you enjoy seeing that area with us through our photos.  Above is a picture of George ---as we hiked on the nice trail they had built.

Here is one of our first views of the entire waterfall.  Isn't it awesome?

This is a close-up photo of the top of that massive waterfall.

I loved the way they built this waterfall viewing area.  There were steps --but seeing the waterfall from the lower vantage point made it all worthwhile.

The entire area around the falls was very pretty --with the greenery,  the wildflowers,  and the rocks (boulders).

I wanted you to see more of this platform --built around the rocks and ferns.  Pretty, huh?

Finally,  we set up the tripod and took some pictures of us at Brandywine Falls.   Hope you enjoyed seeing our photos from this gorgeous waterfall in beautiful Ohio.

Have a wonderful day. We will be out-of-pocket today since we are going to Biltmore House and Gardens to see what is NEW in the way of Fall colors/flowers...


Monday, October 3, 2011

Niagara County Peach Festival, Lewiston, NY

George's daughter and hubby took us to the Niagara County Peach Festival  in historic Lewiston,  New York,  when we were visiting them on Sept. 10, 2011.  The Peach Festival is a weekend annual event which has been going on every year since 1958.  The idea was developed as a means of honoring the Niagara County farmer and the bountiful crops,  which are harvested each Fall.  Obviously,  the festival  has grown and grown with each passing year.

Besides the festival,  they offer a Fun Run and a Peach Bake-Off.  There's a cheerleading competition,  entertainment/stage activities,  and they choose a Peach Queen.   If you attend the Peach Festival,  here are some photos of what you can see and do.

Above is a picture of one of the parade floats... See Lucy?????  Don't you just love a parade?  Below are more pictures.  Be sure to enlarge them by clicking on each photo.

After the parade,  you can enjoy lots of music!!!!

Or---you can go back in time and visit a Hillbilly Village!

OR---you can win a teddy bear for your Sweetheart!!!!

You can buy some gorgeous jewelry, or other homemade craft items!!!

OR---there are LOTS of rides available for all ages...  Do you like this one??? See my legs up there?????   (NOT!!!!! ha)

This little ride on the BEE is more 'my' style!!!!! ha

FOOD----of course,  there were many, many booths of all kinds of food.  They even sold turkey legs!!!!!   This picture (or at least the smell of grilled onions and sausage) definitely caught my attention!  Yum!

Hope you have gotten to attend (or will get to attend)  a festival in your area  this Fall.

Thanks, Kelly and Chuck,  for taking us there!!!  And ---yes,  the peaches were delicious (at Kelly and Chuck's house)!!!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Conkles Hollow; Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

Thanks to BETH  (blog friend from Ohio),  we decided to check out one of her favorite places,  the Hocking Hills State Park,  near Logan, Ohio...  What a fabulous place!!!! Wow!!!!  I'm glad that the state has preserved this area.  There are fabulous caves,  hiking trails, hollows and yes,  WATERFALLS.   We spent two days there ---and took in as much of the park as possible. 

The most popular area is the Old Man's Cave area.  We saved that one until the 2nd day.  On the first day,  we saw the Ash Cave area and waterfalls,  the Cedar Falls area,  and the Conkles Hollow area..

Conkles Hollow is not one of the popular areas --but was truly one of our favorite places... Seems as if George and I always like areas which are not so heavily traveled and full of tourists.... IF you have not been to Hocking Hills,  you need to go there sometime,  especially if you love hiking in gorgeous wooded areas.  The trails are all in good shape (even though they had some damage from recent storms). 

Today,  I'll share some photos from our hike into Conkles Hollow....  This area was truly breath-taking... I felt like I had walked straight into heaven.   There were ferns and moss  and greenery everywhere... It was one of the most peaceful places I have ever been.

There are two waterfalls in that hollow.   One was inside a cave (named Lower Falls) ---and had a tiny tiny bit of water.  The other (Reckworth Falls)  was totally dry.  BUT--we are still so glad we visited this area...  Hope you enjoy the photos.  Click on them to enlarge.  The picture above shows our trail...

Can you see all of the ferns on the hillside?  AND--look at the moss on that big boulder.

Here is George on our path.... We both were blown away by the beauty in this area.

This picture shows some of the many caves and rock formations in this area.

We walked inside of this cave to check out the waterfall...  But --the best view was looking back outside!!!!

Doesn't this area look like paradise????  We loved it!!!!

I love this picture that George took of the moss growing on the log.... And--you can see a close-up of some of the trillions of ferns.

Finally,  here's one last photo of Conkles Hollow...  Don't miss this little hike --if you get to Hocking Hills!!!!  It is so peaceful and just plain AWESOME!  Thanks Beth (and others) who have promoted Hocking Hills on your blogs...  That's why we went there!!!

Have a wonderful day.