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Monday, July 23, 2012

More Daylilies in our Yard this Summer

Rosie Meyer Daylilies
This is my second post showing off some of our 30 varieties of DAYLILIES in our yard this summer...  They are mostly all gone now (pout pout!) ---but really did show off for us this year... IF you missed that first post,  click HERE to see it....

Today,  I'll show you eight more of these beauties....  Be sure to click on the photos to see them larger...

Janice Brown Daylilies

Eye Yi Yi Daylilies  (and Bright Sunset Daylilies behind and above)

Elegant Candy Daylily

Pandora's Box Daylilies   (new for us this year)

Bicolor Daylilies

Fooled Me Daylilies

Early Bird Cardinal Daylily

We have had lots of variety and many different colors this year...  Hope you have enjoyed seeing more of the daylilies...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  We finally have been getting some rain here ---so things are beginning to 'green up' again...  I'll share more of our daylilies with you soon --along with our roses and lilies..

Here's an added treat for you!!!  Look at these two precious babies!!!!  Mama finally brought them out onto the golf course fairway behind our home...  Not sure whether the other large deer is an adult or a teenager!!!  It was very 'prancy'....  BUT--don't you just love the babies with their spots?????  (Picture taken yesterday--7/22/12)

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh Those Gorgeous Daylilies

Orange Vols Daylily
This has been our very best year for DAYLILIES....  We have 30 different varieties in our yard --and many of them are re-bloomers...  (We won't buy any anymore which are not re-bloomers.)

For those of you who don't know,  Daylilies only bloom for ONE DAY (hence the name)---but if you are lucky,  you'll get lots and lots of blooms from each plant.  AND--if they re-bloom,  you'll get many more...

I will have at least 3 posts featuring our Daylilies ----and many more featuring our Lilies.  This may take me most of the summer---off and on... AND--I also haven't done too many Rose posts, so that will come also... We are just so blessed to have so many beautiful flowers in our yard.

As of now,  most of the Lilies are gone --and more than half of the Daylilies (until they rebloom)...   BUT--our beautiful Roses will keep blooming until late Fall...

Today I'll share just some of our Daylilies.... Hope you enjoy them.  Be sure to enlarge them for better photos.  Above is a new one in the yard this year ---and you'll know by its name why I love it so much.  Its name is ORANGE VOLS.   Below are more!!!!

Carolyn Criswell Daylily

South Sea Daylily

Bama Bound Daylily

Custard Candy Daylily

Prairie Blue Eyes Daylily (even though it is definitely not BLUE)

Daring Deception Daylily

Wild Horses Daylily
Hope you enjoyed seeing just a few of our Daylilies...  IF you don't have them in your yard,  you should.  They will bloom --whether it is hot, wet, dry or whatever...  Very hearty---and OH--so beautiful!!!!

The only problem we have had this year are the DEER.... They seem to love the Daylilies ---even though we use both Deer Scram and Liquid Fence.  I'm sure the deer are desperate --since we have been SO hot and SO dry here... They are nibbling --but so far,  haven't done too much damage.

BUT--the good news today is that we did receive some rain yesterday --and it was cooler... Praise Be to God...  We need more rain --but I'm happy for what we do get.

Hope you have a good day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What is Blooming???

Love and Peace Roses
We go to the beach every year around the first of May... Each year,  when we get back home,  we are always 'anxious' about what we'll find in our yard... AND---depending upon the year and the weather,  every year is different from the previous ones.   This year was no exception. 

Even when we left FOR the beach,  there were lots of Roses already blooming.  It was hard to leave the yard---but we 'forced' ourselves.. ha....    BUT---coming home was even more awesome!!!  Not only were the Roses blooming,  but also lots of the Lilies and even a Daylily were all blooming.

Today I'll share a little of what we found when we got home from the beach on Saturday,  May 12.    Hope you enjoy seeing more of the beauty in our yard!  Be sure and click on the pictures to see them larger.  The first two pictures were taken on May 3 --before we left on our trip.  All of the rest of the pictures were taken on May 12 when we returned.

This picture was taken from the side, looking across the driveway at two of our Rose beds.  Can you imagine how hard it was for us to leave all of this beauty????   Luckily though,  it was still there for us when we got home!

This is what met us when we drove into the yard that day.   These gorgeous lilies are named Montenegro and the roses in the background are named Veteran's Honor.

Aren't these lilies pretty?   They bloomed for us ---when we came home on the 12th.  They are appropriately named  Lollypop.  

This picture was taken of one of our round flowerbeds in front.  This one is the middle bed --and it's full of lilies and pansies...  The names of the lilies in this picture are Juanita.

We even have one set of daylilies blooming already.  This one is named Wild Horses.

This bed (near the front road) is full of color now... The irises are mostly bloomed out ---but the roses and lilies are really showing off.   All of those red roses (Veteran's Honor) are on ONE bush--believe it or not!!!!!  The roses on the right are named Double Delight,  and the yellow roses are named Welcome Home. 

Finally,  here is one of my all-time favorite roses,  named Peppermint Splash.  This one had not bloomed until we returned from our trip.  Isn't it beautiful?

Hope you enjoyed seeing our flowers today!!!!!   AND--I also hope that you have a fabulous  day!!!!!