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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spring Flowers in Winter

I don't know about you but I just feel the need to look at some Spring Flowers today... Maybe it is because we have had such frigid temperatures here on the Cumberland Plateau for over a week now... As much as I love winter and SNOW, right now I just want to think about the season-to-come!!!!

All of these pictures were taken in 2009 and are flowers in our yard. Hope you enjoy this 'taste' of Spring on a cold winter day!!!! The picture above is of one of our beautiful Daffodils, named Fortissimo. Below are more!

Broadway Lily

Cable Car Iris

Mardi Gras Tulip

Custard Candy Daylily

Orange Tiger Lily

Replete Double Daffodil

Hush Little Baby Daylily

Electric Shock Iris

Red Dynasty Tulip

Now---do you feel warmer???? Does it feel as if Spring is just around the corner???? Well---it IS------- after a few more months of winter!!!! Sigh!

Have a great Sunday.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Name your Favorites

Many bloggers throughout the country have been talking about Daffodils recently since they are among the early spring bloomers each year. I mentioned in another blog that I grew up calling them Jonquils --and there are other names used, depending upon where you are.

WELL----you may or may not know that there are many, many types of Daffodils. George and I have been adding different Daffodils to our collection each year. Today, I want to show you some of ours. You'll have to tell me your fav's!!!! Above is one that is seen quite often around the country. Its name is Colossal.

Copper Queen



One of my fav's----a double Daffodil called Replete

A different color of Replete Daffodil

A white-on-white named Mount Hood (Think of the snow on top of Mt. Hood!!!)

Easter Bonnet

Las Vegas


This is a close-up of our 'little' Daffodils given to us by Dad Adams. Aren't they pretty??? Since they don't have a name, I have named them "John Adams".

I had to close with this picture---showing you our gorgeous little "John Adams" Daffodils... We have these in several places in our yard---and they bloom like this every year... They add so much color to the yard.

Hope you enjoyed our collection. NOW----which ones are your favorites?????