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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cumberland Mountain State Park

Our Fall weather has been awesome recently (even though a cold front came thought this past weekend).   Last Wednesday,  George and I headed to one of the state parks near us,  Cumberland Mountain,  to do some walking and take some photos.  We went late in the afternoon --and were able to get some great Fall pictures.   The temperatures were in the 70's and the sky was a deep blue...  Just perfect Fall weather for sure!!!

Today,  I'll share some pictures we took last Wednesday.  The photo above shows the beautiful bridge at the state park.  See the Canada Geese out there swimming around?  I love the reflections in the water!  Below are more.  (Click on them for larger pictures.)

This is an interesting picture since you can see a great shot of the BLUE sky in the water.

Here is another picture showing some of our Fall colors ---and the reflections in the water.

Here's another photo showing the bridge --from a distance.  The shadows were taking over --since the sun was setting.  BUT--we seemed to get there at the right time,  don't you think?

I was thrilled at the way the water looked this time of day..  Other than some Geese swimming around in the water,  it was very still on this day!

And of course,  I couldn't do a blog post from Cumberland Mountain State Park without showing a picture of some of the many Canada Geese which live there!  They are almost tame!!!

Finally,  here's one last picture of some of the Fall colors in our area.   This will only get better ---so hopefully,  we'll go back for more photos before Fall ends!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great Sunday for this Mama

This past Sunday,  my youngest son, Jeff,  came to visit us.   He was going to come on Mother's Day --but we changed it until this past Sunday  since we were coming home from the beach last week.  It was also nice for him to wait a week to come because we could not only celebrate Mother's Day --but also,  we celebrated Jeff's birthday... My 'baby' turned FORTY on Saturday (May 14th)... Can you believe it??  AND that makes me -------HOW OLD????  ha ha

We had a wonderful visit with Jeff.  We talked-talked-talked,   watched my backyard birds--which put on a 'show' for Jeff,  watched a video that Jeff brought of one of the tornadoes that devastated an area near Chattanooga where Jeff lives,  watched "The King's Speech" (which is a fabulous movie and we recommend it --if you haven't seen it yet).  George took us to the Cumberland Mountain State Park Restaurant for dinner  (excellent buffet).  AND we walked around the lake at the park taking lots of pictures.

Jeff has a love for photography like I do --but he makes me look like an amateur.  He has been into photography for many years whereas I just started a few years ago.  He also has a love of the outdoors like George and I do...  You can just imagine how wonderful it was to sit and talk with this busy young man.

Here are a few pictures  I took of our day..   These were all taken at the Cumberland Mountain State Park.  Above is a picture of the restaurant (top floor) where we ate.

This picture shows the lake at the state park.  The grounds are well-manicured --and it was fun (although COOL that day) walking around that lake...

How do you like this huge bird feeder at the Cumberland Mtn. State Park? You can see that more critters besides birds enjoy this feeder....  The Canada Geese stay below that feeder ---hoping to get some seed which the birds (or squirrels) drop.  See what is on the top of the feeder?????? ha

The Canada Geese are not one bit afraid of us humans.  I got THIS close to this one --and it never did move...  Aren't they gorgeous birds?

I took a gazillion pictures of the bridge at the state park... I chose this one to share since you can not only see the reflection of the bridge ---but you can also see the reflection of the trees.... Love it!!!!  You?

We hiked on the other side of the bridge to see the 'waterfall' (overflow) from the lake into the creek.    You know us.... We'll count most anything like this as a waterfall... HA HA..  However,  this one really is pretty,  and there are woodsy trails in this area which you can take,  following the creek. Cumberland Mtn. State Park really is a nice place to visit.

Finally,  George took this picture of a proud Mama and her son.   It was wonderful being able to spend the day with Jeff.  I may be just a little prejudiced --but he is a fabulous young man.  I just cannot believe that he is FORTY now.... I must have been a child bride!!!!! Har Har Har....

Jeff took a group of pictures of my backyard birds which I will show in a post next week.   Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!

On another note,  we visited George's parents yesterday.   Both were in fair condition.  We are concerned right now about Dad (who turns 99 in August).  He's really gone down recently --and we think that he may be giving up.  Bless  their hearts.  Please keep Mom and Dad Adams in your prayers.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cumberland Mountain State Park, TN

George and I celebrated our 105th MONTH-aversary yesterday. Since we didn't get married until 2001, we celebrate as much as we can (trying to make up for all of those years we weren't together). We had a fabulous day on the plateau --so we decided to visit one of our favorite local places, the Cumberland Mountain State Park. We had hoped to eat dinner in their lodge restaurant ---but found it closed... Sniff Sniff!!!!

SO--we walked around and took some pictures before leaving to find another restaurant. After taking pictures, we went to the Vegas Steak House in Crossville (a new restaurant for us) and were very pleased. (I'm always afraid to try a new restaurant.) We both got Prime Rib, baked potato and salad. Dinner was excellent --and we will definitely go back there again!!!!

Here are some pictures from yesterday!!! The picture above is a view of the lake looking toward the bridge. Don't you love the reflections? Below are more.

This girl is so happy to be married to this wonderful man!!! It was a gorgeous late afternoon at the park.

Here's another view of the lake... I was thrilled with the reflections since the water was very CALM.

We are enjoying our new cameras SO much. This picture of George was VERY dark --but I was able to lighten it some using our NEW Photo Shop Elements program. (Thanks Richard!)

The Canada Geese were looking for something to eat --but I had nothing with me. Shame on me!!!!!

This little guy was resting on ONE leg.... Maybe he was practicing for the ballet!!! Ya think???? ha ha

The Canada Geese didn't get all of my attention. These Mallard Ducks wanted me to know that they were there also. So --I just 'had' to take their picture too!!!!

We hiked to the other side of the bridge/dam (bridge is built over the dam) to get a picture of the 'waterfall' there. Guess what we saw on our path????? Obviously, beavers have been very busy in this area!!!!!!

This is the 'waterfall' on the other side of the dam... Even though it is not a 'real' waterfall ---we still like to see it, especially when there is so much water coming over the spillway.

And--here's the end of a beautiful day in Tennessee!!!!! We came out of the restaurant at the perfect time ---and were able to snap this picture before the sun went totally down... Thanks Be to God for our fabulous Month-aversary!!!!