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Monday, July 22, 2013

Visits to the PINNACLE at Cumberland Gap, TN/VA/KY

A view of KENTUCKY from the Pinnacle
George and I love visiting the PINNACLE at Cumberland Gap,  TN/VA/KY ---and managed to go there twice during our Anniversary trip (June 19-23, 2013).   The Pinnacle is an overlook on top of the mountain above Cumberland Gap.   You can drive to the parking area and then walk the rest of the way up there.

The first four photos were taken during the afternoon of June 19.  The remaining photos were taken that night --as we watched the sun go down in the west... The park closes at dark---so once it starts REALLY getting dark,  we have to high-tail it outta there!!!!!! OR else, they'd lock the gates and we'd be stuck inside all night!!!!!  (Maybe that wouldn't be a bad idea though... ha ha )

Be sure to click on the pictures for enlargements... Hope you enjoy seeing some of our views from the Pinnacle.

A view of VIRGINIA from the Pinnacle

A view of TENNESSEE from the Pinnacle

Here is a photo I took of George as we hiked to the PINNACLE.  This is a neat trail --and even people in wheel chairs can come up here (since it is paved).

Another view of KENTUCKY as the sun was beginning to go down in the west
We went back that evening after dinner to get some good sky pictures as the sun went down.

Sunset from the Pinnacle
Shame on those trees for being in the way of 'my' sunset.... BUT--we're going back there in October ---and I should be able to see the sunset from the Pinnacle then.

Oh those glorious clouds as the sun was setting

Pretty clouds and an almost-full-moon!
This was on June 19--and the Super Moon (Fullmoon) was on the 23rd...  So--you can tell that we not only enjoyed seeing those gorgeous colorful clouds --but we also enjoyed the moon that evening... Neat, huh?

A view of KENTUCKY after SUNSET
This is the 3rd photo  from this spot I have showed you on this post... Amazing how different things look when the sky is different!!!  (That is Fern Lake showing off its reflections.)

As we left the parking area (at 'almost' dark)----we stopped on the other side of the mountain.   George took this picture of me standing up on top of a rock getting ready to take pictures.

Looking down at the city lights of Pineville, KY
I love seeing the lights of cities at both sunrise and sunset.... Even though there is a ridge between us,  you can see some of the city lights of the town of Pineville, KY.

I'll close this post with one more photo showing how beautiful the clouds were that evening  (June 19, 2013) from the PINNACLE after sunset....

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our photos from our Anniversary trip... We enjoy taking photos and then sharing them.

Have a fabulous day.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Hike to the TRI-STATE PEAK, in KY/VA/TN

Us standing in 3 states (KY/TN/VA)
As I mentioned in a previous post (click HERE),   we took a short trip to the Kentucky/Tennessee/Virginia area  northeast of where we live,  to celebrate our ANNIVERSARY.   On this trip,  we did ALOT of hiking in those areas.

Today I'll share with you one of our favorite hikes,,  to the TRI-STATE PEAK area,  where we could put our feet in all three states at one time (KY/TN/VA).  That was SO NEAT....   The picture above is of us standing at the exact spot where all three states come together.  

This is one of the markers showing where we were while standing in the three states.

And this shows were we hiked way up into the mountain in order to get to that peak.  (Be sure and enlarge the photos for better views.)

The trail was in GREAT shape --which I always appreciate... But--it was a fairly long hike --at least where we went..   AND--it was a VERY warm day... George and I both said that the SHADY trail helped!!!!

I loved seeing the wildflowers along the way.

We parked at the Thomas Walker Parking Lot --and were supposed to hike up to the Saddle of the Gap  and then turn on the Tri-State Peak Trail.  BUT--we missed the Saddle of the Gap and hiked even farther on the Wilderness Road Trail toward the Iron Furnace.

When we got to a beautiful cascade at Gap Creek  (which flows down to the Iron Furnace) --we knew that we had gone too far.  However,  we were thrilled to see all of this water in the cascade headed down the mountain.

The picture above shows me on the bridge over going over Gap Creek.  We were glad we made this 'side-trip' --just to see the waterfall/cascade!!!!!

Here's a picture of Gap Creek as it heads down the mountain toward the Iron Furnace.

And here's one more photo of George on the bridge above Gap Creek.

We turned around and headed back up toward the Saddle of the Gap (which is the point where the Wilderness Trail passes through the mountain pass).  We were hiking on the Wilderness Trail which is the exact route where Daniel Boone led a group of pioneers west in 1769 from North Carolina to Kentucky.  We loved the history in this area.

George is standing beside the old sign (which says Historic Cumberland Gap)---at what is known as the SADDLE of the GAP.

Before getting on the Tri-State Peak Trail,  we passed a big marker designating this Daniel Boone's Trail.  I am standing at this marker. 

Here's another picture of the trail.  I do recommend this hike to anyone who enjoys hiking, especially on a good trail ---and a SHADY one (on a hot day)!!!!

We finally made it to the PEAK..... What a great place --and a good place for a picnic lunch!!!!  There were a group of what I call  "Ditch Lilies" up there---and I got this picture of a butterfly enjoying some lunch at one of the lilies.

After taking our photo standing in all three states at one time,  we then took our pictures in EACH of the three states.   Here we are in the great state of VIRGINIA,  the state where I was born and raised!!!

Next,  we are in the terrific state of KENTUCKY ---and even had a view of the Kentucky valley and mountains while there.

Finally,  this is my favorite photo that day of us.... We are in the tremendous state of TENNESSEE,  our home state!!!!!

See how happy we were to be there!!!!!  We knew that the long hike back to the car was all down-hill!!!!  That's the way I like it!!!! ha

Hope you enjoyed our TRI-STATE PEAK hike....  If you want to know more about The Cumberland Gap area,  click HERE.    Have a fabulous weekend and we'll see you on Monday.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Celebrating our Anniversary

Celebrating 12 Glorious Years together (6/23/13)
Hope all of you have had a great couple of weeks since I have been gone.  George and I celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary on June 23, 2013... We took a short trip north of where we live to Kentucky to do some hiking,  see some waterfalls --and just have a good time!

We visited the Cumberland Gap area to do some hiking and photography.  We stayed a couple of days at one of our favorite state parks,  Pine Mountain State Park.  While there we did ALOT of hiking and exploring that beautiful area.  Then we spent two nights in Corbin --and visited Cumberland Falls State Park and did a hike at Yahoo Falls which is near Whitley City.

We had a great time --but the highlight for me was seeing the Super Moon and the Moonbow (rainbow at night) at Cumberland Falls.  And of course,  we enjoyed a fabulous buffet dinner at the Cumberland Falls Lodge Restaurant on our anniversary.

Today I will share some pictures from our anniversary dinner --plus a few more of the highlights of this trip.  Above,  you will see a photo of us taken on our anniversary outside of the lodge at Cumberland Falls... Be sure to click on all photos for enlargements.  Hope you enjoy some of our MANY photos from this trip!

This is a photo of the lodge at Cumberland Falls State Park.

Here is a view from our table in the restaurant (taken through a double glass window).

Here is a photo of George at the table getting ready to eat!!!!!  Their Sunday buffets are fabulous (with lots of choices of salad items, meats, veggies, breads, desserts, etc.). 

And here I am getting ready to chow-down... Oink Oink!!!!!!! ha  (By the way,  my roast beef was terrific!)...  Don't you love our Mt. Rushmore shirts?

My Anniversary Gift from George
George gave me another one of his great photos on canvas (I now have 3 of them) for our anniversary.  This one was one of our favorite photos (which he took)  from Pikes Peak last September--showing the snow-covered mountain peaks  and the clouds in the distance.   Pretty,  isn't it? I love it!!!

Gorgeous Cumberland Falls  (showing off lots of water on 6/21/13)--68 feet high and 125 feet wide (known as the Niagara of the South)

Beautiful rainbow at Cumberland Falls--which we saw the morning of 6/22/13

That glorious full moon (Super Moon) --taken on 6/23/13 right after midnight at an overlook near the state park

Moonbow (Rainbow at night) at Cumberland Falls, KY-taken on 6/22/13 at 11:30 p.m.
We had tried a few years ago to see the Moonbow --but the weather didn't cooperate that year.  This year,  it was perfect.  However,  since it was a Saturday night (6/22/13) in Summer --and since there was a Super Moon,  about 500 million (it seemed) of our best friends joined us at the falls to see the Moonbow.  We did not have a good vantage point due to the people --and were lucky to see the moonbow at all.  However, we found out  that the human eye cannot detect the colors of the rainbow at night.  It looks all white/silver.  But--a good camera CAN..... George set the tripod up (which kept getting kicked by people nearby) --and set it for a two minute exposure.... Even though he is not satisfied with the picture,  I think he did well, under the circumstances.  SO--we left very pleased that we had seen it AT ALL.  The waterfall is out of our view (to the left) --but the spray/mist from the waterfall is what causes the rainbow... We WILL go back sometime --during the off-season, during the week (when there's a full moon), and will go about 2 a.m. Yawn!!!!!!!  SO---next time,  we may get something that looks more like the rainbow photo above (which was taken during the daytime at a good vantage point).....

All in all,  we loved seeing the Moonbow --since we had never seen it before --so there are no complaints from either of us!!!!!!   Can you see what a great anniversary we had?

Us on the Blue Ridge Parkway (6/27/13)
I'll close with a photo of us taken on our 2nd trip during those two weeks.  We took a trip to North Carolina to see George's son and family... AND--on the way there,  we just HAD to check out Craggy Gardens and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The reason I'm enclosing this photo is to show you our new Moonbow t-shirts which we got at Cumberland Falls State Park before leaving that day.  Aren't they pretty ---along with the mountain views behind us in this photo????

Hope you had a great couple of weeks...  I'll begin checking your blogs as soon as I have some free time... IF there are any specific posts you want me to see from these past 2 weeks,  please let me know so that I won't miss them.  Thanks!!!!

Happy July 4th to ALL and God Bless America.  Be sure to check out my Photo Blog  (click HERE)  on Wednesday for a beautiful patriotic photo.  

Hugs to ALL,