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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More from Grassy Cove, TN

Last week, I posted a set of pictures from our ride to Grassy Cove, TN. IF you missed the first set, CLICK here. Today, I'm posting more pictures from that wonderful area--which is south of Crossville. The picture above shows the little steeple of the Grassy Cove United Methodist Church. One thing I noticed about this little church is that the building is small---but they have added the cemetery on three sides of the building now. We didn't see another church in Grassy Cove ---so I assume that most everyone in the valley belongs to that little church, and that their friends and relatives who have died are probably buried there. More pictures are below.

I enjoyed reading this sign, and knowing that this little church was established in 1803, and that the land was given by one of the original settlers in Grassy Cove, who had been a Revolutionary War soldier.

Here's one more picture of the little church --with one of the three cemeteries in the side yard. I mentioned this last week, but it looks as if the church is having some roof work done.

I'll bet if you have ever driven in the south, you have seen these barns ---dotted all around Tennessee and other states... There is a tourist attraction in Chattanooga, TN called "Rock City".... Years ago---they did their advertising by putting signs on most every barn in the south!!!! Great advertising, don't you think???? WELL--there aren't many of these barns left---but I found one in Grassy Cove... Neat, huh????

"Okay, Bessie, I told you to get your family out of my front yard... And ole Marybelle is almost on my front porch. Sssshhheeessshhh." (This sight just made me laugh outloud... Obviously, that little house is empty now ---but at one time, it was someone's beautiful home. (My parents used to talk about the cows wandering all throughout my hometown of Big Stone Gap, VA --before the town made an ordinance to keep them out of people's yards!!!! That was before I was even a gleam in my Daddy's eyes!)

Here's one last picture of that beautiful little valley, Grassy Cove, TN... OH--wouldn't I love to live there !!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my pictures from that little ride on July 18. This past Sunday, we headed NORTH of Crossville ---so I'll share some pictures from this little ride soon.

Have a fabulous Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Grassy Cove, TN

It seems as if Sundays are becoming our 'Take a Ride in the Country' days!!!! This past Sunday, we drove south to the Grassy Cove area. This little valley is located between Crossville and Grandview. A cove is a sheltered area---and Grassy Cove is surrounded by mountains.

It's a sparcely populated area where people are born and raised, and seem to live there for generations. At one cemetery where we stopped, I noticed that there were quite a few graves with the same last name. Then George pointed out that that was the name of the little road we were on. Interesting, huh?

It appears as if the main way that these folks make a living is FARMING. We passed many farms dotted around the valley. It is a fabulous area --and we enjoyed our day. I am sharing some pictures from this little trip today, with more to come in the future.

Above is the little sign by the road telling the name of the community. Below are more!

We drove down little roads like this. Some were paved (sorta) and some just rocks. When we got to the end of the road, there was a house there. I waved at a lady sitting on the porch. I'll bet she wondered what we were doing wandering around there!!! ha

As you can tell from the first picture at the top, the skies were gray --since they recently had had some rain. Soon though, the skies were trying to clear. But, one of the first things we noticed was the fog on the mountains--after the rains. Or--was it mist???? The mountains were so pretty!

I mentioned above that the main source of income in this area is farming... I included this picture just for friend, SUNNY. I think this cow was telling us to tell Sunny that she needs to come to Tennessee!!!!

One of the first places we stopped was this little Methodist church (and cemetery). They were doing some renovating ---but even still, I thought it was pretty. I'll share more information about this little church in another post.

Finally, this is one of my favorite pictures in this little valley... Along with friend, ROSE, who loves barns, I too love this red one!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing our pictures of little Grassy Cove, TN. Wouldn't it just be awesome to live there? Talk about peaceful!!! Of course, as you know, farmers have to work HARD.

Have a wonderful and blessed Tuesday!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Ride in the Country --Part II

Last week, I posted a set of pictures taken from our ride in the country near our home on Sunday afternoon, June 27. If you missed that set of pictures, click
HERE . Today, I share with you six more pictures from that fun afternoon. Above are a couple of horses. We didn't see any cows on this particular trip, but there were horses around. The sky was so pretty on this day--even though it was HOT.

This is Hebbertsburg Cemetery. I always enjoy visiting old cemeteries --and this one was no exception. This cemetery was found on the top of a hill out in the country.

Someone had a very nice garden planted out there in the country...

There were so many wildflowers growing along the roads out in the country... This is Queen Anne's Lace... Pretty, isn't it?

We stopped to take some pictures --and guess who came to meet us???? THREE sweet little dogs welcomed George to their road!!

If you didn't like the log house I showed in last week's post, maybe you will like this one!!!! I do --but I still think I like the other one better!!!! BUT--if someone offered this one to me, I'd surely take it!!!!! You????

Okay--those are the things we saw in the country on that particular ride (sky, mountains, creek, fields, horses, dirt road, cemetery, barn, garden, wildflowers, dogs, and pretty log homes). What else do you hope to see when you take a ride in the country????


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Ride in the Country --Part I

George and I took a drive in the country this past Sunday afternoon east of Fairfield Glade toward the little town of Hebbertsburg, TN. Since we haven't done much of this in awhile, due to my knee surgery, it felt wonderful just to get out for a drive. What does one find while driving around in the country????? WELL---pictured above, you'll see some gorgeous blue skies, puffy clouds and lots of beautiful mountains in the background... Below --you'll see more!!!

You stop and enjoy a neat little creek --on a hot, summer day!

You drive on tiny little roads just like this one!!!!

You pass by an old barn, and think about Blog Friend, ROSE, who loves barns!!!

You also pass and admire (and take lots of pictures of) all of the gorgeous wildflowers in bloom now!

AND--you will pass by a cute little log home --which you wished belonged to you!!!!! Sigh!!!

I'll have six more pictures from this little ride--which I will share next week.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I have a doctor's appointment today --so maybe I'll find out what the next step is!!!! Don't you just love hearing about the Saga of my KNEE?????? Fun Fun!!!