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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Fabulous View

Look at that picture above..... It's Serenity Falls --taken from inside our little cabin where we stayed this past week. (Sorry that it is crooked. I was standing at an angle.)

Can you imagine sitting inside of the cabin in a comfy chair --just listening to and looking at that beautiful waterfall??? For waterfall lovers like George and me, this cabin is PERFECT for us!!!!

Here's a picture of our cabin from the side of the waterfall. You can see the big picture window (shown in the first picture) from the outside.

George took this picture of me ---standing on the deck, taking pictures of Serenity Falls.

Here's the cabin from the front. You can see Serenty Falls in the distance. Isn't this a cute little cabin????

George stands outside near the swing and picnic table. Serenity Falls is behind him to the right, and the cabin is on the left.

The cabin is small (2 bedrooms and 1 bath)---but it will sleep six (if someone sleeps on the sleeper sofa). The living/dining/kitchen are all in the same room. This is looking toward the kitchen.

I love the way the little cabin is decorated.. There were several quilts for use in the cabin. This is the middle bedroom--where George and I slept.

This is the 2nd bedroom. Both beds are queen-sized.

This is the living room area ---looking toward the back porch. A gas fireplace and a flat-screened TV is located to the right of this photo.

I took this picture on the back porch. This is a fabulous place to sit and read or SLEEP---or just listen to the sound of the waterfall.

Here's one last picture of Serenity Falls.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures from our little cabin in Cosby, TN.

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Big Birthday Celebration

I took my Sweetie on a 'surprise' trip to celebrate his 68th birthday this week. We went back to the little cabin in Cosby, TN which is RIGHT next to a huge waterfall. IF you were reading my blogs the end of March last year, you will remember our trip to Serenity Falls. This little cabin is fabulous --because you can sit in the living room --and look out of the huge picture window and see this waterfall. We thought there was alot of water coming over the falls last year, but there was even more this year... SO gorgeous!!!! (If you want to see last year's pictures, look under the COSBY label on my right sidebar.)

We got to Cosby on Monday after a wonderful ride through the Smokies. I asked George what he would really like to do on his birthday (Tuesday). He chose going to his favorite place Tullulah Gorge in GA and then having dinner at another of our favorite restaurants, the Dillard House, in Dillard, GA. Here's a little 'preview' of George's special day----with many more pictures to come in future blog posts. Above is a picture of us sitting outside of our cabin ---at Serenity Falls. This is truly an incredible place!!!!! Below are more pictures from George's birthday!

In order to get to Tallulah Gorge, we drove over the mountain on Highway 441 --between Gatlinburg and Cherokee, NC. Even though it was a very warm day ---there still was ALOT of snow on the tops of the mountains. This picture was taken at Newfound Gap (elevation over 5000 feet). It was fun (more fun for me than for George) to see snow on a warm day!!!

We also enjoyed seeing the gorgeous Smoky Mountains as we drove. Of course, we stopped at many overlooks and took TONS of pictures!!!!

We're at Tallulah Gorge... See that smile on my Honey's face????? Oh ---how we love that place!

This is one of our favorite waterfalls in the gorge. This one is named Tempesta Falls. We have now visited Tallulah Gorge in three seasons. We still need to go in Spring. I must say that going in winter is great since we could see down into the gorge easier since there are no leaves on the trees.

The Birthday Boy (and his bride) enjoyed a HUGE and WONDERFUL dinner at the Dillard House in Dillard, GA. As usual, there was so much food, we had to take some back to the cabin to eat for other meals!!!! Our favorites this time were the pork chops and a creamed cabbage/cheese casserole... Another fav were the stuffed green peppers. AND--we really enjoyed the red pickled peppers which were fabulous, especially on the green beans... Can you tell???? It was GREAT!!!!

We got back to the cabin in time to enjoy some birthday cake. George chose a Red Velvet Cake this time---along with his favorite, Chocolate Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

Here is the new camera bag I gave George for his birthday. We ordered our new cameras through Amazon.com. For some reason, George's camera came from a different company than mine did. I got mine through Cameta Cameras---and my camera came with a really nice camera bag. When George got his (from another company) ---his camera bag was not even large nor sturdy enough for his new expensive camera. We have complained because that was truly the worst camera bag I have ever seen. This new one I got for him is really nice!!!! He loves it... I gave it to him early so that he could enjoy it on this trip... If you look back up this page, to his picture at Tallulah Gorge, you can see George holding his new bag!!!

WELL----I think the Birthday Boy had a great day !!! At least, I hope he did! Getting to stay in a cabin with his own personal waterfall, seeing snow on the mountains, seeing the glorious mountain peaks, enjoying Tallulah Gorge, having dinner at the Dillard House , and then cake and ice cream at the cabin -----------------well, what else needs to be said????? Life is GOOD.

Hope you have had a good week!!!