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Monday, February 9, 2015

ArtChain Challenge: COLORADO and WEST VIRGINIA Favorite Photos of Mine

Recently,  a good friend  (DOROTHY PEPPER)  tagged me on Facebook ---asking me to participate in the  ArtChain Challenge.  My task was to post 3 favorite photos that I had taken--and to do this for FIVE days.  Well--my first thought was,  "Why ME"?  I don't consider myself a professional photographer AT ALL --when compared to many other friends.  BUT--I do love to take pictures and I DO take LOTS of them... I always laugh and say that I take at least 10 pictures in order to get ONE good one!!!!!  BUT--I decided to participate --and I think my Facebook friends enjoyed seeing my pictures.  I will admit that I enjoyed going through some of my photos while choosing some favorites...

There were no other rules to follow other than to show 3 of my pictures each day and then encourage others to participate in order to keep the 'chain' going... BUT--I'm not sure that even my Facebook friends caught one thing I was doing differently,  and that was that  "I" decided to choose 3 photos from different STATES which we have visited...

Since many of you are not on Facebook (and I apologize to my FB friends who have seen these),  I decided to share these photos with you, beginning with the first two states today.   Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them, and re-living these experiences.  Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.    AND--if you'd like to join in the fun and show some of your favorite photos to keep this chain going,  you are welcome to do so!!!!!  I'd love to see some of your favorite photos.

Looking at Pikes Peak,  Colorado
I 'Lucked' up on this one.  I was looking toward Pikes Peak, CO in Sept. 2012 from Crystal Creek Reservoir. I love the reflections and the Aspens in the background.

Colorado Aspens ---and snow-capped Pikes Peak
I took this picture at another place on our way to Pikes Peak.  I was looking toward Pikes Peak, Colorado in Sept., 2012 --surrounded by gorgeous Aspens.. The Aspens were really showing off that month.  We were there at the right time for sure!!!!

Colorado Aspen Trees
Wow---the Aspens were at 'peak' that year ---and I must have taken a million pictures of them..  If you have never seen the Aspens out west,  make it a priority to do it one year... We were there in September of 2012.

Beautiful West Virginia
This is a view of the New River Gorge Area of West Virginia, taken from Grandview, in June of 2014.   George and I absolutely love West Virginia.  There is SO much natural beauty in that state ---and it luckily hasn't turned into a 'tourist trap'.... That's one reason we love it!!!!

 Rain,  Clouds and Sunshine happening in Beautiful West Virginia
We were traveling along the Highlands Scenic Highway (Highway 150) in West VA on a rainy/sunny day all around us!!! Picture was taken in June of 2014;

Big Huge West Virginia PUFF BALL!!!!!!
I just had to share this HUGE HUGE Puff-Ball we saw while driving along Highlands Scenic Highway (Highway 150) in West VA in June of 2014.  Isn't it gorgeous?

WELL---that's my first six (of 15) photos so far while participating in the ArtChain Challenge.  I will share more of my photos from this challenge at a later date.  In the meantime,  if you enjoy taking pictures,  I invite you to keep this CHAIN going --and join in the fun...  You don't have to follow 'their' rules from Facebook ---but just share some of your favorite pictures.... Thanks!!!


Friday, January 25, 2013

More from Rocky Mountain National Park

On September 17, 2012,   after traveling on the Old Falls River Road ---next we went south to Grand Lake.  (If you have missed any of my blog posts from our West Trip this past fall,  you can click HERE to see any or all of those 10 posts.)  The weather was 'iff-y' --but even though there was rain around us,  we didn't have any much that day.  The picture above shows some beautiful sunbeams peeking through the clouds as we traveled along the Trail Ridge Road.

We stopped at Poudre Lake at Milner Pass to check out the lake and Continental Divide.  Here is a collage with some of our pictures.  We took a short hike in that area ---and I took that picture of George standing in front of that HUGE evergreen tree.

Next,  we got to the Grand Lake area ---and took a hike to see Adams Falls.    The photo above is of GRAND LAKE,  near the parking area where we hiked to the falls.

Here is a collage of pictures taken at Adams Falls.   I think George was happy that someone named that waterfall after HIM... How 'bout that?   The picture on the right shows a little bit of the trail to the falls.  It was a pretty area.

George took this picture of me on the trail at Adams Falls.

On the road back up the mountain,  we experienced quite a bit of interesting weather.  That made for some great sky pictures....

Here's one more great picture of the sky showing the Sunbeams which George took.  Isn't it beautiful?

And here is one I took of George at one of the overlooks that day.  We could see all of the rain around us!!!!  Amazing pictures!!

Finally,  before leaving the park,  we had to stop and see the ELK one more time.  They are gorgeous animals.

That is the end of our visit to the Rocky Mountain National Park.  The next day (Sept. 18)--we headed to Yellowstone.  Many more photos and posts to come!!!!

George and I spent a couple of wonderful days in the SMOKIES this week..  BUT--we came home early since our area is expecting an ICE STORM today....  If you don't hear from me for awhile, then just know that we have lost our electricity due to heavy ice.  I hope and pray that it won't happen --but we are home, safe and sound, and we have a fireplace and plenty of food,  if it does.  Please say a Prayer for everyone in the path of this storm.  Snow is one thing --but ICE is something that nobody ever wants.  It can be so dangerous and cause so many, many problems.

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday. (I hope). 


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This is part II of our wonderful trip up the  unpaved mountain road (Old Falls River Road) in the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK in Colorado, on September 17, 2012.   If you missed Monday's post,  go to the bottom of this blog post and click on 'older posts'...

Monday's post talked about some of the things we saw along that road ---as we drove higher and higher up into the mountains...  I ended that post showing you one picture of some snow on the tops of the mountains.  Luckily,  there hadn't been much snow that night before --so all of the roads were opened that day!  However,  we had shorts on ---and I'll admit that it go colder and colder the higher we went up into those mountains!!!!

The picture above shows us standing on a big rock --with the beautiful Fall Aspens blooming behind us!   George set up the tripod for some photos of us since there weren't many people around that day at all (which we loved).

As we got higher,  we could finally see the  Alpine Visitor Center at almost 12,000 feet UP.  See it up there?

This is what our Garmin GPS said when we were getting UP THERE.  See that elevation????

Here's another picture of the SNOW and our road,  as we got higher!!!!!

George caught me taking a picture of the treeless area --when we got up above the 'tree-line'..  Interesting that there was snow in some areas ---and none in other areas!

BUT---it was very cold UP there on the top!!!!!!  Can you tell?  (The wind was one thing which made it feel so cold.... BUT---I will say this:  It wasn't nearly as cold as it felt the day we went up on Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina,  on Nov. 8, 2012!!!)

I love this picture of George  'on top of the world'.....  Don't you love seeing us with shorts on ---with SNOW behind us????? ha ha

Here's a happy girl admiring the little bit of snow around her!!!!! ha

Here's what the road looked like --looking BACK down the mountain, where we just came from!!!

FINALLY we made it to the top!!!!!!!  It was a GREAT trip ---and I'd do it again and again... IF you ever get to the Rocky Mountain National Park,  be sure to go on the Old Falls River Road.  You will love it!!!!!

Bay Lee and Brooke at Fall Creek Falls
Here's another photo from our family Thanksgiving week.  This is two of my 5 grandchildren.  The one in white is in college and the other one is is high school... Hard to believe how they have grown up so fast!  They are both such gorgeous and smart young women --and I'm a VERY proud Grammy!

Have a great Wednesday.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Old Falls River Road, Rocky Mtn. National Park

On the morning of September 17, 2012,  we headed back from our motel in Fort Collins to the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK.  We had tried to go up the unpaved Old Falls River Road when we were there in 2011,  but it was closed last year due to snow.  This year,  we had had a little snow the night before we drove up that road ---so we were afraid that the road might be closed again... BUT--luckily for us,  it was open!!!!

This is OUR type of road,  a non-paved road up the mountain with many pull-offs along the way to enjoy the surrounding area.  We don't like crowds --and we love 'back roads'... This was OUR type of road.  For that reason,  I will have TWO posts showing you the area.

Hope you enjoy our photos.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.   IF you have missed other posts from our latest trip out west,  go to my sidebar and scroll down to Favorite Sites and click on West Trip 2012...

The picture above shows you what the OLD FALLS RIVER ROAD looks like...  More pictures are below.

BEFORE we got to the the Rocky Mountain National Park,  we were driving along one of the beautiful Colorado scenic roads... GUESS what we saw that morning???? Some BIGHORN SHEEP !!!!!!

Of course, we stopped and both of us took alot of pictures of them..  The neatest thing to me was seeing them climb those STEEP rocks/cliffs.... AMAZING!!!!  (It was steeper than it looks!)

Once we got on the Old Falls River Road,  one of the first things we stopped to see was of course a WATERFALL.   "Chasm Falls" is another one of our NEW waterfalls on this trip.  However,  the main trail to the falls is being renovated --so George did ALOT of bushwhacking in order to get pictures of several of the drops of that beautiful waterfall.  Above is only one of several he saw..  I think he called this one  "Lower Chasm Falls".

The views going up the mountains were awesome...  The weather had started out cloudy (since they had had some rain/snow the night before)---but it gradually cleared up so that we could enjoy a fabulous day!

One can get an 'up close and personal' view of the ROCKIES from the Old Falls River Road.  I love seeing those peaks!

We actually took a short hike in this area---enjoying the beautiful Lodgepole Pines and a small creek,  complete with some  cascades... It was so pretty.

George is on the trail where we took a hike.  It was such a beautiful area --even though it was getting cooler and cooler---the higher we got up that mountain!!!!

Look at this pretty MOSS.  Everything looked so green and lush up here.

Higher and higher we go!!!!!!   WOW---look at that!!!  Betsy sees some SNOW on the mountain!!!! WOW!!!  Isn't it pretty behind those beautiful blooming ASPENS????

MORE to COME!!!!!  Hope you are enjoying seeing photos from this marvelous trip!!!!

I also hope that each of you had a fabulous THANKSGIVING.  We ALL do have much to be thankful for... Beauty is all around us!!!!!  Thanks be to God.

A Happy Mom on Thanksgiving --with son Mark and family at Fall Creek Falls

We had a nice Thanksgiving this year --enjoying FAMILY, FOOD,  and FELLOWSHIP --plus being together with my Sweetheart,  and continuing our wonderful life together.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Colorado--Day 3 (9/16/12)

The next day of our big trip out west in September led us first to Boulder, Colorado --where we visited BOULDER FALLS (pictured above)...   This waterfall looks small in this picture --but it is really  66 feet high.  Isn't it pretty surrounded by all of those 'boulders'?????

Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.

In that same area,  we noticed more ROCK CLIMBERS...  See them????  Gee---those Colorado people really do enjoy climbing the rocks!!!!!! ha

After leaving Boulder,  we took a back, scenic road (Nederland-Richmond) heading north toward Rocky Mountain National Park.   WOW--what a beautiful drive.  And the ASPENS were glorious along this road...  AND---besides seeing all of the blooming Aspens,  you can also see snow on the Rockies in the background.... Pretty, huh?

Here's a close-up of some of the Aspens --surrounded by evergreens!

This was our view as we traveled that scenic road...  Aren't they fabulous?

I loved seeing all of the beautiful green evergreen trees surrounding the Aspens.

Here is just one more photo (out of the gazillion which I took)--also showing the beautiful dark blue sky that day!

Now we are in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  We had hoped to go to Bear Lake on this day--but the road was closed for construction.  SO---like we do frequently,  we had to go to Plan B...  Our drive took us up the mountain ---which looked so different this year when compared to June of 2011 when there was lots of snow around...  I do like the picture above --mainly because of the clouds.

We stopped at most of the overlooks along the way UP that mountain... Here is a good picture of George at one of the overlooks--in front of some Aspens.

Love this gorgeous STELLER'S JAY--which we saw several of while in Colorado. Aren't they beautiful???  They are much prettier than the Blue Jays we have here in TN.

George took this picture of me standing in the exact location where  I stood in June of 2011 when we were here --when there was LOTS and LOTS of show on the ground... It looked very different this year.   Think I liked it better when there was SNOW... ha

On our way back down the mountain,  we stopped for a long time to watch a huge gang (what they call a herd) of elk...  There was ONE male guarding his 'family' --and another male elk across the street --hoping to intrude!!!!!!  We didn't see a 'fight' that day--but we did get some great pictures...   The picture above shows just a few of that 'gang'.

Here is PAPA ELK ---showing his beauty --and keeping an eye on the male across the street....

Hope you enjoyed today's set of pictures...  It's going to take me a year to get through the photos --going day by day.  BUT--it's the best way to keep up with where I am!!!!! ha... The next set from this trip will be from the Old Falls River Road in the Rocky Mtn. National Park.

Have a wonderful day.