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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Lights near our Home

Last Wednesday,  I posted some pictures taken from our ride around the Fairfield Glade community.  This is another post from that ride, and my final Christmas post of 2010 (except for a couple of posts of Christmas lights we saw while we were at the beach).  The picture above was from a house which had decorations ALL over the yard... That's a little 'much' for my taste--but we did get some good pictures...

Here is a picture of another house which had LOTS of lights and decorations.   I did like it better --mainly because the yard itself was larger.

This is the same yard as the picture above...  This entire display was very tastefully done.

Here's the angel in the same yard... I really love this angel.

Here was a simple but beautiful display showing the Nativity.  The big star is what caught my eye when we passed by it.

Finally,  this is my favorite display of ALL.  The little sign beside the display says it all: "Let there be Peace on Earth".

Hope each of you had a fabulous Christmas this year.  We certainly did --and we enjoyed sharing ours with you.  Now it is 2011--and we get to start over and do it all again...

HAPPY 2011!!!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Lights in Fairfield Glade 2010

Before we left for our beach trip,  we drove around the Glade to see some of the Christmas lights in our area.   Here are a few pictures from that little ride!  Above is a picture from one side of one of the lakes in our area ---looking across the lake.  You can see some of the reflections in the water.

Here is one using the long lens....You can see things more easily now--including the reflections in the water.  Christmas lights are always so pretty -- and never seem to show up as pretty in pictures... But---we were enjoying the beauty from across the lake!!!

Wanna take a ride with me in that big, shiny truck???

This big house had lights EVERYWHERE.... But--my favorite was the big star on the roof...

This house seemed to have a little of everything --and everyone --on and around its porch.

I loved seeing the Penguins at this house display---and I'll bet that those Penguins are much happier now that we have had lots of snow on the ground here... ha

I have one more set of light pictures --which I will show another day.

Hope you are having a great week --and getting ready to celebrate a NEW YEAR....


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our WHITE Christmas

I almost didn't even post these pictures since we didn't get NEARLY as much snow as many places in our country... HOWEVER,  we did end up with about 4-5 inches --after it snowed off and on for about 2 1/2 days.  We missed the big, wet snow that clings to everything --since it went south and then east of us... We got all of our snow from the clipper system coming down from the north.  These systems bring terribly cold temperatures (wind chills in the single digits) --and bring the powdery, dry snow, including MUCH wind --blowing the snow all over the place.

On Christmas morning,   we woke up to only about an inch of snow...   By late that afternoon and all night,  it snowed again --and we picked up another two inches.  The day after Christmas (Sunday),  it snowed here most all day.   It did stop for awhile --so George shoveled the driveway.   BUT--that night,  it snowed hard again ALL night..  The driveway filled up with snow again --and we woke up Monday morning --with about 1-2 more inches of snow.   During this entire weekend,  our temperatures never got out of the 20's --and were much lower than that at nights.. I took these pictures  Monday morning --as it was finally beginning to clear up!!!!!  (And this was the ONLY time I got outside all weekend --except to fill the bird feeders.)

Here are some pictures of our White Christmas here in Fairfield Glade, TN.  Above I love seeing the snow on one of our wreaths.  Below are more.

This is one of the Holly Bushes in our front yard.

It is interesting seeing how the snow clings to the individual paving stones on our wall  (flowerbed along the road) in the front yard...

Can you see the PANSIES in this bed??????   ha ha.....   I hope the snow is protecting them from the frigid temperatures!!!!

You've seen the front of our house several times ---but here it is again all decorated for Christmas --with snow.

Several of you have asked about the back of our house --since I seldom seem to post pictures from the back..  Anyhow--this is it,  and you can see the wrap-around deck.  My bird feeding station is on the deck,  on the left.  (You can see part of the birdbath in the bottom of the picture.  We take it down during the winter since it is not heated.)

FINALLY,  for the first time in many, many days---I see some BLUE SKY....  This picture was taken from the backyard --looking toward the golf course fairway,  up the hill.  Seeing that blue sky was wonderful --since hopefully,  we'll have some sunshine soon!!!!

Well--that is it,  and I'll admit that  I was thrilled to have a WHITE CHRISTMAS --for the first time in more years than I can remember.  AND--to be honest,  I'm glad we didn't have a 'blizzard' like so many areas...  Our area here in the mountains and hills is on STOP even with a small snow..  I can't imagine how long it would take us to be able to get off of our hill if we had ALOT more snow....  We in Tennessee are not prepared for lots of snow!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas,  whether you had a WHITE one or not.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas 2010

I will joyfully share with you that we HAD a WHITE CHRISTMAS here in Fairfield Glade.  It's the first since we moved here in 2003 --and the first for me in many, many years of living in the south... I know many folks in the south were thrilled to see SNOW on Christmas this year.

HOWEVER,  the heavy snow and ice did prevent my sons from getting up here to see us.  They got stuck in Chattanooga at their Dad's --and had more snow than we did at the time.  Then it turned to ice --and because we also had more snow Sunday,  they had to cancel their plans of being able to make it up here on the mountain to see us.  I was sorta relieved since neither of them have 4-wheel drive vehicles; yet I was deeply disappointed --since I had looked forward to seeing them SO much.  Oh well---I'd rather all of us be 'safe than sorry'.

Anyhow,  George and I did have a wonderful week.  We spent several days at Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina where we enjoyed sunrises, sunsets,  the eclipse,  lots of wonderful seafood, and some beautiful Christmas lights in and around the Myrtle Beach area.  I have many pictures from that trip to share --but today,  I'll share a little from Christmas morning at our home.  Above is our tree,  the fireplace ---and you can even see the snow on the deck outside behind the Christmas tree...  This was taken when we first got up Christmas morning. Below are more.

Here is a close-up of some of our snow Christmas morning.   You can see how much the birds are enjoying the feeders on this cold, snowy morning.

It was a pretty snow --one of those heavy kinds which cling to everything.  At that time, we only had about an inch --but it has since snowed ALOT more here!!!!  The problem now is that it is so doggone cold out there,  that we couldn't stay out very long to enjoy it.

You can tell that I am a happy camper in this picture... Santa George gave me two new gorgeous Willow Angels.  This one is the Angel of Autumn and the other one is the Angel of Love.  Both are fabulous!!!!!   I also got a precious Harvest Angel from a good friend to add to my angel collection.

Santa knows how much George and I love HIKING... SO--he gave us both new t-shirts... That bright green should help us keep up with each other while hiking!!!!! ha

You can't tell in this picture,  but I now have another bird ornament,  a Black-capped Chickadee,  to add to my bird ornament collection...  He is precious!!!

Santa just HAD to give us both new waterfall t-shirts and hats...  George is modeling his hat for us.

Santa George gave me one of the cutest ornaments I have ever seen.  It's a small computer...  Have you ever seen anything so adorable????? I LOVE it.

I kept telling George that Santa KNEW I had been a good girl this year...  For some reason,  George was skeptical!!!!!!  Wonder why???? ha ha .... Anyhow,  one of my favorite gifts was a "Lap Reader"... It's a neat gadget which holds my laptop while I'm computering --either in the recliner,  or in the car!   It's fabulous!

George also got a very nice combination Book of Common Prayer and NRSV version of the Bible.  There were more small things, including ornaments,  but this is enough to give you an idea of our wonderful day.  We also enjoyed turkey, dressing, gravy, pimento beans,  sweet potatoes, cranberry relish,  and pumpkin pie with ice cream!!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas--and hope that Santa was GOOD to you.


Friday, December 17, 2010

My Christmas Angels

Most of you know by now that I LOVE angels --and have collected them for many years.  Today I will share some of them with you.  Many of my angels have been gifts from friends all through the years.   Above are two of my 'pretties'.  Below are more.

This little beauty is named Carole --since she was made for me by a friend named Carole. The ones on either side of her are two of my glass angels.  They love to glimmer and glow depending upon what lights are on them.

The beauty on the left is my Texas Angel.  I've had her since my days of living in Texas for 12 years.  The one on the right is me,  the Angel Collector!!!!! ha

These are three of my Baby Angels.   I love them all --but the one on the left makes me smile!!!!!

I love all of three of these angels.   The one on the left is 'me' since I am constantly sweeping the deck and/or sidewalk/driveway...  Sweeping is my THANG!!!!! ha

I included the middle one and the one on the right to show you all of the different ways angels can be made.  The middle one obviously is made using a washcloth, and the one on the right is made using a rose bud.

Since I worked in a church for many years and worked in Children's Ministries,  you can imagine all of the little craft items we made all through the years.  This little MOP Angel above is one which we made one year at a children's workshop.  Isn't she pretty?????

The angel on the right is the first angel I had.  She was the treetop angel on our Christmas tree when I was first married in 1962...  That little lady has been with me for  48 years!!!!

The little one on the left was mine when I was very young.  SO--she is even older than the one on the right.  The best thing about the little angel on the left is that she looks so angelic.....   Ah Ha.... NOW--look at the next picture!!!!

Uh Oh.... What is that in that sweet little adorable angel's back pocket????   A SLINGSHOT?????? Oh My Goodness.... Wonder why my parents thought this little beauty was like their daughter!!!!!!  Hmmmmmmmmm....

Finally,  here are my newest set of angels,  the Willow Angels.  I have been collecting these  (with George's help) for about 3-4 years now...I love them all--but one he gave me last year is just so special... It's the Angel of Happiness (on the extreme left).  She has her arms outstretched with birds sitting on both arms.   Isn't she awesome???

Hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my special Christmas Angels.  We are going to be away from blogging until about December 28....  We have lots to do,  places to go,  and company coming!!!!!   Have a wonderful, fabulous and Christ-filled Christmas. We love you ALL.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Favorite Ornaments

I love ornaments ---so when George and I got married,  we started a tradition of giving each other ornaments for Christmas.  SO--since 2001 (our first Christmas),  we have added many gorgeous (and sometimes funny) ornaments to our tree.  I showed you three of my bird ornaments yesterday.  SO--today I'll share a few more with you.

We only have one large Christmas tree in our home ---and it is full of all kinds of special memories.  It is definitely a "hodge-podge" tree---but that is our choice!!!!!  We love all of our many different ornaments.  Above was one of my favorites several years ago.   It is my  "Gardening Greenhouse" ornament...  We don't have a greenhouse (wish we did)--but our garage serves well for that!!!! ha....  I had never seen this ornament (or even a similar one) before ---so for that reason,  it will always be very special.  And I'm sure you know by now that I LOVE gardening!!!!

Here is a funny ornament I gave to George last year.  It obviously is Santa (George) with his ladder and bucket ---carrying his HUGE "To Do" list.....   George always says that "I" give him lots of  "Honey Do" lists ---and I must admit that I do!!!!!!  Isn't that a cute ornament???

Here is the King's Arm Tavern --one of our favorite eating places in Williamsburg.  We try to buy ornaments sometimes when we visit certain areas ---and our vacation in Williamsburg /Jamestown /Yorktown was fabulous!!!

This silly little ornament is one which I gave to George one year...  She obviously is a sweet little FISHIE.... Can you hear her????  She is going up to George (like I do) saying "Kissie Kissie".......   Cute, huh?

This is our newest ornament.  We visited Biltmore House and Gardens at Thanksgiving --and bought this new ornament for our tree.

This ornament is from one of our favorite places in the entire world,  Mt. Nebo State Park in Arkansas.  We have a special cabin there which we rent when we go there---and we always think of Cabin 60 as OURS.   We will go back to Arkansas this year the end of March in 2011.

This  pretty little ornament came from another of our favorite places,  Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina.  Ocean Isle is north of Myrtle Beach ---and we love going there...

You may think this is the Pillsbury Doughboy---but it's really my own personal chef,  George.  George has so many talents ---and one of them which I didn't know about when we first started dating was that he LOVES to cook.  WELL--since I'm not much of a cook (although my mother tried her best to get me interested) ----I was THRILLED to turn that little responsibility over to George.   He cooks our entree --and I add the veggies/salads, etc... SO---this little ornament is in honor of my personal chef... Yeah Rah!!!!

I could show you many, many more of our ornaments --but you may already be pretty bored... SO--I'll stop for now...

Hope you have a wonderful day... Show us more of your Christmas beauties --if you haven't done so.