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Monday, October 27, 2014

ELK at Cataloochee Valley, North Carolina 10/23/14

This is the first Bull Elk we saw when getting to Cataloochee.
George and I took a vacation last week with our good friends,  NEAL and Patti.  This is the fourth year we have taken an Autumn Vacation together.  The four of us have so much fun together --and each trip seems to get better than the last one!!!!!  This year,  we spent several days in Maggie Valley,  North Carolina.

We were on the go-go-go each day from 7:15 in the morning until about 7:30 at night.  We did a lot of 'leaf peeking' ---searching for pretty Fall Colors.  We traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway stopping at most every overlook.  We traveled the back-roads ---especially on Scenic Highway 215 between Rosman and west of Waynesville.  We saw WATERFALLS and Cascades (Yeah)... We took a nice hike each day.  We ate some great meals... We stayed in a wonderful motel/inn. AND the fellowship with friends was AWESOME....

BUT---if you put all of that aside, 'my' very favorite part was seeing the ELK at Cataloochee Valley.  We got there at the right time (early in the morning) in order to hear one of them 'bugle' loudly.  This is rutting/mating season ---and the males really like to chase the females ---and each male keeps a group of several ladies by his side!!!!!

We've seen the elk before --but this time,  we saw them THREE different times and in three different places during our visit there.  SO---since I love the elk so much,  I decided to share some ELK pictures with you today... Be sure to click on the pictures for enlargements.  Hope you enjoy them!!!!

"Hmmm",  Says Mr. Elk..  "That's a good-looking lady over there!" 

The pretty lady got up ---and took off!!!!  I heard her say,  "I don't want anything to do with him!"

She was smiling as she got away from him!!!

So dejected (see that pitiful face????)!!!!  "Why does she not like me?"

This young male was near the road where we were traveling... He didn't pay much attention to the people around ---and just kept on eating the leaves around him...

Another Bull Elk in another location later in the morning;  Did you know that Bull Elks can weigh up to 700 pounds??.  Their antlers/rack as I call it  can weigh 40 pounds... (Imagine the headache I would have if I carried those things... Yipes!)

 We took a hike to the Woody Cabin that morning after seeing the first group of elks.  The hike was about 2 miles round-trip ---and when we got back,  we found this group of elves.

This is sweet... This little lady was not running from Mr. Elk.   I think he gave her a kiss!!!!! 

She did get up --but he didn't seem interested --although she acted as if she was!!!!!!  What did Mr. Elk do instead of giving that lady some attention????????????????????????

WELL----I guess Mr. Elk was just too hungry ---so he ATE instead of entertaining the lady! Mercy Me!!!!!!

Then I saw it!!!! Mr. and Mrs. Elk AND little one!!!!!  See him/her??????

Then,  Mr. Elk left them and headed OUR way... Of course,  we were safely in/around our cars.  Luckily,  he wasn't paying a bit of attention to us.  SO--that gave us time to get some awesome photos... Like it????

Since Mr. Elk went the other direction,  we enjoyed watching all of the females and their little ones.  A female elk can weigh as much as 500 pounds...

Later in the day,  we encountered some female and baby elks again (near the school house).  There were about 15-20 elks in this group.  We were able to get fairly close --and I was amazed at the sizes of some of those females. 

Here's a cute little baby elk (called a calf).  These babies are usually born in May/June and weigh about 35 pounds at birth.  They are fed by Mama's rich milk --and will gain about two pounds a day.  By winter,  these little guys weigh up to five times their birth weight.  This one is not extremely young since he has lost his spots.  YES--they do have spots just like fawns do!

We enjoyed watching this  group of about 15-20 elks crossing the creek.  I loved watching the little one in my previous photo---who was one of the last ones to cross...  When he finally decided to get in that COLD water,  he 'quickly' hurried to the other side!!!  
Well---I could show you about 50 more pictures of the elk --but this is enough for now!!!!  All four of us really enjoyed watching them --off and on the entire time we were there.  Before you ask,  I will say that we were all very careful --and did NOT get near them, especially the big Bull Elks.   We KNOW that they can be dangerous --especially during rutting season!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.  OH--what fantastic memories!!!!   If you ever get a chance to see the elk at Cataloochee,  DO IT....

Hope you had a great week.   We certainly did!!!!!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh those Gorgeous ELK

SO --this is my big surprise...  When we left Biltmore on Oct. 4,   we decided to drive to Cataloochie Valley to see the ELK.... (You know how much I loved that!!!!)  Since it was late afternoon,  we thought we'd see some ---and hopefully hear them BUGLE....  It is rutting season ---so we got lucky!!!!!!!   Not only did we see some elk --but we also heard them bugling...  That was SO awesome... Today,  I share some pictures with you from Cataloochie.  Be sure to enlarge them for larger shots.

This  looks like a fairly young one...  Looks like she is taking a nap!

Can you see the one on the right looking at me?????  Being at Cataloochie at sunset was neat... The sun was going down behind the mountains---causing shadows in some spots.

This male looks like he is getting ready to bugle!!!!!  I'm sure he's saying:  "I want me a woman... Anyone out there for me?????" ha..  I love the sun's rays in this photo.

The last time we were in Cataloochie (October of 2010),  we saw most all of the elk in one place.  This time,  they were spread out all over the valley..  This guy is looking at me also!!!!!!

All of the elk are tagged...  The people in charge keep track of them here in Cataloochie.   On the link I provide below,  they even have an update as to the ones who have died --and the new births this year.  Elk were brought into Cataloochie several years ago---and what a great home for them...

We saw quite a few males ---and they had some BIG racks!!!!!!

If you ever get to North Carolina this time of year,  check out the elk at Cataloochie.   BUT--either go early in the morning or late in the afternoon...   To read more about the elk in Cataloochie,  click HERE.    AND to see my photos from last year's trip to Cataloochie,  click HERE.  Besides this post,  there are six more posts.

This was the end of a marvelous trip ---both Biltmore and Cataloochie in the same day!!!!  Nothing but AWESOME!!!!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cataloochee Valley, Continued

Please don't miss seeing any of my posts from Cataloochee Valley.   Click HERE  to see any or all six posts.   Above is the Palmer House.  George Palmer brought his family to Cataloochee Valley about 1848--after losing quite a bit of money due to some bad decisions and poor judgment.  Apparently George learned his lesson --since he and his family became one of the most prosperous families in Cataloochee.   George died in 1859,  the victim of a heart attack while cutting a fallen tree out of the road.

George's sons,  George Lafayette (called Uncle Fate in later years) and Jesse,   accumulated considerable wealth,  through hard work and good management.  Some of their market crops included corn,  wheat,  oats,  rye,  apples,  honey,  molasses, butter,  eggs,  pigs,  sheep,  cattle, tobacco,  potatoes and cordwood.

Both brothers were informed bankers,  lending money at interest and securing it with livestock and land.  They were also public-spirited,  each serving as land assessor,  justice of the peace,  election judge,  road trustee and church official.

The home pictured above belonged to Uncle Fate.  When he died in 1910,  his son Jarvis inherited the place.   Jarvis was an early entrepreneur in the tourism business.  His family owned land and controlled the fishing rights along almost three miles of Cataloochee Creek.  They stocked the stream and charged 50 cents a day to fish.

This is the Palmer's Barn.   The Palmers built a couple of bunkhouses next to the barn (which are no longer there) for the fishermen.  They charged 50 cents a day to stay in one of the bunkhouses,  an additional 50 cents for meals,  in addition to the 50 cents they paid to fish...  To accommodate the diners,  Palmer added a two-room kitchen and dining wing on to the south end of the house in about 1924.. (That is the white part of the house in the photo above this one.)  When the park was established,  the Palmers moved out and a ranger moved into their home.

This building behind the Palmer House was the blacksmith shop.

And this building (also behind the Palmer House) was the springhouse.   Other outbuildings which are no longer there were a canhouse and smokehouse.  (Anyone know what a 'canhouse' was????   I tried to google it--but got nowhere.)

My header at the top of the page is a picture of the Palmer Chapel.   Here is the same chapel from another angle.  Land for this Methodist Church was deeded by Mary Ann Palmer in 1898,  and the building went up in the same year.  Most of the preachers were 'circuit riders' ---who visited about one Sunday a month.  However,   Sunday School was held every week.

Here is the inside of the Palmer Chapel.  Services consisted of prayers,  singing and sermons.  Revivals held each Fall rekindled the spirits of the faithful,  and brought in new members.  Even today a reunion is held each year at the church.  Friends and families return to clean the cemeteries,  attend services and have dinner on the grounds.  (We did not see a cemetery.)

Finally,   here's one last picture of my very favorite thing that we saw in Cataloochee Valley.   The ELK were fabulous---and hearing them bugle was totally awesome.  IF you ever get to Cataloochee,  go in the Fall during rutting season --so that you can hear them bugle.  What a fabulous place!!!!


P.S.  Most of you know how much we have needed rain in our area.  WELL--yesterday,  we got a nice rain ---off and on ALL DAY... How special is that!! Praise God for the RAIN!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cataloochee Valley, North Carolina

I have one more post after today, from our day at the Cataloochee Valley,  in the Smoky Mountain National Park,  near Maggie Valley,  North Carolina.  If you have missed any of my posts from here,  go to my sidebar,  scroll down to Labels and click on Cataloochee Valley.

Today,  I will share some more from that beautiful valley.  The picture above is the Caldwell House.   Hiram Caldwell and his family lived for a long time in a log house near here before building this new home in 1903.  The house was completed in 1906 and the interior paneling was imported from Waynesville,  NC,  about 25 miles away.

The shingled gables reflected the nationally popular Eastlake style of the day.  Hiram's stylish home was comfortable,  and its beauty enhanced by handmade furniture from Cosby, TN.

This was the Caldwell's barn.   While the women in the Caldwell home did their household chores,  the men and boys farmed and managed livestock on the high mountain pastures.

This is the creek which is next to the Caldwell Home.   I loved seeing the leaves in the water --since they looked like gold coins....

Since I have so many blog friends who love barns,  I have added one more picture of the Caldwell barn --from the side.... Neat,  isn't it?

This is the Beech Grove School.  This school, in the Big Cataloochee area,  is the only one of three schools that remains.  It was built in 1901 to replace an old log building.

School began at 8 a.m. and let out at 4 p.m.  with two recesses and a lunch hour.  Children usually ate in family groups,  the older ones being in charge of the little ones.  The lunch bucket was usually jammed with sweet potatoes,  cornbread,  beans,  applesauce, biscuits,  ham and a jar of milk. (Sounds like a pretty tasty lunch to me!)

This is the inside of one part of the school.  There was another large room behind this one.   That is Patti (Neal's wife) sitting in the desk..

Subject matter included reading,  writing,  spelling,  arithmetic,  geography and grammar. Friday was parents' day.  They came in the afternoon to see what the children had accomplished that week.  Spelling bees,  recitations and singing were both a test and an outlet for the pupils' pride.  School days ended in Cataloochie when the National Park came in,  in the 1930's.

Finally,   I was so excited to see the elk that I sorta ignored all of the wild turkeys that we saw that day.   Here is a picture of some of the MANY turkeys we saw.

Tomorrow,  I'll publish one more post from Cataloochee Valley.


P.S.  My oldest granddaughter (in Texas) turns SEVENTEEN today..... Can it be????  Oh My Gosh--they've all grown up so fast.   Happy Birthday, Sweetie Pie.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fog in Cataloochee Valley (North Carolina)

On our Maggie Valley trip with friends, Neal and Patti,   we all drove to Cataloochee Valley early on a foggy, drizzly day (October 20).   As you know if you saw my ELK blog posts,  (HERE and HERE),  we went to Cataloochee Valley just to see the elk.

BUT--once we got there,  we realized just how gorgeous this little valley is..  I have about 2 more posts of what all we saw that morning,  but today,  I will show you pictures of this beautiful valley---in the fog (or mist)...

Native Americans were the first people to visit this beautiful valley.  Following Indian trails,  white settlers pushed into the valley in the early 1800's as older settlements on the outside became more crowded,  and family holdings were subdivided among heirs to their smallest limits.  Young adults had to go somewhere else to start a homestead.

At that time,  all of the valley belonged to Colonel Robert Love,  a post-Revolutionary War  land speculator who granted homesteads to those who would settle and improve the land.  The earliest known entries on the part of the Love estate were made by the Caldwells (1814).  By the 1850's Cataloochee was well-populated, but not full.

I kept telling George and Neal that the SUN was going to come out... They laughed at me!!!!!!!  Here's proof that the sun was up there TRYING to break through the fog.... HA HA!!!!

Here's a picture showing some of the pretty color around this foggy valley.   Cataloochee Valley would remind one of Cades Cove ---but Cades Cove is much more popular and easier to get to... BUT---I LOVE Cataloochee and hope to go back many more times.

Finally,  here is one last picture of Gorgeous Cataloochee Valley --taken on Oct. 20, 2010 early in the morning!!!!!    I have two more posts from this valley --which I will post sometime soon.  Have a great weekend,  and I'll be back on Monday!!!!


P.S.  George and I went to Hendersonville yesterday to check on his elderly parents.  We found them in pretty good shape --but Dad seemed tired...  Bless their hearts.  Keep them (and us) in your prayers.  

We also got to see George's daughter and husband who have been in Nashville on business this week.  They joined us for lunch --so that was a great time for all of us.   Kelly and Chuck live in Buffalo, NY --so we don't get to see them as much as we'd like.