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Monday, January 16, 2012

Cades Cove in the Smokies

Besides visiting with special friends in Gatlinburg in December and seeing all of the gorgeous Christmas lights and decorations,  George and I also took time while we were in the Smoky Mountains to make a quick trip to one of our favorite places,  Cades Cove.

I love Cades Cove during all seasons ---and one of these days,  I need to share different photos from each season for you in one blog post... BUT--today,  I'll share some WINTER photos taken by us in December, 2011.

The picture above shows the John Oliver cabin in the distance ---along with the mountains in winter AND the beautiful blue sky.   Wouldn't you love to have a cabin like this in the mountains somewhere????  I'd LOVE it!!!!!

Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them!!!!

We took one of the dirt roads across the cove ---and stopped to take pictures of the valley and the mountains.

This is my Sweetheart ---also taking pictures in Cades Cove.  Isn't the sky just gorgeous on that mild December day????

You can see the little dirt road we were on that day... There's just no place like Cades Cove in the Smokies!!!!!  (I'd love to see it with snow on the ground sometime!)

We saw several deer out and about the day we were there.   I snapped this picture with my long-lens---and didn't realize until I got home and put it on my computer that there was a little one lying there near his mother....  Neat, huh?

We passed by some turkeys eating (and paying no attention to us) in the field.

I had to show you this side of the turkey so that you could see some of his pretty colors.

Here is one more beautiful photo of the SNOWY Smoky Mountains, from beautiful Cades Cove.   Be sure to enlarge this picture.   Such an awesome place!!!!!

Have a wonderful day.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More from Cades Cove, May 23, 2011

On our May daytrip to the Smokies,  we just HAD to stop and take a few pictures of gorgeous Cades Cove.   There's just not a more beautiful place on earth I don't think!!!! Relax and enjoy!

We loved seeing the yellow wildflowers in the field --and also the horses.  Neat, huh?

Everything was so green and lush in the 'cove'.

See that black bear in this picture?  I captured him with my long lens!!!

Being at Cades Cove will always bring a smile to George's face.

It didn't matter which direction we looked while in the cove...  It is gorgeous from ANY and EVERY direction.

Bring a blanket,  have a seat with me,  and let's have a picnic!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some May Beauty in the beautiful Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

Have a wonderful day!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Henry Whitehead Cabin, Cades Cove, TN

Now---take off your cowboy boots and let's leave the 'west' for today.... I'm taking you back to my area and one of my favorite places,  Cades Cove--in the Smoky Mountains.

On May 23, 2011,  George and I took a day-trip to the Smokies.  We went through Cades Cove and then rode across Parson's Branch Road.   You probably remember my June blogs talking about our 'crazy' trip on that rough road.   IF you missed any of those posts,  you can go to my sidebar,  scroll down to labels and click on CADES COVE 2011.

Today,  I will show you another cabin we visited that day near the Cades Cove Loop Road --entitled the Henry Whitehead Cabin...  Above is a picture of the cabin,  found in the Chestnut Flats area of Cades Cove.  Below are more.

When we post pictures of old homes and cabins,  many of you ask to see the inside.  SO---here is what the inside of the Henry Whitehead Cabin looks like now. Don't you just hate to see it when people scribble graffiti in places like this... GADS!!!!

Here is a picture of the side of the house.  Can you tell that this used to be TWO different cabins??????  Seems as if Matilda (Aunt Tildy) Shields married Henry Whitehead after her first husband ran off... (Shame on him!)...  Henry built the front portion, which was Aunt Tildy's DREAM HOME,  in 1895.

Note the brick chimney in the 'newer' cabin.  That brick chimney was unheard of in  this area at the time.  This structure might be called the ultimate log cabin,  or sometimes called a 'transition house' due to its near-perfect construction from logs sawed straight and flat at a nearby mill.  Soon the mill-sawed lumber would replace log cabins with frame construction.  By the way though,  this is the only cabin built like this still standing today in the Smokies.

SO---what about the little cabin in back, you ask???????   Well---when Aunt Tildy's first husband left her (shame on him)---her brothers quickly built this cabin for Tildy to live in. .  I love seeing the old stone-rubble chimney.   Miss Tildy lived in that little cabin until Henry courted and married her----and then built her Smoky Mountain Dream Home!!!

Here is a picture of the old fireplace --from the inside... Neat, huh?

This little building out back of the cabin was their corn crib.  Wonder if there were any snakes inside there????? We didn't check it out --for some reason!!! ha

While walking around the yard at the Whitehead Cabin,  I noticed a group of butterflies on the ground ---so knowing me,  I just HAD to take a picture... Some of you butterfly people will need to tell me what these are..  All I know is that they are 'purdy'...

Finally,  here is one more picture of the Henry Whitehead Cabin for you... WE enjoyed visiting Aunt Tildy's first home --and then her 'dream' home....  Sounds like she did well the 2nd time around when it comes to husbands.

By the way,  some trivia for you (which I'm sure you want to know):  Aunt Tildy's son from her FIRST marriage became one of the prominent producers of moonshine in Cades Cove during the Prohibition.... (Just knew you wanted to know that!!!!)

Have a great day, and mark your calendars now:  Don't miss my blog on Friday this week... It's a favorite of mine....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Waterfalls along Parson Branch Road, Smokies

First of all,  if you missed reading my first post about this road and this area,  please click HERE and read that post before reading this one.   I don't think I emphasized enough how truly BAD that road was in certain spots...  I'm sure there are times when it is not so bad --but this may have been the 2nd worst back road that George and I have driven on (the first being Potato Patch Mountain in GA--in the snow and ice).  There were huge ruts,  mud holes --which you could almost disappear in,  etc....  As pretty as it was back in that area (and it was),  there was at least one time that I wasn't sure we would make it!  BUT--we did.....  AND---the beauty we saw made it all worthwhile.

Today,  I'll share that beauty with you.  We saw three new waterfalls along Parson Branch Road.  The picture above shows the first of these waterfalls. Note that the road crossed right OVER it.   We had several 'water crossings' like this one...

We drove over the creek/waterfall,  then stopped and walked back to get some pictures... I didn't try to walk back across the water--but George did (of course).  He managed to get his feet wet --but that didn't stop him!!!!!  Afterall,  this was a new waterfall for us... ha....

George took the picture above.  Isn't it GREAT????  He said it was worth getting  wet!!!!! ha... This waterfall is PANTHER CREEK FALLS.  We have never driven so close and OVER a waterfall before, like this one!!!!!

This is the one I showed you in the last Parson Branch post.  This is TRIPLE FALLS on Parson Branch.  It's the prettiest of the three waterfalls in this area.

The above picture shows another water crossing. Again,  we crossed and then parked to get some pictures.  This time,  George didn't have to get his feet wet!!!

He was able to get down to the bank to get a great picture... Isn't this a pretty little waterfall?  Its name is LOWER FALLS on Parson Branch.  You can see the road near the top of the picture.  This area was truly GORGEOUS-----which made the bumpy road all worthwhile!

Here is a picture of George down on the creek bank.....  And NO--he didn't go wading  (although I'll bet it was tempting)!!!!! ha ha

Finally,  I'll close with a beautiful picture I took of Parson Branch --as it headed on down the mountain.  This is just the type of place which would be wonderful on a hot day (like we have been having).   Take a picnic lunch and find a big rock... AND--let your tootsies dangle in the water--without your shoes on (of course)... ha

Have a wonderful day!!!!  And don't be afraid to go to places like this...  I promise you that I'd go back again in a heartbeat...  It is truly a marvelous area of the Smokies.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Parson Branch Road in the Smokies--Part I

Where do you go to see a beautiful waterfall like this one above?????  This is Triple Falls on Parson Branch.

Or---to see the Mountain Laurels blooming all through the mountains????

OR----to see a gorgeous little creek like this one????  (This one is Forge Creek. Doesn't this just make you want to stick your toes in there??)

WELL----you go halfway through Cades Cove (in the Smokies) --and turn near the visitor center, onto Forge Creek Road.   Stay on this 2-way gravel road for a short distance and then turn right onto a rough and rugged 8 mile one-way gravel road (see picture above)--which eventually comes out on Highway 129 (at the Tail of the Dragon).

To see a Smokies map (showing Parson Branch Road) click HERE.  Look at the west side of the Smokies (on left) --and find Cades Cove.  Just follow my directions and you'll see Parson Branch Road.

George and I had never gone on Parson Branch Road before ---so this was a new experience for us (which we had on Monday,  May 23, 2011).  To say that we didn't know what we were getting into is a true statement... There was mud and potholes and sludge everywhere..  The rangers had put down more gravel in spots---but  even that didn't stop us from skidding in at least one spot.  NEAL would love this road ---but GINNY and SANDRA  would NOT--and would be "BWAKKING" the entire time!!!!! ha ha

The one-way road is only 8 miles---but it takes about an hour to drive it.  We also stopped all along the way since it was so gorgeous WAY back in the mountains.  The road goes up and down --over mountains,  coves and hollows.  This area was home at one time to several mountaineer farmers--- but is now part of the Great Smoky Mountains.  There are lots of great hiking trails all around this area.

For waterfall lovers like us,  this is a wonderful road to take.  There were creeks following along, going back and forth from one side of the road to the next, all along the way ---which made for some very interesting water crossings for us.   We had no trouble crossing all of these creeks ---but they say that, after a big storm,  there's no way to get over some of them.  Above is another picture of the road ---showing one of the water crossings at the bottom of the hill.   See it????

I have another set of pictures to share sometime.  We saw FOUR new waterfalls on this trip!!!!! Yeah!!!!   My advice:  don't go on this road unless you have a Prius and George as your driver!!!!!! ha ha... (We LOVED it!!!)

Have a wonderful June 1st.  It's hotter than hades here now....  What's up with that?  GADS!