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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Woman's Story

As most of you know,  I love Genealogy.  I have been working on my family's history off and on for several years.  Most of this time has been spent putting names and dates on my software program ---trying to get accurate information on births, marriages, deaths,  etc.

On Saturday night,  July 16,   I pulled out a packet of my Family History notes.  I got to reading --and while reading,  I realized something.  I know names and dates of many of my family members that go back many years.  What I don't know --and what I want to know now are their stories,  how they lived,  what they did, etc..   While thinking about these Family Stories,  I realized that I don't really have too much on many of them.

I did find a story about my Great Grandmother,  MARTHA MATILDA CARR.  This is a typical story of what it was like in the mid-1800's  when the Civil War was going on in our country.  Times were rough --and for a young woman like Martha,  life was especially hard.

Martha was born  on November 7, 1849 in New Hope, in what is now West Virginia.  Her father was Robert Carr (1801-1874) and her mother was Sarah Sallie King (1808-1878).  There were FOURTEEN children in the family.  Martha was the 3rd from the youngest. 

I read that the family were loyal Confederates ---so when the boundaries were changed between Virginia and West Virginia,  the family moved to make sure that they were in Virginia.  In 1861,  Civil War broke out in our country.  Martha was only about 12 yrs old.

WELL---during those years,  many members of her family were killed or wounded either in that war or due to that war, so Martha saw her little world just fall apart.  (I cannot imagine going through this.)  All of the boys in the family (except one who was too young) went to war.  Here were some of the deaths or those wounded in her family:
  • -a sister, Nancy Mary, died at age 23
  • -Sarah,  an in-law, died in 1861, at about age 30
  • -Reverend William, an in-law, died in 1861,  at about age 32
  • -John, an in-law, died in 1863 of battle wounds (he was in the infantry), at about age 33
  • -Jane, his wife and a sister to Martha,  died on Oct. 1, 1864, at age 30
  • -Jess Green,  Martha's brother, died in 1863, of a fever following a battle wound, at age 28
  • -Joseph,  another brother of Martha, died in 1864, of battle wounds,  at age 18
Can you believe it:  FOUR men and THREE women in the same family died,  all between the ages of 18 to 33????    But---besides the dead,  three brothers came back from the war.  James Shannon and John were both severely wounded,  and Giles had a mutilated right hand.   While reading this information,  I just sat there with tears in my eyes ---thinking about that family and what they went through.

Martha Matilda got married in 1873 to Daniel Hoge Bruce.   They moved away to a remote and rugged area in VA, which was far from her home --so she didn't get to see her family very often. Daniel taught school --and life was hard for the family (there were 7 children) as they worked to raise family crops and apple trees,  plus canning and meat curing, etc.  It became too difficult, so the family had to give up the farm and move into town--where the children could continue their schooling. Most of the children eventually became school teachers.

Of the 7 children, one was my Grandmother Ida Elizabeth Bruce.  My grandmother (the eldest child of Martha and Daniel) died herself at the age of 30.   Then,  Martha's  husband,  Daniel,  developed a severe disease which they called Creeping Paralysis (probably Parkinson's Disease).  He became helpless himself and had to be fed and tended to like a baby.  Martha also suffered by losing her hearing totally --but she still managed to nurse her husband through all of those long, painful years --with great patience, cheerfulness and love.

I read that this lady was full of self-confidence and great composure which seemed to carry her through some very sad times.   Daniel died in 1915 at the age of 68.   Martha lived a few more years,  dying herself in 1918.

I only have 2 pictures of my Great Grandmother ---both showing a very sad woman.  As I write her story,   I yearn to know more about my family on a personal level.  That is why it is important to get these stories written down for future generations.  If nobody tells the stories,  they won't get told.

I cannot imagine living a life like my Great Grandmother lived.  From what I read,  Martha only lost her composure one time --and that was over something quite insignificant.  After Daniel died,  Martha was heard saying when she saw a new piece of furniture:  "I never had a new piece of furniture in my whole life".   Needless to say,  the family pulled their money together and bought her a beautiful new loveseat.   I guess  that that little statement popped out culminating all of the heartache she had endured her entire life... 

This is only one story --of one brave lady. I am proud to be her Great Granddaughter --and only hope that I show a tiny bit of her fortitude and self-assurance.

There are two pictures today.  The one above is of Martha Matilda Carr Bruce, my Great Grandmother. The one below shows the family of my Great Grandparents.  From left to right:  First row:  daughter Lula Margaret,  my Grandmother Ida Elizabeth,  my mother Edith Marguerite-in front of her mother,  Great Grandfather Daniel,  Great Grandmother Matilda;  2nd row: daughter Flora;  daughter Rosa;  Son Robert; daughter Alice;  and daughter, Hattie.

Have a great day---and remember to write down the stories of your loved ones... Their stories,  no matter how sad,  need to be told.  These stories also help us in today's world appreciate our lives much more.  They also should help us to quit complaining about what we don't have ---and be thankful for what we do.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Interwoven Names

The word interwoven means linked or connected.   WELL--in my Family History search,  there are some common names which come up over and over in families… For instance,  click HERE to see my post talking about another intersection of the Bruce family (my mother's mother's family) with the Ballard family (my mother's father's family).   While researching the Bruce family,  I found out that my 5Great Grandfather  William George Bruce (1752-1814) was married to Annie Nancy Ballard (1755-1813)…  When I started researching Annie Ballard,  I found a connection to my side of the Ballard family.  Finding this kind of information is so much fun.

Recently,  while researching my Great Grandmother Bruce's side of the family,  (Martha Matilda Carr Bruce--pictured above)  the CARR family,  I ran into a connection between that family,  my Bruce family,  and a new family that I have not studied much--the HOGE family.  This HOGE name kept coming up --while I was researching with a Ballard cousin who lives in Spain.

Here are some of the ways that the HOGE family is interwoven in my family:
1.  My 2Great Grandfather Bruce,  Joshua Henderson Bruce (1825-1904) married a Margaret Anderson HOGE (1825-1870).  They are pictured above.
2.  Margaret Anderson Hoge's parents were:  Daniel Hoge (1785-1837) and Nancy Ann Stafford (1783-1853)
3.   Besides their daughter, Margaret Anderson Hoge,  there were two sisters in that family who connected with my family.  One was their daughter,  Susan M. Hoge  (1820-1853).   Susan married a son of my 4 Great Grandfather Bruce (Rev. Joshua Bruce --1778-1865) named Harvey Chesney Bruce (1818-1891). 
4. Another daughter was Sarah Hoge (1811-1891).   Sarah married John  Carr (1798-1874).  John's father was John Kerr Carr (1755-1835).  John Kerr Carr was my 3 Great Grandfather Carr.

5. My 2Great Uncle Robert Henderson Bruce--pictured above (1883-??) married a Mary Lelia HOGE in 1909.   Mary's father was John Milton Hoge (1844-1913).  Her grandfather was James Hoge (1807-1885). And her great grandfather was Daniel Hoge,  the father of Margaret Anderson Hoge, who was the Grandmother of Mary Lelia's husband,  Robert Henderson Bruce.  Bet you didn't get all of that!!!  In short,  my 2Great Uncle Robert Henderson Bruce married his grandmother's brother's son's daughter!!!  OR--he married his Great Uncle's granddaughter.  I am sure you have it now!!!!!! ha ha (Or maybe--you have quit reading this by now!!!!)

As I said in last week's blog post,  when working on Genealogy,  it is all about NAMES.  People today don't seem to name their children after family members --like they used to do.  Today's generation may be harder to follow than year's ago.. On the other hand though, today's generations have many more technical ways of keeping information.  SO--maybe in the year 2500---- finding out about your relatives may just be easier due to all of the ways to communicate these days.  We won't be here to see how they remember us--although I'd love to see them working on Genealogy in 2500!!!!

BUT--for me right now,  trying to find info on my ancestors leads me to research lots of different names… The bad thing about names is finding too many of the SAME common names --over and over like getting one John mixed up with another person with the same name… However, the good thing about names is finding those unusual names,  like HOGE or DUDLEY or BLAND,  which connect some families…


I mention all of these names and dates in my blog in hopes of meeting more people who are interested in the same people I am.. We learn so much from each other.  AND--due to my blogging,  I have met several distant cousins.  Isn't that just super?????

Thanks again for hanging in with me on these Genealogy blogs.  Like I said,  it is a passion of mine --but I'm sure that talking about it to others can get pretty boring…  I said something to George about the "grandmother's brother's son's daughter"---George said,  "Huh?????"  ha ha

Have a great day --and take some time to learn more about your ancestors.  I'll close with a funny one for you.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Me----Kin to Thomas Jefferson??????????

Can you tell that I'm really 'into' this Family History STUFF????? My husband can vouch for that!!!! ha.... Well---when you dabble into 'family,' you find all kinds of neat things (and some maybe not so neat)..

I do my research with the help of cousins who are sending me information and also the internet ( It's VERY detail-oriented type of work, and there are LOTS of errors on the internet, even in sites that supposedly are 'sourced.' BUT--I know that it's easy to type in the wrong dates and names and connect the wrong people together!!! But---it's still FUN to TRY!!!!

While researching, I heard an interesting story about my 5-Great Grandparents (on my mother's mother's side of the family). Martha Matilda Karr (sometimes spelled Carr) is my great grandmother (who married Daniel Hoge Bruce). Martha's parents were Robert Karr and Sallie King. Robert's parents were John Carr and Margaret Crow. John's parents were James Carr and Ann Eliza Thomas . AND my 5-Great Grandparents were John Carr and Barbara Overton.

Their grandparents (William Overton and Mary Elizabeth Waters ) got married in 1670 on board ship from England to the USA. Apparently, they were of different faiths and could not marry in England. William Overton died in 1697 in Jamestown. Their granddaughter Barbara Overton married John Carr in 1736. They are my 5-Great Grandparents. They had quite a few children. Their son, James, is my direct descendant. BUT---another son, Dabney Carr (1743-1773), was Thomas Jefferson's best friend and he married Thomas' sister, Martha Jefferson (1746-1811). They had SIX children: Jean, Lucy, Mary Polly, Peter, Samuel, and Dabney. Father Dabney was in the forefront of political changes in Virginia pre-1776 but unfortunately he died at an early age in 1773 (age 30). Thomas Jefferson helped raise his good friend's children after his death. Dabney is buried at Monticello along with Martha and Samuel.

Here lie the remains of
Dabney Carr
Son of John & Barbara Carr
of Louisa County, VA
Born October 26, 1743
Intermarried on July 20, 1765 with Martha Jefferson,
Daughter of Peter & Jane Randolph Jefferson
Died May 16, 1773
at Charlottesville, Virginia

I tried to visit Monticello when George and I were there in June of 2007. We got there late in the afternoon---and even though we talked to some people in charge, we couldn't just 'go' in to see the cemetery. AND--we didn't want to pay the total price that late in the afternoon just to get in. One day I will visit that cemetery (I hope) ---but I want to make some arrangements ahead of time to get in. Here's a picture of the marker to the Monticello Graveyard, and the inscription.

This graveyard had its beginning in an agreement between two young men, Thomas Jefferson and Dabney Carr, who were school-mates and friends. They agreed that they would be buried under a great oak which stood here. Carr, who married Jefferson's sister, died in 1773. His was the first grave on the site, which Jefferson laid out as a family burial ground. Jefferson was buried here in 1826. The present monument is not the original, designed by Jefferson, but a larger one erected by the United States in 1883. Its base covers the graves of Jefferson, his wife, his two daughters and of Governor Thomas Mann Randolph, his son-in-law. The graveyard remains the property of Jefferson's descendants and continues to be a family burial ground.

Interesting, huh???? Does that make me 'kin' to Thomas Jefferson??.. Well-- not really! I guess since my relative was Thomas' best friend, that counts for something though...ha

Have a wonderful Thursday. We're headed to Hendersonville to check on George's parent.

P.S. All photos in today's post came from the internet.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ballard/Bruce Connection

For someone who doesn't understand or follow family tree/family history, each person has FOUR major family lines to follow ---which expand from there. My four family names are: my mother's mother and father, and my father's mother and father. SO, my four lines are: BRUCE, BALLARD, WITT, and BANKS. I have done quite a bit of research on the Bruce side (due to available family notes and info). Recently, through a newly found cousin, I connected more info on the Ballard side. Both the Bruce's and Ballard's settled in Virginia. This past weekend --l entered lots and lots of info on my family tree program (Reunion) on the computer. In this quest, I had a big and wonderful surprise. Here's what happened..

BRUCE History

-My mother was Edith Marguerite Ballard (1900-1991).-My grandparents (Mom's parents) were Ida Elizabeth Bruce and James Franklin Ballard. Ida was born in 1874 and died in 1904.
-My great grandparents (Ida's parents) were Daniel Hoge Bruce and Martha Matilda Carr. Daniel was born in 1846 and died in 1915.
- My great-great grandparents (Daniel's parents) were Joshua Henderson Bruce and Margaret Anderson Hoge. Joshua was born in 1825 and died in 1904. -My 3 great grandparents (Joshua's parents) were James Bruce and Elizabeth Justice. James was born in 1802 and died in 1876.
-My 4 great grandparents (James's parents) were Rev. Joshua Bruce and Sarah Hearn. Rev. Joshua was born in 1778 and died in 1865.
-My 5 great grandparents (Rev. Joshua's parents) were William George Bruce and Annie Nancy Ballard. William was born in 1752 and died in 1813.

NOW----do you see the name of my 5 great grandmother?????? Her name was Annie Nancy BALLARD. Now--look at the top name: Edith Marguerite BALLARD (my mother). I thought there may be a connection between these two Ballard's and guess what????? I found it--while researching this past weekend. Now--I don't know how many of you enjoy doing Family History, but finding a connection like this is totally awesome to a person like me working on Genealogy. To connect two of your four family lines is amazing!!!!! Here's how the Ballards and Bruces connect together.


-My grandfather (mother's father) was James Franklin Ballard. James was born on in 1861 and died in 1936.
-My great grandparents (James' parents) were William Alexander Ballard and Adeline Frances Doss. (He later married Martha Susan Martin). William Alexander was born in 1831 and died in 1903.

-My great great grandparents (William Alexander's parents) were Samuel Goolsby Ballard and Nancy Clements. Samuel was born in 1808 and died in 1875.
-My 3 great grandparents (Samuel's parents) were John Ballard and Nancy Goolsby. John was born in 1772 and died in 1850.
-My 4 great grandparents (John's parents) were Bland William Ballard and Frances Shiflett. (Francis was Bland's 2nd wife. The first wife --name unknown, gave him 9 children and the 2nd wife gave him 6 children. Whew!!!) Bland was born in 1734 and died in 1809.
-My 5 great grandparents (Bland's parents) were Thomas Ballard and Susannah Hesson. Thomas was married 3 times: a Sarah, Susannah Hesson and Mary Powers. He had a total of 7 children. Thomas was born in 1717 and died in 1782.-My 6 great grandparents (Thomas' parents) were Capt. John Ballard and Elizabeth Bland. Capt. John was born in 1693 and died in 1745.

Okay--you say, so where's the connection????? I'm glad you asked ( IF you are still reading this blog--HA), so here it is:

My 6th great grandfather (Capt. John Ballard) had a brother named William. William married a woman named Philadelphia Lee. One of their 7 children was named Philip Ballard. Philip married Ann Nancy Johnson. One of their 13 children was named Thomas Ballard. Thomas Ballard married Elizabeth Smith. One of their 5 children was named ANNIE NANCY BALLARD. Wah-lah---there it is!!!!!!!

You got all of this?????? (See why I love detail work???? ha)... Here's an easier way for me to explain the connection: My 6 great grandfather, Capt. John Ballard, had a brother named William. William's great granddaughter, Annie Nancy Ballard, married William Bruce. Annie and William are my 5 Great Grandparents on the Bruce side. Neat, huh????

Sorry I bored you with all of this ---but I was just too excited about the Bruce/Ballard connection NOT to share it!!!!!! If you bothered to read all of this, I give you a BIG Kudos---just for humoring me!!!!!

Since genealogy may be boring to many of you, I'll add a couple of pictures of some gorgeous roses from our yard.


Have a wonderful day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Great-Grandfather and His Journal

Since retirement, I have had a little more time in my life (I still seem to stay VERY busy, especially now that I'm blogging so much) to do the things which I didn't have time to do earlier. One of these interests has been putting together some albums of Family History. As you know by now, I love to write. I guess I get this interest from my great grandfather, Daniel Hoge Bruce (pictured above). Great Grandfather was born in 1846 and died in 1915. He married Martha Matilda Karr in 1873. They had a total of nine children (with two of the nine, twins, dying at birth). My grandmother, Ida Elizabeth Bruce (whom I am named after), was the oldest child. I will show a picture of the entire family below.

Great Grandfather and his large family lived in the 'Gap' (Big Stone Gap, VA--my home town). They were one of the early settlers in that area. They were devout members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South where he was clerk of the Church Board. He was also Deputy Treasurer of the Richmond District and took a great interest in the affairs of the town.

He kept a journal (he called it a diary)--of which I have bits and pieces. (I don't know where the original is, but I'd love to have it!) Great Grandfather was a man of many interests. A writer for the local newspaper, talked about Mr. Bruce in the paper. She wrote, that in the diary were simple things, such as "We had green beans today out of the garden." (Remember that no beans from California or Florida reached their table in those days.) That statement was followed by "Queen Victoria of England died." AND-- "On March 2, 1897, Bob Fitzsimmons knocked out Jim Corbett in the 14th round."

Some of the other interesting tidbits in Great Grandfather's diary (with additions from me either in parenthesis or caps) were:
-Sept. 28, 1895-- A big fire destroys several downtown stores in Big Stone Gap including THREE saloons.. (Imagine: three saloons in my hometown of Big Stone Gap?? HA HA)
-April 24, 1897-- Rosa had 58 perfect marks for good behavior (Rosa was one of his 6 daughters. He kept up with their school work!)
-May 22, 1897-- Flora (another daughter) passed without examination to 9th grade. Rosa passed to 8th and was on the Golden Honor Roll, and Hattie (the youngest) passed to 6th.
---April 1, 1899-- The town council passed a stock ordinance prohibiting more than 3 cows and 2 hogs for each family running large ---and no horses; (Up until that time, the cows, hogs and horses roamed at will.) ---HOW FUNNY IS THIS!!!
--July 4, 1897---Big Stone Gap celebrated the 4th of July. Had a balloon ascension--a large one. Had a baseball game. Had horse racing and tournament riding. Crowd estimated at from 3000 to 6000.
--March 8, 1898--Lee County (west of Big Stone Gap) quarantined against Small Pox. Cannot get on or off rail train. Wagon roads are guarded.
--September 9, 1898-- Daniel Hoge Bruce took sick and unable to work.
--October 15, 1898--A little better only. Lived three weeks on milk... (YIPES!)
--Jan. 1, 1899-- Measles hit the Bruce family.
--Feb.14, 1899--- Thermometer registered 22 BELOW; Coldest for years...

Well---I could go on and on ---and am so blessed to have this family history. I hope that someday, my kids and grands and great-grands will enjoy reading all of this, just like I do. Thank God for family---and for history and tradition.

This is my great-grandfather's (Daniel Hoge Bruce) family. My grandmother (Ida Elizabeth Bruce) is seated 2nd from the left on the front row. AND --my mother (Edith Marguerite Ballard) is the little child standing beside her mother. Isn't that a sweet picture????


My Bluebird family (four of them) were taking an afternoon nap when we visited them this afternoon. BUT---if you click on the picture and make it larger, you can see the little beaks and there is actually some feathers on the babies now. I think they are about 5 days old now. Aren't they cute?????

Hope you had a great weekend. Today, it's 'back to the grind'.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My IRISH Connection

I have really been interested in Genealogy since about 2003---and have spent many hours researching my own Family History. I only wish I had have been interested years ago when my mother and father were living (and I could have gotten much more information from them). But---I was too busy then! SO---with the help of and alot of hard work and help from cousins who have done Family History, I have put together quite a bit of history especially on my mother's side of the family.

My mother always told me that we were "Scotch-Irish"---so I knew I had relatives from both Scotland and Ireland. Here's my Irish connection:
-My mother was Edith Marguerite Ballard.
-My grandparents (Mom's parents) were Ida Elizabeth Bruce and James Franklin Ballard.
-My great grandparents (Ida's parents) were Daniel Hoge Bruce and Martha Matilda Carr.
- My great-great grandparents (Daniel's parents) were Joshua Henderson Bruce and Margaret Anderson Hoge.
-My great-great-great grandparents (Margaret's parents) were Daniel Hoge and Nancy Ann Stafford. Nancy Stafford was born Sept. 9, 1783 in IRELAND. She died on Feb. 7, 1853 in Montgomery County, VA. (Daniel Hoge was born and died in VA).
-My four-great grandparents (Nancy Ann's parents) were James Stafford and Nancy Eaton. James was born about 1752 in Tyrone Co., IRELAND, and died on Jan. 19, 1830 in Giles Co, VA. Nancy Eaton was born in 1750 in Tyrone Co, IRELAND. She died in VA. James and Nancy were married in 1768 in County Fermanagh, IRELAND.

That is as far as I have been able to trace the Irish side---but I have traced the Scotland side (the Bruce side of my family) all the way back to Robert de Bruce , who died in 1245. He was the grandfather of King Robert "THE" Bruce who became King of Scotland at Scone in March of 1306. King Robert was not in my 'direct' line---but was the half-brother of my direct descendent, John Bruce (born in 1290). Interesting stuff, isn't it???? It's hard to find the correct information especially when you go back THIS far.

Genealogy is LOTS of fun --but it takes TIME and someone who is interested in DETAILS.. I LOVE it---but I have so many interests that I never have enough time to do everything I want to do. I also have a Thomas Jefferson connection in my family --which I will share sometime. As I said, it's an interesting hobby!

Here are some pictures of some of my family members. Above is my great grandfather, Daniel Hoge Bruce (1846-1915). Below are others.

This is my great great grandparents, Joshua Henderson Bruce (1825-1904) and Margaret Anderson Hoge (1825-1870). These were Daniel Hoge Bruce's parents. They had seven children.

This is my grandmother and grandfather, Ida Elizabeth Bruce (1874-1904) and James Franklin Ballard (1861-1936). These were my mother's parents.

The quality is not good --but I love this photo of my grandmother, Ida Elizabeth Bruce. Don't you just love that HUGE hat????? ha

These are my wonderful parents. Mom was 42 and Dad was 53 when I was born--a BIG surprise I'm sure!!!!! Mom was Edith Marguerite Ballard (1900-1991) and Dad was Simon Edgar Banks (1889-1969).

This is a really neat picture of my mother --taken in 1904 when she was about 4 yrs. old.

Finally, here is a picture of some chubby little girl, born Elizabeth Bruce Banks, in 1942.. Wonder who that could be?????? Tee Hee!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you---especially all of you who are IRISH! Wear your green today--so you won't get pinched!!!