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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bluebird Story (continued)

See that picture above????  There are 2 male Bluebirds hoping to mate with a beautiful female Bluebird....  You should remember this story (click HERE) since I blogged about it on March 3.  WELL-------to make a long story short,  all of this drama went on and on and on,  for about a month!!!!  Here is  MORE of the story!!!

The two males (after following Miss Female around for weeks) decided to 'fight' for her...  Excuse the blurry pictures ---but the light was terrible,  and I was photographing from my bedroom window through the window AND screen... BUT--I wanted to share them to show you the drama that some birds go through to establish their territory.

One Bluebird had the other one upside down!!!!  Wish you could have been here to see  (and HEAR) the noise going on in our backyard. (By the way,  they did not hurt one another ---except for the pride of the one who LOST!!!)

You can see Mama Bluebird looking on ---and believe me,  she was making as much noise as the two males were!!!!

WELL---one of the males WON.  Here is the happy couple!!! For those of you who have asked what the difference is in the male and female,  this picture shows you the difference. The male (a much more vivid blue color) is on the left,  and the female is on the right.

Here's a great picture of Mama Bluebird.

AND--here's Papa Bluebird.

When we got home from vacation,  I saw Papa Bluebird at the nestbox (Picture above).   SO--- we checked to see what is in the nestbox... Guess What???? George and I are going to be Bird-Grandparents of FOUR baby Bluebirds.. There are 4 little blue eggs in the nest.... HOW EXCITING!!!!!!

On another note,  I am SO enjoying watching the EAGLES from the webcam at Decorah, Iowa.  As of yesterday,  two of the three eggs have hatched.. What cute little balls of fir!!!!!   The third egg should hatch soon.  I love seeing what good parents these Eagles are, and I love watching them feed their babies.  It's truly AWESOME --and ADDICTIVE!!!!! ha....

I keep the website streaming on my computer all day long --so that I can keep checking on them!!!!  The craziest thing was watching them eat a large rabbit --which they brought to the nest.  I'm not keen on seeing animals eat other animals --but it's their way of life.

Eagles are NOT clean birds ---and don't even know how to clean the eggshells out of the nest.  That is totally opposite from the Bluebirds,  which are extremely CLEAN.

IF you want to check out the Eagles,  click HERE.   You ought to see those fuzzy little baby eaglets.


P.S. Just letting everyone know that many counties in Tennessee had severe weather yesterday.  There was even damage near us.  BUT--luckily,  our area is fine (thanks be to God).  We did have high winds and TONS of rain...  May God be with those who lost their homes and loved ones due to this severe weather.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bluebird Watch

Yesterday,  it was warm enough to open the windows... WELL--to my surprise, I heard  a Mama Bluebird having a hissy fit on the deck...   She did this last year when she had baby bluebirds in the nestbox nearby...  She saw her reflection in the sliding door --so she thought another female was too close for comfort...

Anyhow--to make a long story short,  I started watching and taking pictures off and on all afternoon...  (What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.)  Here's what I saw!!!! Above is just a beautiful picture of a gorgeous little female Bluebird....  But---oh--if  you could hear her squawking and screeching (ALL afternoon)...  NO--it didn't get annoying --but I'm still not sure what she was so agitated about.

OKAY----so you take one of these,  a MALE Bluebird up in the trees------AND...

Another MALE Bluebird up in the trees-------AND...

My 'screechy' little FEMALE Bluebird.... SO--then you get...

THIS!!!!!  Three Bluebirds were sitting very quietly for the longest time in the trees!!!!  Note that both MALES are paying no attention to HER hollering (or singing????) --and they are paying no attention to each other...   I heard HER say:  "Hmmmm.. Which of these beautiful men do I want?  OR--which one of them will want me?????? Neither of them are looking at how beautiful I am."

WELL---they finally flew away in different directions . She followed one of them --but soon came back by herself,  still squawking....  Did her bellowing scare them away????? Hmmmmmmm...

She flew over to the nestbox and sat on top for awhile... Where is her MAN?????  Doesn't she look sad?????

Then she went to the 'door' to check out her home.

She went inside to check it out....  Mama Blluebird did this several times during the afternoon...  I never did see a male anymore.... SO?????  Is this just wishful thinking on her behalf????

The male is the one who is supposed to 'build' the nest....  BUT--if she doesn't have a male interested yet,  the nest will just stay empty..... (AND--since I looked inside yesterday,  I will tell you that as of right now,  the nest is empty!!!)

STAY TUNED!!!!  I'm sure I will have updates about my little Bluebirds....  (Last year,  Mama Bluebird got upset because the Chickadees were trying to take "her" nest... BUT--I haven't seen any Chickadees this year so far at the nestbox.)

Hope you had as great a Wednesday afternoon as I had.... Of course,  I didn't get any of my work done... Oh Well---tis life!!!!! ha ha... (Sorry that these are not my 'clearest' pictures... I was so excited --and just CLICKED away!!!)


Monday, February 28, 2011

More of my Backyard Birds

Last week I showed you some of this month's Backyard Birds..  Click HERE if you missed that post.  The birds are always active at the feeders during the winter and I am glad to be here to feed them.  Today I will snow you some more of these little sweethearts...  Above is a real sign of SPRING,  the ROBIN.   They don't come to the feeders very often--but this guy seems to like the suet feeder.  Below are more.

Here's another good picture I took of a female EASTERN BLUEBIRD.  It's similar to the picture I showed last week--but a little different.

Here's a pretty male House Finch trying to get some 'grub' from the plate. Looks like he is doing his aerobic exercises also!!!! ha

Here's a winter visitor to our area,  the DARK-EYED JUNCO.   We never see them once the weather gets warmer.

I love this little bird,  the CAROLINA WREN.  They are such sweet birds and really want to live on our porch or in the garage!!!! ha

Finally,  here is another favorite bird of mine,  the PILEATED WOODPECKER.  These big birds love the suet feeder --and I love watching them move their big bodies around as they eat...

Hope you have enjoyed seeing more of my favorite birds...  Remember to FEED the birds --especially in winter.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Birds and More Birds

My backyard birds have been busy during the end of January and through February... Our worst weather this winter was in late December and early January. Since then we haven't had too much bad weather --and truly,  this has been one of the mildest February's I can remember.  However,  the milder weather hasn't kept the birds away..   They must think it's almost Spring!!!

Here are some recent pictures of my precious backyard birds.  When I was with my friend Judy last week in North Carolina.  she said she was anxious to get home to see her grandchildren.  I, on the other hand,  said that I was anxious to get home to see my BIRDS... ha ha...   Above is a beautiful female EASTERN BLUEBIRD.. Below are more.




PINE SISKIN (Finch family)

A Pine Siskin and a Goldfinch talking to one another at the birdbath--on a COLD day!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my MANY backyard birds today...