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Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 Best of....: BLUEBIRDS

This past Friday,  I shared my favorite Woodpecker pictures from 2010.  Today,  I will show you my favorite little bird of all-time,  the EASTERN BLUEBIRD...  I wasn't a birdwatcher at all UNTIL the little Bluebirds nested in our backyard.  After that,  George bought me some bird books,  a CD with bird sounds,  and a pair of Binoculars.

I was 'gung-ho'---and started reading and learning ALL I could about birds,  especially little backyard songbirds.  My interest and passion just expanded from there.. George made me a nice feeding area on the deck --complete with clothes line for more feeders...  And the good news for me was that I could watch the little guys from 'inside' the house --and get great pictures,  especially after getting my new Canon Rebel camera and the 300 mm lens.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the Bluebirds from 2010.  Above is a male Eastern Bluebird showing all of his beautiful colors.  This picture was taken on 1/15/10.

Here is a good picture of the female Eastern Bluebird.  You can tell that she is pretty--but not quite a colorful as the male.  This picture was taken on 1/31/10.

Here's another great picture of  a male Bluebird,  taken on 2/1/10.   I just cannot stop taking pictures of these little beauties.

And--here's the female Bluebird,  taken on 2/9/10.  We had a snowy, cold February--and all of the birds loved coming to the feeders ALOT when the weather was bad.

I just HAD to include this picture since Mrs. Bluebird was giving me "THE LOOK"--like the Pileated Woodpecker gave me in last Friday's post...  She is probably telling me to quit taking pictures, and turn some heat on outside!!!!! ha.. This picture was taken on 2/11/10.

Here is my favorite time of the year---when the little Bluebirds nest.  Some years they nest twice -but in 2010,  they only had one brood in 2010.  See the little one sticking his head out of the nest???   Is he ready to check out the big ole' world?????  In 2010,  there were 3 baby birds I think.  I saw them fledge in 2009 --but missed them in 2010.  This picture was taken on 6/8/10.

This is what a baby bluebird looks like.  He/she's speckled--as you can see.  They will come to the feeders once they learn to fly really good.  This picture was taken on 7/16/10.

Here's one more picture of the precious little baby Bluebirds as they come to the feeders. This one was also taken on 7/16/10.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the  "Best of"  my Bluebirds in 2010..  If you have Bluebirds in your area,  then I hope you will put a Bluebird nestbox in your yard.  They are the cleanest birds I know of --and such a joy to watch!!!!

On another note,  we had about 2.4 inches of snow here this past Friday.  Then,  the bottom dropped and our temperatures dropped to almost zero... Now--there's another 'front' hitting us in the face.. This one may bring us the most snow of the season when it's all 'said and done'... As much as I love snow,  I think I have had enough of it this year.. AND--it's only January!!!!!  Yipes!!!!!   Guess I just need to relax and enjoy it!!!  OR---maybe I will just move to Florida and live with SANDRA.  ha ha


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some Feathered and Furry Cutie Pies

Last week I featured one of my favorite woodpeckers, the Pileated Woodpecker. If you missed that post, click HERE. Today, I'll show you more of our little birds, plus a couple of pictures of some deer. All of these pictures were taken during Thanksgiving week (BEFORE the cold weather and snow visited us). Above is another of my favorite woodpeckers, the Northern Flicker. Below are more.

Here's a sweet picture of a male House Finch... I have alot of them at our feeders now --along with tons of Goldfinches.

Here's one of my all-time favorite birds, our sweet little Eastern Bluebird.

Here's a close-up picture of the Northern Flicker Woodpecker. He is helping himself to some goodies in the plate feeder. You can see more of this bird's gorgeous colors.

And--here's another picture of one of our Eastern Bluebirds. This is the female --and she is eating at the suet feeder. The male pictured above is eating what has been spilled on the deck!!!!

The deer are 'protected' in our area ---so we have alot of them around. They love to feed on the golf course fairway (and people's yards) late in the afternoon. We captured this picture of four of them along the fairway near our back yard.

Here is one more close-up of one of our gorgeous deer here in Fairfield Glade. They were out during Thanksgiving week ----probably looking for some turkey dinners!!!!

We live in such a beautiful area of Tennessee ---and are so fortunate to have the birds and deer around us... Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our little beauties.


This week, we (along with many other areas of the country) are experiencing some bitter cold temperatures and even some snow. Although, here in Fairfield Glade, we have only had a dusting of snow and mostly just flurries, we are still experiencing the very cold temps.

SO---to enjoy the season, I will conclude with a picture George took a night or two ago, of our beautiful Christmas tree and the blazing fire in the fireplace --which we are enjoying each and every day/night. Maybe this will help all of us to feel just a little warmer today!!!!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Baby Blues

When our Baby Eastern Bluebirds fledged about a month ago, I waited and waited for Daddy to bring them to the feeders... I kept seeing Mom and Dad Blue --but none of the babies... YET---I knew they were somewhere close by --up in the trees.

This past week, they started coming to the feeders --and have been coming every day recently. There are three of them--that I can count at one time. And Daddy came with them at first--but now, they come by themselves.

Here are some pictures. As you may know, Bluebird babies are speckled--but they soon lose those speckles and get bluer and bluer... Above is one at the suet feeder --with another one waiting above. Below are more.

Out of the three, I think that one is a female and the other two are males. This one is a female I think. The females are more brown --with not as much blue.

Here's another cute picture of one of the Blues at the suet feeder and another one above--waiting...

This close-up shows all of the speckles on the Baby Blues... Aren't they pretty?

Now there are two of them on top of the Suet feeder... It's almost as if they are talking to one another... Sorry about the blurry blue clothespen in the picture.... ha

This picture is blurry ---but I love it.... This is when Daddy was teaching them to come to the feeders.... You can see one little one with his mouth open ---begging for some food from Daddy... He learned to stay away--so that they would eat for themselves!

I was hoping for another brood this summer--but so far, nothing in the nestbox. Oh Well---I'll just enjoy the ones I have!!!!

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to my oldest son. Bert is 47 now!!!!! (Hard to believe!) He and his family are back in Galveston, TX --after spending a year and a half in Las Vegas working in the restaurant industry there. Their old employers have called them back (Pointe West) to Texas since opening back up --after Hurricane Ike devastated that area... They are THRILLED to get back to Texas! Please pray that no more hurricanes hit that area anytime soon!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Precious Little Bluebirds

Here is Mama Bluebird, making all kinds of noise and staring at our Sliding Door... She is the most HYPER bird I have ever seen.... She has spent several days recently trying to 'dive' into our glass doors. For some reason (this has never happened before to us), Mama sees her reflection ---and thinks that another female Bluebird is invading her territory. She can't stand it... She flits around making all kinds of noise ---and actually scares the other birds away from the feeders...

Even when I am sitting right there on the deck with her, she is not afraid of me... BUT---she flies around constantly, making all kinds of noise... Then, she'll go and check on the babies in the nestbox --and then fly all around the yard, still making all kinds of noise. I was really afraid that she was going to hurt herself.... We finally put up an old shower curtain over the windows --and that helped a little. BUT--she remained hyper until the birds fledged sometime early yesterday morning. Yesterday, I only saw Mama Bluebird once --and she seemed to have calmed down (thank goodness).

Mama (in the midst of her turmoil) never ever neglected the babies. Can you see one with its mouth open---begging for food????

Isn't she a gorgeous little bird???? I know that she was just trying to protect her little ones ---but gee, she needed a pill to settle herself down a bit!!! Wonder what Daddy thought of Mama and her antics?????

Sorry these pictures are dark--but it is very shady where the nestbox is... In this picture, Daddy is inside cleaning up the poopy diapers---while Mama waits on top. That's Daddy's rear end that you see inside!!!

Here is Daddy leaving the nest. Both Mom and Dad are good parents.

I love this picture of Mama with her wings spread out... I seldom am lucky enough to get pictures of birds in flight.

"Hello, Little One.... Welcome to this big-ole world." Isn't he (or she) precious???? We think there were 4 babies in this brood. I guess they are up in the trees somewhere being taught about REAL LIFE now....

I hope Mom and Dad come back and do it again.... We'll clean out the nestbox this week. BUT---I hope Mama Bluebird settles herself down a little and just enjoys her babies!!!!! ha


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Joy AND Sadness

As you know, I've been very distracted for the past month --dealing with my left knee problem. Anyhow--during that time, our Bluebirds must have decided to nest in the new Bluebird Nestbox in our backyard. After the Chickadees and Bluebirds fought over the nest a couple of months ago, neither took it. SO--it had been empty for quite awhile.

This morning George walked by the nestbox (for another reason) and a Bluebird flew out.... He came and told me---and of course, I got VERY excited... I made him open the nest to see what was going on.. Surprise!!! There are about 4 baby birds in that nest.. SO--I'm gonna be a Grammy again this Summer!!!! YEAH!!!

I sat on the deck for awhile this afternoon trying to get some pictures... Mom and Dad were taking turns going back and forth feeding the little ones.. I managed to get a few pictures ---but hopefully I will get LOTS more before and when they fledge.

Above is Mama Bluebird coming out of the nest... (They are so quick that it's hard to catch them in a photo.) Below are a few more pictures!!!!

Daddy Bluebird comes to the nest to check out his babies. Mom and Dad take turns going back and forth taking care of them.

I just had to include this picture even though it's sorta blurry.... One of Dad's jobs is to carry the 'fecal sac' away from the nest (far away). See it in his mouth? Bluebirds are VERY clean birds --and when all of them leave the nest, we will find it almost as clean as when they first got there. Daddy keeps those babies' diapers changed regularly!!!! ha

Here's a cute picture of Daddy Bluebird at the nestbox. I'm sure he and his lady are proud of their babies!!!! I'll keep you posted on this JOY.

On a very sad note, a very good blog friend of mine, Eileen Brown, from British Columbia. lost her husband, Daryl, this week. Eileen and I have been blog friends since November of 2008 ---even BEFORE I joined Blogger. She is one of my very first blog friends--and she means so much to me.

Eileen and her hubby had only been married five years (would have been six in August) ---so we had something special in common, since George and I have only been married almost nine years. We both felt as if we had found a very special love-of-our-life in our 'golden' years. We always enjoyed talking about our Sweethearts with one another. The one difference was that this was the first marriage for both Eileen and Daryl. They had no children---but have an adorable dog named Mingus.

Eileen had gone to visit an ill sister when her husband died. He was only 60 and had been in very good health. He worked six months out of the year doing fire weather forecasting. No one knows yet what happened to Daryl, but apparently, he died very suddenly (maybe from a massive heart attack).

When I read Eileen's post, I just burst into tears. Life is so precious --and none of us know how long we are going to be on this earth. This has just devasted me. I wish I could meet Eileen and give her a big hug. We haven't met ---but she is one special lady. Don't let anyone ever tell you that blog friends are not that important. They ARE--and I have some GREAT friends for life I'm sure.

If you have a few minutes, please go to Eileen's blog and leave her a comment. I'm sure she'll appreciate knowing that so many of us in Blog World are thinking about her and praying for her. Click HERE to visit Eileen's blog (Cicero Sings).


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring Backyard Birds

Recently, I featured our Woodpeckers. Today, I'm featuring some of our other backyard birds. These little guys are such JOY to me.. Since my feeders are on our deck, I can sit inside and watch the birds coming and going all day long!!!! Above is the 'other' redbird ---well sorta!!!! He's a male House Finch. Isn't he pretty? Below are more!

We have LOTS of Brown Thrashers --and they love the suet feeder. They come OFTEN all during the day. This is one of the best pictures I have been able to get of a Brown Thrasher. Look at the red above his eye and the hair under his beak!

Daddy Bluebird has been coming to the feeders quite a bit lately. The Misses must be sitting on the eggs since I haven't seen her. I love the Bluebirds even though they are not using our nestbox yet this year. I can't wait 'til the fledglings get here and visit the feeders.

Our Mourning Doves love to come to the deck and clean the floor for me. Wish they'd come in and mop the kitchen and vacuum our floors!!!!! Geeesh!

Daddy Cardinal is in love now. He brings his Sweetheart to the feeders and then he feeds her. Isn't that sweet????? I can't wait 'til they have their babies since the Daddy always brings the fledglings to the feeders and teaches them to eat. The little ones sound like little tinkly bells as they shake all over when Daddy helps them. TOO CUTE!!!

This is Daddy Cardinal's Sweetheart... Do you notice something strange about her? Somehow, she has lost her tail.. I don't want to think what could have happened. BUT--her man still loves her so that is good! She doesn't seem to have any trouble getting around though. I think that she may be sitting on some eggs the past couple of days since she hasn't been to the feeder. Daddy comes and I think he's taking food back to her. Awe--ain't love great????

Thank You for asking about my bad knee. I did find out (through the X-rays) that I do not have a chip or break in any of the bones, and I do NOT have arthritis. The pain is still with me --but my doctor wants me to wait a week or two while taking these pain pills to see if the pain will just miraculously disappear... I can only hope that that will happen!!! So far, it's still with me! The next step is an MRI if necessary. Thanks Again!


Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Visitors at the Feeders

Look at that gorgeous bird above. He's a ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK---and he's back to visit me again this spring. These birds stop off here for about a week or so in Spring while on their way north for summer. Then they come back in Fall, on their way back south. The males come first --followed in a week or two by the females. I get so excited just seeing this gorgeous bird. Below are a few more recent visitors to the feeders.

We are blessed to have alot of AMERICAN CARDINALS at our feeders year-round. I'm hoping that this Daddy will bring some wee-ones to the feeders soon (like he did last year).

The BROWN THRASHERS are back --after being gone all winter. They love to dive into the suet feeders.

Oh how I love our EASTERN BLUEBIRDS... BUT---due to the fighting with the Chickadees over the nestbox, both the Bluebirds and Chickadees are now GONE. The nest is empty. We finally emptied it totally ---hoping that someone would see it and claim it. So far though, it's empty... (Sob Sob)

And---here's another of my favorites, our PILEATED WOODPECKER. This guy has been coming to the suet feeder about 2-3 times a day lately. He's like the Red-bellied Woodpecker in that he sends us his call before swooping down to the feeders. I love that red hat on his head. Do you???

Other birds I've seen the past month at our feeders: Goldfinches, lots of Bluejays, Tufted Titmice, White-breasted Nuthatches, Carolina Chickadees, Carolina Wrens, Mourning Doves, Chipping Sparrows, Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Downy Woodpeckers, and Northern Flickers. We are fortunate to live in the woods and get to see LOTS of beautiful little backyard birds.

Have a wonderful Friday! I will do one more post on Saturday morning ---and after that, we will be gone for a week on our annual beach trip to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina. Yeah Rah!!!! We have someone who will check on our home while we are gone --and will make sure the flowers are watered and the birds are fed!!!!!