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Friday, April 6, 2012


There are many birds who visit our feeders on the back deck... Recently,  they are all busy singing their songs and finding a mate... It's a great time of year to watch the birds... And since our weather recently has been so nice,  we are able to sleep with the windows opened... The birds love to sing loudly the first thing in the morning ---so it's totally awesome waking up to the beautiful sound of birds singing!!!!!

Today,  I'll show you some pictures (taken at various times over the past 3 years or so) of eight of my favorite Backyard Birds... Above is an all-time favorite bird of mine,  the EASTERN BLUEBIRD...   Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird are busy nesting in the Bluebird House... I hope we have some baby Blues soon.  Be sure to click on the pictures for larger views.

Here is another favorite bird,  our NORTHERN CARDINAL.  The Cardinals are the first ones at the feeders in the morning and the last ones there before dark.   Such beautiful birds --and it's fun to watch the Mister feed the Misses during the mating season!!!!!   I love seeing the colorful birds this time of year since they are beautiful showing off their colors.

We have more GOLDFINCHES this year than any other bird I think... I don't know how many we have --but there are a BUNCH of them!!!  It's fun to watch the males change to this gorgeous yellow color in the spring.

These little CAROLINA CHICKADEES are year-round visitors along with their buddies,  the Tufted Titmice and the Nuthatches....  When you see one of these guys,  you usually see them all.  I love this picture since that Chickadee was telling me to quit taking pictures so that he could come to the feeder!!!!!  Is this a bird with 'attitude'?????? ha

This beauty,  the ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK is a short-term visitor here every year.  They stop here in April or May as they migrate north ---and then they stop again in September on their way back south for the winter.

We have at least five resident woodpeckers which visit the feeders off and on during the year.  Woodpeckers love suet --- so I try to accommodate them!!!!   Above is one of the prettiest woodpeckers,  our NORTHERN FLICKER...  Isn't he gorgeous?

This woodpecker,  the RED-HEADED WOODPECKER,  unfortunately does not come around as much as the others... He comes in the Spring ---and brings the little ones to the feeders during the Spring/Summer... SUCH a beautiful bird!!!!

And finally,  you know I cannot do a bird blog post without featuring this bird...  This is another favorite,  the PILEATED WOODPECKER.    This huge woodpecker lets EVERYONE know when he is nearby... He has a very loud call!!!!   Oh --how I love this bird!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my Backyard Birds today!!!!!  I have SO much fun --feeding them and watching them...  Soon,  I'll do another bird post showing you some of the 'funny' bird pictures I have taken...

We have been out-of-town for the past 3 days... SO---again,  I'm behind on blogging...  I love traveling and we have a wonderful time ---but it's hard to catch back up when we get home!!!!  I'll catch up with you SOON.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Could it Be???? A Red-HEADED Woodpecker

Since George bought me a laptop computer for my birthday (isn't that sweet?)---I have been able to do my blogging and emailing from my 'throne' (sofa) while watching all of the birds who come to our deck to eat. Because I'm in there longer, I've been able to get some new pictures to share.

First of all, let me say THANKS to friend NC Mountain Woman (Carolyn) for mentioning the Red-HEADED Woodpeckers on her August 10th blog. The very day she said that she really wished that she had a Red-headed at her house/area, one showed up (with its baby) at my feeders. Thanks, Carolyn!!! I'm sure they wouldn't have come here if you hadn't have mentioned them.... ha ha...

Anyhow--- of all of the woodpeckers I have seen in my yard (Pileated, Red-bellied, Red-headed, Downy and Northern Flicker) ---the Red-headed is definitely my FAVORITE. I like them all---but since we see the Red-headed ones so rarely, I was one excited gal when he came to the feeders that day. He is pictured above. More pictures below. You can click on the pictures to make them larger.

Now---isn't that one gorgeous bird!!!!! That is a Red-HEADED Woodpecker. Remember Woody Woodpecker???? This is Woody!!!!

This little guy is a Juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker. At first I wasn't sure---but after research, I now know that the little ones don't have their red color yet. Isn't he a cutie??? Have you ever seen one???

My clothesline is full of feeders. I liked this picture because it shows a male Red-BELLIED Woodpecker (Pete) at one suet feeder, and a Brown Thrasher at the other suet feeder. Yes---our Brown Thrashers are still around ---and they love my suet.

For about 3-4 days, Daddy Cardinal has been bringing his new babies to the deck --to teach them to learn to eat. I featured some pictures of them a few days ago--but I now have more pictures. This little guy is a baby Cardinal. His makes a little 'tinker-bell' type of sound --and when Daddy feeds him, he just shakes all over. I mentioned this before, but the baby Cardinals don't have their red beaks yet.

Here is a cute picture of Daddy feeding his baby. Oh--how I've enjoyed watching them!

My baby Bluebirds are regular visitors at the feeders also. They are also trying to learn to eat.

Count them----1,2,3 baby Bluebirds on the clothesline!

They seem to be talking to each other---and wondering what to do next....

This is probably a big brother ---encouraging one of the little ones, and maybe giving him a bite to eat. (Wish I could hear what they were saying!!! ha)

See all of the orange on this Bluebird??? He's not one of the babies---so I assume that he's an older brother or sister. Remember --there were two broods making a total of 8 babies born in our yard this summer. These are such beautiful birds.

Another one of the babies; Believe it or not, they don't go to the plate feeder as much as they do the suet... The plate feeder has fruit and sunflower chips (things I thought they would like). But--for some reason, most of my birds seem to like the suet.... Who knows!!!!????

Four Bluebirds ---all in a row!!!! Cute, aren't they???

Hope you enjoyed my bird pictures today. Wish you were here ---and I'd share my throne with you and maybe my laptop... On second thought----NO!!!! ha ha


P.S. I'm taking a couple of days off from Blogging to work on Family History. Blogging has taken so much time and even though I love it, I have so much Family History to enter into my Family Tree program. I'll post again on Monday morning. SO---have a wonderful weekend!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Oh what an adventure this has been for me!!!!! (Read the previous two blogs---if you haven't done so!) Yesterday morning, during some sprinkly rain about 9 a.m., the bluebirds left their nest. I actually saw one of them fledge (maybe two) ---but of course, I didn't get a picture. Everything was happening so fast.. They say that once one of them fledges, they all do... And that is true. After seeing one of them on our deck, I knew that they were leaving. SO---I started looking around for any of the others. I was also keeping one eye on the one (or ones) left in the nest.

All six Bluebirds (Mom and Dad and 4 juveniles) were flying around all over the place ---watching the little ones and protecting them. They were dive-bombing squirrels and chipmunks, and making all kinds of noise ---but didn't seem to mind any of the other birds which were around (except for the Bluejays --which luckily weren't around in the morning).

All four of the babies headed toward our woodpile and the empty lot next door. After leaving the deck, we sat in our bedroom --looking down at them for a LONG time on that side of the house ---and George was able to get some pictures through the screen, using the zoom. It was just amazing to watch how the family took such good care of the little ones.

Here are yesterday's pictures. The one above is one of the cute little ones we found on our deck during the rain yesterday morning. I'm sure he was scared to death. But--isn't he cute? Below are other photos. Excuse the quality of some of the pictures ---but I still think they are good enough to share.

Here is one of the last ones to fledge... The one I saw actually flew about 25-30 feet before landing on our woodpile.

Daddy would come by and feed the little one ---probably urging him to come on out into the big ole' world!!!!

I love the expression on his face.... I'm sure he doesn't want to leave that safe nest!

Daddy had to work hard (don't know where Mama was --unless she was with or near the ones who have already fledged)... Daddy kept coming back and having a little 'discussion' with the baby bird I'm sure.

"Okay-Okay---Darn it!!!! I'm coming out!!!" (And very soon he did!)

Here's another picture of the little one who was on our deck. As I said, it was raining ---and he was shaking... Poor little guy.. He finally jumped down into the Rhododendron bush--and then went toward the empty lot from there.

Here's one more of the baby on our deck. Oh how pitaful... This little guy hadn't ever felt rain before I'm sure. He just looked so sad ---and scared...

One of the babies ended up on this big tree near the woodpile. He stayed there for the longest time...

A close-up (although a little blurry) of the baby Bluebird hanging onto the side of the tree

Now Daddy Bluebird checks out one of the fledglings. I'm sure he's reassuring the baby that things will all be okay!!!!

Now--there are two fledglings hanging onto the tree.

Another fledgling is on the ground hopping around near the woodpile... You can only imagine all of the activity that is going on at this moment---with the bluebirds trying to keep up with the fledglings and getting them all together. They all ended up in the trees in our empty lot next door. I'm sure they are safe --and being well-taken care of. Some of the juveniles and adults did come to our feeders off and on most of the day.

I close with a picture of Daddy Bluebird watching those babies VERY closely. The Eastern Bluebirds are a fairly quiet, easy-going bird UNTIL something threatens their young .. (I guess that most all birds are like this!) BUT--when agitated, the Bluebirds do whatever is needed in order to protect the young ones. I was impressed ----and thoroughly enjoyed this entire process.

I did read that Bluebirds take the fledglings AWAY from the nest for awhile --so that they aren't tempted to go back!!!! SO---I assume they won't be around for a litle while.

Today, I feel a little sad though (guess I'm having a Pity Party) since I miss watching them so much. I feel like it's the day after Christmas!!!! ha ha .... BUT--maybe (just maybe) they will come back and do it all one more time. AND--if that happens, we should have about 10 Bluebirds all helping (8 Juveniles and 2 Adults). How 'bout that?????

Hope I haven't bored you to death with my Bluebirds. I have learned so much about them and have truly enjoyed watching their every move. (Now---it's back to cleaning the bathrooms!!! ha)


Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yesterday, instead of cleaning the bathrooms and pulling weeds, I was busy with a much harder and a more time-consuming job. I sat on the deck and took about 50 pictures of the Bluebird family. I was out there off and on ALL day long. I couldn't stay away!!! I know it's hard work---but someone has to do it!!! Poor George----he was out front working hard in the yard!!!!!

I was SO hoping that the babies would fledge--but they did not. By the time you read this post, they probably will have fledged, since I'll bet they do it early this morning. I think they are ready---at least two of the four. They all but jumped out of the nest a few times. I was SO excited... But--Mom and Dad and their other four siblings know what is best ---so I'll bet they are trying to get ALL four of them ready to fledge. The family kept feeding the babies all day!

I hope you are not tired of my Bluebird pictures because today, I'm showing you some more. Above is the most active of the four babies---almost OUT of the nest. Isn't he a cutie???? Below are more!!!!

Here's two of the four babies in that nest. Don't you know that the nest is VERY crowded!

Can you only imagine what this little guy is thinking!!!??? He kept wiggling and fluttering his wings like he was ready to jump!!!!!

The four Juveniles (from the first brood) were zipping around the feeders and helping Mom and Dad feed the little ones. I took this picture of one of them --getting ready to grab some food at the feeders.

One of the Juvies feeds the babies..

Isn't it nice of them to look at the camera --so that I could get a picture????? Don't know why they wouldn't smile for the camera though!!!!!

Here's one more picture of one of the Juvies feeding the babies. Look at those BIG mouths!!! ha

The babies seem to look just alike at this age---so I'm not sure if a different one comes to the top of the nest on occasion. They almost have to stand on each other to reach the top--since the nest is fairly deep. Does this one look disgusted ????? ha

The entire family stayed near the nest all day long ---and I spotted them all around the back yard. This is Daddy Blue at the birdbath.

There were a couple of times that a Bluejay would come to the feeder ---and the Bluebirds had a 'fit' wanting that Bluejay OUTTA there. The jay got his snack and quickly left. Don't think even a Bluejay wanted to tangle with SIX Bluebirds!!!

Another picture of two of the four little ones

"Please let me come out to play, but...

"...feed me first ---puh -lease!!"

Beautiful Daddy Bluebird is IN CHARGE of this BIG family... He wants to make sure that everything goes as planned!!!! Isn't he gorgeous?????

WELL---I'll be sad once they fledge. I may not see them as much since Bluebirds take their babies away from the nest for awhile. Hopefully, they'll come back and do it all again, or at least come to the feeders!!!!

Hope you had as good a Saturday as I did!!!!