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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fall on the Blue Ridge Pkwy-Part III

Don't forget to check out Parts I and II of our October trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway between Soco Gap and Mt. Pisgah in North Carolina.  Today,  I'll share with you some of the higher elevation pictures --showing lots of beautiful mountain ranges,  but less Fall color at those elevations..  Above is a picture of George, Patti and Neal at the highest elevation on the parkway,  6,053 feet.   Below are more.

I love this picture since  it shows the sun's rays on the mountains.

Look at all of the mountain ranges.  WOW!

This area is just so different --at these higher elevations --from the photos I showed you yesterday.   Since I love both colors in Fall --and since I also love seeing the high mountain ranges,  I think we saw the 'best of all worlds' on this day on the parkway.

I hope you have enjoyed these photos as much as I have enjoyed showing them to you.  If you get to go on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina,  please include the area around Mt. Pisgah in your travels.

This huge rock (found near milepost 424) is called the Devil's Courthouse.   There is a trail available off of the parkway to the Devil's Courthouse --for anyone interested.  We didn't have time on this trip--but I'm sure it would be a fun hike.

Finally,   this is Looking Glass Rock (milepost 418, near Brevard, NC).  I have blogged about Looking Glass Rock before.   Click HERE  to read about this interesting rock.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my photos from the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We turned around at the Mt Pisgah Visitor Center,   drove back to Maggie Valley and had a delicious dinner at the Maggie Valley Restaurant.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Fall on the Blue Ridge Pkwy-Part II

I hope you haven't missed any of my pictures from our Maggie Valley trip so far.  In yesterday's post,  we started our drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway (between Soco Gap and Mt. Pisgah) in the fog.  As the day went on,  the fog lifted and we saw some gorgeous Autumn colors along the parkway.  Today's set are still in the 'mid-elevation' area --where there were beautiful colors all around us.

I loved seeing this Maple tree showing off its colors against that blue sky.

Here's another beautiful picture of the colors ---with that blue sky in the background.  It's hard to believe that it had been rainy and foggy just an hour or so before this picture was taken.

The REDS of Autumn truly take my breath away.   Isn't this tree just gorgeous?

As you can tell, there were still lots of clouds up there in the sky that day.  BUT--the clouds made for some great shadows on the mountains.

The mountain ranges along the Blue Ridge Parkway in this area just seem to go on forever.   And the higher in elevation we went,  the more mountain ranges we saw... WOW!!!

I love seeing the peaks of all of the mountains in the distance... AND--with that beautiful color in the foreground,  this just made for a great picture,  don't you think?

Monday,  I'll show you the highest elevation (6053 feet) along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  SO--come back for more!!!!

Have a great weekend --and I'll try to catch up with your posts this weekend (although the last bunch of leaves are beckoning for me to rake and blow them OUT of our yard).   See you Monday!!!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall on the Blue Ridge Pkwy-Part I

On our Maggie Valley, North Carolina, trip with friends (Oct. 19-21, 2010),  after leaving Cataloochie Valley,  we drove from Maggie Valley to Soco Gap and then up the Blue Ridge Parkway toward the Mt. Pisgah area.  As you probably remember from the Cataloochie pictures,  we had a rainy, foggy morning.  When we first got on the parkway,  it was quite foggy... BUT--since that entire trip was magical,  the fog lifted and we were able to see many beautiful Autumn colors along the parkway that day...

I will divide my posts into about 3 parts since the pictures all turned out so well.  Today,  I will share some pictures we were able to capture that morning in the fog... Hope you enjoy more of my foggy (or misty) pictures.

At first,  we weren't sure whether the fog would lift on the parkway or not...  BUT--when it began to lift,  we were able to find some pretty colors along our way.

You can see here that the sun is TRYING hard to pop through the fog.  Obviously,  you can only imagine how happy we were to see that sunshine!!!!

The most vivid colors were here at the mid-levels along the parkway.  Once we got higher and higher in elevation,  the colors had disappeared.

I love this picture,  since it shows all of the shadows --where the sun is still hiding behind the clouds... Isn't that just awesome?

AHA--The blue sky is peaking through....  We were so happy!!!!

Finally,  here is some more color we experienced that morning in North Carolina along the Blue Ridge Parkway.   When looking at these now,  I get sad to see Fall leave us...  This was such a marvelous trip --with some great friends.  More photos to come from this area!!!


Since George's sister is out-of-town,  we are driving to Hendersonville today to check on George's parents.   Hope you all have a great day!