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Friday, July 16, 2010

Our 2010 Lilies---Part III

So far, I have shared 14 varieties of the gorgeous Lilies in our yard this year. Today I will share 5 more with you ---which still leaves 11 (since we have 30 different Lily varieties). In order to see any of the first 14, go to my sidebar and scroll down to Labels. Then click on Lilies 2010.

Above is a picture of the side flowerbed --where many of our Lilies and Daylilies are. Most of them are gone now --but I wish you could have been here to smell them. Below are more individual Lilies. Hope you enjoy them!




ORANGE TIGER LILY (I love this lily!!!!)

DIZZY (another fav---but I love them all!!!!)

Hope you are enjoying our Lilies. Like the Daylilies and Tulips, the Lilies were gorgeous this year... Even in the heat and humidity and dryness of the summer, the Lilies put on a great show... I will have two more blogs showing the remainder of our Lilies, sometime in the next week or two.

Blog Tip #6: Never assume that people know what you are talking about. New people come to our blogs often --and if we don't explain what is going on, they may not understand at all. That is why I repeat things so much. It's boring for those who have come to my blog for awhile--but new people appreciate the explanations.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll blog again on Monday morning.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wonder if it will cook my Dinner?????

See that little gadget???? It's my new MAGIC MOUSE.... This multi-touch cordless mouse is manufactured and sold by Apple, and was sold for the first time on October 20, 2009. The Magic Mouse is the first consumer mouse to have multi-touch capabilities.

Taking after the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad, the Magic Mouse allows the use of gestures such as swiping and scrolling across the top surface of the mouse to interact with my desktop computer.

Picture of the top and bottom of the Magic Mouse

Click anywhere, scroll in any direction, and swipe through images on its smooth, seamless top shell. The mouse requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 (or higher) and Bluetooth.

I have been using a mouse that scrolls (with the help of a little button on the mouse). This is even better because, with my finger, I can up and down or across on a page; or with two fingers, I can go backwards or forwards to the previous pages I have used... It's amazing --and certainly makes working on the computer MUCH easier.... I LOVE it.... Now--if I can just teach it to cook dinner and clean my house.. Ya think???? ha

Blogger Tip #5: When you show several photos and there is an explanation between the pictures, put some space between --so that we will know whether your explanation goes with the picture above or below... I put my explanations BELOW my pictures --so that people can look at the picture while they read the explanation. But--I'm a 'lefty' --so you may do yours the other way... With some space there, I (we) will know which picture you are talking about.... Thanks!!!

Have a nice Thursday... After a couple of cooler days --when we were 'supposed' to get TONS of rain (we only got 1/2 inch total during that time --even though there was a flood watch out), it has gotten miserably hot and humid again... Seems like this summer is going to continue to be this way ALL Summer.... (Gripe Gripe!!!! ha)


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our 2010 Daylilies--Part III

This year we had 16 different varieties of Daylilies in our yard... Unfortunately, most of them are gone now (sniff sniff), but we certainly did enjoy them this year. There are two other parts to this post. If you want to see our other Daylilies, go to my sidebar. Scroll down to Labels and click on Daylilies 2010. Today I will share with you the remainder of this year's Daylilies. Above is a variety --which bloomed next to our garage door (and are still blooming). Below are more individual ones.





DAD ADAMS DAYLILY (These were our first Daylilies, and we have a huge batch of them. Unfortunately, a deer got some of them this year!!)

Even though we have had a very hot and dry summer, our Daylilies and Lilies, along with our Roses, have been beautiful. Hope you have enjoyed seeing our Daylilies.

For those interested, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. My knee is doing extremely well right now, so I opted not to have the injection until it is needed. However, I have a few other problems that I'm working on (my low energy level, numbness in one leg, and my lack of being able to sleep). Hopefully, by the time I go back for my next appointment (in SIX weeks), I will have these other problems worked out. At least, I hope so!!!! In the meantime, I'll stay at home and continue getting well. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

Blog Tip #4: This one is hard for me since I love to write and am VERY wordy!!!! Don't use too many words... Some people do a great job of this --and even spread their words out on the page, in a easy way to read. I will continue to work on this--but it's not easy for me. NOTE: Some of my favorite blogs are Storytelling Blogs... I love stories, and yes, they are wordy.. BUT--that's what they are meant to be!!!! My only thought would be to not make the stories too long.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Waterfalls upstream from Bald River Falls, TN

I'm continuing with yesterday's post talking about our little trip to the Tellico River area (near Tellico Plains, TN) on June 16. It was only 2 weeks since I had had my knee surgery---so I was just along for the ride!!!! But--it was a beautiful ride.

The picture above is a picture of Bald River Falls, which can be seen from the Tellico River Road. (The last picture in yesterday's blog was a picture of me standing on the bridge in front of Bald River Falls. )

George decided to take a .6 of a mile hike above Bald River Falls (while I sat and admired the Tellico River and also Bald River Falls... Bald River connects with the Tellico River here --and it is a beautiful place to sit and relax. Anyhow--George took this short hike and found NOT one, NOT two, but FOUR new waterfalls (5 total counting Bald River Falls) up that trail. He took the Bald River Trail #88 to see these beauties... I can't wait until I am healthy enough to make this hike. It's short but STEEP. Below are the pictures of what he found up that trail.

This is the brink of Bald River Falls... GOSH---I hope nobody ever tries to walk across the top of that waterfall. It's a long way to the bottom (as you can tell by looking at the top picture).

This is Kahuna Falls. This is the first one above Bald River Falls.

Isn't this a gorgeous area???? (I wanna see it... Whine Whine!!!) This next waterfall after Kahuna is called the Bald River Cascades... Wow!!!

This one is named Suislide Falls... I guess it would definitely be 'suicide' if you tried to slide down that waterfall. Yipes!!!!

Finally, the fifth waterfall on Bald River is named Shallow Falls... IF you are ever in the Tellico area, we recommend all of the waterfalls in that area... George was THRILLED to see some new waterfalls that day --and I just enjoyed the ride.

Blogger Tip #3: Don't put too many pictures on each post; I previously posted about 12 pictures on each post--but have changed it to 6. I have noticed that people will take time to look at a blog IF it is not too long. Otherwise, they just scan it. Hope this helps!!! (Remember ---these are just MY ideas after being a blogger since 2006. AND--I also need your tips!! Thanks!)


Monday, July 12, 2010

Would you do THIS?

On June 16, George took me on my first outing since I had my knee surgery on June 3. We went to see the waterfalls around the Tellico River area near Tellico Plains, TN. If you want to see my first post from that trip, click

Above is a beautiful picture of the Tellico River. It was a hot June day--and we enjoyed sitting by the water that day... There's no better place to be in the summer.

While in that area, we watched some kayakers going over Baby Falls... Below are some pictures George took using the 'sports' feature on the camera --which takes one picture right after the other.... Here they are---plus a couple more pictures from that day.

Would you do this????? Actually, to be honest, the Kayakers were being more careful than the crazy teenagers who were diving and jumping into the river from the high rocks above... THAT was scary... If parents only knew what their teens are doing when they are at places like this which are SO dangerous...

Here's another great picture of some of the smaller waterfalls we saw that day while driving on the dirt road beside the Tellico River. This is such a gorgeous area of Tennessee.

Here's a picture of me --taken that day in front of Bald River Falls. You can see my big left knee --since at that time it had only been 2 weeks since my surgery. NOW--that knee looks more normal.

Have a great Monday... Thanks for all of your thoughts from my last blog requesting bloggers not to use the embedded comment form. If you missed that, check back at my previous post. People have been suggesting that we have some Blogger Tips --so I will try to give one each day for awhile. I'd also LOVE to hear your thoughts and tips --on making blogging much easier for everyone. Thanks!!!!

BLOG TIP 2: Take out the word verification UNLESS you absolutely need it. IF you are approving all comments anyhow, why do you need to do both? I know that it has to do with SPAM--but since you are verifying comments, you can always delete/reject the spam comments and the ones you don't want published before allowing them to be published. (Please note that these are just my suggestions --and you can do whatever is easy for you. I will still continue to go to your blog regardless.)


Friday, July 9, 2010

2010 Roses --Part V

Most of you know (unless you are fairly new) that George and I grow ROSES (Hybrid-Tea and Grandiflora). I should say that George grows Roses --since he is the one who loves them and cares for them--about 55 different varieties... I just ENJOY them... He spoils me by bringing a new Rose bud or bloom into the house most every single day just for me to enjoy.

I have published four blog posts so far showing pictures of our Roses. You can check out the other four posts by looking at the sidebar, scrolling down to labels, and then clicking on ROSES 2010.

Today, I'm showing you 6 more of these beauties. Above is one called APRIL IN PARIS. Below are more.


ALEC'S RED (George knows how much I love RED roses, so he ordered this one for me this year.)



PEPPERMINT SPLASH (one of my favorite new Roses this year)

I have a REQUEST that will help all of us who comment on MANY blogs each day. This has to do with the Comment Form you are using. There are 3 different forms you can choose from (Full Page, Pop-up-window, and Embedded). To find out which form you are using, go to your Dashboard and click on Settings. Then click on Comments. About halfway down the page, you will see the Comment Form.

I personally use and like the Pop-up-window form, but I also like the Full Page form. The one I do NOT like is the Embedded form. It takes much longer to post a comment on this form. IF you don't have a particular preference, my request is that you choose either the Pop-up-window one or the Full Page one. Thanks so much!!!! I try to visit MANY blogs each day--and this change would help tremendously. (I made this request about 5-6 months ago, but there are many new people coming to my blog now, and many using the Embedded form --which is the Blogger default one for some strange reason.)

Have a great weekend, and I'll blog again on Monday morning.