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Friday, November 22, 2013

I am THANKFUL for... (Continued from Nov. 20)

BABY EASTERN BLUEBIRDS  (begging for food)
On Wednesday (Nov. 20),  I listed many of the things I am thankful for --during this year of 2013 SO FAR....  If you missed that post,  be sure and check it out.  Just click HERE.

BUT--as I mentioned on Wednesday,  I left out one very important category,  my FAVORITE BIRDS...  Thanks to friend, Cheryl, for guessing what the theme of this blog post would be.  She knows me TOO well... ha ha ... Check out Cheryl's blog by clicking HERE.   I couldn't just choose one photo to feature on Wednesday---so I decided to feature my favorite 2013 Bird Photos in their own blog post.  I got to see some new birds in 2013---which always make me very very happy and THANKFUL!

Hope you enjoy seeing photos of my favorite 2013 BIRDS.   Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.

DADDY EASTERN BLUEBIRD feeding one of the babies

BABY NORTHERN CARDINAL (Isn't he adorable?)



ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK  (migrates through here Spring and Fall)

AMERICAN ROBIN  (only comes to the feeders  during a snowy winter day)

DARK-EYED JUNCO  (only comes to the feeders when it snows)

I was excited to see these birds at the feeders.  We have had House Finches (which are similar) --but this is the first time I have seen Purple Finches here.  (I had seen them in Arkansas --but not here.)

I was excited to see these beautiful birds in the yard --but I only saw them once,  and they never came to the feeders... However,  this was a 'life' bird for me --first time to see them and get photos!!!!

ROADRUNNER  (at Mt. Nebo, Arkansas)
This was another 'life' bird for me --but it wasn't found in my backyard.  We saw this beauty when we visited Mt. Nebo, Arkansas in February.   I was SO excited to see this gorgeous bird...

Here's another 'life' bird for me this year.  This beauty visited our feeders.  The Crossbill gets his name because his upper and lower bills 'cross' over each other.... Neat, huh?

I feature this woodpecker alot during the year.  They are so much fun to watch --as they try to find various ways to get to the suet!!!!!!  Amazing Birds!!!

BLUE JAY  (they LOVE peanuts)

Many of our birds have nests in the area during Spring/Summer.  One of the prettiest 'baby' birds is the Juvie Red-Headed Woodpecker.... He looks very different from his Daddy (listed below),  doesn't he??????

RED-HEADED WOODPECKER  (an all-time favorite bird of mine)
Finally,  this may be my favorite Bird Photo from 2013.  I love Red-Headed Woodpeckers and this photo (with a peanut in  his mouth)  has been a favorite this year.

WELL---that's my favorite BIRD PHOTOS for 2013... Hope you enjoyed seeing the photos.  I love my Backyard Birds --and am so THANKFUL for all of these little cuties!!!

I am taking   TWO WEEKS off to enjoy Thanksgiving with family.   I have several other projects I need to work on also..... I hope that each of you will have a wonderful THANKSGIVING and upcoming two weeks.  I will see you again on Dec. 9.


Friday, November 15, 2013


Red-Bellied Woodpecker
Most of you know that I LOVE my Backyard Birds... I have been feeding the birds for many years and my little birds enjoy the Bird Kitchen on our deck...  Lately,  I've been so busy doing so many other things that I haven't taken many recent pictures of some of my birds...  SO---today,  I went back in the archives and will share with you some of the good photos of the woodpeckers we have in our area ---who visit the Bird Kitchen.

Hope you enjoy these beautiful birds...  Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.

Downy Woodpecker

Always a favorite,  a Pileated Woodpecker

A Hairy Woodpecker  (similar to the Downys --but MUCH larger)

Red-Headed Woodpecker (one my my favorites--and one of the prettiest birds)

Northern Flicker  (my favorite bird photo I think)

"Hey Lady---What are you looking at?"
I just had to share this funny photo of a Pileated Woodpecker with ATTITUDE!!!!!  Isn't he just a mess?????? ha ha

Hope you enjoyed my Woodpeckers today!  Have a great weekend.  George and I are still very very busy working in the yard (mostly blowing/raking/mowing leaves).  It's a huge job this time of year which doesn't leave much time for blogging!!!! 


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More Backyard Birds Enjoying my Bird Kitchen

Today is September 11th... This is a sad day for our country since we lost so many of our hard-working citizens in 2001 due to a Terrorist Attack.   SO--whatever you are doing and wherever you are now,  take a moment  of silence to remember those families--and to pray for our country.

Hopefully,  even though it is a sad day,  my post today will put a smile on your face.  My last Bird Blog was just about our Bluebirds.   SO today I'll show you many of the other birds which come to my Bird Kitchen. All of these photos were taken this summer.

The picture above shows a molting Daddy Cardinal feeding one of his babies.  We have several 'babies' around now --and it is so much fun to watch them.  The Baby Cardinals are as large as their parents ---but are still learning how to eat.  I love hearing the Cardinals since the babies just tingle all over --making the sound of a little tiny bell.

Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.

You will notice through these photos that many of my birds love the new suet I buy.  Woodpeckers have always enjoyed suet --but now,  other birds love it also.   This new kind is called "Peanut Delight" and is a no melt suet dough... It smells just like peanut butter... I get it at Walmart --and the birds love it.


I have two birdbaths ---and the birds enjoy both of them.

Birds that I ALWAYS have at the feeders (Tufted Titmice, White-breasted Nuthatches, and Carolina Chickadees) will eat most anything I put out there.  BUT--until now,  the Tufted Titmice never ate the suet.  Now they LOVE it.

The male is the one on the right... He has a blueish area on his head.  The females are mostly brown... These big birds think they OWN the plate feeder.  They will get on the plate and just sit there for a long time (until I 'encourage' them to move on).... ha

This bird  (along with the Pileated Woodpeckers) squawk and make alot of noise when coming to the feeders... I'm not sure why they do it --other than to let the other birds know that they are coming (and to get out of the way).... ha

Here is one of our pretty little male Goldfinches... They are so pretty in spring and summer ---but like the Cardinals,  they molt --and look rather bedraggled these days.

This little bird is the best singer we have in our neighborhood.  To be so tiny,  he can really belt out a song!!!!!!  They also never used to eat the suet---but love it now!!!!

Our biggest woodpecker is the Pileated Woodpecker.  They can really eat the suet.... I love this photo since he is getting his daily exercise at the same time that he is eating.  He's a multi-tasker for sure!!!!!!! ha ha

I was hoping to capture this guy with a big peanut in his mouth--but missed that photo.... They are at the feeders off and on all day long!!!!!  They are busy little guys!

Here  is one of our many Blue Jays --who come and go at the plate feeder,  as long as the peanuts last!!!!! 

I apologize for this photo... I was SICK that it was blurry ---but decided to show it to you anyhow since it made me laugh.   This is a TUFTED TITMOUSE actually carrying a big peanut.... I wondered how he could get it in his mouth --but it must have had a small piece of stem on the end.... SO CUTE....  The little birds usually don't bother the peanuts since they can't get them in their mouths....

Here is one of the prettiest of all of the woodpeckers.  I can't tell the male from the female --but they have been around here most of the summer.

Finally,  here is my FAVORITE bird of the month!  I enjoy seeing all of the babies of the different birds we have ---but until now,  had not seen any baby Red-Headed Woodpeckers...  Isn't he adorable?  Soon--he will have the bright red head and black and white colors like his parents have...

I wanted to show you one more photo of the Baby Red-Headed at the suet feeder.  The lighting was not very good --but you can see his underneath side... I love the way that woodpeckers use their tails to help with balancing... The Pileated Woodpeckers do the same thing.  He is a Cutie ---and managed to work his way to get some suet...  Hope he comes back!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of my Backyard Birds today... If you don't feed the birds,  you should.... They bring me so much pleasure!!!!   We also have 3 hummingbird feeders --and have had more hummingbirds the past month than we had all summer.  BUT--I have yet to get a photo this year... I'll keep trying.

Now--hop over to my Photo Blog (click HERE) to see a special photo that I took...

Have a great day.