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Friday, January 13, 2012

Best of 2011: BIRDS

Two Pileated Woodpeckers playing Peek-a-boo around the tree--taken 1/13
Most of you know how much I love our Backyard Birds... Even though I haven't taken many photos lately,  I still love to watch the birds as they come to the feeders on our deck...

Today I'll show you seven of my favorite bird photos from 2011...  Hope you enjoy seeing them --and I promise I'll start taking some new pictures of these cuties soon. Be sure and click on the photos for enlargements.

Juvenile  Red-Bellied Woodpecker  --taken 7/21

Mrs. Bluebird is waiting her turn at the suet feeder.  Mr. Northern Flicker is taking his time eating and eating!!!  Taken 1/18

I love this picture of the female Eastern Bluebird.  Taken 2/8

I loved seeing these Turkey Buzzards when we visited Mt. Nebo in Arkansas --taken 3/31

This Rose-breasted Grosbeak visits us in spring and fall when they are migrating--taken 4/27.

And my favorite bird picture of 2011 goes to the "Shall we Dance"  Carolina Wrens--taken 8/7.
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my Backyard Birds from 2011.  I hope to get many more great pictures in 2012...

Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you on Monday.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Backyard Birds

Here are some new pictures I took recently of some of our cute little backyard birds.  The picture above is a little dark (since they are in the shadows) but this is a frequent happening on our deck during the summer... Daddy Birds (usually the Daddy's are the ones who teach them to eat) come and feed their babies ---and teach them how to feed themselves.   The picture above shows a Daddy Northern Cardinal (on the right) feeding one of his little ones... Note that the little ones are sometimes as big or bigger than the parents...  The parents fatten them up --and then teach them to feed themselves.

Looks like a young Northern Yellow-Shafted Flicker Woodpecker

One of our many Blue Jays

One of our young Red-bellied Woodpeckers at the plate feeder

A young Red-headed Woodpecker who doesn't have his pretty colors yet

An Adult Red-headed Woodpecker --beginning to molt

A new one for me!!!!  This is a Red-bellied Woodpecker on the left and a Red-headed Woodpecker on the right on my suet feeder at the same time.  I was just SO excited to see this.  They usually come one at a time.

"NO----you cannot come into our yard and eat our Roses."
Since I didn't have a new picture of one of our Pileated Woodpeckers to show you today,  I showed you a recent picture of one of our neighborhood deer.  I'm not sure he's the one who ate our Roses this last week---but if he is,  then I say "Shame on him!"

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of my gorgeous backyard birds today..

Have a wonderful day.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Backyard Birds

Trips and vacations are nice,  but it's also nice to get home to see all of the precious little backyard birds which are eagerly awaiting me to get home and fill their feeders!!!!  Here are some recent photos of some of my little sweeties.  Above is one of our MANY Hummingbirds this year... For the past couple of years,  we hadn't seen very many here,  but we have a big group of them this year...

Another cute picture of a 'hummer';  They are such busy little guys!!!

And here's one more 'hummer' picture for you. 

Two precious Carolina Wrens trying to get to the suet feeder....  (I think the outside one pushed his way in and got there first!!!! ha)

Here's a beautiful male Northern Cardinal... He's had a busy summer being 'Daddy'...  AND--he looks a little weary, don't you think?  Look at the back of his head.  He's beginning to molt.

Here's a cute little female House Finch... She was one of the biggest Finches I have seen.

A favorite woodpecker of mine,  the Northern Flicker;  Such a gorgeous bird!

And finally,  I just cannot do a bird post without adding one of these gorgeous birds,  the Pileated Woodpecker.  They are such a joy to watch!!!!

Have you noticed that I've had to start water-marking my photos?  Both George and I have had trouble with someone stealing our photos and using them as their own.  Hopefully,  the watermark will help!!!!!   GOSH---why can't people just be honest?

Have a great Tuesday.

Monday, July 25, 2011


This past Thursday,  during our horrible heatwave,  we finally did get a little rain here in Fairfield Glade.  And what happens after the rain??????????   The birdies come to the feeder to get a bite to eat!!!!!!  It happens every time we get some rain!!

I stood there watching them for only about 15 minutes ... And of course,  I just HAD to take some pictures to show YOU!!!! (Aren't I so sweet????) ....  WELL---the good news is that in that short period of time,  I got 3 pictures of some of our latest backyard BABIES!!!!!

Here are seven pictures of my sweet little backyard birds!!!!  Above is an adorable picture of an immature NORTHERN CARDINAL. Isn't he just the cutest little bird?

Several of you enjoyed seeing a female Goldfinch in my last bird blog... SO---today,  I hope you enjoy the gorgeous male GOLDFINCH.  We have more Goldfinches this summer than we have ever had.. There must be several families of them around here --and they all must have had a bunch of babies!!!!

This is a BROWN THRASHER.   They love to come to the suet feeder..   Look at that beak!!!!

I love this little guy... He is an immature male DOWNY WOODPECKER.  Can you tell that he is beginning to get some red on the top of his head ---which shows that he is a male?

I don't see these birds very often,  but when they do visit,  they also like the suet.  He is a GRAY CATBIRD.

I never tire of seeing this gorgeous bird and they are regulars at the feeders --off and on all day long.  He is a gorgeous male NORTHERN CARDINAL.  

Finally,  here is my favorite picture of the group today... This little guy is an immature RED- BELLIED WOODPECKER.   Isn't he just gorgeous???  I'm not totally sure that this one is male, but I think he is...

Hope you enjoyed today's Backyard Birdies at my home...


Thursday, July 14, 2011

July Backyard Birds

I've been home from our trip since June 28 -----and I'm just now doing a "Bird Blog"....  What's up with that??????  ha ha..... WELL, first of all,  I put all of my bird seed and feeders AWAY for the 3 weeks we were gone...(I knew that the raccoons would get them the first day or two anyhow!)  SO---when we got home,  I had a little fear that the birds would forget me and NOT come back.  Many people had assured me that they WOULD return --but I wasn't totally sure.  Guess what though?????  They did return!!!!  Yeah!!!

SO---since I know you are yearning for one of my famous bird blogs (GAG),  I am going to show you some of my sweeties who posed for the camera this week... Above is one of my good buds,  a PILEATED WOODPECKER. We have 3 of them --who flit around the trees in the backyard  --taking turns at the suet feeder... SO CUTE!!!!

Next is another favorite woodpecker of mine,  our  NORTHERN FLICKER.  This one is a female since she doesn't have a mustache.

Here's a regular visitor also, and is our tiniest woodpecker,  the DOWNY.  I think she was the first one back to the feeders when I put them up on June 29.  It's as if she was 'watching'... She does not have a little red spot on the back of her head like the males do.

Another frequent visitor is one of our noisy BLUE JAYS.  They are pretty birds and are with us except during the winter... I don't know where they go ---but they leave my home! Male and female Bluejays are VERY similar in appearance.

Always a favorite,  the AMERICAN CARDINALS frequent our area --and they were happy to see me come home I'm sure.  They have been busy (like most of our birds) having babies. They are the first birds at the feeders early in the morning and the last ones to come at night.
Above is Daddy Cardinal ---and he looks a little bedraggled since I took his picture after a rain storm.  He also is beginning to molt. BUT--he's still a beautiful little bird.  Wonder what that is in his mouth????  Looks like a green leaf....?????

More colorful summer beauties are our GOLDFINCHES.  We have had many Goldfinches around this summer.   This one is a female ---as she is duller than the males and doesn't have black on her head.

This little beauty,  one of our MOURNING DOVES,  loves to 'take over' the big plate feeder ---and protect it from other birds.  They are at the feeders in the late evenings more than any other time of day.  The plate feeder is close to our door--and I was taking the picture JUST  inside the door. He was 'watching' me --but didn't fly away when I got so close. The males have a blue head/nape and the females have a brownish gray head/nape.

Finally,  here is one more CUTIE PIE for you...
WHOOPS----how did this one get in this blog post??????  Goodness Gracious.... Maybe I will name her a "DEER-BIRD"... ha ha ha.....  (Just couldn't resist putting this one in for you...  She was having a staring contest with me when I took this picture recently.... I was telling her to stay away from our Lilies and Roses!!!!  Think she will listen??????)

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my little Cuties....

Remember NOT to miss my blog post on Friday....  It's one which will probably make you say  "WOW"... At least I hope so!!!!!


Monday, May 30, 2011

May Backyard Birds

Above is a RED-HEADED WOODPECKER.  To me,  this is one of the prettiest woodpeckers we have (although all of them are pretty).  I love these woodpeckers and they only come to the suet feeder in the Spring/Summer.  Last year,  they brought one of their little ones to the feeder.  Hope they do the same thing this year.  Right now,  we only have two (I think):  a male and a female.  The two of them look almost identical --but the female is a little smaller.  Below are more pictures.

Here's a picture showing Mr. Red-Headed's underside...  Like all woodpeckers,  they can eat from all kinds of positions and angles!!!! ha

This is the female I think.   She is a little smaller than the one pictured above.  She seemed a little unsure as to how to get up to the suet feeder...

I love this picture when the Red-Headed Woodpecker was looking at me.... Sorry about the rusty clip in this picture and the top one above.  I have to use this heavy clip to keep the raccoons from stealing the entire trap. They cannot BUDGE this clip!!!!

I can never do a bird post without showing one of our PILEATED WOODPECKERS.  These birds come to the suet feeder 2-3 times a day most days...  I never tire of watching them.

And here is a close-up of Mr. Pileated.... Note his red mustache (which shows the difference in males and females)... Look at those big claws!!!!

This is a GRAY CATBIRD---which has been coming to the suet feeder quite a bit lately.  I only see one --and this is the first year I've had one regularly at the feeders.  They are Summer Visitors only (Breeding)--so hopefully,  he will bring his family to the feeder sometime.

Finally,   we have 2-3 MOURNING DOVES who come to our feeders regularly.  They love to jump up in the Plate Feeder ---and 'hog' it as their own!!!!!  But--they are pretty birds,  aren't they?

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of my Backyard Birds today!!!  Sorry that some of my pictures are a little blurry today... I was filming inside through glass and screen...

I do have some bad news to report...   Something happened to my baby Bluebirds. The Daddy is gone (was probably killed) and even though I see Mama around the nest,  there has been no activity in the nest in over a week.  SO--this weekend,  George and I looked into the nest.  There were 2 dead babies and 2 unhatched eggs.  I could have cried and cried.. There was no trauma --so I'm not sure what happened.  With Dad being gone,  maybe it was just too much for Mama Blue.  I have been VERY VERY sad over this.  Hopefully,  another family will come and occupy the nest.

Hope you have had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  God Bless all of those men and women who have fought  and are fighting for our freedom.