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Friday, April 20, 2012

Funny Birds!!!!

In my last bird post (click HERE) ,   I promised that I would show you some of the funny bird pictures I have taken through the years...  SO---today you get those pictures... Hope you enjoy them as much as I have....

Can you figure out what bird that is above????????  It's a ROBIN----a baby one!!!!  The hair on top which looks like bushy eyebrows makes him look like an OLD MAN..... ha ha

I love this picture of a CAROLINA WREN.  It was in the dead of winter ---and he was perched on top of a Rhododendron bud,,,  Bet that poor little guy was COLD!!!!!

I love this photo of the Baby CARDINAL ---as he tried to come to a screeching halt on the deck... Daddy Cardinal always brings his babies (who are bigger than Daddy now) to the feeders to teach them to eat.... When they are very young,  they'll just shake all over and make a tingly sound--which sounds like a little tiny bell...  They are begging Daddy to feed them --but he wants them to learn to feed themselves.  I love watching this process.

Have you seen birds do this? When I first saw this,  it scared me.  I thought there was something wrong with the bird.  However, since that time,  I've seen many birds do it... They do it in the HOT SUMMER --when the deck is VERY hot... They spread out and get the 'mites' off of their tummies---or at least,  that is what I was told....  Interesting, huh?  This bird is a TUFTED TITMOUSE.

I have several 'funny' pictures of our PILEATED WOODPECKERS.  When they are young and try to fly up to the suet feeder,  they don't quite know how to do it... I'll show you some more pictures of the different poses of some of our Pileated Woodpeckers in another post.    I love this picture of this woodpecker telling me to "butt out and leave him alone"!!!!!!!   Cute,  isn't he???

Finally,  here is one of my favorite photos of any bird since I have been taking their pictures... This is a MOURNING DOVE sitting on the birdbath.... Isn't this one just a HOOT????

Birds are so much fun to watch... This week,  I sat on the back deck,  watching Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird going in and out of the nestbox... They have a little growing family in there... Isn't that just special????

Here's another flower blooming in our yard now,  our gorgeous RHODODENDRON.   I love Azaleas,  but Rhododendrons just take my breath away... Wish you could see all of the blooms covering our big Rhododendron now... Wow-Wow-WOW!!!

And finally,  here is another beautiful ROSE blooming in our yard now.   This is ALEC'S RED.   George brought one inside for me---and you should smell it...  Another WOW!!!!

One More Thing:  I've been on Blogger since 2009... As of this week,  I now have 500 Followers... Amazing,  isn't it???  How many Bloggers do you know who have this many followers without doing memes,  or giveaways,  or tags or awards?????  (That is the way that most people get more followers, which is fine --but I just don't choose to do that.)   THANKS to all of you for coming to my crazy 'waterfall/flowers/birds/travel/hiking' blog!!!  Have a fabulous weekend and I'll see you on Monday!

Hugs and THANKS again for stopping by!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012


There are many birds who visit our feeders on the back deck... Recently,  they are all busy singing their songs and finding a mate... It's a great time of year to watch the birds... And since our weather recently has been so nice,  we are able to sleep with the windows opened... The birds love to sing loudly the first thing in the morning ---so it's totally awesome waking up to the beautiful sound of birds singing!!!!!

Today,  I'll show you some pictures (taken at various times over the past 3 years or so) of eight of my favorite Backyard Birds... Above is an all-time favorite bird of mine,  the EASTERN BLUEBIRD...   Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird are busy nesting in the Bluebird House... I hope we have some baby Blues soon.  Be sure to click on the pictures for larger views.

Here is another favorite bird,  our NORTHERN CARDINAL.  The Cardinals are the first ones at the feeders in the morning and the last ones there before dark.   Such beautiful birds --and it's fun to watch the Mister feed the Misses during the mating season!!!!!   I love seeing the colorful birds this time of year since they are beautiful showing off their colors.

We have more GOLDFINCHES this year than any other bird I think... I don't know how many we have --but there are a BUNCH of them!!!  It's fun to watch the males change to this gorgeous yellow color in the spring.

These little CAROLINA CHICKADEES are year-round visitors along with their buddies,  the Tufted Titmice and the Nuthatches....  When you see one of these guys,  you usually see them all.  I love this picture since that Chickadee was telling me to quit taking pictures so that he could come to the feeder!!!!!  Is this a bird with 'attitude'?????? ha

This beauty,  the ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK is a short-term visitor here every year.  They stop here in April or May as they migrate north ---and then they stop again in September on their way back south for the winter.

We have at least five resident woodpeckers which visit the feeders off and on during the year.  Woodpeckers love suet --- so I try to accommodate them!!!!   Above is one of the prettiest woodpeckers,  our NORTHERN FLICKER...  Isn't he gorgeous?

This woodpecker,  the RED-HEADED WOODPECKER,  unfortunately does not come around as much as the others... He comes in the Spring ---and brings the little ones to the feeders during the Spring/Summer... SUCH a beautiful bird!!!!

And finally,  you know I cannot do a bird blog post without featuring this bird...  This is another favorite,  the PILEATED WOODPECKER.    This huge woodpecker lets EVERYONE know when he is nearby... He has a very loud call!!!!   Oh --how I love this bird!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my Backyard Birds today!!!!!  I have SO much fun --feeding them and watching them...  Soon,  I'll do another bird post showing you some of the 'funny' bird pictures I have taken...

We have been out-of-town for the past 3 days... SO---again,  I'm behind on blogging...  I love traveling and we have a wonderful time ---but it's hard to catch back up when we get home!!!!  I'll catch up with you SOON.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Favorites: BIRDS

As we complete another year and start a new one, I love to look back and pick out some of my 'favorites' during the year. Today I will show you my favorite BACKYARD BIRD photos which I took during 2009 in my yard. However, after getting into this project, I found it quite hard to do since I have probably 500 bird photos this past year to go through... SO--picking my fav's proved to be more difficult than I thought it would...

BUT--here it is (knowing that I left-out many of the birds which visit my feeders constantly--such as the Red-bellied Woodpecker, Tufted Titmouse, Nuthatch, Chickadee, etc.).. Hope you enjoy my favorite bird pictures taken in my yard during 2009. Above is a bird which I love, who only visits us twice a year, in Spring and Fall, when they are on the way either north or south. They are only with us for a week or two while in-flight to their destinations. This bird is a male ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK. The female is brown with a HUGE white eyebrow --and is pretty, but very different from the gorgeous males. Below are more.

These are my BABY BLUEBIRDS in their Bluebird Nestbox (in my backyard). Having the Bluebirds nest in our yard is the one thing which started my HUGE interest in birding!!!

The speckled BABY BLUEBIRDS --coming to the feeders, not long after they were born.

AND---this gorgeous male BLUEBIRD is proud of himself. The couple had EIGHT babies this year (2 broods). AND --the good news is that the family returns next Spring!!!!! Yeah!

In the spring and summer, most of our birds mate... AND--when they bring the babies to the feeders, I am there, camera in hand, to snap some pictures. Daddy CARDINAL is in charge of teaching his babies to feed themselves. I wish you could hear the baby... He shakes all over and makes a tingly sound. SO CUTE!!!!

ROBINS are ground feeders and NEVER come to the feeders. However, this Baby Robin made it to the deck railing ---so Daddy came looking for him... Isn't that baby just precious???

This BROWN THRASHER is waiting for ME to leave ---so that he can feed his little ones, which are still in the nest in the Jasmine Bush in our front yard. We have Brown Thrashers most of the year (except in winter)---and they DO come to the feeders since they LOVE Suet.

I get SO excited when I see this bird at my feeders... He doesn't come much---but when he does, I try to get his picture. This is a RED-HEADED WOODPECKER . Isn't he pretty?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Woodpecker. He's the largest one we have around here and he can make alot of noise with his loud 'call'.... He is a PILEATED WOODPECKER--and he doesn't come to the feeders very often. So--when he does come, I am lucky to get a picture of him.

I love NORTHERN FLICKERS --but they never come to the feeders. However, when I was in the yard one day in early spring (before the leaves popped out), I saw these two guys 'talking' to each other up in the tree.. I thought at first it was a male flirting with a female--since it was mating season. Later --while looking at the pictures, I realized that they both are MALES... SO--I guess they were 'fighting' over a lady!!!!! ha

DOWNY WOODPECKERS visit our suet feeder regularly.. Isn't this one pretty???

This is one of the funniest photos I have taken of a bird. This MOURNING DOVE was sitting on the side of the birdbath.... Looks like he is afraid to put his tootsies in the water!!!!! Isn't he a cutie????? Mourning Doves frequent our feeders --and the ground below ALOT.

Since I am limiting myself to 12 pictures, I'll stop here. BUT--as you can imagine, there are many more great bird pictures... I just hope I get this many in 2010...

Happy Birding!!!!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Came!!!!!

See our shirts????? We do BELIEVE!!! (Thanks to our friends, Judy and Charlie, for giving us these shirts from their visit to Santa Claus, Indiana.) We must have been really good little boys and girls this year --since Santa did come to our house this year!!!! He even ate ALL of the cookies, and drank all of his milk!!!!! (Must have been hungry!!) Here are a few pictures from our Christmas here in Fairfield Glade.

Here is a gorgeous close-up picture of part of our Christmas tree which George took on Christmas Eve. I love the colors in this photo.

Our tree, early on Christmas morning; Our weather here was rainy and windy! NO White Christmas for us--but Santa still managed to get here!!!

First, we had to check out all of the goodies in our stockings!!! Thanks, Santa!

Blogger friend, Shelley, (click HERE for her blog) sent us these two gorgeous Cardinal ornaments. Shelley KNOWS how much we love our backyard birds, including the Cardinals. Thanks Friend!!!!

My Sweetie gave me two new Willow Tree figurines for my collection. I love love love this one since it is ME. Her name is the ANGEL of HAPPINESS, free to sing, laugh, dance...create! Don't you love the birds on her arms???

I couldn't resist getting George this hat. It says: "Don't Forget My SENIOR DISCOUNT! (I know, I look too young for it!)"... Since we go to Kroger's every Wednesday JUST for our Senior discount, I felt this hat was perfect for him.... (Got myself one also--since I cannot let him be out-done!!! ha)

My second Willow Tree angel is the ANGEL of the HOME. Isn't she pretty??? A friend asked me about these angels, so I had to look at the Willow Tree Angel web page to get the link for her. Uh Oh----there are probably 20 more of these angels that I'd love to have. (I gave the link to George just for the fun of it!!!!! ha ha)

Here is our 'big' present from Santa (to both of us). We got a bread-maker.... Neither of us have ever had one---and we even tried it out on Christmas afternoon... We made some delicious sourdough bread. YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

From beautiful Fairfield Glade, TN, these two lovebirds hope that you had as nice a Christmas as we did... NOW---we all have to change gears and switch to the New Year.... The time just keeps flying by... Pretty soon, it will be spring and we'll be waiting for a new crop of roses. My My!!!!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Bird Ornaments

Yesterday, I showed you just a few of George's and my ornaments that we have given each other through the years. I saved my favorites until now to share with you... As most of you know, I am a fairly new 'birder'... We had hummingbirds first --and then the Bluebirds came and nested in our backyard. That SOLD me.... Since then, I have loved every minute of seeing and feeding our backyard birds.

SO---last Christmas, George surprised me with some gorgeous bird ornaments. He couldn't have given me anything that would have been more special to me. Today, I share my sweet little bird ornaments with you.

The picture above is the only bird ornament I had before last Christmas. George gave me a gorgeous GLASS hummingbird several years ago. The picture isn't great, since I put the hummingbird in front of a candle which caught some of the camera flash. But you can get the idea of what this fragile little hummer looks like. He is gorgeous. Below are the ones from last year.

This little birdie is my new hummingbird.. He is much larger than the little glass one above.

I love this ornament. It is a little bluebird house with bluebirds sitting around it. Isn't that just beautiful????

This beauty is another of my favorite backyard birds, the Cardinal. Isn't he gorgeous sitting in our tree?

George took all kinds of pictures of me while I opened these ornaments last Christmas... Can you tell how happy I was?????? (Just a little! ha)

Right above the Bluebird house is a beautiful Goldfinch. I have many, many Goldfinches this year ---so this little bird is another of my fav's. (Note another of our special ornaments which I didn't feature yesterday: the little lovey-dovey couple in the top right of the picture!!!)

This was one happy gal----looking at that Goldfinch, don't you think??? I still smile when I see the bird ornaments on our tree.

Finally, here's a picture showing three of the four bird ornaments: Goldfinch, Bluebirds and Cardinal. I hope you enjoyed seeing my 'birdie' ornaments!!!!

What is/are your very favorite ornament(s)?????


P.S. We drove to Hendersonville yesterday to see George's parents and take them out for an early Christmas Dinner at Mimi's Cafe. They are doing fine and will be with George's sister on Christmas Day. All of the family put a monetary gift to missions in their church in their honor for Christmas. Dad said that that gift made him so happy that he almost cried. God Bless this wonderful couple.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Birds

Except for showing my Cardinals in yesterday's post, I haven't done a bird post in a long time. AND---I enjoy having LOTS of birds at my feeders all year round. I sit on my throne (sofa) --and watch the little birds going back and forth most every single day. They are such a joy to watch. Some of our birds have disappeared (Bluejays, most of the Bluebirds, Brown Thrashers, Robins, Hummingbirds) ---but will be back in spring. I have seen a few Bluebirds --but not often.

The birds we have at the feeders regularly now are: Cardinals, Tufted Titmice, White-breasted Nuthatches, Carolina Chickadees, Carolina Wrens, Mourning Doves, LOTS of Goldfinches, Some House Finches, and our woodpeckers (Red-bellied and Downy mostly).. There are Northern Flickers and Pileated Woodpeckers around --but they don't come to the feeders.

Yesterday, while watching my football team LOSE (sigh!) and while cutting out the latest coupons and making my grocery list for the week, I decided to see if I could take some pictures to share with you.

WELL----as you can tell from seeing the following pictures, none of them are very good. It was a cloudy day and the snow that is still on our deck caused a glare---plus the fact that I didn't realize that our lit Christmas tree was causing reflections (as you will be able to see) on the feeders and on the birds. I almost threw away all of the pictures --but then decided I'd show them and call them my Christmas Birds!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy some of my little angels. This female Cardinal in the picture above was busy stuffing her mouth!! Notice the reflections from our Christmas tree lights?????? Ha -Ha... Sorry I didn't get a picture of the males since they are so pretty this time of year with their red colors. I missed catching them at the feeders and I also missed catching the Red-bellied and the Downys. Oh Well--hope you enjoy the ones I managed to get.

A little Goldfinch sitting on the line ---waiting his turn at one of the feeders

We have lots and lots of Goldfinches this year---but so far, no Pine Siskins... (You may remember from last year that we had hundreds of Pine Siskins!!! I hope they go elsewhere this year! My 20-30 Goldfinches keep the feeders busy enough!)

I love this sweet picture of a male Goldfinch... He has lost his beautiful yellow summer color--and it's hard now to tell the difference between the males and females.

We also have some House Finches at our feeders. There aren't as many as there are Goldfinches but I love that red color on the males.

I added a string of lights to this male House Finch. Isn't he pretty????? He's definitely a Christmas bird!!!!! ha ha

Now---the string of lights is a necklace around his neck... Doesn't he look like it's Christmas????

The little Tufted Titmouse on the left wonders why he didn't get a string of lights around his neck. Doesn't he look sad???? AND--the House Finch is trying to EAT the lights to keep Mr. Tufted from having them!!!! ha ha

The Christmas House Finch on the left was enjoying wearing his lights as a hat ---and the House Finch on the right was looking UP searching for his own lights....

WELL---that's about all that I have to share today... Again, I apologize for the bad quality. Hopefully I can get some better pictures soon. In the meantime, let me say again--for the millionth time---how much I LOVE my BIRDS. They bring so much joy ---and right now, they ARE definitely my "Christmas Birds"...

Have a great Monday!!!

P.S. Thanks for all of your thoughts on my mystery critter prints I found on our deck after the snow. You ALL gave me some great answers but I have to say that my favorite answer came from Blog Friend SANDRA. Sandra said that Rudolph paid us a visit. I'm sure he was checking out the house---making sure he would have a place to land the sleigh on Christmas Eve. Thanks Sandra... That was a great answer!!