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Friday, January 27, 2012

Best of 2011: BILTMORE

As most of you know,  George and I have season's tickets  to the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, North Carolina.   If you are new to my blog and want more information about Biltmore,  click HERE.  We made SEVERAL trips there during 2011---at different seasons of the year.  Today I will share with you just a FEW of my favorite pictures from Biltmore in 2011.

Above is one of my definite favorites... It was taken from the LAGOON during late Fall --looking at the back of the Biltmore House.  We had hoped to see  the Mums in bloom --but missed them in 2011.  Maybe we'll get there at the right time in 2012.  Be sure and click on the photos to see larger views.

During the Winter,  I would recommend a visit inside the conservatory at Biltmore.  During the Christmas season,  they feature alot of Poinsettias and other 'reds' of Christmas.  They also have a room that is filled with ORCHIDS.  The picture above and below shows only two of the gorgeous orchids from Biltmore.

This ORCHID's color is just awesome I think.

I love HYDRANGEAS also..   This one is pretty --and I loved the pale blue one which they also featured at Biltmore.

As Spring approached,  we took another trip back to Biltmore to see the spring blooms.  This picture was only one of MANY that we took of the DOGWOODS and AZALEAS.  The grounds are at their prettiest in spring I think.

Here's a close-up of one of the AZALEAS.  Isn't the color just gorgeous?

The joy of being at Biltmore in Summer was seeing the fabulous SUNFLOWERS in bloom.  There were so many in that big field that they just took my breath away.   So beautiful ---and definitely worth a trip to Biltmore in summer.

I could have chosen 100 (or more) pictures from Biltmore to share with you.  We love that place.  We're so in tune with the gardens and all of the other facilities that we haven't taken much time (only once) to go inside the home itself.  We hope to do that soon --but no photos are allowed inside.  SO--we won't be able to share that part with you.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday...   Maybe the rains will finally stop for awhile and give us a BREAK....  Hopefully,  I'll have time to work on my Genealogy this weekend!!!


Monday, December 12, 2011

More ORCHIDS from Biltmore

If you missed the last post showing the gorgeous ORCHIDS at the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, North Carolina,  click HERE.   Today I'll show you a few more photos of those beautiful orchids.   Above is a favorite of mine... Love that color!!!  Be sure to enlarge the photos for some bigger pictures.

This little white one is simple ---but oh, how gorgeous... Orchids are hard to grow --unless you live in a tropical area.   When I was younger,  a friend's mother used to grow orchids in her home.  She had a sun room ---and could keep it just the right temperature in order to grow them.  They were gorgeous!!!   In the Conservatory at the Biltmore---they grow them in one of their rooms in which the conditions are perfect for them...  Some of the plants at the Biltmore need a HOT room and some need a cool room.. They offer it all inside the Conservatory.

This purple color just jumped out at me... I love the color, purple,  anyhow ---and this one was beautiful.

Here is another beautiful orchid... I don't know how many different varieties of orchids there are,  but there must be MANY.

I love yellow flowers ---so this one called my name also... Isn't it pretty?

Here is another gorgeous color...  Is this magenta?  Whatever the color is,  these orchids are beautiful...

Hope you enjoyed seeing the orchids from the Biltmore Conservatory.   We are buying season's passes again this next year since we love that place so much.  We hope to do what we did this year and go there during all seasons....

Hope you have a great day.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Lagoon at Biltmore

Our favorite spot at the Biltmore House and Gardens is when we drive to the Lagoon...  This is a wonderful (and not highly publicized) area of the estate.   We drive down a gravel road ---and love it here, since we can see both the back of the house (mansion),  and we can enjoy a picnic along the water while watching a 'ton' of Canada Geese making lots of noise.  We can also continue driving in that area --as the gravel road goes between the lagoon and the French Broad River... IF you ever get to Biltmore,  check out this area!!!

Today I'll share some pictures from this area.  Above is a picture of the Lagoon and the back of the Biltmore House...

George took this picture with his long-lens, so that we could get a better view of the back of the Biltmore House.  By looking at the first picture,  you can see how far away the house really is --from where we were.

I love seeing the Canada Geese ---and there are lots and lots of them here..  There's a small island in the middle of the Lagoon ---and the geese live on that island.. I wish I knew how many geese there are ---but I'll guarantee there are MANY.

More Canada Geese!!!!

And ---here's one more shot of the Canada Geese!!!

Finally,  here's a picture of us standing next to the Lagoon --with a view of the Biltmore House and Gardens in the background. 

Hope you enjoyed my photos from the Lagoon...

Welcome to DECEMBER.... (Hard to believe,  isn't it???)


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Orchids at the Biltmore Conservatory

The Orchids in the Conservatory at Biltmore House and Gardens are some of the prettiest I have ever seen... Today I will show you some of those gorgeous Orchids... Be sure and enlarge the photos for a better look!

Aren't these just gorgeous?   I truly don't know much about Orchids ---but I do love seeing them.  There are just so many varieties...

Hope you have a tremendous Tuesday!!!  We have had more rain in 2 days than we had all year I think... It has rained and rained and rained.  Now --they say we might get some snow flurries... December is almost here!!!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas at Biltmore Estate

George and I took a  Thanksgiving Trip this year...  After all that I (both of us) have been through the past 6 weeks,  we NEEDED some time to get away with our cameras... It was not a strenuous trip for me ---and other than a stinkin' stiff neck,   I did GREAT....

Our first stop was one of our favorite places,  the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, North Carolina.   I love Biltmore during all seasons,  but Christmas in the Conservatory is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love all of the Christmas reds and greens ---and I love tropical plants.  Biltmore does a good job with displaying so much beauty in their Conservatory.

Today I'll share with you some photos from Biltmore... Be sure and enlarge the photos to 16 x 10  for better pictures...

Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We certainly did!!!!!  Now---I  have to stop and think about  Christmas...  I love Christmas and love to decorate.  However,  with my lack of energy this year,  I may just tone down some of the decorations...


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Antler Hill Village at Biltmore, NC

Today,  I'll show you more pictures from our visit to the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville,  NC on October 4.   If you have not ever been to Biltmore --you may not know that this is a HUGE estate... Not only can you visit that gorgeous home,  or all of the many gardens,  but there's also a winery, several nice restaurants,  a huge inn,  many shops for 'shop-til-you-drop' shopping,  and an entire area called the Antler Hill Village which includes a farm.   There is just ALOT to see there!!!  It's impossible to see everything in one day...

SO--on the day we were there,  we chose to visit the Antler Hill Village (or at least part of it).. On this day,  we visited the old barn (built about 1902),  the woodworker shop,  the smithy shop,  etc.   It turned out to be a GREAT day at Biltmore...

The picture above was taken BEFORE we got to Antler Hill Village.  We were still at the lagoon area.  George took this great Autumn photo of the French Broad River --which runs through the Biltmore grounds.  Isn't it pretty?????

AND---this is where George stood to take that previous picture.  They say that photographers will do most anything to get a good picture.  Ya think?????? ha

Now we are at the Antler Village.   This is a picture of what used to be the old barn on the working estate... As I said above,  this barn was built in 1902.  They showed an awesome video inside the barn about life for the family in the early 1900's   If you ever get to the Antler Village,  be sure and watch the video. 

Look at Farmer Adams on that wagon...  All he needs is a corncob pipe and a straw hat,  don't you think?????  OH---I guess he will need a horse to take him on his way!!!! ha ha

I liked this 'grass' horse...  Neat, huh?

Now---George switched  over to the tractor...  That is an old Ford tractor---and he thinks that his Dad's neighbor may have had an old one similar to that one once...

I am standing behind a sculpture of Cornelia Vanderbilt (the only daughter of Edith and George Vanderbilt) with her 'best friend'--Cedric, a 200 pound  St. Bernard dog.

We enjoyed our visit to the Antler Hill Village at Biltmore...  BUT---there's more to come about our experiences that day!!!!  Just wait until tomorrow to see what else we did on this day!!!!!

Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Different Visit to Biltmore House and Gardens

Unless you are new to my blog,  you will know that George and I bought season's tickets to the gorgeous Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville,  North Carolina this year.  (This will be my 19th blog post about Biltmore!!!!)  We love that place and try to get there every couple of months... What we love the most are all of their gorgeous flowers.

BUT--this month's visit was 'different'..  There weren't many flowers in bloom.  They had some Mums --but most were not blooming on the day we were there (Oct. 11, 2011).   SO---we decided to check out something we have not seen before at Biltmore...

We had seen gorgeous photos of the back of the Biltmore House taken from the water ---but had never found where those photos were taken.   SO---this time we went 'hunting' for it... AND--we found it!!!!! 

On the road to the Winery,  there is a little lagoon on the left.. AND--there is a little rock road which leads back into that area..  WOW---did we ever find a gem!!!!!   The road winds back into an absolutely gorgeous area.  The lagoon is on one side and the French Broad River is on the other side...  There are pull-offs all along the way --for picnics, hikes,  and just plain relaxation...  We will definitely go back to this area.

We also had hoped to see some gorgeous Fall colors at Biltmore --but were surprised that the leaves have not changed much there...  We did get a few colorful pictures ---but not nearly as many as we got here on the Cumberland Plateau when we visited Cumberland Mountain State Park recently...

Today,  I'll share some photos with you from the lagoon area at Biltmore... Above is a picture of a little color we saw on the road toward the lagoon.  Below are more.  Be sure to enlarge the photos for some larger pictures.

This was our view --when we got to the lagoon.  There were Canada Geese EVERYWHERE... They must love that area!!!!!   AND--as you can tell,  there was a tiny bit of Fall colors.

Here is that beautiful view from the lagoon ---looking toward the back of the Biltmore House... Isn't this just tremendous?

Here's another picture  taken in a different place along the lagoon... Doesn't that house look like a palace up there on the hill?????

I was sitting on a rock admiring the beauty around me --and some of the Canada Geese came to visit me... We had our picnic lunch there ---so I'm sure that the geese thought they were going to get some lunch!!!!! ha

See how many geese were in that area!!!!!  AND---there were many, many more around!

Since George and I like to make our memories through pictures together,  we again got the tripod out and took our pictures at the lagoon... Great setting,  don't you think?

We also went a couple of other 'new' areas for us on that day ---so stay tuned for more pictures!!!!   It was a great day ---even though 'different'.... We always seem to have a marvelous time!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beauty from the Biltmore House and Gardens

 I hope you are not getting tired of my photos from Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, NC.  This will be my 18th post from there...  I'm not obsessed,  am I?  ha ha ....  IF you happen to miss any of the other 17 posts,  you can go to my sidebar,  scroll down to Labels, and click on Biltmore.  It is truly an awesome place!  This trip was on August 5, my birthday!
Today I'm sharing a few more pictures with you.   Above are a couple of gorgeous Crepe Myrtles in bloom.   Below are more.  Enlarge the photos for larger pictures.

One of the adorable statues at the Italian Gardens;  I first thought he was holding an ice cream cone.  Don't think so!!!!! ha

One of the sidewalks in the Biltmore Gardens;  Love seeing the Grape Vines;

The Koi in the Italian Water Gardens;  I was looking straight down into the water --and loved getting the clouds in the sky as a reflection!

Remember when I showed a picture of this Chenille plant  around Christmas time --from inside the Conservatory?  WELL---now they have been transplanted outside.  Those little fuzzy worms do get long,  don't they?

I've talked alot about the Conservatory but have never shown you its picture.  Well--here it is--and let me tell you that there are some gorgeous tropical plants inside there,  including Orchids.

On another note,  several of you have complained about having to scroll all of the way down through my comments to get to the "Leave Comment" form.  WELL--my advice is:  when you bring up a blog,  click on the blog only (Like THIS) instead of the post (This one )....   If you pull up the blog,  the comments won't come up.  Then just click on the comment form.  Much EASIER I think!!!!!   Use the Blogger Draftboard because it doesn't work if you use the Google Reader.   Just my thoughts for today! ha

Hope you enjoyed my photos from Biltmore.

Have a wonderful day.  We are still getting some drizzly rain... We're up to about 6 inches now....But--it's a slow rain ---so there's no flooding!  Thanks be to God.