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Monday, June 9, 2014

Visit from Son and Daughter-in-law

Jeff and Dawn Wilhite, 6/7/14 at Cumberland Mountain State Park
George and I were blessed on Saturday (6/7/14)  to have a visit from my youngest son, Jeff, and his beautiful wife, Dawn.  They live in North Georgia ---and you'd think we would get to see each other more often.  BUT--they stay so busy and so do we... SO--when we do get to spend some time together,  it's magical and wonderful!!!!!  That was true for this MAMA on Saturday!!!!  Thanks,  Jeff and Dawn for coming!

Today I 'll share some photos from our time with them.  We took them to Cumberland Mountain State Park for lunch/dinner and then took some time to walk around the area and get some pictures (of course)... ha..  Hope you enjoy seeing more from our fantastic day!!!!  Click on the photos for enlargements.

Reflections on the lake at Cumberland Mountain State Park

Standing on the fishing pier at Cumberland  Mountain State Park

There are MANY Canada Geese at the state park.

Love taking photos of the bridge when you can get these reflections!

A great day to be Kayaking!!

George on the fishing pier

Another photo of the bridge (and reflections)

Jeff and Dawn at the fishing pier (They were wishing that they had brought their fishing poles since they LOVE to fish!!!)

I'll close with two more photos of the bridge and reflections.. These may be the best REFLECTION-type pictures I have ever taken!!!!  What do you think?  Can you see where the water is??? It obviously was very calm on this day...

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our 'adventures' today!!!!  It was truly fantastic spending a day with some of the family...   Next Sunday (Father's Day),  we have been invited to go to Nashville to spend some time with George's daughter and hubby... That will be PERFECT for him on Father's Day!!!!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Family Visits

Before Christmas,  George and I made three separate trips to visit some of the family.  On Dec. 20,  we drove to Tullahoma to visit George's 100 yr. old Dad.  We took him to lunch ---and he woofed down some fried chicken,  onion rings,  slaw and a big brownie topped with ice cream.....   Gee---that man still can EAT.... Awesome,  isn't it????  The picture above is of  George and his Dad..  I love that picture,  don't you?

Then on Dec. 22,  we drove down to Dalton, GA to have dinner and spend some time with son Jeff and his bride, Dawn.  Those two are SO happy ---and enjoying their first Christmas together as man and wife.  We gave them a "First Christmas" ornament... They fixed some delicious Gumbo for dinner.... YUM... We had a wonderful time with them.  The picture above is their gorgeous Christmas tree --which they picked out together at a tree farm.  Isn't it pretty?

Here is a picture of the newlyweds which I took while we visited.   Jeff inherited 3 doggies.... Dawn is holding Henry.  The other two are bigger dogs which stay outside most of the time.  Henry is ADORABLE---but it has taken him awhile to share his Mama with Jeff.... ha

THEN--on Dec. 23, we drove to Nashville to have dinner and do some photography with George's beautiful daughter, Kelly, and her hubby, Chuck.  They live in Buffalo --so we don't get to see them often.  BUT-since they were in Nashville attending an event,  we took the opportunity to meet with them for some time together...

After dinner,  we drove to an interesting old cemetery to do some walking and take some pictures.  The cemetery,  Mount Olivet  Cemetery,  is really interesting.  The weather was TERRIBLE (cold and drizzly) --so we didn't stay long.  BUT--we did get some good pictures while we were there.  The picture of Kelly and Chuck above was taken at the cemetery.  They were standing next to a HUGE Magnolia tree (which I have pictured in the next photo below).  NOTE:  Chuck is really taller than Kelly---but she was standing on a large tree root.

The cemetery (250 acres) was established in 1856---so it is very old with some interesting sculptures.  Besides these sculptures,  there were some AWESOME old trees on the property.   The picture above was one of the largest MAGNOLIA trees I have ever seen.   Note the trunk of this huge tree in the photo above of Kelly/Chuck.

Besides the Magnolia tree,   I also saw the largest HOLLY TREE I have ever seen.  In fact, there were several Holly trees in this area ---and probably more Magnolias.  The picture above shows one of these gorgeous Holly trees.  They are LOADED with berries.... So pretty!

And here is a close-up picture of some of the beautiful Holly berries.

Finally,  I'll close with some photos of some of the gorgeous sculptures in that cemetery. 

 As you can imagine,  we had a wonderful three days with family.  That made our Christmas very very special this year.

We drove to Tullahoma yesterday to see Dad.  (We go down there about every other week.)  He is fine ---and kept talking about someone selling all of the horses... HA HA ---he has never had any horses!!!! Bless his heart.

Hope you have a great weekend.  I will see you on Monday.   HAPPY 2013 to YOU.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jeff's Bird Pictures

When my son, Jeff,  visited us on the 15th,  my backyard birds put on a show for him.  He was able to get some great pictures with his camera and long lens.  Above is a picture of a BABY Male NORTHERN CARDINAL.   We have two young ones who frequent the deck  looking for some food.  Isn't this little guy adorable?  (One way to identify the young cardinals is by the color of their beaks.   Theirs is black, whereas adult cardinals have reddish/orange beaks.)

The PILEATED WOODPECKERS come to the suet feeders about twice a day.  I'm glad one came while Jeff was there.  He first captured the woodpecker on a nearby tree.

Here's a closeup of Mrs. PILEATED WOODPECKER.  (Note that there is no red whiskers --which the males have.)

The yellow GOLDFINCHES are so gorgeous this time of year.  Jeff got some great pictures,  didn't he?

Our little DOWNY WOODPECKERS are with us year-round.  They are such cute little woodpeckers--and definitely love suet.

Two larger birds which come to my deck these days are the Brown Thrashers and the BLUE JAYS.   Above is a picture of one of our noisy blue jays.  They are pretty birds --but certainly make alot of noise!!!!   (Those pink blossoms on the deck are the remains of some of the Rhododendron blooms.)

Finally,  here is one of Jeff's pictures taken when we were at Cumberland Mountain State Park the afternoon of the 15th.  He got a neat picture of a male NORTHERN CARDINAL  at the feeder there,  but look above his head....  Don't you just love this picture????

Hope you enjoyed Jeff's photos... (Thanks again, Honey, for visiting us.  We loved every minute of your visit.)

Have a wonderful day,  and thanks SO much to all of you who visited my blog post yesterday and said so many wonderful things to me.  That one was hard for me to write--but one which I needed to do.  If I can help one other person,  then it will be worth it.  So far,  I have had 56 comments PLUS 52 page views.  That means that 108 people read that blog post yesterday... Oh My Gosh!!!! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.  I truly love all of you!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great Sunday for this Mama

This past Sunday,  my youngest son, Jeff,  came to visit us.   He was going to come on Mother's Day --but we changed it until this past Sunday  since we were coming home from the beach last week.  It was also nice for him to wait a week to come because we could not only celebrate Mother's Day --but also,  we celebrated Jeff's birthday... My 'baby' turned FORTY on Saturday (May 14th)... Can you believe it??  AND that makes me -------HOW OLD????  ha ha

We had a wonderful visit with Jeff.  We talked-talked-talked,   watched my backyard birds--which put on a 'show' for Jeff,  watched a video that Jeff brought of one of the tornadoes that devastated an area near Chattanooga where Jeff lives,  watched "The King's Speech" (which is a fabulous movie and we recommend it --if you haven't seen it yet).  George took us to the Cumberland Mountain State Park Restaurant for dinner  (excellent buffet).  AND we walked around the lake at the park taking lots of pictures.

Jeff has a love for photography like I do --but he makes me look like an amateur.  He has been into photography for many years whereas I just started a few years ago.  He also has a love of the outdoors like George and I do...  You can just imagine how wonderful it was to sit and talk with this busy young man.

Here are a few pictures  I took of our day..   These were all taken at the Cumberland Mountain State Park.  Above is a picture of the restaurant (top floor) where we ate.

This picture shows the lake at the state park.  The grounds are well-manicured --and it was fun (although COOL that day) walking around that lake...

How do you like this huge bird feeder at the Cumberland Mtn. State Park? You can see that more critters besides birds enjoy this feeder....  The Canada Geese stay below that feeder ---hoping to get some seed which the birds (or squirrels) drop.  See what is on the top of the feeder?????? ha

The Canada Geese are not one bit afraid of us humans.  I got THIS close to this one --and it never did move...  Aren't they gorgeous birds?

I took a gazillion pictures of the bridge at the state park... I chose this one to share since you can not only see the reflection of the bridge ---but you can also see the reflection of the trees.... Love it!!!!  You?

We hiked on the other side of the bridge to see the 'waterfall' (overflow) from the lake into the creek.    You know us.... We'll count most anything like this as a waterfall... HA HA..  However,  this one really is pretty,  and there are woodsy trails in this area which you can take,  following the creek. Cumberland Mtn. State Park really is a nice place to visit.

Finally,  George took this picture of a proud Mama and her son.   It was wonderful being able to spend the day with Jeff.  I may be just a little prejudiced --but he is a fabulous young man.  I just cannot believe that he is FORTY now.... I must have been a child bride!!!!! Har Har Har....

Jeff took a group of pictures of my backyard birds which I will show in a post next week.   Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!

On another note,  we visited George's parents yesterday.   Both were in fair condition.  We are concerned right now about Dad (who turns 99 in August).  He's really gone down recently --and we think that he may be giving up.  Bless  their hearts.  Please keep Mom and Dad Adams in your prayers.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Favorite SON

Two weeks ago,  I introduced my youngest son, Jeff.  Then last week,  I introduced my oldest son, Bert.  This week,  I introduce you to middle son, Mark.  Mark and family live in Seabrook, TX.  Mark works for a company installing alarm systems in homes.  Recently,  he installed a system in the home of one of the Houston Astros' Baseball Team players.  He thought that was kinda special!!!!

Mark was born on January 15, 1970.  He and his beautiful wife,  Lara,  have two gorgeous daughters,  "BA"--age 17 and "BR"--age 14 (in March).   To protect their privacy,  I will not give their names.  Above is a great picture of Mark.  Below are more.

Mark is my smiling child... He smiled from birth --all the way through his childhood... Such a Cutie Pie!!!!  And I think he is still smiling!!!

Here is a picture of Mark and me taken in 2006 when he came to Nashville --and we visited him there.

I love this picture of Mark and his gorgeous wife,  Lara.  I have several pictures of the two of them,  but this is one of my favorites (despite the sunshine hitting their faces).

Like all of my sons,   Mark loves SPORTS.  Since he doesn't have sons,  he and his girls got interested in softball.  SO--now, that is truly Mark's passion.  He has coached his girls'  teams for several years.  He still coaches --but also has started a league in his community, involving different age-level teams.   He says that he would do this fulltime --if someone would just pay him!!!!! ha ha ha ... The picture above is Mark with his youngest daughter,  who is a catcher, after they won a tournament.

This is just a silly picture of Mark with his girls...  It was taken in 2006--so these girls have really changed since then.  I love it though!!!

This is a fairly recent picture of Mark and his oldest daughter.

Finally,   I just got this picture last week (along with some others) of "BR's"  Winter Dance pictures...  This is one of my fav's ---of Daddy and his youngest. Doesn't she just look gorgeous,  all dressed up for the dance?   GEE--those girls are both growing up so fast.

Well---that's my three sons... Now you know them!!!!  I don't see any of them as much as I'd like these days --but we try to keep in touch,  through the telephone,  through emails and texting...  But--like most all young people these days,  they do stay VERY busy.  I am proud of all of them and the men they have become.