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Monday, April 18, 2016

Short Vacation to the Smokies (April 6--8, 2016)

Cades Cove ---a "not-to-miss" area in the Smokies!
George and I enjoy spending a few fun-filled days in our Smoky Mountains (which are only about 2 hours from where we live).  BUT--we like to go there during the 'off-seasons' when the traffic is not horrible and when there are not many people.  HOWEVER,  we blew it this year --by going the first week of April... There were TONS of people around (due to Spring Breaks in various states/areas I guess)---and it felt almost like it feels when one goes there during the summer!!!!

BUT--we didn't let that stop us from having a great time... We spent two nights at one of our favorite old Gatlinburg motels (Rocky Waters).   We enjoyed a couple of fantastic dinners while there (one at the Ole Mill in Pigeon Forge and one at the Applewood Farmhouse in Sevierville).... 

We hiked (DID WE EVER HIKE!!!!) for two days.  One was our visit to Cades Cove including the hike to Abrams Falls..  We finished that day with about 7.5 miles on our FITBITS.  Then the next day,  we drove to Cosby and hiked to Hen Wallow Falls.  That day we completed over 6.3 miles...   (Talk about being TIRED once we got home!!!! ha)

On our last day,  we spent the morning at one of our favorite RELAXATION spots in the Smokies,  Greenbriar.  George enjoyed taking his fabulous water shots --and I enjoyed sitting on a big rock enjoying nature all around me.

One last thing we did before heading home was stopping in Sevier County to see the Harrisburg Covered Bridge.  We were on the back roads between Cosby and Sevierville (trying to avoid the traffic) ---so we just HAD to stop and see this historic bridge.

Today I'll share some pictures of this wonderful trip...  Sometimes,  it is just FUN to get-away ---even for a few days!!!  Hope you enjoy this set... The picture at the top is at gorgeous CADES COVE in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.. IF you look closely, you can see deer grazing in the field.

Another picture at Cades Cove;  If/when you visit here,  take an entire day to stop all along the way, and visit all of the wonderful history about the people many years ago who lived in this valley.

Here's one more old cabin in Cades Cove.

The hike to Abrams is pretty--although quite long if you are not used to longer hikes. 

George got "up close and personal" with Abrams Falls.  See him there?

Here is one of George's FANTASTIC waterfall pictures.  This is Abrams Falls in Cades Cove,  Great Smoky Mountain National Park (4-6-16).

Here is a picture of us at Abrams Falls. 

The next day (4-7-16),  we hiked to Hen Wallow Falls.  The trail was pretty along creeks and rhododendrons, but the elevation change is wicked.  I got more 'floors' (stairs/hills) on my FITBIT than I have ever gotten (142) on a single day, since we got our devices in May last year.  The good news was that it was downhill most of the way back!!!!! ha

Again,  I captured George climbing all over the big boulders to get a good picture of Hen Wallow Falls.

This is one of the awesome pictures George captured on 4/7/16  of Hen Wallow Falls, near Cosby,  in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Here's a picture of George and me at Hen Wallow Falls.  There was another family nearby who sorta took over the area --so we didn't have a good place for our pictures... BUT--we had some lunch there and enjoyed ourselves anyhow.

The last day (4/8/16),  we visited Greenbriar in the Smokies.  George turned around when I hollered at him.  He was busy taking more and more pictures of that glorious water in that area.

Here's one of George's terrific pictures from Greenbriar (4/8/16).   We LOVE being there.  My kids used to swim in this area. 

Of course,  we just had to take our picture together in Greenbriar.   After those long hikes on the previous two days,  it felt good just RELAXING and enjoying nature.

The Historic Harrisburg Covered Bridge,  Sevier County, TN
After leaving Greenbriar,  we stopped to see this beautiful covered bridge (which they still use).  This bridge was originally built in 1875...   Amazing!!!!

Here's one more picture of this well-kept Covered Bridge.  It's not far from the hustle and bustle of Sevierville/Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg.  SO---if you are ever in that area,  do not miss this beauty!!!!

Well---that was our little trip in a nutshell!!!!  We accomplished everything we had intended to do:  lots of hiking,  seeing waterfalls,  good food and just relaxing and enjoying one another...

Have a wonderful week.  Can you believe that it's almost MAY?  And --we are headed out soon for another short trip!!!!


Monday, March 7, 2016

Gorgeous SNOW on Mt. Magazine (2-24-16) ---AND a Birthday!!!!

Mt Magazine Snow --2/24/16
On our recent trip to Arkansas,  one of the highlights was seeing some beautiful snow on the top of Mt. Magazine State Park.   On our annual trip,  we always stay at our favorite cabin at Mt. Nebo State Park.  BUT--we love to visit Mt. Magazine each year, one of the days we are there,  to do some hiking (when possible) and to eat dinner at their wonderful lodge restaurant.  This is a 'tradition' for us.  Mt. Magazine is higher in elevation than Mt. Nebo --so it's usually colder there,  and through the years,  we have encountered different weather up on that mountain.  This year was a FIRST though for us---SNOW and quite a bit of it (only at those higher elevations)...

As most of you know,  I truly LOVE snow and never see enough of it where we live in Tennessee.  George, on the other hand,  grew up in Indiana --so he's had his fill of snow, and would rather not see it... BUT--even George liked this snow (since he didn't have a driveway to clear)....

This was truly a pretty snow --a 'wet' one clinging to everything.  The roads weren't bad --and our Prius did great on the overlook roads... It was VERY cold up there (the wind would cut one in half) --so we didn't stay out of the car for long!!!!! ha...

BUT--even though we didn't hike,  we did enjoy the snow and taking LOTS of pictures.  AND--we did enjoy dinner there... GREAT day for us!!!!!

Get some coffee or hot tea or cocoa,  sit back,  and enjoy seeing 'our' snow in the comforts of your home!!!!!! AND--even if you don't like snow,  just know in your hearts how much "I" LOVED it.

ONE MORE THING:  Wednesday,  March 9th,  is George's Birthday...   I have some GREAT PLANS for him --which I'll have to share at another time!!!!  BUT---you can either wish him a Happy Birthday here (since he does read my comments) --or you can go to one of his blog posts: Click HERE and wish him a Happy Birthday...  Thank him for making ME so happy!!!! He is SUCH a wonderful wonderful man!!!!

Have a great week my friends!!!!


Here's George taking some snow pictures... Be sure to wish him a Happy 74th on Wednesday....

There was snow clinging to EVERYTHING... SO beautiful --and so white and peaceful!

Our Road ---which really wasn't as bad as it may appear!!

Me at one of the overlooks;  That wind was SOSOSOSOSO COLLLLLLDDDDDDD!!!

Many of you know how much I love seeing snow clinging to the shrubs/bushes.

At one of the overlooks ---looking at the mountains/rock formations around us

Another picture taken from the car --at all of the snow clinging to the big trees

The Crazy Woman who LOVES snow!!!

From the lodge George was taking some sunbeam pictures down in the valley below....  We had just finished an amazing dinner!

A picture I took from the lodge --looking at how interesting the snow looked clinging onto EVERYTHING in its sight

One of the cabins on the top of Mt. Magazine;  There are several cabins up here for rent --but they are all HUGE cabins --and we love our 'tiny' one (for 2-4 people) at Mt. Nebo.  BUT--the views up here are wonderful.

A view from BELOW (as we were leaving the mountain) that day;  Click on this picture --and you can see the lodge on the far left on the mountain.  Some of the cabins are to the right of that lodge toward the middle of the picture...

Here's one last picture of US in the snow.  A security maintenance man stopped when he saw us --and offered to take our picture.  He said that he had been awake all night--and was headed home for some sleep!  Wasn't that nice of him to stop?
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our pictures from Mt. Magazine..... My next blog post will be showing you some beautiful sky and sunset pictures from that trip!!!!!  Love to all!

P.S.  Is anyone having trouble with Blogger?  I had the worst time in a LONG LONG time trying to get this blog ready to publish....  Even had trouble with the curser disappearing.   CRAZY.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day 2016

Hope all of you blog friends are having a GREAT Valentine's Day/Weekend.... Just remember that Valentine Celebrations are all about LOVE ---and we all need to keep the love going not just today,  but all of the time.

The weather has changed our celebration plans this week.  First of all,  we had a short trip planned ---which we had to cancel due to the weather...  Then today we were going down to Cookeville to have a fancy-dancy Valentines Dinner... BUT---with snow/sleet/ice all around us today,  we decided not to head down the mountain...

SO--what did we do to celebrate??????  WELL---we did something we had never done on Valentine's Day before:  we went to a local Mexican Restaurant near us here and had Fajitas for TWO.  Even though it wasn't 'fancy' --and we didn't dress up for a special occasion,  the food was GREAT.   We both enjoyed it ---and after getting home,  we enjoyed cuddling on the sofa by the fireplace --watching the snow come down (and being happy we were HOME).

The biggest surprise and JOY of the celebration weekend was getting a package from FedEx.... Guess what it was?   My middle son (Mark) and his wonderful girlfriend (Debbie) sent me a huge bunch of gorgeous ROSES from 1-800-Flowers....   The pink and red roses are so beautiful --and will only get prettier with each passing day as they open... 

Adult children may not always realize how special it is for a parent to hear from them.  This Mama CRIED with so much love and joy inside of herself.   Mark and Debbie will NEVER know how much this gesture of love means to me....

Finally and most importantly,  this is for my wonderful husband, George.   Thank YOU for the gorgeous card ---and for always being there for me... I love you to the moon and back FOREVER.... Don't ever forget that....

Well Friends---as you can tell,  even though it wasn't what we first expected,  we did have a wonderful weekend... As my Facebook friends tell me,  just being with George is enough for me!!!!!!  SO TRUE..  

God Bless You ---and remember to keep the LOVE going all year long.


Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

2014  Christmas
From our home to yours,  we wish each and everyone of you a Blessed and Joyful and Happy Christmas.  We have had another great year --and I will put together a summary of our life during 2015,  for you next week--as we begin another year!!!

My blogging has definitely taken a back seat this year,  and I will admit that I do miss it --and YOU.  But--I still am enjoying Facebook,  more than ever before.  I do love to blog --but I also love Facebook since it is much easier to stay current with friends and family.  If you are on Facebook and are not following me there,  I'd love to add you to my list...  AND--maybe in 2016--I'll do a better job with my blogging also!!

Here are some pictures through the years of George and me at various Christmases.  I posted a similar blog 2-3 years ago---but have some newer/other pictures to share... Hope you enjoy them!!!!!

2001---our FIRST Christmas together

Two Crazies having fun in 2004

2005 Christmas

2009 Christmas

In 2011---right after my horrible hernia surgery, and when I made the ultimate decision to get the weight off and KEEP it off;  (Four years later,  it's still working!)

Collage of pictures we took at Christmas in 2012

Oh---how we LOVE to have fun!!!!  Silly People for sure!

Christmas 2013

Being silly in 2014----right before my 2nd knee surgery on that stinkin' left knee!!!

One of my favorite pictures of us EVER....2012
My hope for you is that in 2016,  you will get out and enjoy life, laugh a lot, and have oodles of fun,  whatever you do and wherever you go...  AND---like us,  do everything you can to stay as healthy as possible.  God Bless You.

Merry Christmas!