Welcome to the month of AUGUST, 2015. My 'header' this month was taken on a very 'smoke-filled' day (wildfires around) at Yellowstone National Park, September 2012.
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas, Friends, and Me

Happy December to YOU...  I love December and CHRISTMAS....  This year,  however,  I will celebrate it differently than most years...  But first I will share with you a couple of pictures from last year...  Above is one of our three outdoor wreaths in the front of our home  (Note the header photo at the top)...   Isn't this wreath pretty?

This is a picture from the Opry Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.  I love this HUGE Poincettia bloom.  It's quite creative,  don't you think?

Bill,  Diane,  Rob,  Kathy at our home
Recently,  we met two more SPECIAL Blog Friends....  AND---these special friends are from AUSTRALIA.... How neat is that!!!!    We met Diane Bohlen (click HERE for her blog),  her husband, Bill (click HERE for his blog),  and their friends Rob and Kathy  (click HERE for Kathy's Blog). 

Diane and I have been blog friends for several years --and it was fantastic to meet her/them...  I hadn't met Rob and Kathy before --but am now following Kathy's Blog.

The group were on their way to the Smoky Mountains for a few days.  SO--they stopped by our home and spent a couple of hours here with us... We had hoped to meet them the next day in the Smokies  to show them around that gorgeous area.  HOWEVER,  the weather didn't cooperate AT ALL... It turned bitterly cold and we ended up with ICE here on the plateau... Needless to say,  we had to cancel our visit... BUT--while reading their blog posts,  it appears that they enjoyed their time in the Smokies DESPITE the weather... I hope they will all come back in a different season!!!!

Here  is a picture of me and my special Auzzie Friend,  Diane  (Adventures Before Dementia)....  She's such an incredible lady ---and we really enjoyed seeing each other. George and I have now met 21 of our blog friends in person... VERY SPECIAL to US.

Here's a picture of Bill,  Diane,  George and me.    Amazing when one meets a blog friend,  it feels as if we have known each other FOREVER...  It was magical --and I am so pleased that the four of these friends came to visit us!!!!!  I apologize for our terrible weather the week they were in our area...  Oh Well---I certainly cannot control that... ha

Finally,  here's the latest update on ME and my terrible KNEE PAIN.
-Nov. 21----Hurt my left knee (same knee I had  Meniscus Surgery on in 2010)
-Nov. 24--- To the Doctor  (got pain medication and an anti-inflammatory med for the swelling)
-Nov. 26--- Thought the knee was getting better,  but 'pulled' something AGAIN that night;  The knee pain got worse and worse throughout the rest of that week.
-Dec. 1--Back to the Doctor  (new pain medication --so that I can sleep, and an MRI set up)
-Dec. 11--MRI

As my Facebook Friends will tell you,  I am trying hard to KEEP a good ATTITUDE through all of this... And--I do know that things could definitely be MUCH worse.   But--I'll admit that it's not easy at times because of the pain.   BUT--with prayers and love from people like you,  and with God's help,  I'll make it through all of this...

AND most of all,  let me say something you already know..  Without George,  I'm not sure how I could get through this especially this time of year.  He is WONDERFUL --and has helped with so many things,  such as decorating our Christmas tree,  etc...  We are determined to have a wonderful Christmas ---and even though I'm SITTING most of the time,  I am sure that I'll look back on this month knowing that I truly do have tons and tons of blessings in my life...

I will keep you posted --but probably won't blog too much this month.  I did have fun putting up my December header/blog colors/appearance, etc... I also have all NEW QUOTES on my sidebar for you to enjoy.

AND---I put a couple of Christmas photos on my other blog  (click HERE for my Photo Blog) so check it out when you have time.

Blogger has automatically added Word Verification to my blogs now--even though my settings say NO.  BUT--you don't have to type in the numbers.  Just hit publish!  Anyone else having trouble like this?????

Hugs and thanks for your thoughts and prayers,


Monday, May 26, 2014

How to Really HEAL after Gallbladder Surgery

Healing Rule 1:  A trip to the BEACH;   Betsy at Ocean Isle Beach,  5/22/14
First of all,  a Happy Memorial Day to ALL.  I hope that you are enjoying the long weekend,  but remember to stay SAFE and also remember what we are celebrating today!  Don't ever forget those who have served and are serving in the Armed Forces in order to provide us the freedom we enjoy.  God Bless them ALL.

OKAY (back to my post)----in order to help me get better after Gallbladder Surgery --and that nasty infection following the surgery,  my Sweetheart took me to the BEACH.  We had rescheduled our beach trip from the first week in May (due to my surgery) until this week...After having that infection,  I wasn't sure we'd even get to go this past week... BUT---we did --and  had a fabulous time...

We went to our favorite beach, to the Islander Inn in Ocean Isle Beach,  North Carolina (north of Myrtle Beach).  This is about the 10th year we have gone there in May ---and  we DID have a fantastic week.  The weather was truly PERFECT---with no rain and very few clouds all week long.

SO---today I'll take you on a 'healing' experience of a lifetime!!!!!!  Get some coffee and enjoy the photos!!!!!  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

Healing Rule 2:  Find a wonderful inn on the beach, facing the ocean!
This year (because we had to change dates),  the inn worked with us to 'fit' us into this week.  We were in Building 6 (of 7) on the first floor --with parking below.  We actually liked the change!!!

Healing Rule 3:  Set up our chairs on the beach.   (Photo was taken from our room balcony)
It was amazing how 2 weeks could make such a difference in the number of people around... When we come the first of May,  there are not many people at all... This week,  there were MANY more people as you can tell.

Healing Rule 4:  Sit in your beach chair with a cold drink.  (Drink lots and lots of water!)
Neither of us came home with sunburns although we WERE out in the sun ALOT all week.   Thank Goodness for SUNSCREEN.....

A couple of the days were almost cool --due to the breeze,  but that last day (Thursday),  it got MUCH HOTTER...  (That made me realize why I don't like to go to the beach in the summer when it is extremely hot!!!! ha)

Healing Rule 5:  Enjoying French Vanilla Coffee with that wonderful man in my life on the Balcony!
We had our special coffee (gift from son/wife) on the balcony each morning while reading our daily devotions.   AND--we also enjoyed our lunch on the balcony!!!!  It was so nice to sit and just enjoy the ocean/waves/sounds/smells, etc... Love it!

Healing Rule 6:  Getting to see  'our' teeny tiny Beach House!!
Blog friends who have followed me for years will remember when this house was under construction.  We have followed this one for many years ---and I still cannot believe the SIZE of it.... Goodness---if I had enough money to really own a place like this,  I'm sure I'd also have enough money to pay a full staff to keep it up!!!!!!  Want one like this????  (As much as I love the beach,  I think I'd rather have a little log cabin in the mountains!!!)

Healing Rule 7:  Dinner at DOCKSIDE Seafood House in Calabash, NC
There are several really good seafood restaurants near Ocean Isle... A favorite of ours  is the LARGE Fried Scallops at Dockside... YUM!!!!!!  We can sit under the big Live Oak Tree and enjoy the waterfront while we are at Dockside.  We can also walk out on the pier and check out all of the fishing boats which bring those delicious shrimp, scallops,  oysters, etc.  to shore for us to enjoy.  Talk about FRESH SEAFOOD... It's the BEST. 

Healing Rule 8:  EXERCISE....
We enjoy taking long walks on the beach both mornings and afternoons.  It's great exercise for both of us ---AND we certainly need the exercise so that we can eat that delicious seafood!!!!

Healing Rule 9:  SLEEPING and/or NAPPING
Whether I'm on the beach --or in the room (listening to the waves),  it's great for napping and sleeping!!!!!!  LOVE it.

Healing Rule 10 and the MOST IMPORTANT:  Be with the most wonderful man in the world,  who takes such good care of me!!!
This photo was taken on 5/22/14 at the Gazebo at Islander Inn,  Ocean Isle Beach.   You all know how much I love George and appreciate everything he does for me...  BUT--this trip was one HUGE healing opportunity for me.. I feel GREAT!!!!!!!  Thanks, Honey!!!


Monday, May 5, 2014

Even though the PANSIES are SMILING, I have to have SURGERY!!!!

 Bet I got your attention!!!!!!  Some of you know that I have been experiencing some stomach-issues for awhile... WELL--the pain has gotten worse the past few months --so my doctor decided that I needed to get an ultrasound of my GALLBLADDER...

I did just that ---and guess what????  My gallbladder is FULL of stones!!!  Fun-fun!!!!  My options were to just live with it (and put up with the side/back/shoulder-blade pain) --or get that 'thing' taken out!!!!

I decided to get the Gallbladder taken out now that they can hopefully do it by the laparoscopic procedure (which is day surgery with little discomfort or recovery time).  YES---this has caused us to make some changes in our travel plans ---but we feel that it is something  I need to get done..  SO---we won't allow this little 'bump in the road' to deter us much.   You all know me----I don't let things get me down anymore than necessary!!!

SO---my day surgery will be on Thursday,  May 8, at the local hospital here.  I'm sure that George will be keeping everyone posted as to my surgery --and I hope that I won't be out-of-commission very long, if at all much.  Please say a PRAYER for me/for us and for the doctors and staff at the hospital on the 8th.  Thanks.

NOW---for some better news !!!!!   Even after one of our most wicked winters in a very long time,  many of our sweet little PANSIES made it through---and are now smiling brightly.  We love Fall Pansies --and plant about 72 or so of them each Sept/Oct.  The Pansies are hardy little flowers and make it through our winters fairly well.. They give a little color to our yard through our drab winters...

BUT--this past winter was COLDER than most (with temperatures dropping down to  a MINUS 10 degrees -F- on two different occasions).  Our yard did and has sustained some damage ---including about 40% of the pansies we planted (planted 72 and have about 49 left).   We also lost a couple of our Roses --and some of the others aren't looking very healthy yet.  Some of our Hosta and Lilies got a little damage from the last freeze (but hopefully, they'll be fine).  Our new Clematis which we just planted last Fall has not shown any sign of life --so we may have lost it.  And one of the biggest losses appears to be our 4 Holly bushes in front of our house... All of them are losing their leaves.  Don't know what will happen to them.  Winter was a ROUGH one for many of us this past year (although we didn't ever get much snow here---just the cold temps).

SO--on a better note,  I'm going to show you some of our remaining Pansies --which look healthier and healthier with each warmer day.   They will live until it gets terribly hot sometime in July.   The Pansies are the  ONLY 'annual' that we plant these days... All of our remaining flowers are perennials....  BUT--we love the Pansies and will continue planting them each Fall I'm sure.

Sit back and enjoy some coffee or hot tea or cocoa ----and smile as you look at the sweet little Pansies.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements...


Well ---how 'bout that???  These little guys are happy that the winter is over and that they can smile again and make us all HAPPY.   (We are ALL happy that this winter is OVER.)

Did you lose plants/shrubs/flowers during the horrible winter of 2013/14?????  I heard from one friend that she lost FIFTEEN of her Roses....  (She lives farther up north than we do.)  YIPES....

Have a wonderful week... I'm not sure how much more blogging I'll be doing this week ---but I'll be back as soon as possible.  Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Topic One Talks about ALOT This Time of Year: WEIGHT LOSS and MAINTENANCE

Many of you have asked me to talk about my Weight Loss.   I have declined to talk about it much until now since I have lost weight so many times before and yet, have NEVER (until now) been able to keep the weight off....I am now FINALLY a weight-loss-success.  BUT--it has taken me 50 years!  Today's post is not about losing the weight (most of us can do that since there are many programs available out there for us) --but this post is about MAINTAINING it.  I have found that there are FEW programs out there which do a good job helping us to keep from gaining the weight back.  SO--I have made up my own program!!!!  Maybe it will help some of you out there!

Obesity has always been a huge part of my entire adult life.  I gained about 60 pounds at the birth of my oldest son (who is now 50) --and that weight (plus more) has stayed with me off and on for years and years. It has controlled my life in so many ways, with my weight ballooning up to almost 300 pounds a few times.  Some overweight people don't mind being overweight. But for me, my weight has ALWAYS been a big issue --and that is why I lost and gained ALOT of weight all through the years.  I have tried almost every diet available at one time or another, and succeeded most of the time, with the 'losing' part.

BUT---I never (until now) have put alot of emphasis on the MAINTENANCE AFTER losing.   I could always lose weight ---about 100 pounds several times during my life (which is the worst thing one can do to his or her body).  What I never paid much attention to was how hard it would be to KEEP the weight off.  I will admit that keeping the weight off is MUCH harder than losing it.  If you think that losing the weight is hard,  just wait til you get to maintenance.  I don't want to scare you,  but it's true.

I'm not here to promote one program or another... There are many that work (and many that don't)--and you need to find one which works for you.  The key is that YOU should  do it for YOU---not for anyone else,  JUST YOU. IF I were to promote one program,  I'd definitely choose Weight Watchers --as the BEST overall, but I failed during their maintenance.  My mother tried to 'shame' me into losing weight once---and even though she meant well,  that did not or does not work. I would just eat more---for comfort.   NOBODY can make one lose weight until he/she wants to do it themselves.  YOU must be the one who puts the work into it --in order for it to be a success.

We live in a world where people want immediate success --and that is not always possible when losing weight..  There are plateaus and times when --no matter what you do--the old scales stay the same, or go UP. The key:  Don't Give Up.   The other thing to remember is not to quit---if you have a bad day or week.  Keep on--keeping on.  Be PATIENT!

Get plenty of REST/SLEEP---and keep a fairly regular schedule.  Some programs can be overwhelming... Do this--do that!!!!!  Stress can hurt us!  We may not be able to do it all ---but we can move at our own pace--one step at a time.  Did you know that the SLOWER you lose weight,  there is a better chance that you will keep it OFF?  If you lose fast,  you have a better chance of gaining it back.

Some people/programs really push EXERCISE --and that is important for sure.  But--it's only one part of the program.  I was never one to put a priority on fancy-dancy exercise ---but as an older woman,  my exercise now is WALKING.  I wear a pedometer --and keep track of my steps every single day.  Works for me!

EATING HEALTHY is very important ---and you need to tell yourself  that once you are at your goal weight THAT the journey is just beginning!!!  We MUST continue to eat healthy for the remainder of our LIVES.  As the books all say,  this is a "Lifetime Change".

Remember to stay away from FAST FOODS... This is the huge downfall of today's fast-paced world.  But--even if you don't enjoy cooking,  there are ways for you to eat healthy... Just work at doing it!!!!

Drinking WATER is very important --and something I have NO problems with... We are supposed to drink 64 oz per day---and many days,  I'll drink as much as 100 oz...  Drinking 8 oz when getting up in the morning gets the system working properly.  Also drinking 8 oz of water about 30 minutes before meals keeps you from eating as much.   Drinking water helps with your digestion --which I need help with since I struggle with constipation.  Another thing which helps is the proper amount of FIBER...

Getting on the SCALES every Friday --no matter what---is important for me.  I can get the good new or the bad news,  and then know what I need to do that next week.  I have kept track of my weight since beginning this latest process in April of 2011 (when I weighed about 244 pounds)... YIPES.

Keeping a REGULAR SCHEDULE and getting enough SLEEP is important for one's overall health.  And the most important thing for me to do is KEEPING A FOOD JOURNAL.  I started this when visiting a nutritionist while losing the weight ---and have continued to keep the journal through maintenance.  I have faithfully done this --writing down everything I eat --every single day since beginning this process over TWO years ago.  This isn't always easy since it takes TIME and EFFORT.  BUT--it keeps me accountable --and it also helps me to get the proper nutrition.

Here's the nitty gritty which works for me!  In my food journal,  I count total fluid, calories, fat grams, carbs, fiber and protein.  When I was dieting--I stayed at about 1000 calories a day.  My doctor doesn't want me to lose more --so I am trying to stay where I am.  Now--in maintenance,  I stay about 1500-1800  calories per day (plus or minus).  I try to get a minimum of 60 grams of protein, 64 oz of water, less than 30 grams of fat,  75+ carbs (good carbs)--need the carbs for energy,  and 25 grams of fiber.  As you can imagine,  I work hard with my eating to keep this all in tact.  BUT---for me it's working.  I have stayed about 135 lbs. for over a year now ---and am amazed that I am learning to do this, AND being able to eat most anything I really want (within reason).  The key is to eat slowly and eat small portions.... I can do this---and I AM!!!!

I never judge anyone --or say anything to anyone, but when I go to a grocery store and see an overweight woman or man (about my age) riding one of the store riding carts or having trouble walking due to bad knees or legs, I hurt for them.   I don't know their circumstances--but I do know that carrying the extra weight is NOT good no matter what the medical condition may be.   I just want to tell them that their life could be better if they lost some weight ... People use all kinds of excuses for not losing weight.   BUT--even for people who are limited in their movement or even those on medication,  they COULD do it ---if they wanted to badly enough--and would most likely become much healthier.  Carrying extra weight--no matter what your condition--is NOT good for your body.   I so desperately want to say to those people that they do NOT have to live like that.  I do also notice how much 'junk food' people buy to eat --who are already overweight... Just breaks my heart.  I used to be there! NO MORE for ME!

I will continue working hard with every bone in my body --to keep this weight off.  I feel great --and am proud of myself for accomplishing this.   IF I don't continue to work at it,  I could end up like those big people in the riding carts in the stores.  After losing the weight,  I can now walk with no pain and I'm on NO medication. Before I began the program  I was REALLY having alot of pain and felt pretty miserable, especially when we hiked. I was having trouble also with my blood sugar.   Taking control of ME over food (instead of allowing the FOOD to be in control) is a good feeling ---and giving up all of that junk food is worth every bit of this hard work.  I beg you---if you need to lose weight ---start thinking of yourself and your future.  If you know someone who needs to lose,  please don't 'shame' them.. Just pray that they will see the light.  You CAN change ---and make a difference.  I am the example!!!!

IF you have any questions,  you can email me at betsyadams@mac.com.  God Bless each and every one of you!!!!  I couldn't do this without God and without George.  We all need that special support system.

ALL photos today are from the internet!!!!!