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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Banks Genealogy

Have I ever mentioned how wonderful the internet is when doing genealogy? I have met several distant cousins who are searching for their family members --like I have been doing. They google specific names --and if they are looking for some of the same people that I'm looking for, then we connect!!!! This happened again yesterday... I got an email from a Ballard cousin in Indiana who had read something I had written about one of his relatives. We have a common Grandfather --way down the line!!!! I always get so excited when hearing from a new cousin in my life. He sent me all kinds of family information to check out... His direct line goes a different direction from mine, but our lines do meet, which is NEAT!!!! Now---all I need is MUCH more time to work on my Ballard history.

The Ballard family line and the Bruce family line are on my Mom's side of the family. I have been able to find quite a bit of information on both lines. However, I have had very little luck with my Dad's side of the family. He (I) was a BANKS---and the line is just broken...

SO--because of this wonderful internet, I have decided to begin putting some Banks names out there, so that hopefully, I can find some more distant cousins on that side of the family who will contact me. Today, I will feature my Dad and a little about his family. These are all OLD pictures (obviously--ha)---and I don't have time to 'clean them up' but you can at least see them. Above is my Dad ---taken probably when he was in his mid to late 20's (about 1915). Below are more.

Dad joined the Navy when he was about 20 yrs. old (1910-1913). He stayed in the Navy for about 4 years --and while there, got to sail around the world!!!

Dad and Mom ---during their 'dating' days!!!! They got married on Sept. 6, 1919. They had 3 children: Raymond Edgar Banks (1922-2009); James Ballard Banks (1930-1985); and me, Elizabeth Bruce Banks (1942).

These are two of Dad's brothers (twins obviously): Reuben Eli Banks (1894-1969) and Roy Bratton Banks (1894-1970). I remember both of these uncles. Reuben lived in Bristol, VA and Roy lived in Kingsport, TN.

My Dad: Simon Edgar Banks (1889-1969); This picture was taken about 1940.

Dad's parents: William Green Banks (1867-1913) and Alpha E. Witt (1867-1915); They lived in Lee County, VA. There were 8 children: Oscar, Simon, Alfred Ray, Reuben, Roy, Frankie, Thelma, Carl.

Dad's Grandparents: Alfred Banks (1841-1914) and Mary Jane Hyatt (1834-1910); Alfred Banks came from Letcher County, KY.

Dad's Great Grandparents: Williams Banks (1814-?) and Nancy Haney (1810-?); William Banks was born in North Carolina, and moved to KY.

Dad's Great Great Grandparents: Henry Banks (1785-1850) and Catharine Pruett (1789); Born in North Carolina and moved to KY

Dad's 3Great Grandparents: Nathaniel Banks (1730-?) and Jane Gould; North Carolina

Dad's 4Great Grandparent: John Banks (1686-?)

That's as far as I've gone---and I'm not totally sure how accurate this is... Hopefully, I'll hear from someone. I don't have any pictures of Dad when he was young, nor any of his family.

Here's my Dad as I remember him. He was 53 years old when I was born --and Mom was 42..

Here's my Dad with his bundle of joy. Don't you know that he spoiled me ROTTEN!!!!!! ha

If you haven't done any of your family history, do it now... Don't wait like I did until many of the family members were dead. It's harder to get info this way!!!!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Wreaths

My love for Christmas goes back to my childhood. My mother would decorate our house on the inside while Daddy would decorate the outside. We always had a live tree (a cedar --back then) and Mom would use fresh greenery to decorate most everything in the house. I remember that our house smelled SO good!!!!

Dad would hang greenery around the eaves of the house and hang a huge picture of Santa Claus above our front door. He used a spotlight to light up Santa at night. I think we were one of very few homes that were decorated on the OUTSIDE back then ('40's-'50's). People loved to drive by our house to see Santa!!!!! That was so special to me. You can see why I loved Christmas SO much.

Another memory I have is the beautiful homemade wreaths that Mom would make --and hang on our front door. I guess that is why I have a love for wreaths to this day. We have three wreaths on the front of our home now. There's one on the front door and two on the front of the house on either side of the computer room window.

Today I'm showing you some memories of Christmas as a child ---and also show you a couple of pictures of our lit wreaths. Above is a picture of Mom, Dad and me standing in front of our home. Note the wreath on the front door and the snow on the shrubs. I was hanging onto my dolly, LuLu. Below are more pictures.

Now you can see the BIG Santa hanging on the side of the house above the front door. That old Pontiac belonged to my older brother, Ray.

I included this picture of my parents so that you would see some of my mother's Christmas decorations around our home. I still have that clock which is shown in the picture --and it still RUNS!! It's one of my favorite possessions from my parents.

This is one of the lit wreaths on the front of our home. We bought this one last year.

This is our new wreath --which we bought before Thanksgiving this year. Both of them look so pretty at night all lit up on the front of our home. I'll show more pictures of the outside (and inside) of our home throughout this month.

What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations from childhood ??? Besides the tree, I think the wreath will always be one of my fav's.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Mom---An Excellent Cook

My mother was an excellent cook. Note the picture above. I wish I had that talent---but I don't. I can cook and have, all through the years, but just don't enjoy it like Mama did. There are certain dishes that I do well (some of my kids' favorites) --but I just don't have an interest in doing much of it. However, I do like to EAT!!!! HA.....

SO---luckily my sweet husband has a passion for cooking. I didn't know until quite awhile after we met that he LOVED to cook. He has tons of cookbooks, has cooked for years ---and now fixes our entree items. I will supplement the meal with veggies and salads---but he makes some marvelous dishes for us!!! I am lucky, and as I told my friend Judy recently, eating at home these days is better than eating out!!! Recently, George made a fabulous seafood lasagna -that was better than an expensive restaurant.

Mama was an old-fashioned, country cook (meats, fresh veggies, home-made rolls, home-made desserts, etc.)... I remember so many of the wonderful things that she fixed for us: cheese rolls to die for, rhubarb pie, the best cooked apples I've ever had, her Ambrosia, her Prune Cake, etc. My kids remember Mom's butterscotch cookies. She ALWAYS had home-made cookies for her grandchildren.

Every year, as gifts to my teachers and leaders, Mom would make home-made candy. I was her 'helper' ---having to wrap each piece in wax paper... I think all of my teachers appreciated that gift every year. Mom would leave a tiny bit for us at home. I wish I could have some of that candy now. YUM!!!!

This is a picture of Mom's helper---ME!!!!! She desperately wanted to teach me how to cook, but I was more interested in BOYS and things like that while in high school!!!! Now she is not here for me to 'help.' (Wish she were here to see how wonderful my life has turned out !! I also have lots of questions I would ask her now about our Family History!!)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

P.S. In both of these old pictures (taken about 1956), look at the old stove, that table and chairs, the curtains, and the big turkey roaster sitting on the table. I STILL have and use that big turkey pan!!!! Neat, huh?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family of Raymond Edgar Banks

Yesterday morning, we met in Jacksonville, Florida to celebrate the life of my brother, Ray Banks (age 86) who died on Oct. 2, 2009. The chaplain at Westminster Woods Retirement Center (where Ray and Evelyn had lived since 2001) was in charge of the service which included favorite hymns of Ray ("How Great Thou Art", "In the Garden", and "Spirit Song"), scripture (Ray's favorite was I Cor. 13), and prayers.

My favorite part of the service was the sharing of stories by family and friends of Ray and what he meant to everyone. That particular part showed me AGAIN just how much this man touched the lives of so many people all through the years.

My nephews and nieces had done a great job providing some flowers and also a table filled with special memories about Ray. I will post more pictures later. Today, I share two pictures from the Memorial Service. Above is a picture of Ray and Evelyn's three children (Bob, Carolyn and Steve). (Evelyn died two years ago.) Sorry that the picture is not very good. I should know better than to snap pictures with bright sunshine coming in the windows behind them... Duh!!!! Below is a better picture of the entire family.

Front row: Mary (Steve's wife), me, Carolyn
Second row: George, Bob, Steve, Don (Carolyn's hubby) and Mickey

Ray's children: Steve (wife Mary), Bob (wife Donna --who could not attend), and Carolyn (husband Don); Steve and Mary live in Kingsport, Tennessee; Bob and Donna live in Gaithersburg, Maryland; Carolyn and Don live in Yosemite, California. Besides these three children, Ray and Evelyn had six grandchildren.

My other brother's children: Mickey (wife Betty--who could not attend), and Diane (who could not attend); Mickey and Betty live in St. Augustine, Florida; Diane lives in Georgia now. My other brother (Jimmy) died in 1985. He and Margaret (who died in 2002) had two children and ten grandchildren.

We had a great time together after the service just talking and sharing stories about all of our lives. Funerals can be sad times --but they can also be joyful times when families get together just to share and talk. I'm sure that my brothers, sisters-in-law, and parents were all looking down on us today, and smiling ---knowing that those of us who are left here on earth are keeping their memories alive

God Bless You ALL.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gone but Not Forgotten

My sweet brother, Raymond Edgar Banks, age 86, died peacefully in his sleep yesterday (October 2, 2009) at Westminster Woods Retirement Home in Jacksonville, Florida. I visited him in August and felt that his days were numbered here on this earth. As much as I will miss him, I know now that he is in Heaven with all of my immediate family (Mom, Dad, brother Jimmy, wife Evelyn, granddaugher Kimberly).

Ray was born on Dec. 31, 1912, in Big Stone Gap, VA. After high school graduation, he went into the Navy and then graduated from Virginia Tech. He met his wife (Evelyn) and they got married at her home in California on Feb. 18, 1951. They moved to Rockville, MD where they lived for many years. Ray was a Navy Civilian Government employee for many years. They raised three children: Steve, Bob, and Carolyn. From these three children came six grandchildren.

When Ray and Evelyn retired, they moved to St. Augustine, Florida and lived there until they moved to the Westminster Woods Retirement Home several years ago. Evelyn died in September of 2007. Ray had been in declining health for awhile.

You can see more pictures of my older brother by clicking HERE. I had written a post about our trip to see him this past August. I am so glad that I had that last chance to see him. Pictured above is one of my favorite pictures of Ray when he and Evelyn and their son Bob visited us here in Tennessee in 2004. Below are a few more pictures.

This is my family (taken about 1946 I think). I am in front (obviously)--and my special dolly (LuLu) is on the ground in front of me. From left to right: brother Jimmy (Jim) --who died from cancer in 1985; My Dad --who died in 1969; My Mom--who died in 1991; and brother Ray. As you can see, I am the only immediate family member left.

This picture was taken about 1944. Do you think that little girl looked up to her big brother???? You betcha!!!!

This picture was taken at Evelyn's memorial service in September of 2007 in Jacksonville, FL. From left to right: Cousin Tommy Cummings (a good buddy of Ray's), Ray and me

This picture was taken on August 4, 2009--when George and I visited Ray. "You may be gone, Big Brother, but you will never be forgotten."

In Loving Memory of RAYMOND EDGAR BANKS (1922-2009)

Tell the ones you love just what they mean to you . One never knows when they may be gone.

P.S. Forgive me if I miss your blogs or miss posting for a few days. I WILL be back!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big Brother

Besides celebrating my birthday and checking out waterfalls, the main reason we went to Florida was to visit my sweet brother, who is in a skilled nursing facility, Westminster Woods, in Jacksonville, Florida. Some of you may not know that I had two older brothers. Ray (the one we visited) is 20 yrs. older than I am (which makes him almost 87. My other brother (Jim) was 12 yrs. older than me, and he lost his life to cancer in 1985 at the young age of 55. My mother was 42 when I was born, and Dad was 53. All are gone now except Ray and me. Today I will share some pictures of brother Ray ---taken through the years. Above is a picture taken on August 4, 2009 when we visited Ray. Below are more!

This was taken about 1945. Ray was 23 and I was 3.

This was on Feb. 18, 1951 --at Ray and Evelyn's wedding. From left to right: me, Evelyn's friend, Evelyn, Ray and our brother Jim. The wedding took place in California. Since my Dad worked for the railroad, we had 'free' passes ---so we rode the train from our home in Virginia all the way to and from California. What a wonderful trip!!!

This one was taken in January of 1953. Our family attended the Eisenhower inauguration in Washington D.C. Ray was 30 and I was 10.

This is Ray and Evelyn, taken in 2004, when they visited George and me here in Tennessee. We of course had to take them to Fall Creek Falls one day while they were here.

Brother and Sister --at Fall Creek Falls, in 2004

Ray and his 'kids' (Bob, Carolyn and Steve); This picture was taken at Evelyn's funeral in September of 2007. Ray and Evelyn have three wonderful children --and six grandchildren, although one is deceased.

Brother and Sister ---taken in Sept. 2007

Taken last Summer (2008) when we visited Ray

Sister and Brother---taken August 4, 2009; God Bless You, Sweet Brother of MINE!! I Love you!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Beautiful Lilies in our Yard (Part III)

Our lilies and daylilies have really put on a show this year. I think I have counted 23 different types of lilies in our yard. All of the lilies that I've already shown are in posts which can be found by clicking on the label, LILIES, on my sidebar.

Today, I will show you seven more of our lilies. These --which have bloomed later than the others, are some of the prettiest ones I think. Above is a popular one which I have seen on several other blogs. Its name is STARGAZER. Six more are below.









The picture above was taken in June of 1959, and is me kneeling behind my mother's beautiful lilies. I wish the picture was in color. My Mom loved her flowers ---and our yard in my hometown in Big Stone Gap, Virginia was always one of the prettiest ones in the area (in my opinion).

Hope you have enjoyed seeing all of our lilies.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Brother and Sister

Although I felt many times like an 'only' child, I did have two older brothers. Brother Ray was born in 1922; Brother Jimmy was born in 1930; and I was born in 1942. Even though my brothers were alot older---and were grown and gone before I was old enough to realize the age differences, I still looked up to both of them--and missed them when they were gone.

Unfortunately, we lost Jimmy in 1985--when he lost his battle with cancer. Daddy had died in 1969 and Mom died in 1991. Ray and I are the only two members of our immediate family who are still alive. And Ray is not in very good health himself.

I always enjoy my visits to Jacksonville to see my brother. We will visit him this year in August. He lost his wife (my sister-in-law, Evelyn) in September of 2007 --and misses her terribly. They had moved to Westminster Retirement Community several years ago--and had worked their way from owning an apartment there to assisted living and eventually to the skilled nursing facility (which is where Ray still is).

Ray has three grown children (which I will feature in another blog) ---who visit him fairly regularly although all of them live a long ways from Jacksonville. The picture above is Ray and me---taken about 1945. There is one more picture below.

This picture was taken in September of 2007. Ray looks more and more like our Dad --as he gets older. Bless his heart! Please pray for him!

Hope you are continuing to have a fabulous holiday weekend.

P.S. The Brown Thrashers fledged sometime YESTERDAY---and even though I had checked on them several times, I missed it!!! Oh Well. (I really don't think they would have fledged if I had have been out there watching. Brown Thrashers are very private birds!!!)

They are now high in one of the many trees in the empty lot next door. I cannot see them---but I've seen the parents going back and forth into the lot several times.. I will keep an eye out for them. Maybe Mom/Dad will bring them to the suet feeder when they are a little older!!!!