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Monday, August 13, 2012

An Arkansas Birthday

Hotel Seville,  Harrison, Arkansas
George and I went to the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas from August 4-8  to celebrate my big 70th birthday.   We had never visited that area of Arkansas ---and were really looking forward to hiking to several new waterfalls and also visiting the Buffalo National River area...

But,  to be honest,  we knew ahead of time that Mother Nature has not been kind to Arkansas this summer.   So--what we found was not totally unexpected.  However,   it is truly much DRIER and much HOTTER than either of us thought it would be.  I felt as if I had walked into Autumn with all of the brown grass and fallen leaves---but knew better when we felt those temperatures over 100 degrees....  Yipes!!!!

However,  since George and I make the BEST of all situations,   we found alot to do during those days ---and we had a great time making memories together.  Today,  I'll share a few of our memories to you!!!

Above is a picture of  the lobby area of the historical hotel where we stayed,   HOTEL SEVILLE (in Harrison, Arkansas).   We love old hotels.  This one was built in 1929.  IF you want more information on this hotel,  click  HERE.

Be sure to click on the photos in order to see them larger.

We visited one of my old stomping grounds,   Fairfield Bay, Arkansas.   I have great memories from that area since I owned a time-share condo there ---and visited there for many years during Christmas week, when my sons were younger,  and when we lived in Texas.  I enjoyed sharing this area with George --since he had never been here.  The picture above was taken from the marina at Fairfield Bay ---looking at Greers Ferry Lake and Sugar Loaf Mountain.

George and Betsy at Blanchard Springs, Arkansas
We left  Fairfield Bay and headed north to the community of Mountain View and on to see the creek and waterfall at Blanchard Springs,  which is in the Ozark Mountains.  Blanchard Springs is known for its caverns --but since we were on a time constraint, we decided to only visit the waterfall/creek there.   The dam was constructed in the 1930's by the CCC.  This dam forms the three-acre Mirror Lake which is fed by the 58 degree water from Blanchard Springs.   We were glad to see water here,  and stayed quite awhile  --both here and along Mill Creek.

Three Springs Waterfall,  Arkansas
We took a short hike off of Highway 341 near Big Flat, Arkansas to see one more waterfall,  also a spring-fed falls.   This waterfall  (actually there were 2 of them --but only one had water) is named Three Springs Cascade and Falls.  We'd love to come back here during the rainy season--and when it is not so hot.  There are MANY waterfalls in this area for us to visit sometime.

On another day,  we visited the BUFFALO NATIONAL RIVER area, at one of several ranger/visitor stations. This was the first National River to be designated in the USA.    From the Tyler Bend area , we hiked to an old homestead and then on to some overlooks above the river.    If you want more information about the Buffalo National River,  click HERE.  The picture above was taken at the Sod and Ida Mae Collier Homestead built in 1928.   Here's more info about this area:  click HERE.

After checking out the homestead,  we hiked to an overlook above the Buffalo National River,  shown in the photo above.  Due to the drought,  the ranger said that the river is the lowest she can remember in the 15 years she has worked there.

After leaving Tyler Bend, we headed west to Hasty,   and when we crossed the river,  we stopped and took some pictures...  I enjoyed seeing the rocky bluffs above the river... You can note also the algae growing in the shallow water.

We got to the LOST VALLEY area (south of Ponca) ---and took a hike to check out a natural bridge.  There was not one single drop of water in Clark Creek ---so we decided not to continue on to the waterless waterfall in this area.   But---this was a great area and hike ---and we hope to return there sometime.  For more information about Lost Valley,  click HERE

One good thing about no water was that George could climb all around that Natural Bridge area.   He had a good time---and I enjoyed staying below taking pictures!!!! ha

Sunrise on Gaither Mountain, Arkansas on August 7, 2012
There are only a VERY few things which will get me up at 5:30 in the mornings... One of those things is a beautiful sunrise... We had read that driving up on Gaither Mountain (near Harrison) to see the sunrise was well-worth the trip.  AND---we were so glad that we did it that next morning.  Here is a picture of the sunrise that morning on top of Gaither Mountain.

The  last day we drove on Scenic Highway 7 --and got some gorgeous mountain view pictures.  The photo above was taken near the "Grand Canyon of the Ozarks" ....  In order to get more information about this scenic byway,  click HERE.

Finally,  here's one last photo of George and me ---taken along Mill Creek in the Blanchard Springs area.  This Blanchard Springs area was the highlight of the week for us I think.   Part of that reason was because it was my 70th birthday (August 5, 2012) --and I was with the most wonderful man in the world!!!!

Thanks to my sweetheart for making my Birthday Trip so wonderful!!!!!  AND---thanks to ALL of YOU for all of my birthday wishes.  Between Blogger/Facebook/emails/cards/calls/text messages, etc.-----I received TONS of greetings.  They all meant so much to me.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Hugs and Blessings,

Friday, March 30, 2012

Rockhouse Hike at Mt. Magazine, Arkansas

Everytime we go to Mt. Nebo in Arkansas,  we take a trip a little farther west of there to visit another favorite mountain of ours,  Mt. Magazine.  This year was no exception.   The area which we love in Arkansas consists of a series of mountains (Mt. Nebo, Petit Jean, Mt. Magazine) which lie between the Ouachita Mountains to the south and the Ozarks to the north.  Mt. Magazine is the largest of these mountains,  and there is a hike one can take to the top point of Mt. Magazine which says that it is the highest point in the state of Arkansas.

We love Mt. Magazine for its views of the  Petit Jean Valley below;   for its waterfalls;  for the good food at the lodge restaurant;  and for its hikes.  This time (Feb. 28, 2012),  since it was rainy and foggy,  we took a hike down the mountain to visit a rockhouse and a small creek.  Here are our pictures of that steep hike.   Above is me standing in front of the rockhouse.  Be sure and enlarge all of the pictures to see them larger.

The rock formations around this area are just gorgeous..  Note the fog at the top of the picture... As I said,  it was very foggy and drizzly that day.. However,  this was our only 'rainy' day on that entire trip this year!!!

I stayed at the rockhouse and George bushwhacked down the hill (there was sort-of-a-trail) to check out the creek below. We had already hiked a long ways down the mountain to get to the rockhouse... SO---I just sat and enjoyed the beauty around me --while George went exploring some more.

Here is a picture of the creek--without much water this year.  Arkansas has not had the huge amounts of rain that Tennessee has had during this past winter... The waterfalls and cascades there were mostly 'waterless' this year.

George is making his way BACK up the steep hill --toward the rockhouse... The hiking sticks do help---but it's not easy especially when you are carrying a heavy camera backpack--including a tripod.  At least he is still SMILING!!!!

Here is another picture of the rocks around the Rockhouse!!!  I'll bet that the deer and other wildlife like this rockhouse area.  We scared three deer when we were hiking down there ---so they ran away from this area!  They probably were mad that we HUMANS were visiting 'their' area!!!!

Here's a picture George took of me and my hiking sticks... It's almost time to hike back up that steep mountain!!! Where's the elevator when I need it????? ha ha

BUT--we have to take time to take one more picture.... "George,  please set up the tripod."   "Okay-DEAR!!!!"   ha ha ....   Don't you like this picture though?  It may be my favorite picture of the two of us...  What do you think?

Have a wonderful weekend.  I'll see you on Monday.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Reasons I LOVE Mt. Nebo, Arkansas

On March 5th after returning from our wonderful trip to 'our' mountain cabin in Mt. Nebo, Arkansas,  I listed some of the many things I love about being there.  IF you missed that post,  click HERE.   Today,  I'll share some more things I (we) love about being at Mt. Nebo.   On the March 5th post,  I showed you the sunrise...  The picture above is a SUNSET picture... We took this picture from our back porch at the cabin... Isn't it marvelous?  Be sure to click on the pictures to see them larger.

Since we love waterfalls so much,  I must show you the MT. NEBO WATERFALL...  Arkansas was pretty dry this year (compared to other years when we go) but there was a little water coming over the falls this year. 

Our BRADFORD PEAR trees are finally blooming here NOW---but when we were in Arkansas two weeks ago,  theirs were already blooming.   SO much beauty in the spring--even if it is an early spring.

Sitting on the back porch at the cabin,  we can enjoy not only the day views of the valley below --but also the NIGHT VIEWS.

I love hiking on the Rim Trail at Mt. Nebo and coming across a big patch of beautiful DAFFODILS in bloom. 

If you love the sunrises and sunsets like we do,  then I'm sure you would also love seeing the MOON and STARS from Mt. Nebo.... Nice, huh?

Here's another daytime shot of Mt. Nebo ---looking toward the valley below, but including some of the pine trees and clouds... Nice picture,  don't you think?

Finally,  here is another picture of George and me ---sitting on our back patio,  with a view of the valley below.   This is really a fantastic place....  Wish I were there RIGHT NOW....

Hope you have a great day.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cossatot Falls, Arkansas

George and I spent last week in beautiful Arkansas.   On our first full day there,  we searched and found THREE new waterfalls to us.  All three were nice (in the Ouachita National Forest area) ---but the one which impressed me the most was this one,  Cossatot Falls.  This area is near Athens, Arkansas.

These falls, however,  are not really a waterfall --but more like a series of cascades about a quarter of a mile long which roar and splash through many boulders that have been polished smooth by the powerful action of the Cossatot River.

This is a very popular kayaking area ---and the name,  Cossatot,  means "Skull Crusher"....   I'm sure there have been some skulls 'crushed' if kayaking here. Yipes!!!!

When we were there on Feb. 27th,  we were the only ones around ... So,  again,  we had this beautiful area all to ourselves.  Hope you enjoy our pictures.  Be sure to enlarge them for larger views. 

We had to cross a couple of bridges to get out to the river..

I wanted to just stay here and relax and just enjoy this area.

We climbed all over those rocks...  The pictures don't really do this area justice... It's one of those places where you just have to 'be there' to appreciate the beauty.

This gal is HAPPY to be here... I would love to see kayakers in this area... (As you can see,  I am wearing my Camera Vest.  It is so wonderful ---and keeps my camera from swinging back and forth while I am walking.)

Here is a picture of some of the largest cascades in the area.  Enlarge this photo for a better view.  Isn't the water's color just beautiful?

AND---while hubby wanders around getting more pictures,  this ole woman has time to sit and relax awhile.  (See our car in the background??)

Finally,  I love this picture of the area... Enlarge this one also...  This is one of the most unusual 'waterfall' areas we have ever seen.   Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our photos.

I have tried to catch up on most blogs this week.   BUT--we are getting ready to leave again soon...  I'll try to catch up SOMEDAY...   I do hope you have a good week.


Monday, March 5, 2012

What I LOVE about Mt. Nebo, Arkansas

Many of you know that George and I spent last week in gorgeous ARKANSAS...  We have a special place which we visit one or more times each year---and since we keep going back,  we feel as if this little cabin on top of the mountain (Mt. Nebo State Park, Arkansas) is all OURS.... And it IS ---for a week!!!!!

This little romantic one-bedroom cabin is PERFECT for us.  We have a great view from our cabin of the Arkansas Valley below.  AND--we can sit on our back porch/patio and see the sunset...   Today I will share with you just a few of the things I love about being at Mt. Nebo.  Above is a picture of our wonderful cabin in a perfect location.  Be sure and click on the pictures in order to see them larger.

George took this picture of me drinking some coffee,  sitting by the fireplace,  and working on Facebook of course!!!!!! ha.....  Can you tell that LIFE is GOOD!!!!

Of course I took some birdseed with me  (why not??? ha)---so that I could feed the little birds at Mt. Nebo... As much as I love the birds,  I think they were waiting on me to visit.. Besides the Cardinals,  I saw lots of Nuthatches and Juncos---and also many other small songbirds.   They bring me SO much JOY.

The state park is filled with hiking trails and many different types of wildlife... The deer roam freely --and don't seem to be too afraid of us humans.  We enjoy watching them near our cabin --especially early in the mornings and late in the afternoons.

There is a Sunrise Point  and a Sunset Point on top of the mountain at Mt. Nebo.  During this time of year,  we can see the sunset from our back porch --but we do have to drive a short distance to Sunrise Point in order to see the sunrise.  This picture above of one of the SUNRISES was taken on our last morning in Arkansas.  There had been storms around ---which made for some beautiful sunrise pictures.  I don't like getting up at 6 a.m. most mornings--but I was so glad to see this gorgeous sunrise.   It just took my breath away.  How can anyone see something like this and not know that there is a God?

Finally,  here is a picture of the two lovers ---sitting on our back patio at Mt. Nebo...  Isn't that a beautiful view behind us?  Can you see why we LOVE this place so much????

I have many more Mt. Nebo pictures to share --but that will have to be on another blog or two...  Hope you had a great week also... I cannot thank you enough for continuing to come to my blog even when I am not commenting on yours.  That means so much to me.  I have alot of catching up to do --- so bear with me as I try to 'get back in the groove'....