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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Linville Falls Hike, North Carolina

From Nov. 7-9,  George and I took a short trip to Asheville,  North Carolina.  First we traveled through the Smokies  (and saw fog and snow).  On the next day,  we made a wonderful trip to Grandfather Mountain (and about FROZE to death--even though we had fun)...  In order to see those three blog posts --if you missed them,  click HERE.

Today I will share the last post from that short trip.   We next took a hike to Linville Falls.  It was a nice hike --and not nearly as cold as it was on Grandfather Mountain.  We first hiked to Upper Linville Falls.  The picture above was one of us that a nice person volunteered to take.  We were at the overlook to Upper Linville Falls.

Here is a collage showing more from the Upper Linville Falls area.

This gal was certainly happy to be in this beautiful place!

Here's a good picture I took of George at Upper Linville Falls.

Here's a picture I took of the beautiful blue sky --while we hiked that day... (After all of the dreary, gloomy, cloudy, rainy, foggy skies we have had recently,  I yearn for some beautiful skies like that NOW... ha ha)

After another hike to Lower Linville Falls,  we got to an overlook where we stopped and took pictures of the waterfall and of the gorge.

The sun was beginning to go down --but it was still with us on the overlook to Lower Linville Falls.  We had to use our long lenses here since Lower Linville Falls was not very close.  (We did find that you can get closer --by going on another hike,  but since it was getting late, we decided to come back another time. )

Here are our pictures of Lower Linville Falls.  The picture on the left shows how far away this waterfall was from our overlook.  The other two were taken with the long lens.

Here's a picture George took of me at the last overlook.  I was happy to be there --and as you can tell,  much warmer than I was when we were at Grandfather Mtn... ha ha

Hope you enjoyed our pictures from Linville Falls, and from that November trip.

Have a wonderful day.  Please pray for the people who have been flooded in Tennessee and other states these past several days.  We have all had TONS and TONS of rain.  We are fine here on the mountain --but we did have freezing rain part of the time.  Luckily, we didn't have to get out in it.  This has been a crazy past few days!!!!  


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

This is my second post from our trip to Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina on November 8, 2012.  Be sure to check out Part I by clicking HERE.   Several people commented about it being cold there that day... To tell you the truth,  I cannot remember a time when I was any colder than I was that day on top of that mountain.... It was unbelievably cold.

Today I will show you more from that trip.  Above is a picture of the top of the mountain (where we went)---from below, as we were driving up there.

Be sure to click on the photos to see enlargements.

We stopped here to check out these interesting rocks.  This one is called a SPHINX.  Do you see the head?????  A Sphinx is an ancient Egyptian stone figure having a lion's body and a human or animal head....   See it???

This rock is called SPLIT ROCKS.... Appropriate name, wouldn't you say? Wanna stand under that cracked rock?????

I had to work hard to hold this rock up!!!! ha ha

No reason for this photo ---other than the fact that I think it was an interesting tree,  and of course,  I just HAD to snap a picture!!!   Nice view though!

We checked out the Animal Habitat at Grandfather Mountain ---but since it was SO cold that day,  most of the animals were HIDING ---probably trying to stay warm.  The picture above is one of two bears which we saw.   George took this one ---showing the long tongue on that bear.

Have you ever seen a CINNAMON BLACK BEAR before?  Here is one for you.   His name is Kodiak.  He is rare--born in 1999.  Less than 3% of the black bears on the east coast have this coloring.  Pretty,  isn't he?

We saw a couple of COUGARS ---but they were far away and wouldn't pay any attention to us... This is the best picture I could get --even with my long lens..

After walking around to see the animals,  we went inside the Visitor Center (Nature Museum) to WARM UP.... Did I mention how cold it was that day---especially the wind?????? Woooooooo.

I had to take this picture of George with "MILDRED" the Bear.  Mildred  came to the Grandfather Mountain area about 1968.   She loved it there --and raised her 'family' while there.  The bears there now are all descendents of Mildred....

There was also a Mildred Grill  and a FUDGE Shop..... We had our lunch in the car --so we didn't visit the grill,  AND I just couldn't get anywhere near that Fudge Shop.... TOO tempting!!!!! ha

After leaving the Visitor Center (Nature Museum),  we then continued up the mountain to see the Mile High Swinging Bridge (shown in Part I).

If you ever get to the mountains of North Carolina,  be sure and check out Grandfather Mountain.  We hope to go back sometime and do some hiking.  (All of the hiking trails were closed when we were there due to snow on the trails.)

Have a fabulous day.


Friday, November 30, 2012

Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

Mile High Swinging Bridge --as seen from the Blue Ridge Parkway
Have your heard of the MILE HIGH SWINGING BRIDGE at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina?   It is called a "Mile High" Bridge since it is 5280 feet above sea level.  Both George and I had been here in past years, but never together.  SO--this was our first trip here since meeting one another...

We picked a beautiful, clear day ---but I must admit that it was an extremely cold and WINDY day when we were there.  The temperature was in the low 30's ---but the wind made it feel much much colder.  In fact,  that is the coldest that I think I've been in a long, long time.  We only had on our rain jackets ---and even with my hands in my pocket,  they actually BURNED when I was out there...  We loved it--but want to go back in better conditions!!!!!

There's so much to do there (Nature Museum, Gift Shop and Restaurant,  FUDGE Shop (which I didn't even attempt to go into ),  Animal Hibitats,  Overlooks, and lots of Hiking Trails).... If you ever get a chance, visit Grandfather Mountain!!!!

Today,  I'll only share photos of the BRIDGE ---and will share more from other areas in another blog post.  Hope you enjoy the photos.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.  Above is a picture we took of the Swinging Bridge from down on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Here is a picture of the swinging bridge from the parking lot.  This bridge spans an 80 foot chasm at more than one mile in elevation.  The bridge was originally built in 1952--but renovated in 1999.  The first time I went across that bridge,  it was more like an old-fashioned swinging bridge...  Now--it's much more stable --and doesn't really 'swing'....  But--the neat thing is that the bridge should be called a SINGING Bridge since, when the wind blows,  the bridge 'sings' in the same way as a harmonica.  We loved hearing it SING when we were there.

Here's one of the marvelous views from up there on that bridge.  There are fabulous views from EVERY direction!!!!

Here  it is.... We are THERE....  To walk across or not to walk across?????  That is the question!!!!!!  Will the wind blow me off??????  SCARY!!!!  BUT---you know us!!!!  We HAD to walk across it --even if the wind was blowing at 50+ mph......  Dang---it was some kind of cold though!!!!!

Another view from up there!!! You can see some left-over snow on the sides, and one of the lakes below.

Does this girl look cold???????  I'm here to tell you that I WAS!!!!!  Rain jackets are nice ---but not for this weather.... But---we will go back sometime!!!!

Just to prove to you that I DID walk across that bridge,  George took my photo...  You can't tell in the pictures that the wind was whirling all around --and it truly was COLD....

OH---did I mention that it was COLD that day????? ha ha ha

Here's one final picture of some of the views from that bridge... Aren't they marvelous????  For more information on Grandfather Mountain and the MILE HIGH SWINGING BRIDGE,  click HERE.

Have a fabulous weekend ---and welcome to DECEMBER tomorrow!!!!  (Can you believe it?????)  You had better not be naughty this month!!!!  Santa is watching!!!!  I will see you on Monday.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Weather Changes in the Smokies 11/7/12

IF you enjoy changes in weather,  you need to come to TENNESSEE..... George and I traveled over the Smoky Mountains (between Gatlinburg and Cherokee, NC) on Wednesday, 11/7/12,  headed by way of the scenic route to Asheville,  North Carolina.

It was a fabulous day to be in the Smokies ---and we captured LOTS of great pictures along our way.... Sit back and take the trip with us!!!!  Remember to click on the photos for enlargements!!!

The above picture was taken from the bypass overlooking Gatlinburg ---with Mt. LeConte in the distance (covered with FOG)....  There were still some beautiful Fall colors in the lower elevations also...

Here is a great photo of some of the colors still showing off for us on this November day.

Late Fall is one of my favorite times to come to the Smokies.  Many of the trees are bare--but the ones left with leaves are still showing off their beautiful colors... Do you like this photo as much as I do????

Now you surely are not surprised as to what we encountered on our way UP the mountain!!!!!!   Lots and lots of FOG.... Oh how I love fog photos.  Do you???

Another picture showing fog along the creek;   There's just something magical about fog (or mist--or whatever you call it)!!!!

The higher we went,  the colder it got ----AND guess what we encountered next????? SNOW!!!!  (This old woman was a happy girl!!)    OH--how I love seeing snow around the Rhododendrons...

We even had to stop and talk to Mr. Snowman (which someone else had left for us)!!!!

After that came the beauty of snow..... There's just nothing more beautiful than seeing snow clinging to evergreens....  Wish you could have been there.  (Roads were clear!)... The scenery was marvelous!!!!

I love seeing snow clinging to the tree limbs like that.... It was AWESOME.

The higher we went in elevation,  the more snow we saw.   They had gotten this snow the night before, so we got there at a perfect time!   AND--it was 'spitting' snow when we were there.  Beautiful photo,  don't you think?

AND---when we got to the top of the mountain at Newfound Gap,  here is what we saw. That tree is really weighted down with the snow!!!!

FINALLY,  we got over the mountain into North Carolina....  Soon--all of the snow was gone!!!!  AND---the SUN was even trying to come out....  Isn't that an interesting picture---especially when comparing it to the snow pictures above??????

OH MY GOODNESS..... Life in the Smoky Mountains is ALWAYS enjoyable --no matter when we are there.... This particular day,  we were treated to all kinds of weather....  Hope you enjoyed our day!!!!

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday...