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Friday, December 10, 2010

Sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway

During our Thanksgiving trip to the Asheville, North Carolina area,   after visiting the Mount Mitchell area,  we were driving back to our motel in Asheville on the Blue Ridge Parkway....  It was perfect timing since we saw some gorgeous skies --and a beautiful sunset.  Here are some pictures --which need no explanation.

Isn't God's creation just magnificent?  While I was watching that sunset,   I almost felt as if God was truly talking just to us.   We've seen many sunsets before,  but this one was definitely one of the best.  It was AWESOME. The only thing which would have made it better is IF you had have been there with us!!!!!


I will end this post showing our Nativity Scene which is sitting on our coffee table.  I am reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. And I also am reminded,  even with all of the joy, the parties, and the fun during this wonderful season, that there are people out there who are hurting in one way or another.

A very good friend whose husband is really struggling with various health problems needs extra prayers right now from all of us.  May God Bless ALL who are sick, or in pain --both physically or emotionally.

Have a blessed weekend.  I will see you on Monday.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What a Difference a month can make!!!!

As you know if you have followed my blog regularly,  George and I LOVE driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We were on it in Virginia during the Summer of 2010,  and we were on it near Maggie Valley, NC in the Fall of 2010.   TODAY--I'll show you some pictures from November along the Blue Ridge Parkway,  as we traveled from Asheville, NC to Mount Mitchell during our Thanksgiving trip.

The title tells the entire story...  WINTER is coming to the parkway...  All of the beautiful colors we saw a month before are all gone.  Today,  I will share a little of the Blue Ridge Parkway in NOVEMBER.  Above is a picture I liked, showing the BARE trees --with a pretty sky in the background.  Below are more pictures.

I love seeing the interesting sky and the sun's rays (sunbeams) in this picture...

Here's a good view of some of the mountain ranges --as we traveled along the parkway.

I love seeing the mountains when there are clouds in the sky.  The shadows are just so interesting.... And seeing where the sun is shining on the mountains really is pretty,  don't you think?

This is a picture of the tunnel which is next to the Craggy Gardens area along the Parkway.  IF you are ever in this area in May or June,  be sure and check out the gorgeous Rhododendrons in bloom.  They are marvelous!!!

You can tell how much I loved being in this area along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

You know that George and I are always looking for waterfalls.... WELL--there is one in the distance that we could see from the parkway.. This one is named GLASSMINE Falls--and George took a picture using his long lens.  There is just a trickle of water coming over the falls ---but that is a trickle more than we saw the last time we were there!!!! ha

I have another post of pictures from the Blue Ridge Parkway--which I will post sometime.  Hope you have a wonderful day---and are getting ready for Christmas!!!!!


After 3 days of bitter cold temps and snow flurries almost constantly,  we finally woke up yesterday morning to some 'measurable' snow...  We still didn't get much (maybe 1/2 an inch) --but it did snow most of the morning, and it covered the ground for awhile and was pretty.   Here is one picture I took while standing on our front porch.    Pretty, huh????

Hugs and stay WARM,

Monday, December 6, 2010

More from Biltmore House and Gardens

If you missed my first post showing some of the gorgeous Poinsettias in the Indoor Conservatory at the Biltmore House near Asheville, TN, click HERE . Today I will show you more of the beauty from Biltmore... Above is a picture of the house (which has 34 bedrooms ---yipes)---and below are more from the indoor gardens.

Christmas Cactus

Love these little fuzzy worms; Anyone know this one's name?

Here's a picture of some of the gardens.. There were rooms and rooms and rooms which looked like this.. AWESOME!!!

Beautiful, isn't it??? I have had one of these before--but cannot remember its name.. Do you know????

Another beauty; There were several of these cactus-like plants around, but it was hard to get a good photograph looking up toward the light.

Finally, here is another Poinsettia tree... I love seeing the different colors together.

Visiting these beautiful gardens was so special for us --and made the beginning of the Christmas season such a joy. Hope you get a chance to visit the Biltmore House sometime...

Hope you had a great weekend. We certainly did ---and are enjoying all of our Christmas decorations here at home--inside and out. I am very excited since I hope to see two of my sons and some of the grandloves during Christmas this year... YEAH RAH!!!

Here's a picture of our "BIG" snow yesterday... It snowed here all day long and was so pretty to watch --but it just blew around in the air, and the most we got could be called a 'dusting'..... I did enjoy it though --as little as it was!


Friday, December 3, 2010

A Story You Will NOT Believe

Have you ever gotten involved in a MESS when you least expected it????? WELL--when we were having dinner at Deerpark Restaurant (see yesterday's blog), I was sitting at our table just as happy as a lark eating my Pumpkin Apple Cider Bisque ---when all of a sudden the cork from someone's wine bottle across from us, blew its top ---and the cork flew directly into my Pumpkin Bisque. (Now---don't laugh!!!!! It may be funny even to me now--but it wasn't then!)

The bisque went ALL OVER ME.... (That obviously is not me--in the picture above---but that's probably the way I looked!!!) Imagine seeing pumpkin all over your shirt, your arm, your jacket--which was behind you, the floor, the window, the tablecloth, the menu, your pants, even your shoes, etc. etc. etc...... The wait staff came running since I just sat there --not knowing what to do... They brought me a wet napkin --so I wiped and wiped and wiped the pumpkin off of me the best that I could... They came and cleaned up everything else that they could....

They apologized and said that that has NEVER happened before... SURE!!!!! I will say that everyone was very nice ---and did everything they could to make us 'happy' under the circumstances.... They even brought us FREE wine to drink!!!!! Guess they thought that would ease the pain embarrassment.

I was a very good little girl though (unlike the girl in the picture above)---and didn't allow that incident to upset me... I just walked around the buffet line with spots all over my shirt and pants--and just smiled at everyone I saw... (Who was that funny-looking woman with food all over her????)

Luckily, I didn't have on a white or light-colored blouse that day.. It was dark green --so the spots weren't 'too' obvious... I was determined to enjoy my dinner --and I did (every drop of it).... AND--I even went back for more Pumpkin Bisque.... ha

Now--I know that my good friend NEAL will love this story---and he'll swear to you that "I" am the one who had been into the wine!!!!!! He won't believe the 'true' version... Wonder why?????? Why wouldn't anyone believe that a cork from a wine bottle on another table would fly like lightning right into the middle of my bisque, and splatter it all over me???

At first, I thought that someone had shot a gun because the noise was so loud.... Don't things like this happen all of the time????????? ha ha.... This is one time that I'm sure that Neal and George would love to have had ME on video... But this time---I was truly INNOCENT ... Rare, I know!!!! ha......NOW--you can laugh and laugh and laugh.... It's rather funny NOW when thinking about it... This could ONLY happen to ME!!!!!! ha ha

Here are a few more pictures from Deerpark Restaurant---a place I will never forget!!!

Here is another picture of the outside of that gorgeous restaurant... I looked a little nicer going in than I did coming out!!!!!! ha ha

And --here is another picture of the courtyard which is the open area in the middle of the four wings of this facility. Everything looked so pretty--all decorated for Christmas!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay away from the Pumpkin Apple Cider Bisque.... I'll see you on Monday!!!!

P.S. The first three pictures came from the internet!!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Deerpark Restaurant at Biltmore

On our Thanksgiving trip to the Asheville, North Carolina area,  we had an elegant lunch at the Deerpark Restaurant on the grounds at the Biltmore estate.  This facility was built at the turn of the century, not long after the Biltmore House was completed.  It was originally a barn where the prized dairy cattle were brought for calving.

In 1979,  the barn was renovated and has housed the Deerpark Restaurant since then.  Additional wings were added,  creating an open-air courtyard in the center.  This restaurant, featuring a taste of regional southern cuisine,  is also a popular setting for weddings, rehearsal dinners, and parties.

We enjoyed a lunch buffet while there.   Here was the menu:
SOUPS:  Pumpkin and Apple Cider Bisque;  Potato and Bacon;
SALADS:  Baby Romaine and Fresh Field Greens;  Roasted Beets and Hearts of Palm;  Bulghur wheat with Dried Fruits;  Traditional Waldorf Salad
ENTREES:  Herb-brined, Roasted Breast of Turkey;  Traditional Cornbread Stuffing;  Citrus Cranberry Relish;  Maple Glazed, Smoked Loin of Pork;  Chef's Special Entree du Jour;  Buttermilk Whipped Yukon Gold Potatoes;  Harvest Vegetable Medley
DESSERTS:  Maple Pumpkin Pie; Southern Fruit Cobbler and Fresh Whipped Cream;  Pastry Chef's Selection of Assorted Petit Items;  Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake;  Chocolate Peppermint Tart

Needless to say,  all was delicious.  One of my favorites was the Pumpkin Apple Cider Bisque.. I had never had that --and it was all over me wonderful.  Today,  I will show you some pictures of this gorgeous place.  Above is the sign outside --and more are below.

Here's a picture of the outside of Deerpark Restaurant.

Here's a gorgeous Poinsettia tree that greeted us once we went inside.

From our table,  we could see out into the courtyard.

Here's a picture of one of the banquet rooms we saw while looking around the facilities.  I can understand why people would rent it for weddings or parties.

Finally,  here is a picture of a pretty Christmas tree located in another banquet room.  Note the adorable little sleigh on the table beside the tree...  I loved it!!!!

You MUST tune in tomorrow to hear what happened to me while at that restaurant....

Have a great day and keep the spirit of Christmas within you.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Poinsettias at the Biltmore

Welcome to December,  the month to celebrate Christmas,  the birth of Christ.  George and I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas.  We hope you will celebrate with us ALL month...

Besides visiting the Blue Ridge Parkway and Mount Mitchell,  our Thanksgiving trip consisted of a day at the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, NC.  Wow--what an incredible place!!!  I'll talk much more about the Biltmore in future blog posts,  but today I'm sharing with you some pictures we took while we were touring the indoor gardens.

I love Poinsettias---and we saw some beautiful ones while at Biltmore.  Today I will share some of them with you...  Above is a picture a lovely couple offered to take of us.   Below are more.

Pink Poinsettia

White Poinsettia

Red Poinsettia (always a favorite of mine-since I love Christmas REDS)

More Pinks

Multi-colored Poinsettias;  SO beautiful!!!!

Finally,  here is a Poinsettia tree..    All of these displays in these indoor gardens were fabulous...  More to come!!!!!


P.S. We have had TONS of rain here the past couple of days!!!!  Anyone got a boat we can use?????? ha ha

Monday, November 29, 2010

Where are We?

Here we are... We are 6,684 feet above sea level.. The wind is blowing and it's about 45 degrees up there!!!!!   I'll give you a clue!!!!   We are not too far from Asheville,  North Carolina --and are not far from the Blue Ridge Parkway... I'm sure you can guess---IF you know this area,  or if you have already read George's blog!!!!

We are at Mount Mitchell,  the highest point east of the Mississippi River.  We took a trip during Thanksgiving week--and this was one of our stops.  A nice couple took our picture (above)  --after we hiked up to the overlook.  George and I had been to Mount Mitchell years ago--but they have really fixed it up now.   We had a great time.  Below are more pictures.

I asked George to stand next to the sign --showing where we were.   They have built this nice overlook --which wasn't here several years ago when we were here.  It was quite cold up on that mountain!!!

The views from the overlook were fabulous.  The mountain ranges seemed to go on forever---even though the clouds and the fog were all around us!!!  I also loved seeing all of the Evergreens near us.

You can see the road which we traveled in order to get most of the way up here.  We had to hike the last lap --but it wasn't too bad (pant pant)... ha..   I enjoyed seeing the clouds 'touch' the tops of those peaks in the distance!

As in some of our other recent photos,  the sun kept trying to pop through the clouds...  That made for some great photos --showing the sun and also the shadows.

Finally,   here is my favorite picture taken from Mount Mitchell.   I love seeing the sun's rays ---or sunbeams--shining down... Isn't this one marvelous?

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We certainly did.  I'll share much more from our trip last week over the next several blog posts.  Hope you saw the neat Hallmark movie on CBS last night.  It was AWESOME!