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Monday, June 28, 2010


My knee problem began the first of May... SO--it's been a long and hard couple of months for me... With the pain and medication problems came some real "DOWN" time for me with lots of tears and Pity Parties..

My husband has been wonderful, and very patient with my moodiness. But--he wants his positive, happy gal back... And ---so do I... Out of my tears recently came the statement, "I just want my old self back. I want to feel better."

SO---George came up with an idea to bring that smile back to my face. He was going to take me to my favorite place in the world, our little cabin at Mt. Nebo, Arkansas. IF that won't make me smile, nothing will!!!!!

Here are some pictures taken this past February on our trip to Paradise. Above is the precious little cabin where we stay. Below are more.

This is the back patio/porch area of the cabin. Since we always go to Nebo in the late Fall or Winter, we have never gotten to sit outside much --or have a picnic at the picnic table. Wouldn't it be fun to be there during the Summer?

AND--while we sit on the porch or at the picnic table, this is our view.... Wow--life is good at Mt. Nebo!!!!

OR---we could get up early and enjoy this beautiful sunrise....Oh My Heart!!!

OR---we could sit and enjoy seeing these Cutie Pies---without having to worry about them eating our Roses!!!!!

OR----we could sit outside until after dark, watching the sun go down in the west....

NOW---there's good news and there's bad news to this story. The good news is that I think I have found Betsy --and she's not hiding in the depths of depression anymore.

Thanks to my good friend, MILDRED, I found something to soothe my tummy... After trying several things, I found that Maalox did the trick... Thank you, Mildred!!!! AND--my knee pain has gotten much better and I am OFF of both of those horrible prescription drugs. I finally think I am on the mend.... It has been a long two months.

The bad news is that, since I am doing so well, I guess that trip is OFF. We are planning a big August trip---so I'll just have to build up my strength for that trip. The other part of that problem is that Mt. Nebo is usually FULL in the Summer and we don't have reservations. Oh Well---it's fun to yearn for paradise.....

What do you think????? Should I get sick again????? Nah---probably not!!!! That was not a fun couple of months.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Deadly Flooding in Arkansas Campground

As you probably remember, George and I went to Arkansas in March. The first place we visited was the beautiful Ouachita Mountains in southwestern Arkansas. We were searching for waterfalls (which we found). We totally fell in love with that beautiful rustic area of Arkansas. Before going any farther with today's post, please click HERE and glance through our pictures from that trip.

We passed by the neatest campground (Albert Pike Recreation Area) on our way up the mountain. I remarked at the time what a neat campground that was. There are various creeks plus two rivers in that area (the Caddo River and the Little Missouri River). WELL--this past Friday, heavy rains caused the normally quiet rivers to climb out of their banks during the night. Around dawn, floodwaters barreled through the Albert Pike Recreation Area, a 54-unit campground that was packed with vacationing families who were probably still asleep when their tents began to fill with water.

The rivers rose from 3.5 feet to over 23.5 feet between midnight and 6 a.m. The toll from this horrible flash flood rose on Sunday to NINETEEN as a grim search through remote woodland turned up another body. Police would not give the sex or age of the latest victim, but six young children and twelve adults were already known to have perished, swept from their beds in the dead of night by a lethal torrent of water.

They don't know exactly how many others are missing --but bodies have been recovered as much as 8 miles downstream from the campground. This has been so sad for me I guess because we were just there ---and I have a special love for people who enjoy camping and hiking. All but two of the victims came from out-of-state to camp and hike and fish in the rugged beauty of the national forest, located near the Ozark Mountains.

I pulled a few pictures of the flood from the internet and will share them with you below. Please pray for the families of all of the victims. This freak flood is just horrible to think about.

You can tell how powerful that water was. Those vehicles were batted around like toys. One time when my first husband and our boys and I were camping in the Smokies, we had some extremely heavy rain ---and had to move our camp sight away from the creek. But-- other than getting wet, we didn't have any problems like they had in Arkansas. Mother Nature can do some unbelievable things, can't she?????
Again, I ask you to remember those victims and their families.

Bet it will be a long time before those gravel roads which George and I traveled on in that area will be accessible again. I'm sure the roads have been washed out... What a shame---the whole tragedy!


P.S. Be sure and read George's Senior Moments blog today. It is excellent I think. Click HERE.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Arkansas Birds

When we were on our trip in February to Arkansas, we stopped at the Visitor Center at Mt. Magazine. They have a birding area behind their facility ---and we stood inside looking out of the window and taking pictures. Here are some of them for you to enjoy today. The picture above is the very familiar female Cardinal. Below are more.

I love seeing the Juncos. We have so few of them in our area of Tennessee. (Or at least, there have never been many of them in my yard.)

See that bird above the Goldfinch????? That is a Purple Finch (the FIRST one I have ever seen and photographed)... I got so excited seeing this finch! We have House Finches (not too many) and lots of Goldfinches at home---but I've never seen a Purple Finch. They are gorgeous!

I love this photograph. Here's two Goldfinches and two Purple Finches. I love the Goldfinch in flight --since I seldom get a photo of them in flight. That is the female Purple Finch on the bottom right. It was fun watching the male above her, giving her some seed----flirting I'm sure!!!!!

The Purple Finches (like our Cardinals here) cannot hide in winter!!!!!

Here's a picture of two male Purple Finches and a male Goldfinch. Wouldn't it be neat to see this picture in spring --when the Goldfinch was a bright yellow???? Wow!

Here is another good picture of the Purple Finch and a White-breasted Nuthatch. There was a huge feeding station in the back of the visitor center--and inside, they had books of all kinds telling about all of the birds. There were lots of windows and even binoculars for people to use. This was a 'Bird Learning Center'!

I love this photo of the male Purple Finch. I can certainly see a huge difference in him from one of our male House Finches.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures of the Birds in Arkansas.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Turtle Rocks in Arkansas

Recently I showed you Mushroom Rock in Alabama (click HERE) so I thought it appropriate now to feature the TURTLE ROCKS in Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas. There is some interesting information about Petit Jean Mountain found on the Arkansas Geology website--if you have time and interest to read more (click HERE for that info). Here is a little of what it says:

Some of the most unique features seen around Petit Jean State Park are those called "Turtle Rocks". Mounded polygonal structures resembling a turtle shell were carved in thick sandstones of the Hartshorne Sandstone. The exact processes that create 'turtle rocks' are poorly understood. One explanation involves spheroidal weathering. This process occurs when water percolating through cracks and between individual grains in the rock loosens and separates layers of the rock. The weather acts more rapidly on the corners and edges of the rock producing a rounded shape.

Another theory concerns the amount of calcite present in the matrix of the rock holding the grains together along with the size of the grains that allow for this type of weathering. Either way, the weathering of the rocks is strongly influenced by the polygonal joint pattern seen in all 'turtle rocks'. Here are some pictures that we took while in that area.

Poor little turtles.... Look at that big girl standing on the turtle shells! ha ha

Here's another picture of all of the turtle shells... Interesting, aren't they??

That is the KING of the Turtles--sitting up there on top of those rocks. Can you see that big turtle??????? WOW!!!!

I was almost as interested in the gorgeous blue sky on this beautiful day in Arkansas (Feb. 24, 2010) as I was seeing Turtle Rocks. We had had so much dreary weather in TN before this trip---so seeing the blue skies made both George and me feel SO good. I also love the green pine tree next to that blue sky.

After climbing around on Turtle Rocks, we headed toward "Rock House Cave". That will be another blog post!!! There were so many interesting rock formations and narrow passageways along the path. Isn't this one interesting?

Here's another view of all of the huge rocks along our path to Rock House Cave. We are now below the Turtle Rocks, since we climbed down. Turtle Rocks actually are along the top of those big rocks you see in the picture.

Besides the picture of the KING of the Turtles, this picture is also a fav... Isn't it totally awesome that these rocks really do look like huge turtle shells?????

Hope you enjoyed seeing both Mushroom Rock and Turtle Rocks... Being out in nature is just so awesome. All we have to do is to take time to get out and enjoy the beautiful world around us!!!!!

Speaking of our beautiful world, ours here in Tennessee is wet and cold today... We had RAIN yesterday ---and it has now turned cold and snowy. The Crocuses are FREEZING out there today!!! Where's Spring????????? Gosh-Darn!!!!!

Have a great Monday--wherever you are!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Petit Jean State Park, AR

There are three mountain ranges between the Ozarks and the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas. One is Mt. Nebo (where our cabin is). Another is Mt. Magazine --to the west of Mt. Nebo. And the third one is Petit Jean (to the southeast of Mt. Nebo). Situated upon beautiful Petit Jean Mountains, the park encompasses 2,658 acres of rare natural beauty. Included in this lovely mountain setting are an abundance of unmarred woods, ravines, streams, springs, spectacular views and interesting geological formations preserved as French explorers found them 300 years ago.

The mountain received its name from the legend of Petit Jean (Little John), the story of a French girl who disguised herself as a boy and secretly accompanied her sweetheart, a sailor, to America.

We spent a gorgeous day at Petit Jean (Feb. 24, 2010) while we were in Arkansas. I will divide my blog posts into several different groups --since we saw so many sights that day. Today I will show you the park itself and some of the gorgeous views. Above George is sitting at one of the Petit Jean State Park entrance signs. You can see what a gorgeous day we had while we were there. Below are more.

I took this picture of George standing at the Palisades Overlook (on the South side of the ravine, near the Petit Jean Sign in the top photo).

From the Palisades Overlook--we can see another overlook at the point across the Cedar Creek Canyon. See it????? It's the CCC Overlook. We took the loop road totally around the park so that we could enjoy all of the overlooks.

Now we are across the Cedar Creek Canyon, at the CCC Overlook on the north side of the canyon. This overlook as built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the early 1930's. You can see the Palisades Overlook across the ravine.

George took this picture of me at the CCC Overlook... I was taking a picture of the Cedar Creek Canyon and also the Palisades Overlook where we started our day!

Here's another picture taken from the CCC Overlook. We we looking southwest. You can see the Petit Jean River in the distance --and the Arkansas River Valley.

Using the zoom lens on our cameras, we took a close-up of the Arkansas River Valley and the Petit Jean River.

I am standing at the third overlook, the Mary Ann Richter Overlook. This overlook is located north of the CCC Overlook. This overlook was built by the YACCC, family and friends of Mary Ann Richter. From this overlook, we got a great view of the Arkansas River Valley.

This picture was taken from the Mary Ann Richter Overlook --and shows the mountain ranges while looking south. You can see the road we took while traveling up the mountain to Petit Jean State Park.

This picture of the Arkansas River Valley was taken from the Mary Ann Richter Overlook. In the distance you can see two rather large mountain ranges. The one in the middle of the picture is Mt. Nebo and the tall one to the left of the picture is Mt. Magazine.

Using the zoom lens on our camera, we zoomed in on the Arkansas River and Mt. Nebo.... Can you see our cabin up there????? ha ha

There's much more to share from Petit Jean (waterfalls, caves, rock formations, etc.)--but those will have to wait until another day!!!!

Hope you are having some good weather now!!!! We are still cold and dreary here, but they say that warmer weather and some sunshine is coming soon... I hope!!!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to ALL.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

'Waterfalling' in the Ouachita Mountains, AR

On our first day in Arkansas, February 22, we went 'waterfalling' in the Ouachita Mountains in Southwest Arkansas. We drove WAY back into the mountains on a dirt/gravel road in search of several waterfalls (which we did find). Today, I'm sharing my favorite waterfall we found that day, Little Missouri Falls.

Don't be confused. We are in ARKANSAS. Little Missouri Falls is on the Little Missouri River in Southwest Arkansas. The river got its name when the early French settlers thought that it reminded them of the Missouri River. This is a rocky, mountain river which flows through narrow, forested canyons in the Ouachita Mountains. The Little Missouri Falls is a stair-step waterfall located in a deep gorge.

Here are some pictures of our little hike to see the Little Missouri Falls. Above is our Prius ---which takes us all over the mountains when we are 'waterfalling'. Mrs. P (as we call our Prius) handles those mountain roads as good or better than a 4-wheel drive vehicle would!!!! Between our GPS and our fabulous waterfall books listing the waterfalls and the directions (including GPS coordinates most of the time), we seldom get lost on those unpaved roads. Below are more pictures.

We love looking at creeks when we are traveling back in the mountains. We stopped to take pictures here since the colors are just gorgeous. The colors of the rocks and the clear, greenish water made for a beautiful setting.

It was a COLD day in the Arkansas mountains... The temperature wasn't too bad--but that cold, north wind was wicked!!!!! Here we are on the trail to the waterfall. Note the huge rocks around the area, including the moss and vines.

Here is Little Missouri Falls ---from one of two overlooks.

George is standing at one of the overlooks.

George did bushwhack down to get some close pictures. This is one waterfall (more like a series of cascades) which you almost need to see in person. It was gorgeous--and the entire setting was awesome.

I was getting ready to take a picture looking straight down into the water from that little bridge.

Here is what it looked like below the bridge.

From one of the overlooks, I captured this picture (along with several others) of all of the rock formations in the area. I am always fascinated by rocks. Some of them look like faces staring at us.

I was showing George how I could hold this big rock up with only one arm... Aren't I amazing??????? ha ha.... Note all of the moss on and around the rocks.

Finally, here is one more picture of a part of Little Missouri Falls. I like this one again because of the rock formations.

Hope you enjoyed seeing Little Missouri Falls and the surrounding rocky area.

Have a blessed Sunday.