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Friday, July 20, 2012

Gaylord Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN

Our Anniversary Weekend (June 23-24, 2012) was spent in Nashville, Tennessee re-living many of the  memories we made when we were dating and/or first married in 2001...  First,  we visited  Centennial Park (click HERE to see that blog post).   Then,  we enjoyed a wonderful evening on the General Andrew Jackson Showboat (click HERE for this post).    The third and final portion of our special weekend was a morning at the glorious OPRYLAND HOTEL.

If you have never been to a fancy-dancy hotel (quite expensive --unless you get a good deal, or come with a convention group),  you need to see this one.   The first time I walked in this hotel,  my mouth was hanging open the entire time we were there... What an awesome place!

The best thing is that one can walk through the NINE ACRES and enjoy it without spending a dime (unless you opt to stay, eat or shop there).   This hotel is a photographers dream!!!!  First of all,  since there are nine acres (all indoor) ---you must realize that this place is HUGE.   There are 3 large hotels (following different themes),  many restaurants/shops,  a large lobby area,  and a big  convention center area.

Our favorite area is the DELTA --but we also enjoyed seeing both the GARDEN CONSERVATORY and the CASCADES.... If you can dream of being in a HUGE tropical garden containing a river, cascades and waterfalls---you won't believe you are inside of a 'hotel'....

A couple of years ago,  Nashville had a horrible flood ---and the Opryland Hotel was flooded... The hotel was closed for awhile ---but after renovations,  it has come back even BETTER...

You may ask if George and I have ever 'stayed' in that hotel... The answer is YES.... I surprised George with a night at the Opryland Hotel for his birthday in March of 2002.   We stayed in the DELTA area --with a room overlooking the 'delta'...  It was phenomenal!!!!!   (That was when we were both working fulltime and not living on a retiree's budget!!!! ha)

Today I will share just a few of the MANY pictures which we took on the 24th while there.  IF you want more info about the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center,  click  HERE.

Above is a picture taken inside the DELTA.... (Again,  I say that all of this hotel is INSIDE. You can see a little of the glass roof area.)  Be sure and take a boat ride while you are in the Delta.  We've done it and it is wonderful...

Hope you enjoy my little tour.  Be sure to enlarge the photos for bigger prints.

If you are lucky,  you can stay in a room similar to one of these.  We got to stay in one near here (on the 2nd floor) in 2002.... See those purple flowers.  They are orchids ---and are all over the gardens...

Here's a close-up of some of the orchids.   Since I love orchids,  you can imagine how much I enjoyed seeing them.

Here's a picture of George on one of the paths...  This is a great place for walking... You can walk on the lower paths (like this one) where you are next to the gardens... OR --you can walk above the gardens with a different view of the area...

Here's one of the MANY waterfalls in the hotel... Since we are waterfall-lovers,  you can imagine how many photos we took of ALL of the waterfalls and cascades.  If you enjoy hearing the sound of water,  this is the place to be!!!!

George took this picture of me in front of one of the fountains... Sometimes,  they will offer programs where they synchronize music with the 'dancing waters'.... So pretty!!!

Here is only one of the MANY restaurants in the hotel....  Are you hungry?????  It was mid-morning when we were there --so people were eating breakfast.

Finally,  a nice man volunteered to take a picture of George and me together at one of the waterfalls... We were in the CASCADES area now.  We could actually walk behind this waterfall.  Pretty, huh?

Hope you have enjoyed seeing just a few of our pictures from that weekend.. We had a TERRIFIC 11th wedding anniversary,  and didn't have to go far from home for this one!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday.



Friday, July 13, 2012

General Jackson Showboat, Nashville, TN

After leaving Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee on our 11th wedding anniversary--June 23, 2012,  (click HERE if you missed this post),   we checked into our motel (Holiday Inn Express) and then at about 6:30 p.m.  we boarded the General Andrew Jackson Showboat for a lovely three hour evening  (7-10) consisting of a boat ride during the late afternoon and evening,  a delicious dinner,  and lots of musical entertainment.

As I mentioned on the  Centennial Park post,  we were enjoying 're-living'  some of the memories we made in 2001--when we were dating and first married.    We last visited the General Jackson Showboat on my birthday in August of 2001.   SO---eleven years later---we went back!!!!!  It was great in 2001---but even greater in 2012....  Maybe we can go back again in 2021, on our 20th.

Hope you enjoy some of our pictures from this memorable evening.  If you want more info about the General Jackson,  click HERE.  Above is a photo they took of us before boarding.  You can see the boat in the background.  Click on all pictures for enlargements.

We enjoyed being on deck --listening to the live Bluegrass music,  and watching all of the happenings along the beautiful Cumberland River.   Here are some skiers having fun!!!

A nice lady volunteered to take a picture of us while we sat on the deck.

Taken in August of 2001
Now here is a blast from the past...  This picture was taken in  August of 2001 ---the last time we went on this showboat...  NOTE the dress I'm wearing...  It's the same dress I wore this year..  I always loved that dress --and it has been packed away waiting for me to lose enough weight to wear it again... How 'bout that?

George in 2001
And here is a picture of George taken on the boat in 2001.  I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the two of us together then.

Downtown Nashville at night 
We went into a huge dining room for dinner (LOTS of people on this boat today)---and after a dinner of braised BBQ short ribs, salad and veggies (and before dessert),  they told us to go back outside and get some pictures of Downtown Nashville at night...  It was a beautiful evening and we both took LOTS of pictures...  Here's one for you.

Concert at  the stadium
There was a Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert going on at the Titans Stadium (LP Field) that night ---so I took a picture of them --from the boat.  (George's sister and friends were at that concert and said that it was fabulous!)

After dessert (chocolate tart),  the "Heart of Tennessee" took us on a musical journey of all of the different kinds of music in the state of Tennessee.   This was my favorite part of the entire evening.  This entertainment group was EXCELLENT --and both George and I really enjoyed it.  Here is one (of many) pictures I took during the performance.

AND---just for us (I'm sure),  they showed a beautiful WATERFALL on the screen....  What could be more fitting than seeing this on our anniversary?????   Neat, huh???

Finally,  when we got back to our room  (while we were still dressed up) ---we took one more picture of us...  (We seldom dress up these days ---so this event was quite special.)

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our pictures from the General Jackson Showboat... If you ever get to Nashville,  be sure and take a ride!!!!  It's WONDERFUL...

I am really happy this week since we have received almost SIX inches of rain....  It was the steady, gentle rain which the yard LOVES.... All of our flowers are smiling bigtime now...

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.

Friday, July 6, 2012

2012 Anniversary --Centennial Park

As most of you know,  George and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary on June 23...  Instead of a long trip this year,  we drove about 2 1/2 hours west of here and spent Saturday and Sunday re-visiting some areas in Nashville, Tennessee which we love, and which have some very special meaning to us.

 I will divide my blog posts into three different parts,  consisting of the three main things we did while there.    First,  we visited CENTENNIAL PARK ---since this was an area which we visited many times in 2001 when we were first dating and then married.

George worked nearby ---so on my lunch-hour from my job,  I would meet him for lunch at the park... It was so much fun to go back there and re-live some of these memories... Today I'll share with you 8 pictures from Centennial Park ---6 of which were taken on June 23, and the other two taken on  April 7, 2001 (also on a Saturday ---on our 2nd date)..

Hope you enjoy our photos from this gorgeous park.  We have so many pictures from the park ---so I'm sure I will have more posts in the future.  It is truly a beautiful park. 

George took the picture above of me enjoying all of the beautiful flowers in bloom at the park.   Be sure to enlarge the photos for some bigger pictures.

Taken in 2001
This picture of me was taken on April 7,  2001 near the same area as the picture above.  Since it was April instead of late June,  the flowers were different.  But--you get the idea as to why this area is so special to us....  (Amazing how much better photo quality is these days than in 2001!!!)

Here is a picture of the lake (Lake Watauga) which we walked around at Centennial Park.

George took this picture of me standing in front of some gorgeous rose bushes... These roses were pretty --but not nearly as pretty or as fragrant as ours!!!!

I took this picture of George kneeling in the flowers at Centennial Park.

Taken in 2001
AND---here is George on April 7, 2001 in the same general location.    I loved seeing the summer flowers this year,  but those spring flowers in 2001 including the Red Bud trees were awesome also.  You can see why we enjoyed spending time there!!!   (Of course,  this gal just wanted to be with her man--wherever we were!!!)

Here's the cutest picture of my Sweetheart-----who thinks he was on the Titanic....  (Maybe he was saying:  "Happy Anniversary to his 'bride'"...   Ya think?)

Finally,   of course,  we had to get the tripod out and take some pictures together.   SO---this one is of the happy couple celebrating their 11th anniversary together.  Hope we have many, many more!!!!!

Stay tuned for more photos from that Nashville Weekend!!!

Tree fell too close to our home (which is on the left in the photo)
You know me.. I worried about the little birdies who had nests in those trees.
On another subject,  we had a TERRIBLE storm late yesterday afternoon (July 5) with almost no warning.  The winds were (according to our TV weatherman) about 70 mph... Two-three trees came down behind our house on golf course property...  One of them was over 60 feet tall.  Scared me to death!!! I thought we were going to get lots of damage.  BUT--we got lucky!  Other than lots of clean-up around our home,  we think that everything is okay.   BUT---the good news for us is that we DID get a little rain --which we desperately needed.  Thanks be to God...  But--it was too close for comfort!!!

Have a great weekend,  and I'll see you on Monday.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Life just keeps Gettin' Better!!!

Once upon a time in the southwestern corner of Virginia (Big Stone Gap to be exact),   a little girl was born on August 5, 1942....  Her name:  Elizabeth Bruce Banks (called Betsy by her parents). 

And,  in another corner of the country in Crown Point, Indiana,  a little boy was born on March 9, 1942.  His name:  George Emery Adams.

The little girl grew up and graduated from high school in May of 1960,  in her hometown in Virginia.  Her interests:  MUSIC  (piano, clarinet and singing).

The little boy also grew up and graduated from high school in 1960,  in his hometown in Indiana.  His interests:  READING and STUDYING (he was the Valedictorian of his class).

She attended college at Tennessee Wesleyan College in Athens, TN and graduated with a BA degree in Music (vocal) and Education in May of 1964.   (By this time,  she was married and already had one son.  However, she did go back to school for her Master's degree later.)

He attended college at Manchester College   in North Manchester, Indiana,  and graduated with a BA degree in Mathematics in  1963...  (The 'smart one' graduated in 3 yrs. before getting his master's degree,  and later working on his doctorate.)

Both the girl and the boy went on to have great lives from the middle '60's until they met in January of 2001.  The boy married and had 2 children (a boy and a girl),  and the girl married and had 3 sons.

Then in October of 2000,   the boy interviewed for a new job near Hendersonville,  TN.  AND--the girl interviewed for a new job in Hendersonville, TN.   (Little did they know that God was working hard at getting them together)...  He took his job and began working in December.  She also took her job and began working the end of December.

They met on January 7,   had their first date on March 29-----and look what happened on JUNE 23, 2001.........

May I introduce Mr. and Mrs. George Emery Adams.  Married outdoors beside the Tennessee River in Knoxville, TN,  at a ceremony only attended by family,  the boy and girl exchanged vows that each of them had written themselves.  The two became ONE!

Here is that happy couple on their wedding day.  Tomorrow will mark their 11th wedding anniversary ----and even though they both had happy lives before they met,  they say that these eleven years together have been absolutely fabulous for both of them.

Here's one example of 'life with Betsy and George' now!!!  This picture was taken at Cedar Falls Park on May 11, 2012 at Simpsonville, SC.    This is only one of WAY OVER 500 different waterfalls they have visited during these 11 years together.  As you can tell,  both the boy and the girl definitely have a PASSION for waterfalls---along with a passion for each other.

Last year at this time,  they were on a 3 week trip out west... BUT--after evaluating that SUMMER trip,  they decided to make their 'long' trips during another season.  It's too darn hot and there are too many people around during the summer...  SO---they will be celebrating this Anniversary here in Tennessee ---and hope to take a longer trip in September this year.

This is the story about two people who met when both of them were 59 years old... SO--anyone looking for love should never give up.  It CAN happen and it DID for us.  With God at the center of our lives and with lots of love for each other,  this boy and this girl hope to have many, many more wonderful years together...  But--since life doesn't give any guarantees,  they always try to make the most out of every minute they have...

Happy 11th Anniversary to a Virginia girl and an Indiana boy who became ONE on June 23, 2001....

Have a wonderful weekend ----and you know that  we will!!!!!  I'll see you on Monday.