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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Three Trips in Two Weeks!!!!! (Nov. 25 - Dec. 6, 2013)

George's son, Robert and family
Since I have been away from Blogging for two weeks,  I must admit that George and I have been VERY busy!!!   We took THREE trips during this time...

First,  we took a trip to Palm Harbor, Florida,  where we enjoyed Thanksgiving with George's son Robert and family..  Secondly,  we drove to Chattanooga,  Tennessee,  and got to spend some time with two of my three sons and a couple of grandchildren... And thirdly,  we drove to Ocean Isle Beach,  North Carolina  (by way of the Smoky Mountain backroads and Biltmore)...WOW--what a fantastic couple of weeks!!!!

Today,  I'll give you a short glance into these trips (with the exception of the Smokies and Biltmore which will come later).  Hope all of you are doing fine and had a fantastic Thanksgiving like we did!!!

Above is a picture of George's son,  Robert,  with Melissa,  Zack and Sean.  We had taken a hike on a very windy day near the Courtney Campbell Causeway at Clearwater,  Florida,  trying to walk off some of that delicious food they prepared for us!!!!

View from the Robert Adams' home in Palm Harbor, FL
Here is a great view from Robert and Melissa's living room. That is a beautiful area of Florida!

Fried Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner
Robert is quite a great chef ---and he cooked MANY wonderful things for us while we were there.. His Dad loves to cook also ---so those two had fun discussing all of the things one should and should not do when cooking!!!!  I had never had fried turkey before --and this one was TREMENDOUS....  Rob uses all of the best seasonings ---so this was truly one of my favorite turkey dinners EVER.

Thanksgiving Dinner
YUM.   I put two photos together to show you what I ate on Thanksgiving day... Not only is Robert a good cook, but Melissa is also... Most everything they make is 'from scratch' ---and it was absolutely fantastic.

Robert makes cheesecakes from scratch ---and we had two different ones while there.  This is a Pumpkin Cheesecake with caramel topping...  SO---other than the turkey,  the cheesecakes were my favorites!!!   Oh My Heart---can you say "DELICIOUS".... Wow!

George and me with son, Mark, from Texas
After getting home from that trip,  we headed to Chattanooga to see more family.   My middle son,  Mark,  drove up from Texas for a couple of days with his beautiful daughters,  Bay Lee and Brooke.  We hadn't seen them in awhile ---so as you can imagine,  we had a fantastic time!!!

Top: Sons Mark and Jeff;  Bottom:  Jeff and beautiful wife, Dawn
Not only did I get to see Mark and the girls,  but it was great seeing son Jeff and his wife, Dawn, also.  They drove up from Georgia so that all of us could be together.   Mark and Jeff are only 16 months apart in age --but don't get to spend enough time together these days...We loved seeing all of them.

Top:  Me with Mark and his daughters,  Bay Lee (with her teeny little dog) and Brooke;  Bottom: Mark and a very happy, proud Mama/Grammy
As I said,  Mark and the girls live in Texas.  Bay Lee is 20 now and in college at Texas State University.  Brooke is 16 and is a Junior in high school.  They have grown up much too fast for this Grammy!!!

Mark and daughters,  Bay Lee and Brooke
Finally,  this is my favorite photo of Mark and his daughters.  It was such joy to see them and get to spend some time with them.  I miss them all so very much!

Me at Ocean Isle Beach
After going back home,  washing clothes and re-packing,  we headed to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, for a few days.    We did take a couple of side trips (Smoky Mountain backroads and Biltmore)--but will report on them later.   Today,  I'll share some photos from our beach trip.

One thing we love is walking on the beach (and getting lots of exercise--which we needed after all of the good food).  George took this picture of me with some of my shore bird friends!!!!  It was much much warmer (in the 70's) this year --when compared to last December when we about froze!!!!  We love walking on the beach when there are so few people around!!!  We have it all to ourselves.. I did manage to find a sand dollar this time.

George enjoying dinner at Dockside in Calabash, NC
Another reason (besides walking on the beach) we love to go to that area is to go to Calabash, NC to our favorite restaurant (DOCKSIDE).  We have never found the seafood as good ANYWHERE we go... That night we both had Shrimp and Scallops... Our favorite though by far are those huge Scallops... They are fantastic.. YUM...

SUNSET at Ocean Isle on Dec. 5, 2013
Another reason we love to go to Ocean Isle (Islander Inn) in December is to see the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets  (which we cannot see when we go in May).  And as you can see,  we saw some 'beauties'....

What is significant about this sunset is that I took this photo about the time that my sweet father-in-law (John Adams) passed away in Tennessee.  I look at that photo now --and know that God was smiling down (see the Sunbeams?) saying that another of his angels was safely home.  Rest in peace,  John Emery Adams.

Us at Ocean Isle Beach, 12/5/13
We took this photo from the Gazebo at Islander Inn.  You can tell by the smiles on our faces how much we love being at the beach in December!

On another note,  thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments on my last blog post talking about the death of George's sweet Daddy.  Many of you feel as if you knew "Dad" since I had blogged about him so much.  Dad's health had been getting worse --and our prayers were that he die peacefully--which he did.  He was one amazing and inspirational man --who lived for 101 years,  and whom I adored with all of my heart.

If you want to read what George wrote yesterday on his blog about his Dad,  click HERE.

Be sure to check out all of my new quotes on my sidebar!!!!!  After that--jump over to my Photo Blog (click HERE) for a photo I took on December 2 on our visit to see the lights of Biltmore at NIGHT.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

In Memory of my Sweet Father-in-law

8/29/1912-  12/5/2013
George's sweet Daddy,  John Emery Adams,  age 101,  died peacefully in his sleep today (December 5, 2013)  at the home of George's sister's home in Tullahoma, Tennessee.  George and I are on vacation at Ocean Isle Beach this week --but will head home tomorrow.   I know that I am on 'blog vacation' --but I also know that many of you have followed my posts talking about this wonderful man, and would want to know about his death.

Dad has had a cold and infection for a couple of weeks --- and has gone down physically and mentally the past several months.  His death is really a blessing --although we will miss him terribly.   He lived a long and healthy life.  Now--he is with his beloved wife --whom he has missed so very much.

Please keep our family in your prayers.  The service is Monday---so I will not do a blog post until later next week,  even though I said I would be back to blogging on Dec. 9.

God Rest Your Soul,  JOHN EMERY ADAMS.  You lived a fabulous life!!  I love you so very very much!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dad Adams turns 101 on August 29

Can you believe it?  It's been a year (tomorrow) when we celebrated my father-in-law's, Dad Adams (John Emery Adams),  100th birthday with family and friends...  NOW---he's going to be 101 tomorrow (August 29).... 

Here's what he looked like in 1938.   Dad has always been health-conscious --so I guess that is why he has lived for so many years.  He was from that 'older' generation --who worked hard all of his life and was very Patriotic.  God Bless John Adams.  He's an inspiration to all.

Then,  he met the 'love of his life' (Kay Cassiday) when he was working with the CCC in Indiana.  They were married in 1940---and were inseparable until Kay's death on May 6, 2011.   If you do the math,  you'll note that they were married for 71 years.

In this photo,  Kay and John (who was called Emery then) are with their oldest child,  'my' George!!!!!  This photo was taken in 1943.

Here is a picture of Dad and Mom which I love.

Dad was active (VERY active) for many years... Here he is on his tractor --when he was in his late 90's!!!!!

Here's  two people very much in love---after many years together!!!

These days,  George and I visit Dad about every other week.. One thing he still loves at age 101 is to have lunch out and then go for a nice long ride in the country!!!!!

Last year,  we celebrated Dad's 100th birthday  with a party at his church in Hendersonville,  Tennessee.  From left to right:  Row 1--Me,  Dad,  Bonnie (Ken's wife);  Row 2--Son George,  Daughter Janet (with whom Dad lives now), and brother, Ken, who lives in Indiana.   (There was another child,  Jimmy,  who died in 1970.)

Finally,  let's all wish JOHN EMERY ADAMS a very Happy 101st Birthday tomorrow.

Now---pop over to my Photo Blog (click  HERE) to see a photo of a precious little bird.


Friday, July 5, 2013

North Carolina Visit to See Family

After our trip to Kentucky,  we made another short trip---this time to visit George's son and family from Florida,  who were vacationing at the Mountain Air Resort near Burnsville,  North Carolina.  Melissa's parents own this condo --so it's a great place to meet  up with them when they vacation here.

I call your attention to two other blog posts (which I wrote on another visit --in 2009).  This first one  (click HERE) shows you some family pictures taken when we were there four years ago... This next one  (click HERE) shows more pictures from this ritzy resort (where the wealthy people fly their private planes in and vacation at their million dollar homes)!!!!  There are four other blog posts from that trip --if you want to see more.  Just go to my sidebar and click on Mountain Air Resort.  Much has changed in these four years... Zack and Sean have grown-up,  and even the trees which allowed a great view from the deck at the condo have grown up and are obscuring the view... Shame on them!!!!! ha ha

Today,  I will share with you photos from this year's trip... Above is a picture of George's son and family (Zack-age 13;  Melissa,  Sean-age 9 in front of Melissa, and Bob/Robert).  Robert is Bob to us, and Robert or Rob to others!  Below are more photos from the Mountain Air area.

Here is a view of the mountains from the deck of the condo.  It was so nice just to sit out on the deck (even though it had rained some, and was only about 66 degrees that afternoon) and enjoy nature all around us.

This photo shows one of those beautiful homes at Mountain Air.   Bob did say that many homes up here are for sale now --due to the economy.  SO--even the wealthy may be struggling some!!!!!  ha   (That is one HUGE rock in front of this home.  You can only see a small part of it...

Here  is a view of the mountains.  The homes in Mountain Air are all built on the sides of the mountains --and all have a tremendous view of the mountains....All I can say is WOW.

This  is another of those tiny (NOT) homes in Mountain Air.... Mercy Me!!!!!  Wouldn't you love a 2nd home (or 3rd or 4th)---to visit on occasion in the mountains, LIKE THIS ONE????  I'd have to bring a full staff of maids with me!!!!!! ha ha   (Think I'll stick to a tiny little mountain cabin--which I would love!!! ha)

Here is another view of the mountains around that area --and the valleys below... I would love to have a view like this --but not sure I'd ever get anything else done.  I'd be staring outside all day long!!!! ha

There is a fancy golf course winding its way through these huge hills.  Here is a photo we took looking down on the golf course.   They certainly do a great job on keeping everything in good condition in this entire area--especially considering how very very steep and hilly it is!!!!  But --the owners pay steep fees in order to keep things in tip-top shape....

Here is a picture of the Master Chef at work.  Both Bob and Melissa are FABULOUS cooks ---and they served us a delicious dinner and breakfast  while we were there....  WOW---I could get spoiled by this special treatment.  Bob had made some fantastic BBQ (pulled pork) ---and we were lucky enough to get to bring some home with us.   YUM... SO delicious!!!!!!

Here are four photos showing the NIGHT SKY as it was getting dark... I love how it changes so quickly.... I couldn't quit taking pictures of that beautiful pink and purple sky.

Finally,  I'll close with one more picture of Bob and Melissa....  They are both such wonderful young adults and we enjoyed our time with them so very much... (They reminded me of my son, Jeff, and his wife, Dawn.)

Hope you had a great July 4th celebration.   AND--I hope you have a fabulous summer weekend... I'll see you on Monday!