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Friday, February 4, 2011

2010 Best Of...: PHOTOS--Part II

If you missed Part I of my favorite photos of 2010,   go to the end of this blog and click on OLDER POST.  I posted Part I yesterday... Today I will share six more picture with you, beginning with a picture taken from the Shenandoah Valley with Skyline Drive in the background.  This picture was taken in August of 2010.

This picture was also taken in August and was taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway.  As you can tell, there were storms around --which made for some great pictures. We were on our way to the Peaks of Otter that day.

I love clouds ---and I love mountains.  This beautiful picture was taken from Skyline Drive in Virginia on 8/7/10.

You can only imagine my joy at seeing the ELK in Cataloochie Valley,  North Carolina.  This picture was taken on 10/20/10.  Isn't he awesome?

I love this picture taken at Ocean Isle Beach on 12/20/10.  We were watching the sunset ---and I turned around and noticed how pretty the beach looked while facing the other direction,  with the sun shining on it...

Finally, here is a favorite Christmas picture of our home all lit up ---while it was snowing.  This picture was taken on 12/12/10.

Hope you enjoyed my fav's of 2010.  I'm sure there are lots and lots more --but I'll stop with these.  Thanks for allowing me to share all of my 2010 favorites.  If you missed some of them,  you can go to my sidebar,  scroll down to my labels, and click on  2010 Fav's.  I think I have done a total of 10 different posts featuring my favorite pictures from 2010.

Have a wonderful weekend.  I will see you on Monday.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

2010 Best Of...: PHOTOS--Part I

I have two more "2010 Best Of" posts in order to complete this series... These last two posts are just some photos (not in other categories, such as waterfalls or birds, etc.) that I really like.  Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.  The photo above was one of my favorite winter pictures from around our home taken on 2/15/10.   I love it when the snow collects on the evergreens and looks like fingers.

This picture was taken in Fairfield Glade,  near our home,  on 3/2/10.

This is one of my favorite beach pictures from our trip to Ocean Isle Beach in May. This picture was taken on 5/5/10.

We were at Pine Mountain State Park in Kentucky when we took this picture of the fog in the valley... This picture was taken through a big window at the park restaurant --but, even through a window, this one made my list of all-time favorite pictures in 2010.  It was taken on 9/24/10. 

This picture is not as clear as most (taken with my long lens from a distance)--but seeing those three baby fawns enjoying a snack from their Mama was just so neat to witness...  This picture was near our back yard (beside the golf course fairway) and was taken on 10/10/10.

We have lots and lots of gorgeous Autumn pictures.  This is just one of my fav's.  This was taken on 10/19/10 in the Smoky Mountains.  

I will share six more pictures with you tomorrow.  I have enjoyed picking and choosing favorite pictures --since it gave me a chance to go through all of my pictures taken in 2010, while reliving all of those memories..


Friday, January 28, 2011

2010 Best Of...: ROSES -Part II

If you didn't see the first 6 roses I posted,  please click on OLDER POST at the bottom of this blog so see them.   Today,  I will post six more of my favorite photos of our 2010 roses.    Above is one of my favorite NEW roses in 2010,  PEPPERMINT SPLASH.  This picture was taken on 6/28/10.

This beauty is named STRIKE IT RICH.   Isn't it a gorgeous color?  This picture was taken 5/31/10.

This one is named PERFECT MOMENT.  I love the pink and yellow colors.  This picture was taken on 5/15/10.

This  beautiful rose is called SUMMER OF LOVE. This picture was taken on 6/20/10.

The colors in this rose are gorgeous.   Its name is SUNDANCE, and this picture was taken on 5/19/10.

Finally,   I saved my 2nd favorite rose in our yard until now.  These beauties are called VETERAN'S HONOR.  This beautiful red rose is HUGE and smells heavenly...  The picture was taken on 5/31/10.  (My 1st favorite rose was shown yesterday,  and was named Double Delight.) Hope you enjoyed all of my favorite 2010 Rose pictures...

We visited George's parents yesterday --and are working hard to get them to move in with their daughter in Tullahoma, TN.  They are 'thinking about it'.   George's sister has a great place for them --and they would be safe and well-taken-care-of...    Dad will be 99 in August and Mom will be 91 in May.  Both are legally blind --and still trying to live in their home, and remain independent.  Please pray for these two wonderful elderly people.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

2010 Best Of...: ROSES -Part I

We have had so many gorgeous ROSE photos this year ---that I couldn't just choose six of them to post in the "Best of" series... SO--there will be two posts showing some of the gorgeous ROSE photos we have enjoyed during 2010.

As you probably know, unless you are new to my blog,  George grows beautiful Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Roses.  He has about 50+ different bushes in our yard.   ME?  I just get to enjoy them.  I have a bench in the front yard where I can sit and smell and view these beauties.  George also brings a blossom or bud  inside, most every single day during the season for me to enjoy.  Wow--who could ask for a better life than I have?????

Here are my 2010 favorites beginning with my all-time favorite,  DOUBLE DELIGHT.  This photo was taken on 5/13/10.

This beauty is named JOHN F. KENNEDY.   This picture was taken on 5/27/10.

This gorgeous rose is named GEMINI, and the picture was taken on 5/13/10.

I love this rose, named LOVE AND PEACE... This picture was taken on 5/15/10.

This gorgeous rose is named WILDFIRE... I love the colors in this beautiful rose,  and I think its name is appropriate. This picture was taken on 7/3/10.

Here's another rose named after one of our Presidents.  This one is named RONALD REAGAN.  It was taken on 5/31/10.

I will share six more tomorrow.  I love all kinds of flowers,  but roses are definitely a favorite of mine.

Several of you requested the recipe for my Orange Balls... I usually double the recipe--since I have to share with family.  Here 'tis!!!

Betsy's Orange Ball Recipe
  (came from her mother)

3/4 cup conf. sugar
1 lb. vanilla wafers-crushed
1 stick margarine--softhened
1 cup (or less) chopped nuts
6 oz can frozen orange juice (thawed and undiluted)
1 can or package of shredded coconut

Mix first five ingredients together and form into balls---roll in coconut.  Do not bake.  Makes about 4 doz. depending upon size.  I keep them in the refrigerator.  They seem to get better as they age a little.


Monday, January 24, 2011

2010 Best Of...: SKY

I have so many sky pictures in 2010 --so I decided to feature some of them again in my "Best of"  series.   Above is one of my favorite sunset views taken on 2/24/10 when we were at our little cabin on the mountain at Mt. Nebo, Arkansas.

I love seeing the BLUE sky --especially in winter.  We had had alot of snow and ICE,  so I took this picture with ice on the trees while looking straight up.  Isn't it gorgeous?

Here is a gorgeous picture of the lunar eclipse.  I know that I just posted this recently--but just getting to see a piece of this eclipse was just awesome.  This was history in the making... We saw this eclipse while at Ocean Isle Beach in December of 2010.

Do you like rainbows like I do?  This double beauty was taken on 5/4/10 while we were at Ocean Isle Beach,  North Carolina.

This beautiful picture showing the sunbeams was taken on 11/22/10 when we were at at the top of the mountain at Mount Mitchell,  North Carolina.

I love seeing the sunset when there are lots of beautiful clouds in the sky.  This sunset was taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, NC on 11/22/10.

Finally,  this beautiful sunrise was taken when we visited Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina,  on 12/23/10.

Hope you enjoyed my 'sky' pictures.   There is so much I love about being out in nature.  Seeing beautiful sky pictures is always a favorite of both George and me.

Hope you also had a good weekend.  I spent the entire time working on my Family History... I love Genealogy --but it takes time and effort for sure!!!!


Friday, January 21, 2011

2010 Best Of...: FLOWERS

Besides our gorgeous ROSES  (which I will feature in a later blog post),  we also enjoy our flowering trees and shrubs, along with many other annuals and perennials which we plant in our yard throughout the Spring/Summer/Fall seasons.  I went through my photos and picked out some of my fav's in 2010.   Above is definitely one of my favorite IRISES..  That may be because of its color and name.  This is the TENNESSEE VOL IRIS...   (See why I like it???? ha)

We have lots of beautiful LILIES in our yard.  I have lots of pictures of many different types of lilies--but I also love seeing the entire bed.  These are outside of the kitchen window --so you can imagine how much I enjoy washing dishes in the summer when the lilies are in bloom --and smell so wonderful!

Here is one special lily that we had, named an ORANGE TIGER LILY.  I love this little lily, and this particular picture.

Another favorite in early spring is the PINK DOGWOOD tree in our front yard.   Here is one of my favorite pictures of the blossoms.

Another favorite perennial is our TULIPS... We have many different colors of tulips in our beds --and they are all just gorgeous.  Above is one of my favorite photos of the tulips --with our ground cover, Periwinkle, in the background. This tulip is named ALL THAT JAZZ.

And what can be any prettier than a beautiful RHODODENDRON in bloom?   This beautiful blossom is on our big Rhododendron bush in the backyard.

Another beauty in our yard is our DAYLILIES.  Again,  we have several different varieties --three of which you can see in this photo.  This patch of daylilies is near our garage in the front yard.

This beautiful DAFFODIL is named PINK CHARM.   As we do with our Lilies, Tulips and Daylilies,  we also have a variety of beautiful DAFFODILS.  This one is so unique I think.

WELL--I could go on and on and on --when it comes to showing pictures of our flowers.  BUT--I'll stop and let you enjoy these.  I enjoyed going back through all of my pictures in 2010 of our flowers,  especially THIS time of year,  when our ground is brown and bare --or is WHITE from the snow.  The COLOR is nice to see ---and reminds me that Spring WILL come!!!!!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2010 Best of....: SONG BIRDS

I've already featured my favorite Woodpecker photos of 2010 and my favorite Bluebird photos of 2010..  SO today I will feature my 'other' favorite backyard bird pictures that I took in 2010..  Above is a picture of a TUFTED TITMOUSE,  taken on 1/8/10.  Below are more.

Another of my favorite birds is the CAROLINA WREN.  I love this picture of a very cold little guy,  perched on top of a rhododendron blossom, taken on 2/16/10.

You can see one of my favorite male AMERICAN CARDINAL in my header.  That picture was taken on 2/16/10.   Here is another favorite Cardinal picture taken on 11/14/10.  This picture obviously is a beautiful female Cardinal... Isn't she gorgeous?

This beauty is one who only visits us twice a year --while migrating.  They visit in Spring and again in Fall.   He is a gorgeous ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK.  What a beautiful bird!  This picture was taken on 4/29/10.

One of my favorite little birds who is with us all year is the CAROLINA CHICKADEE.  They are very friendly little birds ---and ones that will come close,  even when I am nearby.   This picture was taken on 4/7/10.

This little CHIPPING SPARROW is a beautiful little bird.  I took this picture on 4/8/10.

And finally, I chose this recent picture of a DARK-EYED JUNCO taken on 12/13/10.  The little Juncos always come around after it snows.   I loved this picture since he almost seemed to be burying himself  in the snow.

Well--I could have chosen many, many more pictures of my little songbirds --but I'll stop with these.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my 2010 favorite songbird pictures.